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Reena (she/her) @Reena_Rai London, England

Fashion & Travel blogger | Influencer Marketing at Pinterest. Tweets about slow fashion, diversity & dating | IG: reena.rai | she/her

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So smug about being in Eggslut’s delivery catchment @ADanielleLife I’m gonna WhatsApp you the Halloween treat I’m going to bake 👻 I think icing pens will be easier for me this time aroundLet’s not make Darrel & Darren’s story fade away. They need help in order to find not just justice for them but for…
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@ADanielleLife I’ve been looking at icing pens for 10 minutes. How do people bake regularly? @carina100 ...will you bake some brownies for me?! 🙏🏽 @ADanielleLife I can’t cheat 😱😱We’re doing a Halloween Bake-off at work and I’m exhausted. I haven’t baked a thing but reading through the recipes is tiring*Watches Killing Eve once* I caved and bought some chunky Chelsea boots. There are *so* many Prada dupes, I actually wanted something a lit… @cjnlewis_ Sis it’s sold out 😤😤 @karishma_yasmin @kanyalondon @NatashaThasan Unbelievably beautiful @KatieKALANCHOE @kanyalondon @NatashaThasan It’s also sold out 💔 I’ve never experienced heartbreak like this before @katieantoniou @kanyalondon @NatashaThasan Katie 😭 it’s sold out! @beautyjunkieldn @Byjessd Thanks 🥰 @seventeenjames @kanyalondon @NatashaThasan I can’t stop thinking about it @lailawoozeer I want their island to turn into Lost or the Hunger Games 😂"Too often, POC are disqualified from being classified as pop or sidelined because of perceived 'foreignness'" - ad…
Retweeted by Reena (she/her)I’m pleased to share that I’ll be speaking at Launchmetrics Performance Summit on 5th Nov. Sign up via the link b…
After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit… I buy a new saree for absolutely no reason and nowhere to wear it Y/N? The brand is @kanyalondon, styling & pic… @LukeDavisSEO Omg! Flamingo pink or whatever the shade was. What you don’t know is that I spilt soup on my jumper 🙈 @char_x0 @Byjessd Shout out to my ring lightAd (gifted) Feeling grey 🌧 so I put on a bright lip 💋 Wearing Garnish by @Byjessd. is a @Fordtography appreciation tweet 💗💗💗 @KyomiWade We clicked as soon as we met. I was supposed to head off to the beach the next day but ended up staying… @KyomiWade Luckily nothing super weird but I met an American woman in a hostel in Cambodia 6 years ago who has beco… you need to read something pure and wholesome 🥺 @Summerboom2 @tinukebernard
@iamnrc Yes!! @sandhupip1 Have you seen the trailer for the movie Evil Eye? That looks so good too!I can’t wait to watch this. The first few seconds of the trailer got me 😂 I hope Netflix and Prime start picking u… @alyssavingan I don’t know if this is meant to be shade but most important thread you’ll read all week 👇🏽
The classism is jumping out at me.
Retweeted by Reena (she/her) @NikSpeller FFS I went 3 months too late. That’s way nicer than this @NikSpeller I loved that bit. Being on the top of a ridge in the rain and practically getting blown off was not the one!
@NikSpeller Correct. How on earth did you recognise it?! @franciscarockey No, no, no you just drink wineToday I got tf out of London and went on an epic 10-mile walk through forests, across fields and up hills. It was…
@AdamPugh You think it’s normal to eat Sebastian and Flounder? did this ‘What teen movie archetype are you’ quiz and I was not expecting this result 😆 I thought I’d be the best… @melreylaw Why are men always ready to fight when they’re wrong?Overheard earlier today Lady: It’s too cold outside, can we have a table inside? Waitress: Are you from the same… Why are you single? Me: Yesterday some guy on Bumble started an argument bc he thinks Mario Kart isn’t a driving game @erimkaur @Pandora_UK YESSSS! So proud of you @DrPragyaAgarwal I’m going to be celebrating alone 💔 But I’m going to FaceTime my mum and we’ll cook something together📍
Retweeted by Reena (she/her)If you need reminding that our country is far better and more generous than this Government, have a look at…
Retweeted by Reena (she/her) @gjt1989 Absolutely. I don’t understand the mentality of those who gleefully wish to uphold the class system and de… over £170k in expenses but not voting to provide free school meals during the school holidays. Absolutely… UK has the 6th largest GDP in the world (IMF, April 2020). We should not have 14m people in this country strug… a look at @MarcusRashford’s timeline. As MPs voted not to help feed hungry children, dozens of restaurants ac…
@RonakGopaldas I’m dreading the next couple of weeks, it already feels like the air is heavy with a sense of impending doom @hayles For this reason, I’m dipping out of social media for a bitI just need someone to hit pause for a minute. The news cycle is relentless. A global pandemic, lockdown, the horri… @JD_lwig My local Sainsbury’s has a drop off pointThis is every millennial scrolling through Tiktok really said the international community should mind their business, blamed protesters and is implying the go…
Retweeted by Reena (she/her)650 MPs given a £3360 pay rise = £2,184,000. That would cover 910,000 school meals. I know where I’d rather my tax…
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@tinukebernard This has been making me laugh for weeks 😂😂
Retweeted by Reena (she/her) @damzlinthisdres Yup, lots of narcissists. I only really like Bethenny and just watched her seasons. Have you tried RHOP? @janita_b I’m already planning on having nachos and chocolate for dinnerHey London folks. I'm looking for a new flatmate in my (lovely) flat in East (right by Victoria Park). It's a massi…
Retweeted by Reena (she/her)I desperately need to get out of my flat to clear my head but it’s 1) Cold 2) Raining 3) Dark So I guess I’m goin… Last night the Nigerian army fired live bullets into a crowd of peaceful protestors at Lekki toll gate. T…
Retweeted by Reena (she/her) @RichieBrave @1Xtra This is amazing, huge congratulations!Hello. White privilege = white people not having to deal with the systemic racial discrimination/violence. How is this controversial?
Retweeted by Reena (she/her) @JonRichard Im in this tweet and I don’t like itLink below is an email template to send to the ICC guys. It will only take a few minutes people. Please everyone- c…
Retweeted by Reena (she/her)Hello World, Our @NigeriaGov of @MBuhari is killing our young citizens on the street on Lagos now. Join us to…
Retweeted by Reena (she/her) @tobikyere Hi, heres a link to a template email that you can send to your MP to call the UK gov to condemn the viol…
Retweeted by Reena (she/her)For you to shoot innocent civilians shows they see them as the real threat.. even after the horrendous things that…
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@GraceFVictory I feel this in my soul. I’m not sure whether it’s lockdown, poor mental health or general uncontentm… @yossy_jpeg @tinukebernard has two gorgeous daughters @emshelx Wowww 🤩🤩🤩 @rmitty When I saw that I’m stop 208 I was shocked. Even if I’m the last stop, it seems like far too many deliverie…’ve had 3 work meetings, meanwhile my DHL delivery driver is still on his way to stop 198 😫😫 (I’m 208) @beautyjunkieldn It was super busy at 1pm, difficult to get parking & the shops were pretty packed. But from 2pm it… are debating this at 12:00 btw - you can watch it here
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@char_x0 From working in the industry - yup this is correct. However, it’s 100% worth going. I went last month, tod… @LukeDavisSEO Omg yes! And a Mr Frosty machine @char_x0 They don’t typically have any current season pieces but there are plenty of classics, e.g Saint Laurent sa…💥They offer various shopping packages which offer priority booking, reserved parking, additional discounts & hands-… tips for shopping in Bicester: 💥 It’s much quieter from 2pm onwards on weekdays 💥 Some shops have a virtual… I hung out in my car a lot & went to Bicester 💕 Christmas shopping tip: one for them, one for me, one for th… from The Good Immigrant. Might start sending this to Bumble matches instead of answering them @RadioRayhan Nope! Exs can be friends 😬
@SaraITinUK I don’t drink coffee 😭😭Omg go to Hampstead Heath @meeshpinch!’m getting up at 6.30am 🤢 tomorrow as I’m taking my ex to his tooth surgery appointment. I hate early mornings, h… @cjnlewis_ I don’t know much but I do know good brunchCosy on the sofa and embracing spooky szn. I gave up on Nightmare on Elm Street but I’m getting into The Haunting o… @hayles Tbf it was way less packed than it normally is snd they made people put on masks before coming in. But ther… had the best low-key London Sunday 💕 I met up with @cjnlewis_ at Columbia Road to buy plants. Then we had a leisu… @PlateDeals If you’ve not seen Old Boy, I highly recommend it 😄 @sebulous For whomst? We’re dressing from the waist up til 2042 @PlateDeals If I learnt anything from Korean cinema, it’s that there is no limit to the vengeance you inflict on someone