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Friendly neighborhood communist, ML. I'm not a commodity, neither are you.

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@hilaryagro Battle of the genocidal bourgeois rapists. I think the only winner will be imperialism.😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Red★Fred @alanjstedman @DareeceteleSUR @hawkins_carole Don't try to make it look like this stems from one guy. This ruthless… meningen är extra intressant.
Retweeted by Red★FredUteslöts ur Hyresgästföreningen i Stockholm – ser likhet med konflikt i Göteborg
Retweeted by Red★Fred"Utöver månadslönen på 155 810 kronor fakturerade den heltidsanställde Jörgen Månsson via ett närstående konsultbol…
Retweeted by Red★FredHow pathetic is this?...
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@RachBlevins US terrorists regime humanitarian aid
Retweeted by Red★Fred @MissPavIichenko No. Consoles are shit. @JuliaHB1 I can't say I would feel any different if you were in the ground tomorrow. @georgegalloway on my YouTube now: WHAT IS SOCIALISM? #@WorkersPartyGB members can join in via Zoom
Retweeted by Red★Fred @aaronjmate Bring that cheerful demeanor to the Hague. @caitoz People put too much value into the bourgeois lives that keep taking their neighbors lives. @AlytaDeLeon Porky chunk of Hague bait goodness. @red_baker_ "Let's waste some taxpayer gas."i'm losing my mind
Retweeted by Red★Fred @Shadilly Aldrig att Norge vinner med 18-8. @CaliCali2000 China has quadrupled their real wages in 30 years, whilst the US real wages has remained stagnant. Th… @afshinrattansi @Garou_Hidalgo Just like they do every night, Afshin. @OnlyRealLeftist @roun_sa_ville By all means. @CaliCali2000 Why would that be shocking? @roun_sa_ville Swing by and I'll hook you up. Got some swedes going as well. @birth_marxist I wonder if they realize what they are protecting and what is about to happen. @gardenexperienc @custardloaf It's fine. @jurijuri @BirdCommunist It's because we weren't able to create socialism. It's our "fault", not theirs. @KyleKulinski Socialism and planned economy. @Bryts @anntikapitalist Hellre röd än död. @jazzmom420 @roun_sa_ville He's very handsome. @roun_sa_ville This will not stand, mlady! @AFlyBlackCommie Why does my wind chime get censored and this sinful content just slides by? @biggestjoel Wear a cowboy hat, carry a green monkey and call yourself "The Marburg Man". @taniasandinista 🍌 @HPResucitado Because they're cunts. @AshBCoffin You are bad for business. @taniasandinista Looking good, comrade! @birth_marxist It's just one of those things that are bound to happen. @EmericanJohnson I chose you, Emerican! @snubbeGBG Långsökt anledning att censurera. @fitzsij Ulster cunt. @snubbeGBG Du är rasistisk mot matadorer.Wikipediaartikeln Nya Tider (tidning) redigerades anonymt från Polismyndigheten
Retweeted by Red★Fred @itsbedtime_ Teenagers can be so awkward. @snubbeGBG Du är en sino-rus-bot. @Shadilly Ta en stor skruv, svärta den genom att hetta upp och gnida på linolja. Alternativt, fäst något snyggare på huvudet. @MichaelH14 @georgegalloway Why would nuclear weapons be a priority right now? @Shadilly ICA goes Jonestown. @conradkaz "North Korea is a military dictatorship." @Garou_Hidalgo @migueInunes He doesn't look like he could throw a used tissue.Exakt @Zandrella Det passar sig inte. @Zandrella Har du testat vin?Made a post apocalyptic wind chime before the apocalypse. @havingabradday @thesamduke @JohannaMarcia01 Quaran-10! @BTH_Bill No deal.Privatiseringen av AF måste ställas in
Retweeted by Red★Fred @Fritz_Imperial How's capitalism handling covid in NYC these days?
The British government has sent a letter formally thanking Cuba, for taking in the passengers stuck on the Braemar…
Retweeted by Red★Fred @custardloaf It's OK to feel. @roun_sa_ville I'm so sorry. Hope you are ok. @SnugglesSophia No, you can't. @tsetung2020 Who does that? @havingabradday Was it vaping sickness? @roun_sa_ville What happened? @KarlssonMax I synnerhet i tältstäderna eller homeless shelters, som just nu är fyllda med liksäckar.
Guarding against deer, ducks and one badger that lives under the outhouse. @delismurf Of course, cats will cat. @geocon1713 gränd @red_baker_ Never tried that, but it sounds kickass. @red_baker_ Have you tried making them with cardamom instead of cinnamon?The pandemic has further shown the European Union to be a neoliberal capitalist institution that exists not to meet…
Retweeted by Red★Fred @denijeg Radio Free Europe is a US/NATO propaganda outlet. @delismurf Does she like it?President @NicolasMaduro sends a solidarity message & call for peace to the people of the USA. Do not allow your c…
Retweeted by Red★Fred @SocialistWitch Put it back in your pants, Mr Zuckerberg.USA tänker verkligen starta ett krig med Venezuela, ett land redan hårt drabbat av amerikanska sanktioner och covid… were filmed airdropping hundreds of #USA troops on the border of #Colombia and #Venezuela, while a…
Retweeted by Red★Fred @minkpinkustink organize @mendez493 The person who wrote this probably jerks off wrapped in the flag looking in the mirror.Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha #TrumpLiesPeopleDie
Retweeted by Red★Fred @captainsacks @mendez493 "The most generous nation in the world."Holy shit, hahaha. @SpokespersonCHN @zlj517 She's adorable.If this 7-year-old girl has the common sense, why some adults don't? 👇
Retweeted by Red★Fred @Garou_Hidalgo Wth, I've been doing it for free for years.
@itsbedtime_ We're trying. @MuradGazdiev Poor Plato. @KyleKulinski @LLW902 A smidge spicy for my taste. @MQSullivan Palm as in hand or the tree?Venezuela’s Armed Forces has released audio of the exchange between its Navy and a Portuguese ship which sailed int…
Retweeted by Red★FredA European “cruise ship” with a steel reinforced hull built to smash through Arctic ice smashes into a Venezuelan n…
Retweeted by Red★FredWe have almost 1000 new supporters TODAY @WorkersPartyGB
Retweeted by Red★FredBreadlines in capitalist USA.
Retweeted by Red★Fred @NBCNewsNow Capitalism is an inherently unstable, unequal and unsustainable system.Israeli spy agency hunts for Covid-19 medical supplies worldwide #coronavirus
Retweeted by Red★Fred @KamloopsArchaeo Birds won't bork at themselves.