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our attempts to remind them of reason won't get us that far. idk what it is that they want, but i haven't got it to give✌🏻#blm

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i still can’t believe they use IEDs as birth control. seems like there’s gotta be a simpler way than putting a bomb in her
Retweeted by januareem should be free. You just pay for sauce. No one goes hungry but if you crave ranch you must join the abusive economic system to get it
Retweeted by januareemmade sushi for the first time i don't really get the hype
Retweeted by januareemman so i guess the cops didn’t have to slam my head on the hood of their car when they arrested me for simply walki…
Retweeted by januareemseth rogen did exactly what I thought I was going to do this pandemic by developing a cool skill and I did what I t…
Retweeted by januareemevery college tour guide: you may think you know squirrels, but you better strap the fuck in while i tell you about our special little guys
Retweeted by januareemThe Fight for 15 has been going on so long that $15/hr is no longer a living wage anywhere in the US.
Retweeted by januareem @liz_franczak WB isn’t even that bad, look at how they massacred my boy
Retweeted by januareemwe need a complete shutdown of graphic design until we can figure out what the hell is going on
Retweeted by januareemthe united states has convinced do many people that MLK day is a day of service. MLK wasn't interested in "service,…
Retweeted by januareem @GoHeadBlockMe :([inventing crickets] make them love bad jokes
Retweeted by januareemummm...i read a book for 20 minutes and didn’t finish it?? wtf???
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Retweeted by januareem"So many people have died in Los Angeles County that officials have temporarily suspended air-quality regulations t…
Retweeted by januareempeople call “flipping burgers” unskilled labor but then give you this at a barbecue
Retweeted by januareemIt seems fun and exciting to be insane
Retweeted by januareembro LMAOOO
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Raising minimum wage debate in America
Retweeted by januareemmy fyp is getting reaaallll specific...
Retweeted by januareem @stephiiipooh Omfg. Omg omgSorry, but this is the best how it started / how it’s going ever. I love this so much.
Retweeted by januareemThis is a real life picture taken while minimum wage is $7.25 so again I must ask: do people know what words mean?
Retweeted by januareemmany ppl are saying this
Retweeted by januareem @an9elax Fr!!!! @PunishedTexan Lessgoooooget a load of this
Retweeted by januareemThey need to run these back I got my own money now
Retweeted by januareemAndrew Yang is just wandering around NYC doing side quests
Retweeted by januareemYou might have a point if this was a picture from the future and not what already exists.
Retweeted by januareemBeing proud of your wife means you don’t have a dick actually want a reality show where people who don’t tip have to work a double at a restaurant with a huge outdoor patio du…
Retweeted by januareem @The_J_Cobb @Thomas_Simmons_ They wont let us have free college for all students because itd take away from the mil…
Retweeted by januareem @Thomas_Simmons_ And what’s the military’s recruiting angle? “Free college. Free healthcare. Free housing.” Sounds…
Retweeted by januareemIf "high schoolers" are bad labor and don't deserve $15 an hour then why is the government so heavily recruiting them for the military?
Retweeted by januareemI beg I beg I beg of you, when you see a statistic without a source, don’t share it til you research it. Some of th…
Retweeted by januareemlife was easier when cinema belonged to them
Retweeted by januareemStealing this idea from Laurie because I love it. I’ll feature a new @ on here every day for the rest of the month…
Retweeted by januareemIf you can afford it, #5for30- that is, $5 every day in January, for 30 days since it's the 2nd, to people's Venmo/…
Retweeted by januareemjust got the vaccine and it went really well. i asked the nurse why the vaccine liquid looked like a microchip and…
Retweeted by januareemU ever shake ur head to clear the intrusive thought
Retweeted by januareemWe have a winner.
Retweeted by januareemtelling the song to “shut up” right before you skip it >>>>>
Retweeted by januareemGood Afternoon - Overtip the person who is delivering your food during a pandemic.
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Retweeted by januareemif mcdonalds workers can feed their family how will i feed my ego?
Retweeted by januareem @CurtisRemarc I wish someone would just correct her misinterpretation of the law lmao like just please someone read… posts that popped up on my twitter feed.
Retweeted by januareem @tash_abdul I think service workers should be tipped but i think her point is that she said it out loud to make sur… @KristySwansonXO I’m sorry. Who are you?
Retweeted by januareemRegardless of who it is or what may be happening, everyone should be mad at the president all the time
Retweeted by januareemminimum team rocket wage preparing for…
Retweeted by januareemLosing it at this
Retweeted by januareemNobody defends billionaires more than hundredaires.
Retweeted by januareemI'm an ER Nurse in Seattle. Last night @SeattlePD officers came to the ER to obtain a statement from an assault pat…
Retweeted by januareemI was met by this arrogant prick flexing his false authority in a way that disregarded all of that. His colleagues…
Retweeted by januareemTSA agent: if you see something, say something me: something agent: no, not yet... when you see something me: I…
Retweeted by januareemi still think about him all the time 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by januareemwho called her mrs claus instead of she santy oh yeah send
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Retweeted by januareemevery time the minimum wage comes up like 60% of America reveals that they’re apparently really worried about McDonald’s profit margins
Retweeted by januareem @HaitianDvorce You’re so talented!!!!When your position is both “People who can’t afford to go to college shouldn’t take out loans to do it” and “People…
Retweeted by januareemThis could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
Retweeted by januareemat the stage of the pandemic where i long for other, earlier days in the pandemic
Retweeted by januareemI can find out without fucking around, thanks
Retweeted by januareem“flipping burgers” as an insult is SOOOO funny cause it’s like okay what do you do? type on a keyboard? uh oh watch…
Retweeted by januareemCapitalism is why your life isn’t even worth $2k in the country that will spend nearly 1 trillion on its military.…
Retweeted by januareemI could explain this. I could tell you we have x number of menu items. We have y number of employees. Explain how t…
Retweeted by januareemUltimately you aren’t making a mathematical argument. You’re making a moral one. You morally believe my dishwasher…
Retweeted by januareemIf you’re working your ass off to earn just $15, don’t you think that’s a problem lmfaoooooo they love the struggle…
I see your sea shanties and raise you Ukrainian folk.
Retweeted by januareem$15 minimum wage? how am I supposed to feel better about my position in the social hierarchy if there aren’t millio…
Retweeted by januareem“soooo many businesses would go under if the minimum wage is raised” so you agree? that companies rely on the expl…
Retweeted by januareemI hope everyone remembers when this happened.
Retweeted by januareem @AmeriKraut It's the caste system in the United States everyone wants to feel better than someone. And poverty is o…
Retweeted by januareemBillionaires convinced y’all certain jobs aren’t hard work, so don’t require a decent wage. And y’all ate it up. Ye…
Retweeted by januareem @TheHyyyype I’m sorry that this is happening :/ best wishes ! @JarJarFan69 @clay_mcch Brought to you by "I had to pay off all of my student loans so you should too"
Retweeted by januareem @clay_mcch "Teachers are criminally underpaid so I think everyone else should also be criminally underpaid. I'm smart." -You
Retweeted by januareemDoes it make sense that a k-12 teacher with a college degree only earns 30k a year? Pre-tax? Have you met children… whats more? head also go bob bob
Retweeted by januareemmusic elitists are so funny to me. how can song be bad if it make foot go tap tap
Retweeted by januareemShe doesn’t know about any of the discourse
Retweeted by januareemif screens bad why watching big screen while holding little screen feel so good
Retweeted by januareemstop arguing against raising the minimum wage. that budget book you’re simping for will literally never fuck you
Retweeted by januareem"$15 an hour? But that's as much as I make!"
Retweeted by januareemThe wild thing about the biggest fans of capitalism is they have absolutely no idea how capitalism works
Retweeted by januareemIn '98 I worked at Wendys and made $7.25—the current federal min wage. A medium #6 combo after taxes came out to $4…
Retweeted by januareemCall the cops’all be “alpha males” but only get spicy with women. It’s crickets towards other men.
Retweeted by januareemTurns out my grandfather who served in WW2 is antifa. Our family is devastated.
Retweeted by januareemHey, just FYI minimum wage is absolutely supposed to be able to support a person and if it had kept the pace with i…
Retweeted by januareemIf you’re reading this: tense your jaw and shoulders, tighten your entire body, don’t drink water for 48 hours. You got this 💖
Retweeted by januareemPlease help, my brain is broken
Retweeted by januareemIf you call anyone who works in fast food “just a burger flipper” or they just “pour coffee” you can’t use those se…
Retweeted by januareem& don’t link me anything thank you I read 30 articles a day byeStop letting a handful of people convince you that the majority of the country wouldn’t benefit. You have Stockholm…’ve been taught that your hourly wage is a reflection of your skill, your value, your unique capabilities. In th…