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Red Durkin @RedIsDead Oakland, CA

bookseller, book scout, horror & rare book collector. I don't read; it's my terrible secret, please don't tell anybody

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@ruben_degollado I look for the names attached and will generally try to get a sense of the overall tone of the blu… @kari_paul @NeerajKA Okay, now that I understand what I'm looking at I'm on board @IsaiahLCarter "muh drone strikes" killed a lot of incident people, man. What the actual fuck indeed?, yes. George W. Bush, who was famously never protested by anyone @IsaiahLCarter And if I got hit by a police motorcycle protesting the Iraq war?My mind has been blown
If trickle-down economics worked at all, like even a teeny-tiny bit, people wouldn’t be flocking to food banks righ…
Retweeted by Red Durkin @Vivien3Daggers @antimytheme To not teach anyone either! @SidneyPowell1 @GaSecofState @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @abigailcfrye @LLinWood Did your law degree come out of a cereal box? @APVInd @cudasbob @xeni ☝️ @cudasbob @xeni Ah, yes. The GOP and right-wing propaganda outlets, who would be so cooperative & amenable otherwis… Trump's attorney unironically tweeting a fake quote about truth and lying that can be debunked by literally…"How I was cancelled": read all about it in the Mail, the Telegraph, UnHerd, the Times, the Spectator...
Retweeted by Red DurkinIt's truly amazing how many of the most censored people on Earth are able to have their verbatim opinions published… my God Parler required users to give their social security numbers And now they've been hacked This is the b…
Retweeted by Red DurkinDave Chappelle “publicly flogging a network” sounds a lot like.... cancel culture, which I thought— nvmd 🥴
Retweeted by Red Durkin @JackBasile11 @JennaEllisEsq Definitely the gif to choose when you want to emphasize that the person you're referring to is the good guyAs a bookseller whose #1 hobby is video games and YouTube pop culture videos, this (I guess now) series has never e… Democrats who think pressuring Biden to make better cabinet choices is an attempt to "destroy the party" genuinely had no idea it was this bad, a strong contender for my new favorite no steppy flag.
Retweeted by Red Durkin @whatmaddness Poor potato soup never stood a chanceA more diverse administration of empire is...not what we're fighting for
Retweeted by Red Durkin @catgraffam I've never been so subtweeted @cudasbob @xeni Does it hurt the Democratic party to criticize the president's decisions when you think they are bad? @_KyraDavis @xeni @AyannaPressley This will blow your mind, but "the Squad" is made up entirely of discreet, individual human beings @xeni Is it bad to pressure the president?therapist: your feelings are valid me: what if i FEEL that they are invalid therapist: [scribbles "oh fuck" in her notes]
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oh no, the book has been Submitted to Production :( ominous! (If you are curious about it please consider preorder…
Retweeted by Red DurkinWeird how it's so hard for one side of this "Free Speech Debate" to get heard @secondshelfbks Whooooooooooa! @supermattachine @mariebardi Imagine they try to cast a handsome leading man for your glowing biopic and the best t… @TheToddWilliams Did you mean yhings? @CaseyExplosion @terrycavanagh It's gotta be sea is thieves for me, but don't know the hours off hand
@haszombiesinit That face, like "was... was I not supposed to do that??"I wrote about the very loud silence of those who claim to be silenced by an imaginary anti-free speech trans lobby.
Retweeted by Red Durkin @Kim3klm @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar Ah, yes. The World Economic Forum, the law-making body of the United States. @Kim3klm @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar Wow, with all that evidence they must be KILLIN' it in court, huh?I fell off the hood of a Jeep while it was driving down the street @Leigh_A_T @Mirando78794379 @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar Okay! @Leigh_A_T @Mirando78794379 @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar Yes, the facts laid out in your rambling metaphor can't possi… @Leigh_A_T @Mirando78794379 @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar you've convinced me with your strong, fact-centered argument:… @Kim3klm @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar No, I just believe whatever random bullshit complete strangers are willing to sa… that you can and should beat up the security guards at Disney important thread detailing how all these supposedly "grassroots" LGB Alliance accounts across the world a…
Retweeted by Red Durkin @realDonaldTrump GO. TO. HELL.Yes -- Every single rhetorical trope in these polemics about kids being "seduced" by a "transgender craze" has been…
Retweeted by Red Durkinmen will say “this is how society oppresses men” and then describe patriarchy word for word
Retweeted by Red Durkin @Kim3klm @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar Jesus christ, y'all are dumb @lockbidenup @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar Says man in a baseball hat he wears to explain his beliefs @Mirando78794379 @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar To be clear, that excludes Trump's legal team @Mirando78794379 @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar People who know what the abbreviations for the various states are @juliaro82260202 @AlbieDuncan @DrPaulGosar Dude, you're a bird. @EllenStreiff @pjbreenphoto The sheer confidence of this nonsense, like... What the actual fuck, tho?? @EllenStreiff @pjbreenphoto What the fuck are you talking about? @HorrorPaperback @amanda__reads I own this one! I love this series of covers! @tuckernuckjim That's what I thought at the time!Oh, shit! I've got two more wishes! @graceelavery "the advent of sliced bread has caused a surge in sandwich consumption says chef" @graceelavery What a genuinely bizarre announcement. Like... Yeah, bud?3 days left for this giveaway!
Retweeted by Red Durkin @Chican3ry I definitely agree and yet am still tempted to make a "it's a Venn Diagram!" joke despite myself
@Drusas_Rake @CharlesMBlow Man, you are NOT keeping up, huh? @Ygrene A steal at half the price! @Drusas_Rake @CharlesMBlow OH! Let me do the next one: What about cooking or heating a home, huh?! If you can't blo… @Drusas_Rake @CharlesMBlow Boy, I feel like I'm standing on some kind of slope. Trying hard to maintain my footing,… @Drusas_Rake @CharlesMBlow ALMOST HAD ME THERE, MORIARTY! @Drusas_Rake @CharlesMBlow Yes. @Drusas_Rake @CharlesMBlow They've quite literally killed multiple people and done millions of dollars in property… @tedcruz Is this the line I need to get into? @JohnCleese No one in the history of the world has been more comfortable as a white British man than you, sir. @JohnCleese The very best jokes are prefaced with a brief explanation of what kind of joke it's going to be. This i… not knowing what a transcriber does is now my lifeblood - this is the 3rd time this has happened, lmfao
Retweeted by Red Durkinif John Cleese was constrained by political correctness and "woke culture" he wouldn't be able to fire off absolute…
Retweeted by Red DurkinAmericans celebrating Thanksgiving by spreading disease is actually an incredibly accurate way to honor the holiday.
Retweeted by Red Durkin @ForgetHolidays Honestly, that's kind of the thing: this is my "work" as of right now. At some point, Twitter took… that being said, I would, if I can, like to take some of the connections I've made with me when I go. If any mu… I think I need to remove the milking machine from my brain. I need to stop using this website whose net effect i… is the website working as intended, this is me being pulled into hours of doom scrolling and rage tweeting, ne… good parts of Twitter are a very, very, very small part of my user experience, if I'm being honest. The overwhe… tell myself I stay to see how my friends are, to have relationships with artists and intellectuals I admire and w… think I'm not long for Twitter. I am tired of this website bring the worst opinions from the most horrible people… @daveweigel Interesting question, dude who definitely, for sure knows where the term comes from @graceelavery Thanks, I hate it @daynajclk Congratulations!! @colettearrand I mean, yes, but blaming minorities for electoral shortfalls IS mainstream & centrist. Again, as lon… @colettearrand I think it KIND OF works ONLY with the (implied, but unspoken) caveat "compared to England, RIGHT NO…
the American mindset of constant work is considered toxic in much of the world, where people get up later and work…
Retweeted by Red DurkinI don't know how you're doing, but I'm not doing great. My threshold is on the floor. If I'm consciously present, I… / reaping
Retweeted by Red Durkin @HorrorPaperback God, that man got some good book covers! @aggie_hood @DanCrenshawTX Why are you all SO fucking stupid? @DanCrenshawTX Kennedy said "country," not "government," you stupid, insincere, ignorant of the biggest newspapers in Britain there, casually describing an entire group of human beings as an “epidemic”
Retweeted by Red Durkin @colettearrand I'm torn between entirely disbelieving this anecdote and feeling deeply suspicious of anyone who wou… why the government thinks it’s a big deal to pay us to not work. We pay them to not work all the time
Retweeted by Red DurkinI don't give a shit how he treats his fucking former classmates, I care about how he ran his presidency and this at… a living, breathing transexual: fuck George W. Bush. @BlumpfIi @VirgilKalimir @ULupae @Mr_John_Oxley @stefanroberts WHICH IS WHY IRAQ HAS BEEN SUCH AS PLEASANT PLACE TO LIVE EVER SINCE @Mr_John_Oxley @stefanroberts Wow, I'm convinced