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tdawgg @regan_travis DR.PEPPER

Professional @PlayValorant F/A IGL Flex TTV: IG: BIZ: Twitter DMs | EEVEE 🤍 Lead @KVLgg | @MostProlificVAL

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@Boltzy__ Grinder @sympul_x1 big things @RossyUA goodluck big dawg @KingFPS__
Retweeted by tdawgg @DeeGJB Pain @LaskiCS hello guys @FrostyValorant normal behavior @Governor_Val evasionyx is now on the list @Casperrfps no idea @rileywtff worst part is, his duo q "beni#777" admits that he has "his son on his lap" while playing... this guy is… @ARIANARCHIST LOOOOLft. @FrostyValorant receiving a death threatPOV: Radiant Ranked (Part 2) the homie love on the 24 hour @FrostyValorant life size cigarette @aEvilcat Mimi "Mimi A. Evilcat" Mimiwould really like to see a map select option come out in Valorant like CS has. I know that people who one trick cer… LOOK! A TDAWGG STREAM @ThirdImpactGG @eVoL_FPS 🔥
@brawku @Complexity LETS GOOOOthe @regan_travis (tdawgg) special
Retweeted by tdawgg @tonehoe_ LIGHT WORK @ARIANARCHIST HBD! messed up the first one lol
Retweeted by tdawgg @Samer_Gil 🙏
@KingFPS__ @bumpaah Elo Charity
Retweeted by tdawggi have prayed. i have donated to charity. surely i will win in ranked today @7keichii 1024x768 @mythicaaaa every. day. @KingFPS__ JUST MAYBE @DnorValorant 😂 @Kehmicals it’s so dangerous in these queues @Nurfed i must have stepped on a burial ground. i am so sorry. please help @alexismarieNY there is no winning for me @eVoL_FPS please help @Envy @chetsingh big brain @desoGOD this was the first round he spoke @xprtval every. gamePOV: RADIANT RANKED @Governor_Val LETS GOvalorant gamer gaming @WedidOfficial viper is the secret… @wafflenomster12 as much of a joke as it is, I got my overall highest score in sophomore year on PSAT. Didn’t have… @zekkenVAL @Luminosity 🐐LOVE THE LG BOYS BUT @zekkenVAL SUPREMECYYYYYY @chansekay The last airbender
@Upmind_ @mac1_val @carlos4PF @Governor_Val LETS FUCKING GOOOOOtwitch chat @steph_ecx wait what why @OkinFPS goodPsychology says - no matter how angry you get, you always end up forgiving the people you love.
Retweeted by tdawggNEW PC SOON? @WuuzyTv @NFL prophet @GeorgeCGed love ya bro 🤍 @poisedFPS 🥶
@JPARKJMC LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @Lorenzo_x7 VOUCHLFO Team Manager/ Scouting/ Management position (Valorant) - Experience managing players under multiple organizat…
Retweeted by tdawgg @hyjinxVAL HBD BRO!WHO LET THE DAWGG OUT @Critical_Val @SoaRGaming @KnightsArena @Cryocells_ @zander_fps @b0ssyCS @STELL9R MONEY TEAMMM @Cryocells_ @PioneersGG @KnightsGG check him pc @st9llar @PioneersGG @KnightsGG HUGE💀 GRAND FINAL TIME! 💀 TUNE IN NOW to the #KnightsGauntlet: Dance of the Skulls presented by @eBay! 👇 🅰️…
Retweeted by tdawgg @lucilfergf average candy @ethoz no way @yum07_real @CommunityGaming GG 😁
@Unholykid3 breeze looked a little shaky but icebox I think the calling was above average. just came down to the mi… @Vetreon raze diff @b0ssyCS @Immortals @BxbyJ_ @Twitch
Retweeted by tdawgg @nateschanker cant wait to see you on stage playing!!!! @SoaRLewy #LewyWin @Caroselol crisp @Governor_Val @Complexity @PioneersGG @KnightsGG what cant he do @ElevateFN @Complexity HUUUUUUUUUUGE @dynamiicVAL @Complexity @valyngod @KnightsGG BRIMSTONE GAMING WIN @d1msumboi @Complexity @knights BIG THINGS ERIK @JerkTBE @Complexity @PioneersGG @KnightsGG LETS GOOO @TonyEcN still did great bro, head up @ItsTraZix reyna diff @BlahstVal @SoaRGaming you went crazy today bro keep it up @KnightsArena @FrostyValorant @eBay CREEPERONTHEBEAT @777eeiu holy shit @CoachRuin HBD COACH! @ripbenjii @MostProlificVal GGs brodie @FrostyValorant @PioneersGG @ANDROIDX23 awful to hear, people are fkd @venture_fps @Complexity nt bro @Ban_Val LETS GOOOOO @OneSnipeKO LOOOOL @480wrap @KingFPS__ huge RATIO to @KingFPS__ @GMANVAL LETS GOaimpunch is bugged on my valorant account idc if i headshot someone, they just one click me like nothing happened… @FrostyValorant @FLICKBAITERS @ethoz @NotReduxx @Nurfed good shit bro