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redza @redzamusic California, USA

a little carbonation, and i'll see you next time - helly hansen - professional nouns: he/him

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@jedwill1999 @hikarustation LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOI released something
Retweeted by redza @abisoos @jedwill1999 ??? it bangs what r u talking about @brochichi @tsunamimusicx popeyes chicken sandwich and a diet coke @tsunamimusicx what was their goal @om_neb @hunter_hhhh not it not it please not it @om_neb @hunter_hhhh I’m gonna have to play devil’s advocate here @yitakulxiv @istealfromkids1 @joerogan @elonmusk @AppleTV @DukeMBB you must answer me these riddles three @yitakulxiv @istealfromkids1 @joerogan @elonmusk @AppleTV @DukeMBB @infrarededm HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY BROTHER DIEGO I LOVE U BUDDY
@steakquesadiIIa sad faceRemember that time Nina Simone said she almost killed a man for not paying her? The legendary singer was born on t…
Retweeted by redza @milkoflavender how tall are you actually @jedwill1999 @paprikaworm LETS GOOOOOOOO @steakquesadiIIa moving to california??? :))))looooool hahaha @unluckyyona this is so good @JaronTwo @singtoconley only real producers would get this @JaronTwo 50 dollars... incredible @BAAUERFC @RamonPang @baauer white boy of the month @telepathics tangerine joneswell would you look at the time. it’s time to think about caroline polachek @hellsens @nothaki im getting blocked aren’t i @nothaki C4A @defsharpedm happy birthday !! 🎊🎈🎁 omg 😱😂😃😀👍👍 @paprikaworm W @_unrizanable ummmmmmmm look whos talkinmr. brightside is the best song with the worst mix @jedwill1999 yo fr lets collab @maxschramp @pooldad honestly for me as a veteran porter fan it was somewhat disappointing (don’t actually know wha… @pooldad i personally feel like our art would be very interesting @yitakulxiv HE IS GETTING PUNISHEDYOU CAN PRE-SAVE HELLY HANSEN NOW :) @tsunamimusicx who do yall hear on this waifu2x some facebook mom memes @yaikaro big brain @theneedledrop track review track review @pooldad used to have hundreds of tracks in my songs and i think my newest one has less than 20. feels good @JaronTwo Foo (High Quality)
@infrarededm Who the hell is Steve Jobs? @hellsens Lgreat analysis of one of my favorite pieces :) @Iegoyoda she’s a dumbass anyway also I’m glad ur a bernie bro @Iegoyoda what is happening @singtoconley I’m just trying to make it PG @aevitunes you’re just giving the tweet more publicity @mama__sauce__ during a roadtrip with my mom, out of all the music i played, she liked bill’s music the best, so i…
Retweeted by redzai just took a Myers-Briggs test turns out I’m 100% SWAG @j1n7n omg happy birthday 🎉🎈🎊🎁🎂 @Sham_Lale_Yone @tweetsauce one point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero ze… @tweetsauce zero point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero ze… @maxschramp Pour one out for a real one... ripDid anybody notice this weird ad placement in the @LilNasX Old Town Road music video?
Retweeted by redza @milkshapes was gonna get this used car but look what i found 😭😯😟😦 @gupimusic year 2000 = 000bpm @shibuyabeats not if you do enough training @JaronThree he can’t even drive @hikarustation @adibsin cool @yagirlalison275 insanely solid. if my list was more shortterm, danny brown would be on it @idkojo true love waits blasting in the clubLinus from the Stars BROCKHAMPTON Kendrick Lamar Jacob Collier Radiohead Lawrence Tennyson Bill Wurtz The 1975 MARO @idkojo fuck your music taste is so cool @willycrooks yeah that was after my grandma went in the kitchen and started making some sense @iamscript otoboko !!!
@byebrina yeaaaahhh!!!!!!! @aturamusic happy birthday mamatura!!!!the virgin 1975 vs the chad thos moser.... old people should NOT use memes!!!!!!!! everyone, I just put a new little thang on soundcloud. Please check it out if you have the time to do so!!!…
Retweeted by redza @nikapaprika my current senior project group knows i cannot focus on anything at all and have accepted me but i mak… @nikapaprika YEP @shibuyabeats finally someone with taste @redzamusic please release helly hansen
Retweeted by redzaI’m BEGGING someone to leak my music on xtrill one day . that’s my lifelong dream @aqualinamusic thats why u laugh at my tweets huh @milkoflavender ummm... whats her @ @shibuyabeats maybe? To Train Your Dragon? No How To Train Your Throat with Bad Dragon
@samablah thank you brotherBaaaahahahhahahahahah!!
Retweeted by redzait's your lucky month. FEB 27 HELLY HANSEN MARK UR CALENDARS worked on a lot of music this month. I decided to make a reject reel to share what I made. Also, I added a tea… american government has its faults, but at least it's royalty-free @MetalGearEric @yitakulxiv why isn’t it in my ears yet @clairo wass6p @gupimusic @fraxiommusic yea but mine is the best one because of moser energy drink font @weedhitler this is a tweetpenne music @theneedledrop thos moser track review or riot @GamerBecka @GamersLin @DunDraCon GOOD JOB !!!!! @aevitunes yeah my song HELLY HANSEN @egg_slut ya its near sacramento @aqualinamusic @tysubeats you do be walking doe @itmedamon already ahead of u buddy @itmedamon it was 3 dollars I'm not made of money @Bismvth twitter dot com probably @Bismvth no fucking idea where u got that image