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when do servers come upHAPPY BIRTHDAY YO @EpikWhale @MooseGGsFN @MeroFN go edit my video bitch7th ($600) shoulda won but died off rip like 6 games ggs only @Falconerrr @christfup west cc
@oh4zr reset my pc reinstalled everything still just says this lol lag doesnt work so im stuck playing 130 ping in east cc lol nae cc wit favs and snacky
Retweeted by XTRA Reet @XTRAGAMlNG ⛽️Reet Teaches You How to Win on High Ping is OUT NOW on YouTube! Learn from one of the best to ever do it. Watch…
Retweeted by XTRA Reet nae cc wit favs and snacky @XTRAGAMlNG @Paolaojedda @emiIymariie @ClearSolstice @vohlii @emiIymariie @ClearSolstice @QueasyFN My typa grinding yotop 6 for money ggs asia trio cc wit favs and snacky @ChronicElls Ur so smartWhy is there no daily cups @FoxEyeFN @Zaxinator @BoopNL_ @MuzFN @actingliketommy @Ac7ionMan @opsqt @TheSommerset @Marz_OW @DeyyFN @Alixxa Ayee @ilyells lucky my clips r off ong @ilyells uhhhhhhhh4th while conned perfect so we can stream next week yessirr @Falconerrr @christfup fncs finals
2021 naw solo cashydone with this cc fucking endgames the most unluckiest shit in the world happens to me im 555 center 4th and get a car straight thr… BRO I HAD A FREE 20 KILL WIN AND I CHOKED FUCK DUDEYo sorry i had to end stream guys got some personal shit i hadda worry abt and wasnt fully there hopefully we can g… MY GOD ENDED STREAM AND 28 KILL WIN IN ASIA SOLO CC DO I GO BACK LIVE? in finals @Falconerrr @christfup fncs semi finals
2021 FNCS ROUND 2 @EpikWhale @NRGgg 🐐🐐re-signed w/ @NRGgg 😎😈
Retweeted by XTRA Reet @Reisshub Thas what im saying controller is hella of a disadvantage @AussieAntics yea i mean last season was fucking horrible nobody wants a makeshift fucking shotgun FNCS OPENS
@zestyfn bluzro @zestyfn bumboy @fakeifys rightStress is the worst thing in the world bruh @faxuty thx for the free 40 love 😍 @ilyells V @Stretch @skqttlescuh RATIO XTRA-REET #ad
@nawtaww1st PLACE BOOM TV X DREAMHACK X BBG COED EVENT ($2.1K) @Sparebow @Tfunk1x i think its funny as well as the comments (imo) @Sparebow @Tfunk1x im weird?aweeee r u mad$3K CO-ED TOURNEY W/ @Reetlol starting at 1pm EST join up
Retweeted by XTRA Reetlove yall♥️yo lifes been good recently i cant even lieTriple holding a cone and the kid holds his stair 6 times 😂😂😂
@XTRAGAMlNG @snackyfn @favsfn @yeatzys 🔥 @Cented7 Gm evan gerard @AussieAntics Glad your feeling better 🐐 @XTRAGAMlNG Little big planet hit yo180k 🥳West solo cc vid 🏆 @AdnFN_ @favsfn @snackyfn 1201ST PLACE ASIA BUGHA CUP ($2500) 🏆🏆@favsfn @snackyfn @cozzlol holy fuck cozzhow much to qual for asia @alexfnbr1 @FNCompetitive omg lets play oce alex @TSM_Commandment @Cented7 BRUH LIKE BRUH @Cented7 @TSM_Commandment LETS GO EVAN @Stretch REALISTICS @Stretch BOXFIGHTS @Accelerante @nawtaww @Merytz_ why is everyone saying it is then
@Ooferss_ 🐐 asia solo cc vid btw if yall havent seen yet @wavyjacob1 ❤️ @DylanOnFort Sup dylan @christfup stop trollin @AussieAntics hope u get better soon my man ♥️Whos the best player you have ever fought in game?i actually love solos no trollSo are we gonna talk abt how shitty this cc was with the new elo @Cented7 i dont know u bro
@DaAllen_ Kids r 20 points off money and just throw there final game to grief us lolasia is the most braindead region in the world oml @kitsukineh Ly @StableRonaldo Shits so weird bruhPeople be prayin on downfalls like crazy lmfaoTop 5 on ps4 ($1500) ggs @HyperFNBR @Ggeezlol best average placement W/ @Reetlol
Retweeted by XTRA Reetreet just won 2 solo cash cups, broke a world record, and still didnt even get close to making $1k
Retweeted by XTRA Reet @G2LeTsHe ♥️🐐Seeing reet winning 2 cash cups in 1 day gives me hella motivation to play the game. Good shit @Reetlol
Retweeted by XTRA Reet place ($400) 🏆🏆 2 solo cc wins in 1 day
@kitsukineh Hi @Riafnbr 🐐GOD STREAM TO NO HOST TY GUYS SM ILY ALL♥️ PLACE ASIA CC 🥇 ($350) PRIME REETLOL BBYYYYYY @OfficialApexGGif yall would do me a favor and block @remsyfn and @sxhoolfn streamsniped me in multiple cashcups and just blatantl… IM ACTULLY A GOAT OR SOME SHIT IDEK