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@carlymersky I’m just angry I want chaseThe giants are so steamingly badIf Bruce Allen gets fired, does Trent stay if we give him a boosted contract?🤔We want the giants to win tonight btw. #ChaseYoung
Praying that Derrius Guice is okay. Another big injury would just be cruel and unfair. @SurgeTheShooter Getting one would be a good start🤗I’m so, so, SO down for OL in the first round. Sign me up.Dwayne Haskins is tough as nails, but again I ask, why is he still in this game???? This is malpracticeYet another example of why Bill Callahan ain’t that dude.Are we trying to get our rookie quarterback hurt? Are we sabotaging him? I’m so confused as to why he’s still in this football gameWhy is Haskins still in this meaningless game when he’s clearly not healthy. Have we not learned from past mistakes?
It’s not that deep lol
2019 collapsing so bad right now it’s pretty funny to see
Think about the adversity this team has faced since the season started. Let them have this. You can’t bash them for… not the type of person to get mad when your team wins games in a “lost” season. Wins like these are huge for the…, Giants and Eagles are all 0-2 in their last two games. Redskins are 2-0 in their last two. How about that statistic?#OntoSomethingHere Orchard welcome to the RedskinsSince giving up 14 points in the first two drives of the game, this Redskins defense has been amazing.RUMBLE YOUNG MAN RUMBLEMy f*cking god Jeremy SprinkleNFL Referees = Horribly inconsistentThe new signee Nate Orchard having himself a game.A very (very) rare McLaurin drop. Perfect ball by Haskins. @gbpackersonly You’d understand if you were watching the gameThat drive right there proves Callahan isn’t fit to be this teams head coach. Clock management makes me nauseousDerrius Guice = Very Good Player when healthy. @DraftSkins He has but at least he makes plays on the outsideFabian Moreau at outside CB = WMontez Sweat trending up the last few weeks.
when i woke up to the news that Snyder is evaluating Bruce Allen Snyder is considering firing Team President Bruce Allen, per Mike Garafolo.
Really can’t underestimate how important it is to have a guy like Alex Smith in Dwayne Haskins’ corner. Just speaks… gonna find a way to negatively criticize Haskins for this
Everybody chill out about the Haskins selfie thing lol it’s not that deep😂Trey Quinn is actually awful at returning puntsOne more thing, still don’t know why Steven Sims Jr isn’t our punt returner and not even getting looks at slot WR.… is only going to get better as this offense gets better. Get him some OLinemen and let these young wideouts… @Kingkendrick68 🧐Terry McLaurin, Kelvin Harmon and Steven Sims are all exciting as hellGiants still some shit lol
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@gotmybrands_on Redskinstoday followers“We don’t need Chase Young”
@Joey_hull2 Really? Had no ideaRedskins paid Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed like $15 million this season and they did absolutely nothing
Investigators say they found weed, pills and “foil with residue” when they searched the home of Montae Nicholson, per TMZ.
The 45 yard TD was really nice too obviouslyI thought Derrius Guice looked really good today. Didn’t get a whole lot of carries but you can see just how strong… this offseason : WR, TE, OL, LB, CB, S, Coach, DC, GMJeremy Sprinkle is terrible. TE is a massive, MASSIVE need this offseason.Today's #Redskins game is glaring evidence of just how far from being a contender this team is. Given the enormou…
Retweeted by RedskinstodayThis is so hard to watch32nd ranked offense making a mockery of the Redskins defense right nowBye Greg Manusky Bye Bill Callahan Hello outside hires @TriggaHappyTwon Did you see that throw he made that got wiped away by a penalty? @BSW3_ Kevin O’Connell is but Callahan also has a heavy influence in the game planBill Callahan is not worthy of being the Head Coach.We can’t have one good thing happen can we?The 32nd ranked offense (Jets) just did whatever they wanted on the Redskins defense.
@newty2010 He got up after the sack and was trying to rip myles Garrett’s helmet off
According to this report on TMZ, a girl was brought into an Emergency Room in Ashburn VA by two men, she died from… safety Montae Nicholson is cooperating with authorities who are investigating the death of a 21-year-old woman, according to TMZ.
Bench Trey Quinn at PR and Slot WR for Steven Sims Jr
Really excited for week 11 again the Jets. Gonna get to see @dh_simba7 and @DhaSickest together for the first time.Draft Chase Young, Jerry Jeudy or trade down and I will be happy. That is officially my 2020 NFL Draft thoughts as… are expected to continue forward with Dwayne Haskins as the Starting Quarterback following the bye week, per @MikeGarafolo.#Redskins have $27.7 Million devoted to players on IR this season, the most in the NFL by $7.1 million.Redskins probably made a mistake letting Crowder go. I know it’s still early for Trey Quinn, but it doesn’t appear…
Damn. According to @JPFinlayNBCS, Jay Gruden wanted to cut DJ Swearinger at the midway point of 2018 season, but was told he can’t.
It’s been so awesome watching Adrian Peterson prove all the naysayers wrong these past two seasons. He’s giving us…
It’s not that hard. Haskins should be QB1 rest of the way through. Anything else would be idiotic. 1-8. It’s over.… giving up 3rd and 18s. Manusky gotta goYou’re 1-7 just go for itWHY ARE YOU PASSING ON 3RD AND 2 WHEN AP JUST BUSTED OUT MULTIPLE LONG RUNSRedskins are re-signing Special Teams Ace Deshazor Everett to a 3-Year deal, the team announced.
Tim Hightower (with WAS in 2011) speaks on the Trent Williams situation. Williams commented “🧢” in regards to the recent claim Charley Casserly made on NFL Network about Trent never…
Jesus man. This is crazy. What a bad look this is. Dan Snyder’s gotta do something. had a 0.1 percent chance of making the playoffs in May. Now, they are world champions. This is why I love sports. GOATO @519skaterboy Nats game MY LORD @UpToTheMinuteFB @DraftSkins The way to get him ready is to play lol did you not read what he said
One day I will be able to have these same chills I’m getting watching this Nationals team, but with the Redskins. One day🤞Future Redskin, ammiright? @youngchase907 that I’m not even that huge of a nationals fan and yet this game has me super nervous.
If Trent Williams comes back and goes right to injured reserve then....well... @TheHogSty @JPFinlayNBCS I meant in the offseason not right now haha @JPFinlayNBCS Is cutting Norman in play?Browns are offering multiple mid round picks for Trent Williams, but the Redskins are reportedly holding firm in th…
@DennisLittle19 Probably like a 3rd or a 4thRavens and Colts have interest in Ryan Kerrigan, but the Redskins aren’t interested in trading him.Redskins are shopping CB Josh Norman prior to the trade deadline, per @RapSheet. Don’t expect a large return for him.
I like coach Callahan, but cmon man. gonna be able to go on twitter tomorrow because of all the cringe Haskins hot takes that will be all over my feed.3rd and 19 and you give up a 25 yard run