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I hope no one I know in real life sees this.

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.. yes please. oh my. Especially the nose piercing.
Me when I procrastinate
Retweeted by KAYSomeone wanna give my bf a work from home job? Cause his foot is fucked lol. Worse than broken. DM pls if you know of real jobs & not scams @parrillaxgaga FULL. Cropped is winning tho :( lol @parrillaxgaga It’s neck to neck now...... the audacity of people letting their appliances get this dirty. Hell naw @Parrillavks LMFAOOO @parrillaxgaga Full @Parrillavks How do you use Remini a certain way? LolI was suppose to meet lana“Here I am, with my beloved niece, Lola Parrilla” The beloved niece: | @colinodonoghue1 est notre 6eme guest ! // Colin O'Donoghue is our sixth guest! 🎟️
Retweeted by KAY @kitchencuddles @parrillasburton That’s why I spread my selfies out with other photos lol.Her hair is so poofy ... I love @hippieparrilla @parrillasburton I DMd in the group lol @parrillasburton Yes. Ok let’s start it. Will fb know if we create a new page ? Cause I’m trying to be secretive 😂Yes I gasped. THEIR HAIR THEIR FACES I WANNA KISS @parrillasburton 😣😖 we need to make a Instagram where we spam it with KIR selfies like everyone else 😂 @parrillasburton She didn’t like my b-roll. She didn’t share my pic from MY account but shared it from another account. It’s ME she hates 🤣Girl liked my pic and shared the same pic off another account 🤣🤣 @hippieparrilla Actually that’s a lie. I hate how the keyboard isn’t backlit but that’s it lol @lparri11a I looked at his IG and he added photos and no mention of the song @hippieparrilla I have it and I have no complaints. @lparri11a Til nowselena gomez 5 days after her breakup.
Retweeted by KAY are usually not in the city. Crows usually hang out in grasslands and open areas with many trees. I live i… @hippieparrilla Is $600-700 ok for you?Damn @BryceHall .. all over a vape? You whack ass lil boy. Lmfao get a real job bro and among us ?I know we should not say this, but I’m saying it. I kinda wish lana had a baby only because I wanna see what it’ll look like 🤣two generations of sisters 👯‍♀️❤️
Retweeted by KAYHonestly, I’m over everyone being so damn sensitive. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. If you don’t like it o… had a dream last night, about a woman from my past. I wish I wasn’t in such a bad headspace and home space, you…'ve watched this so many times, it's embarrassing
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@parrillasburton Remind me in like 3 months 🤣Did I get a posture corrector? Absolutely. Does it hurt my armpits? Absolutely. But will I stop looking like th…😌 #AmongUs
Retweeted by KAY😌 #AmongUs
Retweeted by KAYrunning late oh shit my mask
Retweeted by KAY @millsparrilla I was gonna use this pic. :( lol always whos the imposter, never hows the imposter 😪
Retweeted by KAY"Damn my parents really 16"
Retweeted by KAYI’m NEVER deleting facebook bruh😭💀
Retweeted by KAYhispanic’s be like “i’m in my bag” bitch which one? 😭
Retweeted by KAYme finding the body i just killed:
Retweeted by KAY thought I’d be at least average. Not that short lol @onceuponapanda That’s a lot. I’ll google 🤣 @onceuponapanda Link?This photoshoot was a blessing✨💫
Retweeted by KAY @LanaandLola27 Thank you 😊Absolutely fucking NOT. put a boarder on this so the entire photo fit on IG It still didn’t. So I’m done for the day. I’m posting it h… time I eat cheeze-its I think of @emmachamberlainWhen you hit snooze because your nightmare is lit. @TwistedFilPenny
Retweeted by KAYYaaaaaah. No. I trust Jen more 🤣 making among us player speed 1. I can’t take it. @onceuponapanda I have Lose It! On my phone and it hasn’t been used for like a yr 🤣 stil recently. But still barely used @scftmckenna What’s the link for thisThey also used “oh. She has borderline personality disorder.” Like huh? I have bpd and you literally don’t switch… just learned about Alyssa Bustamante. First off, having a damaged psyche is so excuse for pleading NOT GUILY for… WANT LANAS SHOES. I love this outfit omg Idk why it says PM ... it’s definitely AM. LolI get up at 5:30 just to come here. I need to kick off my own business so I can wake up at 5:30 for something I l… Definitely automatically is the imposter. I’m the OG sperm cell. Vote him out
Retweeted by KAY @refinedparrilla Hahahahahaha literally plAying right now. My collection is almost complete. 😌 making 2 college gi… be like “aww cows🥺” and then eat a cheeseburger
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I was 9 years old singing S&M by Rihanna these 13 year olds will be OKAY
Retweeted by KAYI'd wait up all night
Retweeted by KAYI usually take pictures of the ocean, this year I had to create my own
Retweeted by KAY @lanasleftshoe Uh the rose bowl is huge. She SOLD THAT OUTIm living for the see through blouse .. thanks hunEstilosa! Gregory Butler postou essa foto ao lado da @LanaParrilla. ❤️ 📸: gkbut no Instagram.
Retweeted by KAYDont mind me crying in a corner over her beauty
Retweeted by KAY @lanasleftshoe Where’d you find theseSo, as we can all see, there are two VERY different sides to Lana’s closet 😌✨
Retweeted by KAYYes. It’s true @morgan_sung @SassySledgehmmr My 3 yr old made me go to this on Friday (for the 10th time) to go see the IT clown.…
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Retweeted by KAYfirst frost ❄️ #natureisart
Retweeted by KAY9am and she’s working out. Meanwhile my weights, sliders,& bands are collecting dust 👀😅’s been saying this for like 10 min
Retweeted by KAYregina: “i’m in love with her” snow: “i know”
Retweeted by KAYSay cheese
My heart.
Retweeted by KAY @TheReginaMillls I don’t get it. 🥴MY ENTIRE TIMELINE IS SLEFIES WITH THE HASHTAG. @jen_morrisxn Dark blue please @parrillaxgaga Ummm okay. 🥺😍 beautifulMy heart. opener leg opener
Retweeted by KAY @allreactionvids .. oh LMDAO