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Shelly Sangrey @redheadmom8 Eastern Pennsylvania

Outspoken, Christian wife and mom of 11 who is passionate about homeschooling and dropping frequent truth bombs. It's time to wake up.

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Gee, it's almost like the mask mandates aren't working. 🤷‍♀️ @69News It's almost like the mask mandates aren't working... @69News @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden I’m a lifelong democrat. I voted for Obama twice and Hillary. Harris/Bide…
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BREAKING REPORT: Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that mail-in ballots CANNOT BE TOSSED because the voter's sig…
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @ChuckCallesto I hate living in PA. It's a beautiful state, but the corruption never ends.Biden made a subtle reference to a term "dark winter". Important because he is a DS operative.
Retweeted by Shelly SangreyThis is me. 😂 @mike00miller @69News There's a link to a study for you to read in the article. @mike00miller @69News “About a fifth of American 15-year-olds scored so low on the PISA test that it appeared they… @mike00miller @69News I was referring to this tweet: @mike00miller @69News I will do that. In the meantime, a good teacher would also know where commas are placed and which "you're" to use. @mike00miller @69News Statistics speak for themselves. Our schools are failing.Very interesting stuff. This article confirms what many of us have thought all along - this "pandemic" is about pol…
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @mike00miller @69News Taxpayer dollars shouldn't be spent on a failing institution that focuses more on indoctrination than education. @TromboneRuss Excellent question! @mollykhumphries Public education has been failing for decades."Education without accountability"? Sounds like you're describing thousands of chronically failing traditional publ…
Retweeted by Shelly SangreyThe same people who didn’t know “coyotes” was slang for Mexican border smugglers are the same people who told you P…
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey“I have not taken a single penny from any foreign government...” -Joe Biden That was a mistake
Retweeted by Shelly SangreyThe tests are a fraud
Retweeted by Shelly SangreyBingo. This is where we're at. don’t change its spots.
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @Chingac87618403 🤣 @davidhogg111 That Harvard education isn't doing much, huh?Operation Dark Winter:
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @CameraPhyllis No way. @69News #defundgovernmenteducation @69News Oh, how generous. 🙄 @69News Amazing how, while everyone else is back to work, teachers still believe their situation is different. Why… just got Biden to say he wants to end the oil industry. Wild.
Retweeted by Shelly SangreyIn the debate, Biden said “It’s going to be a dark winter.” Have you looked up dark winter??? I think that slipped out unintentionally.
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @DrsuzanneH 😱GOP senators order Facebook, Twitter CEOs to testify about 'suppression and/or censorship.'
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @69News Let's hope this time they're actually held accountable. Their actions fall nothing short of trying to manipulate the election.The #Coyotes thread has made my day. 😂😂😂 So many blue checks have been outed for their ignorance. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 it could be that conservatives aren't cowards and plan on turning out in droves on election day. interesting stuff. This article confirms what many of us have thought all along - this "pandemic" is about pol… good point. It reminds me of when someone told me they “took a Greyhound to Boston” and I was like “no way you…
Retweeted by Shelly SangreyOmgomgomgomgomgomg
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@desiringGod You of all people I thought would be the one saying “no one is good, no not one.” You disappoint me to…
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @JaneEva37964120 @BNODesk I'm not sure. @JaneEva37964120 @BNODesk Or he died from the meningitis vaccine. @BNODesk fyi The "placebo" in this trial (and other clinical trials) is a meningitis vaccine.
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @BNODesk The placebo was the meningococcal vaccine. All vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. @business Isn't the "placebo" the meningococcal vaccine? @1stAmmendment1 @dadalac @CDCgov @CDCMMWR Oh, I'm sure they counted lockdown-related as Covid deaths, too, since, t… @cali_ws @CDCgov @CDCMMWR 💯Homeschooling Art and Music with Living Books Art and Music with Living Books one cares about Mitt Romney. Next. @NickAdamsinUSA No way. @ChuckCallesto I'll believe it when I see it. Nothing ever actually happens. @1PatriotForLife Godlessness
@Calix11680658 @RdgKnightRider @JoeBiden As if they aren't out to make money now. 🙄I love how this article starts out saying, "Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to tarnish Joe Biden’s presidential campaign co… does this not surprise me? is what censorship is all about. @69News @CDCgov More control. No thanks. @RdgKnightRider @JoeBiden Yup. And now they push vaccines on pregnant women. 😡 @JoeBiden! Now do vaccine makers. @EvanAKilgore @JoeBiden YesChris Pratt has really been trending for four days because he didn't attend a Biden fundraiser and people are outraged
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @JoeBiden Depends on which scientists you listen to and if you are smart enough to discern what is truth and fictio…
Retweeted by Shelly SangreyCowards. @ByFaithD6 @govkristinoem You are so blessed to be in SD. We have Governor Wolf. He's basically a clone of Cuomo. Total dictator.It's time to stop letting the government control us and start living our lives to the fullest NOW. #endtheplandemicMy kids were playing tag with some other children there. Another family was walking their ferret on a leash. This i… trip to the playground today was absolutely lovely. Between the fall colors and the fact that no one there wore…
@Newsworking @69News a walk on Main St. In eastern PA. 🙂 @LizShane7 @JoeBiden Lol, the only screaming Karens I see are Biden supporters. More projection from the left. @JackPosobiec I live in a small town in Eastern PA. On our walk to the park today, we counted 13 Trump signs and 2… did the Senate GOP cancel the Big Tech hearings? What the hell is going on?
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @DrKarlynB This would be a great video topic!50 Cent endorses President Trump after seeing the Biden tax plan. Says he does not want to be known as 20 Cent. I…
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @Phreadys @unsilentwitness Same thing we always do - dinner for 15. @MattWalshBlog Kind of like the "pandemic simulation," aka Event 201, that the Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins and… folks who warned us for years about Agenda 2030 but were ultimately ignored deserve an apology.
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @JoeBiden Only if you cheat... @HigherEdTechhie @69News Keep telling yourself that. Those of us who haven't been hypnotized by the media have been… @HigherEdTechhie @69News That's what I'm saying. Where else do you think the flu went? It's being counted as Covid. @georgev27 @WestFellPhan @69News And let's not forget all of the "presumed" cases. If you can't see the blatant age… @georgev27 @WestFellPhan @69News I'm not lobbying for anything, but thank you for pointing out that the death rate… @georgev27 @WestFellPhan @69News Died FROM Covid or WITH it? Huge difference. @georgev27 @WestFellPhan @69News No one's telling you to lick doorknobs. Just stop being gullible. This "deadly vir… is the Joe Biden teleprompter video. Retweet the hell out of it.
Retweeted by Shelly SangreyFor those undecided voters..
Retweeted by Shelly SangreyThe FBI Needs a HOUSE CLEANING!
Retweeted by Shelly SangreySo it is Federal Crimes Uncovered In Biden Hard Drive | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 78 - YouTube
Retweeted by Shelly SangreyRudy Giuliani just now: "In the next 24-48 hrs we will bring forth more non-financial criminal activity from the B…
Retweeted by Shelly Sangrey @georgev27 @WestFellPhan @69News Or this science remembers this? 👇 @69News Very convenient, eh?