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@mccortweets @TruckFestival We are up for that🇳🇴 NORWAY 🇳🇴 We are heading further north on this earth than we’ve ever been before to play Blāfrost Festival… @KendalCalling @KendalCalling Some sort of festival sized Rum Club? 🤔Live album is selling like hot cakes - We have just found out hot cakes are pancakes, m… @mikewalshmusic @OTRMCR Will be there mike 👍🏻 @concert_dude @O2AcademyLpool Thank you 🙏🏻 👍🏻 @RedRumClub at @O2AcademyLpool 28.9.19. In 42 years of concert going this has to be one of the most memorable show…
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@hotsoles @premierleague @LFC @Everton @OfficialRUFC 😂 Neils like Jasper Stam yanno⚡️The latest @RedRumClub anthem that is ‘Kids Addicted’ has its own official video! Be sure to watch the full video…
Retweeted by Red Rum Club#NowPlaying Finally got this baby on vinyl.
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Retweeted by Red Rum ClubBuzzing for this to come in feb! @RedRumClub
Retweeted by Red Rum ClubBoss filming some derby promo for @premierleague today. 🔴🔵 Neil was ecstatic to be at Anfield of course. Spot the…
@CleanCutKid⚠ 50% of Live in Liverpool Album Sold already ⚠Massive thanks to everyone who’s pre ordered their live albums so far. You’ve been so good to us we thought we woul… @RedRumClub Talk new live album , Kids Addicted music video, being back stage with the likes of @the1975 , perform…
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@SarahWeatheril1 @dawkinscov1980 😶 @octoberdrift call it 3-2 then 😬 @dawkinscov1980 Ye. Joke init 😏 Boss thoAce bands. Ace weekend at a packed out @2QLincoln with @hossfitt highlights included @RedRumClub @SkinnyLivingUK an…
Retweeted by Red Rum ClubWhat a way to finish @2QLincoln @RedRumClub smashed it 👏👏👏👏
Retweeted by Red Rum Club @RedRumClub level brilliance
Retweeted by Red Rum Club @RedRumClub out of the thousands of gigs I’ve been to or worked at you were the highlight of them all tonight, best…
Retweeted by Red Rum Club @PeteWri62154187 @2QLincoln 💃🏻💃🏻 @charl_chatter @H2NUK Thanks for helping us spread the word 🖤 @H2NUK Thanks for watching us 💃🏻💃🏻 @LachlanGordon_ Nice one for tonight mate 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
It’s a @RedRumClub t-shirt kinda day #Amsterdam
Retweeted by Red Rum ClubPRE-ORDER NOW | LIVE ALBUM Red Rum Club have announced the release of the live recording taken from their Liverpoo…
Retweeted by Red Rum Club#NowPlaying Kids Addicted by @RedRumClub
Retweeted by Red Rum ClubTonight we headline a stage at @2QLincoln 👊 We’re playing in Red Five at half 9 with @This_Feeling who’s coming…
@Sam_Crowston_ @MapMove @UKLabour @theblindersband Sign us up. 🔴If you’ve seen this band live you know you want this, got mine ordered
Retweeted by Red Rum Club @megreilly_xx Love ya Meg 😂🖤don’t even have a record player but i’ve just gone an spent £35 on @RedRumClub live vinyl 😬🥰🖤
Retweeted by Red Rum ClubLoving @RedRumClub album. Pick me up on a shit commute.
Retweeted by Red Rum Club'LIVE IN LIVERPOOL' is available to pre order now! Pre Order now and you will recieve a R… @colcreed @O2AcademyLpool Available now 👍🏻 @thebrkfstcIub @O2AcademyLpool they are. 👍🏻 @guisboro @O2AcademyLpool Available now 👍🏻 @NicolaKeeley1 @O2AcademyLpool Available Now 👍🏻 @TheGlastoThingy @O2AcademyLpool Available Now 👍🏻 @zillpaqua @O2AcademyLpool Available now 👍🏻'LIVE IN LIVERPOOL' is available to pre order now! Pre Order now and you will recieve a R…
🎺 LINCOLN 🎺 We're going to be playing @2QLincoln this Saturday at 9:30 in @RedFiveLincoln ! Show yourselves!… live album you’ve all been waiting for… @RedRumClub “Live in Liverpool” vinyl will be available to pre-order to…
Retweeted by Red Rum Club💥 LIVE IN LIVERPOOL 💥 🥳 The Live Album You've All Been Waiting For 🥳 Christmas comes early as we present LIVE IN… in an Hour ⚠️ 2pm ⚠️
Happy as to find myself on the new @RedRumClub video there, got my good side too, nice one lads 😉
Retweeted by Red Rum ClubEnjoyed my starring role in the new @RedRumClub video 🎺
Retweeted by Red Rum ClubKids Addicted getting spins in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 💥👊🏻[LOOK] RED RUM CLUB (@redrumclub) “KIDS ADDICTED” Video
Retweeted by Red Rum Club💥Kids Addicted • Official Video • Out Now 💥 Head over to our Facebook or YouTube to watch in full @YouTube🚨 Announcement 6pm 🚨 Y'all best be watching 😎
I’ve heard good things about @work1ngmensclub & @RedRumClub .... 👌👌 ....
Retweeted by Red Rum ClubMmm! God damn, Jimmie! This is some serious gourmet shit! ☕ Available at @CrosbyCoffee
@btsportfootball🐃 El Buffalo feat El Matadors 🐂 Is right BT Sport 👊 @Sugaspunsista74 @mccortweets @SpotifyUK @TheLathums @theclausebrum @cleargreenmusic Announcements soon 👀Unsurprisingly my @SpotifyUK Repeat list has @RedRumClub @TheLathums @theclausebrum and @cleargreenmusic back to back.
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Sweden we’re coming for you 👊 Viva Sounds in Gothenburg 🥶 We’re going with Mikey Jonns from @This_Feeling, god hel…
Have a read of that 😎 Nice One @BidoLito 🤘🏻"You learn very early on that this game will chew you up if you want instant recognition" artists reflect on the im…
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Happy Halloween 🎃 ⚰️🧟‍♂️🦇🧛‍♂️👻 a year after finding out about @RedRumClub the album is still getting played most mornings 😎
Retweeted by Red Rum Club“Scuussse Me” @TheGlastoThingy @GlastoFest Do anything to be there next year 🤞🏻Playing or notMorning ☕️ TICKETS FOR NYE! See in the new year with a very special live show from one of ours, and Liverpool’s favourit…
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😂 All feeling like that rarrrr now 💀🤕 a piece of this @This_Feeling’s 12th festival stage of the year next week @2QLincoln @RedFiveLincoln ft…
Retweeted by Red Rum ClubConstantly trying to remind everyone he used to box 🙄 📸 @dirtyroknroller @This_Feeling 😂😂😂🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 SWEDEN is December 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
Apologies for being a little quiet the last few days. We've been away in Barcelona for Mike's stag do! Here's a lit… Deal is now off the table so tonight Labour will back a General Election. We're launching the most ambitious a…
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@SamLittleboy1 Boss. Well in Sam 💥👏🏻Introducing a Croatian and 2 Welsh folk to @RedRumClub and them loving it is the highlight of my trip away onboard this ship
Retweeted by Red Rum Club @dawkinscov1980 No drive about him now. Hasn’t won a senior medal. Walks into the England squad for some reason. Don’t get it 🤷🏻‍♂️ @dawkinscov1980 Fraud
From Bootle to Barcelona 😂 #upthebucks @Bootle_FC @FCBarcelona“Corner taken quickly ... origiiiiiiiii” 🔴 #6 ⚽️🏆
@ChrisHawkinsUK Nice one for the spin this morning Chris 👍🏻💥
@cnicholls8 Nice one Craig @RedRumClub unreal album. Just loving it.
Retweeted by Red Rum Club☕️ Introducing Red Rum Club Coffee ☕️ We’ve team up with Crosby Coffee to make our own blend of filter coffee 👌🏻… @spinn_band Pfft, Bounty in the God Tier? You uncultured swine.
Modelling the new @RedRumClub beachwear 😎
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If we ever tell you that we are hungover, it's nothing to do with sex, drugs or rock and roll. It's because of thin… you got your ticket yet? @RedRumClub announce NYE show at @JimmysLiverpool to ring in 2020 loud and proud…
Retweeted by Red Rum ClubTour t-shirts are now available to buy on our website! Be quick though, we have limited stock and limited sizes!… @lomasej 2019 ouija boards. ✌🏼
@liamkenny87 @rosieridleyx Come on, you knowww. do you want to see us play next? 📷:@rosieridleyx tickets for @RedRumClub over in @JimmysLiverpool are available but be quick there’s only a couple left!…
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We were lucky enough to have two of our writers cover @TwisterellaFest, ft @RedRumClub, @thewordiseut,…
Retweeted by Red Rum Club @Smeaghan_ All them muse b-sides you listen to.Nearly all gone now like, be a shame for you to miss it...