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GeoProf~Mother~Grandmother~Crofter shielded by wilderness, nature & love Rep @JennyHewson Pub @eandtbooks @elementumjournl Words/Pictures ©RedRiverCroft

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@alastairmci @BirlinnBooks @COP26 Congratulations! Very much looking forward to reading this Alastair 😊 @townsendoutdoor Isn't it fascinating 😊 @thelightoutside Congratulations Stuart, super news! @Aeolianharpist Oh Sarah, I'm really looking forward to hearing your music 🥰 @QigongLindsay @alireddeer Twitter hugs to you all 🥰This is a spectacularly awesome thread 😊
#FridayFeeling Episode 14, released on Monday, is a gem. Set yourself up for the weekend... Stay safe and keep we…
@calcat Mad isn't it. No camera tweakery just plain old mother nature 😊Loch Maree, Wester Ross. Island magic 😊 @BFinham Yes!The mountains are fountain-pen-ink-blue this morning. Deep gut-wrenching colours under fierce eye-wateringly bright… @Countrymaned @FolkloreThurs @DeeDeeChainey Here is the view this morning just for you 😉 The mountains are fountain-pen-ink-blue today!" 'Ice on the mountain, fire in the sky': a wild Wester Ross red-sky-in-the-morning warning of snow to come." via…
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️ @Countrymaned It was an astonishing dawn. I've not seen anything as dramatic since! The morning of Trump's election as president 🙈
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️Oh this is just perfect 😊 'Crossing the Minch' played by the wonderful @DuncanWChisholm dances all the way from her…
@brixtonmc 🙈😂😂 @sarah_mac_witer Oh it's a fantastic view from there isn't it 😊*so 😂 @ginbat @welshcake39 @B_Strawbridge I once sat under that tree Ginny. A wise old teacher who hugged me back. @holnicoteNH Very pretty! What is its Latin name Nigel?"U-shaped valley" is too mean a name for something so beautiful. So many greens, so many scents, do many stories.…
Constellations of cotton grass, cyanotypes of mountains. Sithean, boobrie & ghillie dhu. Summer comes to the wilde…
new question: favourite landscape/nature essays?
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️ @a_pirmohamed See @elementumjournl edited by @jayarmstrong_ Beautiful essays accompanied by beautiful art and photography.
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️Almost HALF A MILLION ppl have signed petition calling on govt to protect & save our last remaining 3% of wildflowe…
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️ @holnicoteNH Oo yes, you can help with IDs 😉 It will be WONDERFUL to have a proper catch up natter 😊 @holnicoteNH Thanks Nigel, that's high praise coming from an expert. The changes to how the land is managed has mad… Chemical free, semi-wilded, bursting with life 😊 Red River Croft, Wester Ross, Highlands of S… @donnarainey4 Beautiful 😊
@Lady_Electric @OliveFSmith Me too 😊Oh my @HaggardHawks that messes with my geographer's brain 😉 Diamond's books 'Guns, Germs and Steel' and 'Collapse' are esential reading for anyone interested in environm… @sambubbly @NicolaSturgeon All ok over here thanks Sam. Just missing our 'babies' dreadfully 😢 Hugs to you guys xOh my, just look at this! My favourite mountain. Have you seen this @RobGMacfarlane? It will look just like that to… too 😊 @inkcapjournal
@sambubbly @NicolaSturgeon Congratulations! What a superstar. Enjoy the celebrations 😊 @liziwake Lovely photos 😊 Happy birthday 🎂 @holnicoteNH They're here too Nigel. Gorgeous wee birds 😊 And for the first time we've seen lesser redpolls (though… @JulianHoffman I've never seen one in action before. How absolutely blooming marvellous!! 😊 @nicolawriting @Countrymaned @inkcapjournal @M_Z_Harrison @LucyMcRobert1 @AmyJaneBeer @morss_alex @curlewcalls @norahmoo @LizWorsley I know, the meanies eh?! So many of us have worked & work long & hard to raise a family and d… and neighbor @ELKnitwear makes beautiful things, inspired by the colours and textures of our incredible West… is a very interesting thread @holnicoteNH Several points reflect what we're already doing here 😊 The joys of figuring stuff out when you have little ones eh @LizWorsley 😉
This actually makes me seethe with rage. How utterly crass. No, it's wicked. To the families of the 43000+ dead it…
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️ @Ramblinglea @inkcapjournal @JordanJaunt @nicolawriting @M_Z_Harrison Thank you Sarah 😊 What wonderful company to be in!A wonderful thread-story about astonishing art for an incredible book! Just have a look... Thanks @SimonGuy64 for… @DuncanWChisholm @ingridhendo @GFCeilidhBand Fabulous. Wonderful start to the day 😊It will become a national and ultimately deadly scandal that government has kept #Pillar2 data from those who need…
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️Happy Wednesday, happy July 1st, happy Canada Day 😊
Wow! Awesome picture 😊 To think mothers like this are rearing their big babies all around us in Wester Ross! @wildwestwalker2 Oof! Keep wrapped up 😊Mid afternoon. A frisky sea, meadows churning with light & joy, blessings of blue sky & deep turquoise sea. Stay s… @LindsayZH_EN 🙏❤️ @orewoet_dk 🙏❤️ @ginbat Done ❤️May I please get two friends to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.…
Whatever things are like for you right now (bit weird this end tbh) they’ll DEFO be improved by finding out what th…
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@Ammonites_Stars @Walktheborder Wow!The oldest known puppet – it was sculpted in woolly mammoth ivory 26,000 years ago and found placed in a grave upon…
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️ @Walktheborder She's awesome 😊 @holnicoteNH @alireddeer The Highlands will be opening in a few days. Everyone's anxious but most understand how th… @Walktheborder It was! Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars, front row. Aladdin Sane, made the girl go insane 😉The amazing David Bowie on BBC2 #Glastonbury2000 full set, never seen before. He was my first concert. June 1973, Liverpool Empire. Oh yes. @holnicoteNH @alireddeer 🥰🥰🥰 maybe you should just book two months 😉Dark drama, with hope the light will return. Wester Ross, Highlands of Scotland. Stay safe and keep well 😊 @HighlandRampage But oh so beautiful. Dark drama with the hope of light to come 😊
@LizWorsley @StrataEnvUK Bonkers aren't they Liz! @bogtrotter99 Found it here. Stunning skies, stunning bird 😊 @bogtrotter99 I loved the picture you posted on Facebook... 😊 @OhWailyGail Oh wow, isn't it amazing! What wonderful words. The descriptions of water... 🥰 @casparhendersonThere is no subtlety in the sea today, only full-on outrageous glamour. May you day be filled with light and colo…
Post-thunderstorm colours of the sea. Views from the Wester Ross coast to the (temporarily invisble) Outer Hebride…
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️If you are anxious about all the lockdown-release shenanigans take some time out for this: @flimsin I agree with her 😊 Fab sci journalism! @M_Z_Harrison There are extra special 'big' mounds exactly where ancient hooman boundaries are... by old gates in v… @M_Z_Harrison I love it too. Here, it's otter spraint, every few hundred metres along our shore path, dropped where… After the storms... pastel calm. View to the (slowly emerging) Shiant Isles. Hope you can all find… @bogtrotter99 Oo lovely. Basal sands (postglacial), estuarine silts and clays too 😊 Love the Martin Mere stratigraphies!! @kerriandrewsuk Congratulations Kerri! I'm looking forward to reading it 😊
@alireddeer 🤬 @LizWorsley So far 😘 @littleramstudio Astonishing isn't it 😊Post-thunderstorm colours of the sea. Views from the Wester Ross coast to the (temporarily invisble) Outer Hebride… utriformis, mosaic puffball. Thanks @jimhenderson & friend for the ID. What a beauty 😊 and a newcomer to… @jimhenderson Oh my, thank you Jim for your great detective work. Please thank your friend too! It's a beauty 😊 @jimhenderson Thanks Jim 😊
Dear Twitter can anyone help me and identify this puffball fungus please? Thank you😊 @alireddeer YES! Utterly beautiful. Soul comfort 😊 @QigongLindsay 🙈The sea is turquoise. Under blue-white breezes it glows with life & energy. Both gemstone & colour were regarded a… 😍 And just what was needed. #Midsummer (and the joy of a wild garden) with this stunning Summer anthology, full of joyous writing abo…
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I really love this visualisation of the different Gaelic words for ~hill. (Scale the y axis down fivefold if you’re…
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️🤔Have you joined the Trust? Do you know someone who might be interested to learn more? Please help us grow by shari…
Retweeted by Annie O'Garra Worsley 🕷️ @solwaywalker @wodieskodie Its so difficult Ann. We all want to welcome visitors with open arms, but many issues to… @anicolson That would be my choice too. Love it there 😊An important thread that also applies to our remote mainland coastal communities. @QigongLindsay Yes! A great way to get going... 😉