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I'm 22. I love music and writing and prefer reading to watching movies. Has autism.

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@7wariorlittle They're a bunch of lying ass trump supporters. @7wariorlittle Great way to get connected with family and friends. @7wariorlittle Nice forum type site but due to the karma system, there can be a lot of trolls spamming downvotes on… @7wariorlittle Interestingly enough, I have mixed feelings on it. It's addictive in that it's so big you can basica… @7wariorlittle Good for chatting about many different fangroups. Especially love how it's easier to connect with devs that way. @7wariorlittle I don't use it that much but it's nice to show people what you are up to in life. @7wariorlittle It's fine for posting blogs, memes and reviews but there's a lot of mean people on that website. @OutOfCntx_Luxo Hard choice between Coco and Inside Out but I guess Coco just because Inside Out was a bit more creative.Since Infinity Train is trending, I'm going to say my thoughts what I've seen of it. I have been wanting to watch… @7wariorlittle Not a big fan of neither but maybe Taylor Swift? @7wariorlittle Cats @7wariorlittle Twitter @7wariorlittle Playstation @MJHtv23 @hbomax Why is everyone tweeting about Infinity Train today?I hope Hazel doesn't come back. DON'T RENEW INFINITY TRAINI haven't seen this show yet but she sounds like a bitch. much crying in this book. @GJCSHolderbach @michaelrianda @Roweyourboatz @chrizmillr @philiplord @ConnectedMovie Hope they remove it. @AshleyJTyrie @StudioZolo Damn, did you get therapy about your obsession? I'm curious about why you were having these kinds of thoughts. @dinnerfortwice @IAmJustFarhan Chloe Grace Moretz @StudioZolo Whoa baby! I was worried about it because of that plot but it looks like it'll be better than I expecte… @philiplord That's a thing? That sounds gross! @SonyAnimation I miss that website. @MJHtv23 So many interesting animated films coming out that year. I wonder if it's going to be one of the best year… @MJHtv23 @MichelsTristan @SonyAnimation I'm not intrigued yet but I am curious about it. @MJHtv23 @MichelsTristan @SonyAnimation Wait, did he talk about the story. Because we don't know much about it yet… more people trying to blame theaters and streaming for why the theater business is in such trouble. Look a… @DiMartinoBooth The fuck are you talking about? You can say theaters have been dying off since television. And what… @StudioZolo Still waiting to see if Wolfwalkers or Soul will beat Onward as my fav movie of 2020. @bravo6_CapPrice @SonyAnimation @ConnectedMovie @billybobmartinz Hopefully nowhere.
@MJHtv23 @MarioMarioX3 @jessicanimation @JKlangasky @Alberto9Herrera I'm really worried they're going to fuck it up somehow. @MarioMarioX3 @jessicanimation @JKlangasky @Alberto9Herrera I didn't feel like Sonic and Pikachu were that good of… @MarioMarioX3 @jessicanimation @JKlangasky @Alberto9Herrera Let's hope it's better than the Sonic and Detective Pikachu movies. @Alberto9Herrera You know what? I'm just going to pick Paramount. @NestleBloxBen Maybe Spiderverse? Though, in terms of movies I have seen fully, Frozen. @JaydenSapp2 After hearing you have been suicidal before, I'm very concerned about this. Do you need to talk? I'm here for you. @Wolfothedude @StudioZolo Sony has done silly comedies in a good way with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Though… @StudioZolo @Wolfothedude Hmm... I'm more of an action-adventure kind of girl but I don't mind a good comedy neithe… @teagueblake1 @reishiardi Trump has no good intentions. He does things for selfish and cowardly reasons. And he isn… @FilmFileUK @kevin_thecritic @mashleymovies Same here. I unsubscribed Disney+ after deciding to restructure their s… @kevin_thecritic @skutlelemur @rachel_reviews Even family friendly action films look better on the big screen. I st… @kevin_thecritic Like bro, throw theaters a bone, bail them out or some shit. But no, you want to be pessimistic le… @kevin_thecritic I don't know why Disney wants to give up on theaters. You are putting theaters in more danger if y… @jessicanimation @JKlangasky @Alberto9Herrera And Illumination made Despicable Me @cherrycokeee__ SPA HAS MADE NOTHING BUT SHIT! THEIR ONLY GOOD FILM IS CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS! EVEN HAIR… @Uncleti31174819 @MarySmi62350474 @BreathoftheSith @right_movies I have not seen enough of Spiderverse to make that… like a couple Mary Kate and Ashley movies. @right_movies I am not a fan of drama and emotional movies. @MarySmi62350474 @BreathoftheSith @right_movies Dude, this is a controversial opinion thread. Also, please respect… @Dianecat98 Okay, I chose A Pal for Gary since it showed Gary being in the most amount of pain but I can see Pet Si… @Conan4Real @StudioZolo This year's gone by so quick yet it's felt so long.Seriously Tristan? You couldn't just put Blue Sky instead of Illumination in there?This is real interesting because both Sony and Illumination have currently only one film I like in their slate and… @Animated_Antic Can't wait to watch it with my friends! They need to know about the hidden gem known as Cartoon Saloon. @kcdrforreal @RunTheFools4 Even Shrek, Rise of the Guardians, The Croods and Prince of Egypt? @StudioZolo Mario or Link? @StudioZolo Aw great, now I can't choose between Sony and Illumination. @MenningOwen @mvbrat91 Didn't care for that one.The fuck man.... I'm in my PJs. Let me sleep! How can clothes transformation affect dreaming, lmao!… @SonyAnimation @itsdougthepug @ConnectedMovie I give an 85% chance this movie is going to be shit. @Strymesdoesart1 @Babyl0n96 And without Illumination, we wouldn't have despicable me but yeah all their other movies are sub-par. @Alex_Slider44 I hope they do this for other movies.
@itscrayolabich Yeah, it would've been a much more interesting choice if he put Blue Sky instead of Sony as Blue Sk… @DavidHe34627924 They just need better writers. It's not just emoji movie, it's almost all their movies just seems… @Nintendofan0064 @JacobBlunden @BabyLamb5 @Babyl0n96 I will never forget how they went from making one of my favori… @MToonster24 @StudioZolo Nah they're still shit. They made Hair Love and I heard Angry Birds 2 was ok. Hopefully th… @mvbrat91 Lord and Miller for SPA President. @mvbrat91 That's like saying Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs forgives all. Just because they made one good movie… @KateFerrandino @Fat_DTEA I didn't like the Miles character, he came off to me as a brat. @KateFerrandino @Fat_DTEA I haven't seen the whole thing but I hated what I saw of that one. @Fat_DTEA @KateFerrandino Just Cloudy in my opinion. Transylvania sucks. Still interested in Arthur Christmas. @googamp32 @mvbrat91 Not as much as Sony and Illumination. @mvbrat91 They hardly ever make good movies. One minute they make a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs then for the… @Nintendofan0064 @BabyLamb5 @Babyl0n96 They did many other bad shit. @Babyl0n96 Sony easily! Like dude, you could've replaced that with Blue Sky.When you realize Connected was supposed to be out today. #ReleaseConnectedTheatricallyThisYear #ConnectedMovie @nintendolife Why? The unique thing about switch is that it can play on both tv and handheld. We don't need another ds shit.So I searched up No Time to Die to see if there are any plans to move it back and the first thing I see is this shi… @Great_Katzby @ERCboxoffice @PDergarabedian @observer I can't fucking believe that they are even considering this.… @netflix and @AppleTV.... STOP POTATO PAY BRIBING THIS SHIT! @appleinsider Netflix and Apple are possibly bribing MGM to put No Time to Die on streaming services. This is bullshit and wou… @MacRumors @HartleyCharlton ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?!?!?!? @auroral_yt Is it a he or a she? @StudioZolo They're whatever to me. @StudioZolo Me too @SonyAnimation @ConnectedMovie @billybobmartinz Is a trailer coming soon? @Alex_Slider44 Me too. I am so hyped for it @Alex_Slider44 Yummy @catsuka Is this going to be more depressing considering Anno was depressed when he was making this? @catsuka @Studiocachette Looks anime-ish. Gonna be keeping my eye out for this. @camseyeview Although this trailer doesn't get me excited as of now, it does look different from most Disney films… @Animated_Antic Can't wait for my watch party on monday. @camseyeview I am going to get to that on Monday for the watch party. I am concerned about how depressing it might… @StudioZolo I saw that in a Nickelodeon promo and I thought it was Made by Maddie redesigned.Going to watch party Over the Moon on the 26th. I watched bits and pieces of it to get a taste and it sounds... dep… @ColinDStevens I just get so impatient not knowing about what nintendo games are going to come out next year.How the fuck can Flint see with his face covered from a goddamn olive? Like how the fuck he knows where his ass his… cartoon physics! People don't just disappear out of nowhere right before getting hit by something like they'…