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redza @redzamusic California, USA

10% of @dsgbanned - professional nouns: he/they

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@hunter_hhhh this is all i want @perto jimin fallondownloading stems and planting them in my garden @locksandblinds jaymac kinda did for coming through! we hit our sub goal today so thank you so much :)VARIETY STREAM gonna make music, maybe play chess & tetris, maybe draw! come hang out B) @kimioops You're So Right @kimioops I Don't Know How To Have Funmight stream in a bit. what should i stream @majorbean_ bring back lego brickfilm 15fps @virtualseIf harambe happened this january.... feels like years ago @nothaki lemme dm u lmao one sec @nothaki i made a hyperpop song with these lyricsdrake, where's josh?
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@CHRISMARTZ as a robotics engineer i would like to say that i would kick him @avocadoxangel the nails from your left hand connect to the nails on your right hand @FlimfloomVEVO played footsie with myself and i still lost
Retweeted by redzacan we just listen to people who didnt shoot megan thee stallion? please? @H_________E ublock origin ? @itmedamon i personally agree @dynastic LOOOL WHAATTVJ ABKJHSJVHABKHLDKJVBKJAS @H_________E @roshux i think my biggest tweets were posted at like 3am i don't believe in this theory anymore‘Grow Cold’ is out now on stores and streaming! Soundcloud: buy / stream:…
Retweeted by redzaman @diversamusic its a great film that explores this idea. check it out when you get the chance @diversamusic have u seen Paprika @frograve @kulipeter fellas is sprite gay @virtualseIf running this countrywent on a run :)
@maxreist small bladder gangWhat Do You THink ? @duolingoduolingo fancam @_sucky deserved tbh @ratstep duolingo fandom @virtualseIf they made among us into tumblrbait noooooo @lidglue why did he take a picture of his biceps unflexed @SoloPsych @lidglue this is so funny noooooooo @AURORAVElL Ok Mr. Cargo @ineedtoart HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :) @musicbyrift @singtoconley AM on da master fo todayproducers will leave 6dB of headroom but won't spend 6 dollars on Headspace @singtoconley was gonna ask how u did this LOLpeople who say “orangutang” are the same people who say “ying and yang” @ratstep Howthe moment i turned 21 i had to start waking up to pee after 4 hours of sleep @CHRISMARTZ same @telepathics i love me @redzamusic ur so cute
Retweeted by redza @histrangea @HyperactiveHero my name on twitter literally has a color in it @telepathics the next one you catch @eviediary i subbeddid i miss #BiVisibilityDay ? let’s hope not
Retweeted by redza @CHRONlK heyy lol @vitacocoa if i was a white guy i’d mute u @duumu soooo true @nebita ???if i were white would you unfollow? be honest @singtoconley guys thinking they’re entitled to date specific races of people is weird as hellfunny how im prochoice yet so bad at choosing @virtualseIf banger @skydoki i have some suggestions..... @abbigaga not gonna do a separate post but this was funny haha @abbigaga yooprobably my fav song of all time @henhouse2000_xX this video lives in my head rent-free @roshux and whats wrong with that
@kimipoops LEGEND OF THE PHEONIX ADS ARE THE BEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE @taoseto insane tbh @taoseto how did u sell it i need to know2 MILLION DOLLARS PER HAT???????????
Retweeted by redza @AURORAVElL love u smi need a minute.... is genuinely incredible @pienar i watched a movie recently it literally took me 5 days @whosalgo Wow. @fraxiommusic cool @vitacocoa why are u running there I'm sure theyll be open if u just walk @vitacocoa @vostrifae @jedwill1999 Liam Derrick Poutine @vostrifae @jedwill1999 @vitacocoa Very Close @jedwill1999 @vitacocoa do u know what his last name is @H_________E can u explain to me how to consistently set up t-spins @frograve @eviediary pure mischief @H_________E ask and you shall receive @H_________E @H_________E the real one or the monki one @H_________E sorry to hear that @eviediary
@eviediary @jedwill1999 I'm putting him in soup @jedwill1999 @eviediary Organs"living in a gecs world" and "disappear like xcx world" is the greatest multi-syllabic rhyme ever written @TheNamesMcQ fergie remix i think @LankyBallerina @andosux That's the life. @jedwill1999 this is the cutest thing ive ever read @kimioops her streams are so calming! i don't usually watch a lot of the games she plays but yeah :) the hololive en gang are v cool @maxschramp Goodbye. @jedwill1999