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@MrDelicious13 Guaranteed Super Bowl? red pill. If you’re under 25 I suppose the purple one right? @jcook1109 Yep @soxfan1992 Nah. I’m an agent lol. @ColMarie21 Move in date could be flexible @ColMarie21 2700 n hampden ctGot a condo for rent in Lincoln Park, $100 bonus for any of yous who get me a client. RT to spread the word @katietamola I only watched season 2 lmao @katietamola Virgin river? Which b? @BJenningsEdTech And the other!!!!!!
@vinnyc52 @SoxMach_pnoles DJ is the absolute worst @isureppin12 Nah. This is getting ratio’ed to death @RobertONeill31 There is a fun team you can watch on the south side of Chicago robHeard Kap is taking over for Kasper can you confirm @DOM_Frederic @bobby_ryan25 @BarstoolBigCat Len, clearly. @BarstoolBigCat Cubs are a poverty franchise @bobby_ryan25 @BarstoolBigCat I think he didn’t want to wear a suit in 100 degree weather anymore @RobertONeill31 Tbh the cubs being a poverty franchise is really something @BarstoolBigCat Poverty franchise @RobertONeill31 Or ya know just kept the guy who was doing fine I guess. @SoxMach_pnoles I said the same thing. I really thought he did a good job, just move him into color tbh. @cmmarysz Yeah. Cubs athletic writer had it first. @RobertONeill31 I know you think this is a bad idea but the actual rumored person is worse @RobertONeill31 @RobertONeill31 What the what @AndrewNeis @Thatbaseballfan Certified by whom? The electorates? Every swing state has certified. It’s over. @AndrewNeis Lmao. It’s over, it’s all over. @AndrewNeis See what? @AndrewNeis Not supposedly. Trump lost. Get over it. @ChiSquatch ? @Abreuismvp @BarstoolPAT Awww Pat, I’m your first @BarstoolPAT What about just a twitter follow back @StephenJosiah13 Can you get me to 2,000? @SalSpice You’re gonna love it
@LWilz @SouthsideZo Lemme know when you wanna hop back on the reylo train LoPeZ cOuLd NeVeR bE GoOd @barstoolWSD I owed you one. Just picked up my first Pete’s pizza and it is good. @barstoolWSD Depending what tv you got you can probably download a phone app @LWilz @SouthsideZo Not to be picky, but can you put region rat cuz I kind of feel like people know who that is mor… @LWilz @SoxMach_pnoles I only argue with idiots @RobertONeill31 You should make the playoffs no less than 33% of the time so.... ummm.... he’s bad @mateodechicago @LWilz Right. As they should. @ChrisPummer @LWilz Lol okay. We can give rental assistance to pay the landlords. It’s not hard to connect those dots imo @NWI_Steve That’s fair. @ChrisPummer @LWilz You can feel bad for both Chris. Your empathy isnt limited. @NWI_Steve Possibly. But I think I’d rather have a swingman than BradleyOver who though? Assuming you get 8 bullpen arms: Colome (or closer signing) Bummer Marshall Heuer Crochet Fry Fos… @RedWhiteNCurry @awilliamsky @KerryCarter @ewarren But then you’re cutting off people who need loans to attend. May… @ChrisPummer @LWilz Which is the same as owning a business @ChrisPummer @LWilz Landlords can do this as a full time job though. @ChrisPummer @LWilz If you can’t handle people eating for free, you probably won’t survive owning a restaurant. Man… @JenStojanovich @ChrisPummer @LWilz Sure there are bad everything, but landlords are a set of people that take a ba… @ChrisPummer @LWilz This is the issue. You think landlords are bad people or rich when they’re probably not @ChrisPummer @LWilz Lol okay man. @LWilz @B_Metz311 Well right. That’s the bigger issue @LWilz It’s not about income. It’s about floating the mortgage @LWilz But shouldn’t we be paying the landlords? Like rental assistance should be a thing that goes directly to the… @_CHIP_Skylark @BurtonGuster216 Which is fine if you’re a cash buyer, I guess @BurtonGuster216 Brrrr that baby @Thatbaseballfan I think it depends what they do elsewhere in the pen, rotation, and DH. @LWilz I do. Not like mega corps but like a random person just trying to make a little extra cash? Yeah I do. @JP8185 Ehhhh think they should have tendered Schwarber. Screw their owners.Let’s go with 173 votes on the tie breakerFerris Buellers Day Off (winner), Uncle Buck, Home Alone, Blues Brothers FRANK THOMAS RC CONTEST IS HERE! Listen to my message below about the Great Chicago Movie contest & how to ente…
Retweeted by Tyler @LWilz It ain’t much, but it’s honest workI’d probably delete my twitter account if I wasn’t addicted to arguing with idiots online. @BuzzOnTap @showtimesamm @wessjargo Lynn also isn’t a free agent lol @SirPsychoT @tom_paints No he doesn’t. Schwarber is a much better fielder than eloy @danielrtripp I know all the words to her songs? @isureppin12 Sure. But I understand the risk at that point.
@isureppin12 Meh. He’s made almost $100 million in his career he’s fine @RobertONeill31 The SEC is hilariously the dumbestBounce back? He’s never been average. @maconbacon45 I don’t think my twitter account will end so nah @RobertONeill31 When I taught for cps their program didn’t work on anything but ie which tells you all you need to know about cps @SumerOfGeorge Man even at 7, I could have purchased probably 200 Amazon stuck instead of Christmas gifts. That’d h… @SumerOfGeorge You mean Amazon right? @Mr_Jay369 @TommyMissel They do, but their job is really tough and again there are so few of them that it doesn’t i… @TommyMissel @Mr_Jay369 Very rarely is that true, and honestly you’re out of your mind if you think a few administr… @UnrulySea @dawncam1 @COVID19Tracking But you used the national hospitalization rate for the flu? (Also hilarious y… @UnrulySea @dawncam1 @COVID19Tracking Yeah sis, 500 per million would put as at 165,000+ currently as a country. I get math is hard but cmon @_DaveMelton January-March will be less sucky if I get to watch hockey Dave @_DaveMelton No no nope. We’re good. @scanman614 Lmao @scanman614 Oh yeah. Miss Valley State made like 4 3s early. Figured you’d still cover @MadrigalTruther It’s the own I think it is pal @katietamola @cherhorowiz Kate, you and I both know you’re a catch. Telling yourself otherwise ain’t it chiefRemember when the Eagles fired Andy Reid? Lmaoooooooooooo. @cherhorowiz @katietamola Cmon. Aunt Connie is wild. @scanman614 Lmao @scanman614 They’re only up 5 @katietamola @cherhorowiz I watched season two with alli. That show is wildly unintentionally funny @Thatbaseballfan @drunkchisoxfan @BatFlipCrazy7 Steve ain’t going against the teachers. Not today! @spc2487 @djberardi708 It’s a fine question. We can have that conversation when teachers are overpaid though right? @BatFlipCrazy7 @Thatbaseballfan @MrDelicious13 I’m not saying it is, but it won’t hurt @GetFoul_ItWill Yeah man, I’m in tier 2 my pension is worse than social security wanna run it back? @BatFlipCrazy7 @Thatbaseballfan @MrDelicious13 Jake we gotta get you a bed skirt bro @BatFlipCrazy7 @Thatbaseballfan @MrDelicious13 Idk if he can answer that in 280 characters @DumpOnTheUmp Good. You’re right. It’s insane