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hate to be this guy but beware of "Jamin #7464" screaming at teammates when he whiffs, ego checks me even though… @cheatcodeVAL voucH! @jawgemo hbd bruddaWHOLE LOTTA STICK PLAY @VLRdotgg @Ban_Val @dazzLeGO @Luminosity fuck yes @BnB_pt2 @BigChillinInc @SCJREAL love to see it sold out 😎- keep killing it
@Governor_Val @WedidOfficial WOW @koalanoob HARD WORK PAYS OFF LETS GOOOO GIANNY @WedidOfficial TWO TIMER @GeezaOfficial @nosyy_tv @JasonRuchelski WITH THE SMILE 🤤 @PoggersVAL @Gucc107 @Justinovah @menace_val @Trick_VAL @Virtyyyy OH YEAHHHH @harmfoo you only killed SIX people and your team still almost threw LOL @jammyzx LMFAO AS SOON AS I SAW THE ADS @Luwuckey so good @kaboose HBD!! @shinobi_fps HBD!! @KING_BABYBAY HBD🐐 @1johnqt @SicK_cs kay0 diff ft sneaky lineup (volume warning) @yuhwill1 HBD YUNGBL00D @ohaaiii damn @Governor_Val EZ$ NEW ACT NEW ME.
Retweeted by tdawgg @1flyuh LETS GO FLY @koalanoob RANKED WITH ___ & ____ & ____ & _____ CRYPTO DONOS NOW ACCEPTED :D @VirtuosoVAL @snxperlou great work, love to see the progress of this team!! @Zoinkster3 @str0VAL make a 3 @RealStrongLegs LETS GOOOOOO ROY @vice_cs LOL @TrickAIM OH YEAHHHHH @JerkTBE the drip - make sure you’re with me on the gram if you aren’t already @Virtyyyy BAHHHHHH @Virtyyyy dirty ass
@TaySwouslor Graggus mains be likeNEW ACT - NEW !CRYPTO - 446 DAY STREAM STREAK @Unhinged_KA IM NOT @merge_val giving all the young ones advicedont spend time chasing a girl who wants spiderman when she walks past peter parker everyday gentsbeing featured on the @dnpeek X @VALORANTING show :D make sure to drop them a follow!! @coachJVal HBD J!Had many ppl reaching out that they had to back out of the last giveaway because it was mistaken for only being NA…
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Retweeted by tdawgg @ShahZaMk CLEANTHE OLD INSTA FLICK AHHHHHHH @sevvn I will never forget that erashoutout @tonehoe_ @9nerveWON THE LAST GAME OF RANKED GOING 9-22 SHOUTOUT EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED MY ON THIS JOURNEY, NOTHING WITH PEAK THIS… @SogoVAL HBD !!LAST DAY OF RANKED @ItsGamerDoc <3 @tw1stFPS @HitBox_Hiros LMAO no shotttt @FrostyValorant @BrimstoneVal @Resonate_VAL @SeekerValorant LETS GO @TheRiseNation @neptunensic @Shanks_TTV nep is different
@VastGG @andbox_official @sweatyissweaty_We're giving a $3,500 RTX 3080 Gaming PC to one lucky winner that retweets this and tags someone. To enter, click…
Retweeted by tdawgg @andbox_official @VastGG @odz_cnew vid on the youtube channel (clips from vcs) if you guys could go support it much appreciated <3
Retweeted by tdawgg @iyencs @vinnerwinner BV AFHFBAHAHABHAHABHAHAHAHA @BrimstoneVal @Strafe_val @reachval_ @Kaoticcc1 @dynamiicVAL @FrostyValorant @gee_noodle gl guys :D @realmocking @Ban_Val @vinnerwinner @LaskiCS LMAOOOOO @ValorantRed @flexinja GOOD LORD @SeekerValorant @witnessqq @maazy4PF @jet_fps @nolanbite @Lear_VAL LMAOOOOOOOOA lot dropped the past few days but luckily we got @UberShouts @Vansilli & @RyanCentral_ to talk us through it all😊…
Retweeted by tdawgg @Governor_Val @SteelSeries Whighlights from sundays tournament @VanguardChamps
Retweeted by tdawggTRUST THE PROMEGALULCESS @Scrounge_ 🤍💪 @Scrounge_ for sure, i didnt mean this tweet to be a slight to anyone at all. dms are always open to anyone, i want… @Scrounge_ understood. its hard to put into perspective because its different for everyone but the way I see it is… @Scrounge_ You talking just school and personal life? @JerkTBE Just meant in a long term way. Being pro is different compared to cs ~2013-2017 era. building a brand/havi… @Scrounge_ 100% - I want to see that on the TL. Keep your head up, keep grinding, and focus on YOURSELF. 18 years o… i mean this in the nicest way possible. love everyone in the scene and i wish everyone who grinds the best of l… seeing a lot of sadness on the timeline... as reassurance and support is a great thing, don't become dependent…🏆 Your Valorant Sunday Showdown #59 CHAMPIONS! 🏆 #DartSmokahs 🥇 @Governor_Val 🥇 @ethoz 🥇 @FrostyValorant 🥇…
Retweeted by tdawgg @ethoz @VanguardChamps ice cold"yoru isn't viable in team play" GG's we win grand-finals of VCS 2-0 and are your @VanguardChamps
Retweeted by tdawggwon vcs w/ @ethoz @Governor_Val @Gucc107 @FrostyValorant got some clips today and the tourney winner ggs everyo…
Retweeted by tdawgg @realmocking delete your account @GeezaOfficial 💪❤️LIVE CASTING THE FINALS @GMANVAL i praycrazy to think that trae young owns new york and philly LMAO @A77_tv AgreedTHE HAWKS ARE MOVING ON 🔥 Atlanta takes Game 7 in Philly to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals!
Retweeted by tdawggPhiladelphia is such a disgusting place cant wait to watch their "basketball team" fall apart @Governor_Val best of luck man... only the greats have competed there @symrifle @ciaolyx vouch for symrifle @DraxxRL cleanIM CASTING SEMIS GL TO @ethoz @Governor_Val @zekkenVAL @FrostyValorant @Gucc107 @Virtyyyy 🤍✊🏼 @9nerve @Scrounge_ @A77_tv @9nerve weird glitchCASTING MY OWN @Scrounge_ & PROS vs ARBIES (@A77_tv & crew) DAY - WATCHING A VCS GAME THEN RANKED - 445 DAY STREAMING STREAK
@tdawggsburner I was paid to say this bro @diaamondTV lets fucking goi will never forgive @witnessqq for making people play sova on split. theres no better feeling getting droned out…