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rocky @regcnt Wisconsin & St. Louis

23 she/her best splatooner World | opinions are mine

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why was i talking about some “NAAAAUUUURRR” at the pool and an australian lady started speaking to me
Retweeted by rockyAnd the name of the new console is … Wii U!
Retweeted by rockyLoving your new green tunic King 😭👌 #botw2
Retweeted by rockyA third school found the remains of Native children buried under their school. Think about that. Hundreds of bodi…
Retweeted by rockydo u guys think they'll have another direct in a few monthsKIRBY NOOO #NintendoDirect
Retweeted by rockyokay (slight smile) @gossifleur manifesting it today... mario kart 9 is announced today! claim it! @eliter3k they're so fucking fire for real @alex51db no no speak on it @eliter3k 2 five layer burritos pls
@gossifleur "yeah guys this trick is EXTREMELY frame perfect... nearly impossible to get on the first tr-- OH SHIT"(´-`).。oO(もう10年) #まどか10周年お祝い
Retweeted by rockygetting retweeted is so freaky man, like oooh yeah pass me around 🤤🤤 toss me yeah this tweet so fertile fr
Retweeted by rocky @jon_nyo like $2.60 rn and even cheaper down south @jon_nyo no you live in california
I can’t stop thinking about mario saying this ???????
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@orloporlo ? what happened @ugliertarantula oh omg that's not bad at all! thank you for the info :) @ugliertarantula they look so good omg.. how much was this and do you have to go back eventually?? @ugliertarantula suits you very well jerri <3 @lovecoloredward mine has been dead for like 20 mins
@jon_nyo defensive driving <3 @gossifleur i think i didle petit prince..?
@ugliertarantula looks incredibly badass @cedarsapling it's because we're the elite so we have to get taxed @cedarsapling it's permanently on for pc lol @jexeex lets play @PvPasteCat @aribun21 even if you're melanated please wear sunscreen !
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@djab1343 me
@Squid_Bees splat/smash figurehead @5hak_ feltbless your fucking heart if you think talking about racism is "bad vibes on the tl" lmfao"bad vibes" oh you mean racism within our community ok @5hak_ dismantling the community wbu @Dadzie_B @p0ckypanda AH @leonsprincess @EndGame_TV of course :) i need to see some change in this community @Squid_Bees @Daniel85875614 @Solaire_spl fucking insane for real oh my god @Daniel85875614 @Solaire_spl @Squid_Bees you're a maniac get off my page @Solaire_spl @Squid_Bees --trying to silence me and my opinions in general @Solaire_spl @Squid_Bees i'm not screaming at you. my account is a safe place for me, as a black woman, to speak ab… if one of yall could respond or DM me that would be great! please do better @Solaire_spl @Squid_Bees why are you comparing a literal catastrophic war which included the genocide of six millio… @Solaire_spl @Squid_Bees i quite literally am right, and you REFUSE to listen, and you're trying to undermine my ar… @Solaire_spl @Squid_Bees what are you talking about😭 nobody was talking about racism only existing here. this is mo… @Solaire_spl @Squid_Bees can you get off my twitter like i asked before? you victim blamed me and disregarded my tw… @Solaire_spl @Squid_Bees arent you german @Squid_Bees of who lol
@p0ckypanda i respect folks enough to not out them on the tl but ik he's not straight. @p0ckypanda to be fair i think he is not straighti know nothing's going to happen because this community and its figureheads are absolute fucking trash and don't ca… THE WAY, y'all cannot "forgive" him unless you're black. SHUT THE HELL UP IF YOU'RE NON-BLACK, FOR REAL.but this is probably just another day in the splat community for yall, and him, too, because soon after he made tha… IDK ABOUT YALL, but i PERSONALLY wouldnt want a fucking RACIST TO at a splatoon's really funny, too, because if this was at all true, he would have sought ME OUT and maybe said something to me… to address the pic: "seemed to forgive [him] until it was no longer convenient for her"--thats hilarious, becau… TO MENTION, yall KNEW he said this shit, yet still kept him on your team!!!!!!! FOR YEARS! he's been on EGTV si… really cannot believe this, because MONTHS AGO, i addressed this same situation, and no one batted an eye, and ye… just think its so funny how after reading slimy's google doc that he's using only now to apologize for saying tha… @Solaire_spl @Flaratitz this all just blatantly wrong and i will NOT argue with you about this get off my twitterSHUT UP SHUT THE HELL UP YALL ARE FUCKING ANNOYING @Trix_CerealBox i have more to say on this but will address this in a different tweet @TimCrnkovich @regcnt He was affiliated with EGTV in 2016 LOL
Retweeted by rocky @Zonink_spl @TimCrnkovich thank you for saying that @sireABackwards rt it please @EndGame_TV i would like this to be addressed. i dont care what type of shit is going on there i want it addressed… I CAME BACK TO TWITTER TO DENOUNCE RACISM. DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT I AM BLACK AND I WILL SEEK JUSTICE FOR BLACK… ok but what about this💆🏾‍♀️
so im gonna delete my twitter for the time being. ill be back soon if u have my number or snap u can text me whene… @umarrhanis watch hunter x hunter @germathan yes @Iuciela THIS TWEET KS SO FUNNYI did it :) at this testing center in southern IL and there are so many white people and they look racist so if i die—Happy 28th Birthday Breonna ❤️
Retweeted by rockyum anyways im probably gonna get off social media for a bit i think its a major source of all my problems but ill t… so the main thing realized is that a lot of my attraction to cis men has to do with male validation and thats li… mainly realized that i dont like labels and also that i mainly prefer girls/non-cis people … i think thats it :)… i tweeted this i was like “i’m gonna get off twitter for a few months” lmfao it made me have a crisis and tbh… kidding when i say this i think i just realized im gay like lesbiani might delete all my social media apps @radicamilo 😮this is my fav image
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Minneapolis really killed another Black man the same day they took down George Floyd memorial. I don’t know what is more violent than that.
Retweeted by rocky @bloomwilll @smashgg no waywhy is an accessibility feature blocked by a paywall lol @OneFeIISwoop "yet another" ?????
Retweeted by rockyyall are fatphobic damn shut UPi put nails on and now i feel like i have a bblprob my fave song from his special <3 @jon_nyo same lmao...
Retweeted by rockySo nobody was finna tell me that Brazil has their own girl like Samsung's Sam but for their largest cosmetic chain…
Retweeted by rockyBill been in the studio since his divorce I know bro boutta drop the hottest Operating System of the decade
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