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Nothing to see here... #SoxWinterWeekend to the #SoxWinterWeekend Video Game Challenge: Pitchers v Position Players! knows how to show up to #SoxWinterWeekend!
Retweeted by Boston Red Sox😭😭😭 #SoxWinterWeekend who I ran into at #SoxWinterWeekend ⁦@ChickenMan3010⁩ Lots of people ⁦@FoxwoodsCT⁩ ready to enjoy the festivit…
Retweeted by Boston Red SoxSo fast! Congrats to our winner 🎉 2 giveaways! Let’s start with a Vazquez gnome. First fan to the social lounge wins it! you at #SoxWinterWeekend? Come visit our table across from the Premier Ballroom to enter for a chance to win…
Retweeted by Boston Red SoxHanging out with @mookiebetts all before 11am! Thank you @redsox! #SoxWinterWeekend
Retweeted by Boston Red Sox#soxwinterweekend Exciting beginning to our day! Steve Pearce and Carlton Fisk!! We love all you @RedSox past and p…
Retweeted by Boston Red SoxFan fest has it all. #SoxWinterWeekend ❄️’re LIVE with the hard hitting questions at the #SoxWinterWeekend Kids Only Press Conference first breakout session of the day is starting soon! #SoxWinterWeekend ❄️’re with Tek & Lowell live on @NESN to start your day! 📺 #SoxWinterWeekend @21kkennedy We don't hate that!Come find us in the social lounge! 📸 #SoxWinterWeekend ❄️ this kid looks familiar? 🤔 #SoxWinterWeekend to #SoxWinterWeekend... Day 2!!!’t. Sleep. Need. More. Winter. Weekend. @morganjean147 Not too shabby! See you around! @s_fishy He seems to be doing alright, but we'll keep you updated!Winter* Weekends spark joy @RedSox
Retweeted by Boston Red Sox @lauren_cole10 Not a bad start to #SoxWinterWeekend! @redsoxbros BEST WEEKEND EVER! (Except for the last weekend in October when we won the World Series...)Night fam 👋 Back at it tomorrow! ❄️ #SoxWinterWeekend first time we’re back together since the parade & it seems to be going well! #SoxWinterWeekend Day 1 ✔️ this team... #SoxWinterWeekend ❄️ on 2018 🏆 #SoxWinterWeekend is a dream. #SoxWinterWeekend Cora seemed to work out alright! #SoxWinterWeekend ❄️ @IamaRedSoxfan 👋👋A big theme at tonight’s Town Hall: We want more. #SoxWinterWeekend ❄️ It happened so fast! We have our first winner! for a giveaway! 🎉 First fan to the social lounge gets a Bogey bobble! @gfstarr1 We don’t hate it!Remember when he closed out Game 5 of the #WorldSeries? #SoxWinterWeekend 🏆 big deal... Just the WS Champs! #SoxWinterWeekend ❄️ moment when @JDMartinez14 FaceTimes into #SoxWinterWeekend! 😂 #WorldSeries Champs! 🏆 Your 2019 #RedSox! #SoxWinterWeekend
Retweeted by Boston Red Sox
Last time we saw these guys they were in a parade. 🏆 #SoxWinterWeekend is officially here! We’re just as excited as @Wally97 ⚾️❄️ @RedSox
Retweeted by Boston Red Sox👍🤙 #SoxWinterWeekend welcome everyone to join us in an M-V-P chant: M-V-P M-V-P M-V-P #SoxWinterWeekend @CoonDiggity Next Friday, the 25th at 10am. Be ready! @Vibrantankles Maybe... 😏👋 Chris Sale #SoxWinterWeekend Champs in the building! #SoxWinterWeekend 📍 Must-Have: Custom Snap Lens @BigLeagueBrian two years in a row!! #SoxWinterWeekend @RedSox
Retweeted by Boston Red Sox @gfstarr1 Thanks. We tweeted so that we could see this clip.hey #RedSox twitter, can ya guys help us out here? @Gizmo9713 It's a date! @DelaneyReyn Setting the tone early! 👌 @suezq725 Oh heyyyyy! 👋Going to #SoxWinterWeekend ? Visit us at the Premier Ballroom Friday from 8pm-10pm and Saturday from 9am-7pm for al…
Retweeted by Boston Red Sox @DwhiteMedic We're here waiting!About to fill this place up for our 2019 #SoxWinterWeekend Town Hall! 🚪 5:30 🎬 7:00 @JeanetteMarieB See you soon! @SamlAm321 Town Hall at 7! Doors open at 5:30! 👍 #SoxWinterWeekend @Advil Did it look something like this? have arrived! #SoxWinterWeekend ❄️ game strong 👌 Congrats to these guys on their Boston BBWAA Awards! Checklist: #SoxShowcase ✔️ @Wally97 ✔️ @robdoee83 Power through that workday! and at 'em! IT'S OFFICIALLY #SOXWINTERWEEKEND! See you soon, #RedSoxNation. ❄️ @CMDavila25 It's officially Day 1 of #SoxWinterWeekend! @RebeccaClaffey We can't sleep because we're too excited, so we just wanted to say "see you soon!"1 more sleep until #SoxWinterWeekend! If you're hanging with us this weekend make sure you have the Ballpark App… 2019 #SoxPromos are... 🥁 🥁 🥁 👉’s beginning to look like #redbullcrashedice! 🎟:
@xPokeyyy Don’t worry. They can do both! Maybe we’ll make them full time.Our Twitter intern has become our TikTok intern! Be some of our first @tiktok_us fans for exclusive vids! 👍 to the next one! 👊 Plan your 2019 summer: looks like you’ve got all your pitches working already!! #suaveguallo #youreontheteamalready
Retweeted by Boston Red SoxGetting ready for 2019 with my boy Christian Vázquez 💪💪💪 #redsoxnation #backtoback #letsgo @RedSox here we come 👊👊
Retweeted by Boston Red SoxA #TBT guaranteed to make your day better. Thanks, Papi!🔴🧦 ⚾️🏆⏰Time is running out! Only 3 days left to enter our sweepstakes to win a one-of-a-kind team-autographed @RedSox
Retweeted by Boston Red Sox @QuothTheRay Not soon enough! @Christi78517339 If you're looking for the player list you can find it here: @Kain941 Sounds like the perfect night! ❤️ We love love! @JdotKimmy We keep trying! @madisonnedwards Look out for more info announced in the next day! 👍 @Lamocomotive 7pm! Doors will open around 5:30/6ish! @dr_steph_dpt Tomorrow might be your lucky day... @rockergirl63 We’re so excited to see you at your first #SoxWinterWeekend! @BostonSoxbball Maybe... 😀How do you RT a million times?👀 @KyrieIrving
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#WallpaperWednesday: Fenway edition! @Geogs85000 It's our 5th! See ya there 😃 @SoxFanAndrew 👀We really really really really really really really really really really really…
Retweeted by Boston Red SoxIt’s happening! We’re getting ready to host the fastest sport on skates! #redbullcrashedice 🎟:… @suez121566 You won't regret it! See you soon! @Laurak498 We think you’re gonna like it!It's time to mentally prepare yourself for #SoxWinterWeekend! We're 2 days out! Who's going!? ❄️'s see those #RedSox collections for #NationalHatDay! @guillzii