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Thanks, Bears - we’re on our way to the Super Bowl!!!! is no way Da Bears will blow this lead. Nope. Not a chance. This game is ovah.
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsI’ve had a few Bud Lights in my day. I’ve never thought once to describe them as “crisp”.
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants*exhaling* you Packers and your 20 years of continuous Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks, we have Mitch!!!!!!! oh. Sanders & Mrs Butterworth fucking has been the highlight of my commercial-viewing this year.immediately read this as "Northwest IN"
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsThere is no way Da Bears will blow this lead. Nope. Not a chance. This game is ovah.Mitch is the best quarterback in the world!!!!! DaBears are back baby!!! Sign Up Mitch Trubisky For Rec Soccer Team In Hopes He’ll Develop Interest In Sports
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsWe back, baby!!!! DaaaBears for fuck’s sake, Mitch da Bears are trying to do is...they are trying to score more points than the cowboys.… my Bears jersey at Hooters tonight for fuck’s sake
🙄“We serve over 100,000 lbs of perch a year.” The most “region” thing I have heard in a long time. #nwi #northwestindiana #nwindiana #tiebels
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsNeed a distraction from impeachment? Start a war.
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsAbout fucking time those who missed the GOP outrage today: Barron Trump was ripped from his mother’s grasp and placed into detenti…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsSaw this car weaving in and out of traffic cutting other drivers off, she stopped at Speedway for coffee. I asked h…
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants#TrumpIsALaughingStock was this same energy when her orange husband was bullying Greta a 16yr old? #FakeOutrage #BeBestMyAss
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsTrump is a child predator, so Fuck #Barron doesn’t give a fuck about brown kids locked in cages, so fuck #Barron @FLOTUS Oh spare us the morality, Barbie Golddigger.
Was at Lincoln Elementary School in East Chicago today prepping for our 3rd - 6th grade coding class on Tuesday. Yo…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsAnd there you have it. Trump — mocked by world leaders in a global huddle caught on video — is now heading home wit…
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants @RegionRatRants @realDonaldTrump Rat you are like the friend i always wanted
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsOur President is a buffoon and the laughingstock of the world. Make America Great Again? Please. It’s a worthless s…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsWorld leaders laughing at Trump at Buckingham Palace:
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsThere really is a tweet for everything from this criminal. leaves NATO summit early after world leaders are caught laughing at him
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsHey @realDonaldTrump - you are a worldwide joke, you criminal. happens at every NATO summit with Trump. Every G7. Every G20. The US President is mocked by US allies behind h…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsNext time just dogs.
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsSpeaking to reporters for more than two hours in total, President Trump made at least 21 false claims. That's our i…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsHoly fuck balls - Republicans are traitors. @realDonaldTrump You are a criminal.Don’t worry, Mr. President. I’ll see you at your trial.
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants @TheJewishDream @RegionRatRants should take a look at this.
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants @RegionRatRants Is this your sideline business?
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The story that Indiana state government doesn't want you to read
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsR.I.P Scott Weiland 10/27/1967 - 12/3/2015
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsEmbarrassing to be American thanks to Orange Fuckface 🤦‍♂️ @ChicagoBears - please bring Chico home. and more relevant with each Tuesday that passes.
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsMelania’s unveils this years White House Christmas theme. The theme is old whore striding through Sak’s looking fo…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsREGION RAT ALERT!!!!! REGION RAT ALERT!!!!
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsUnions are like condoms, if someone is trying extremely hard to convince you that you don't need one, you DEFINITELY need one
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It’s getting harder and harder to see whatever good remains in Mark Zuckerberg.
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsWe all need to treasure the things that bring us together as a nation, as a people. Collectively hating on this Pel…
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants @realDonaldTrump You are a Russian traitor!REGION RAT ALERT!!!!! REGION RAT ALERT!!!! something worth buying on Cyber Monday. 🌭 in playoffs and only 4th? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsGoodnight, Wafflebot...I didn’t know I was broken until I wanted to change.
Only in America, within hours of giving thanks, does hypocrisy rear its ugly head so quickly. Our country is devoid…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsWhy does every restaurant in whiting close on Sunday?
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants#GaryLegend George Taliaferro in 1948 as a junior with the IU Hoosiers and in 1950, his second pro year, with the N…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsAfter years of abuse and abandonment, he has finally found his forever home. This is his first ride to his new home…
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants @jeffstrater @RegionRatRants If you haven’t risked getting shot walking to your car you ain’t region
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants @RegionRatRants When someone from Boone Township thinks they are a Region Rat.
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants @CNNPolitics*gasping for air!!* *reaching for polish sausage*
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants @RegionRatRants Um...y’all. I’m from Houston, TX and even I, in all my redneck glory, know this is a hard “no, thank you, ma’am.”
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants @RegionRatRants I grew up in Lake County south of 30 and even I know my Region Rat credibility is questionable. Doi…
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*gasping for air!!* *reaching for polish sausage*
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants???🙄, Wafflebot...Baby, I know death probably hasn't happened yet because I don't remember living life before… incredible #Scorsese classic 🙌 #theirishmanmovie✔️ Aurelio’s.....✔️ Cute 🇷🇺 🐥 sitting next to me...✔️ *pushing play on #TheIrishman on #Netflix*
*brushing back mullet* *wiping gravy stains off GNR tshirt* *clearing throat* “How you two doin??” York: Macy’s Day Parade The Region: firing guns into the sky at night on all major holidays #RegionThanks
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsYouth group plans climate strike and Black Friday protest by Southlake Mall
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsThanksgiving Affords Nation Rare Opportunity To Eat Large Amounts Of Food While Watching Football…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsThank you, NWI, for allowing me into your lives and letting me show the world how beautiful you are. #RegionThanks
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsThat I’m celebrating it in Minnesota and not Munster. #RegionThanks
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants#RegionThanks for having nothing but great memories with the guy in the middle, a lifelong Region Rat and one of th…
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants#RegionThanks for the kid who got sick right before dinner but had to go anyway. Now were home and throwing up. Yay?
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsI’m thankful to have been born and raised in NWI. It allowed me to grow up with an appreciation & respect for diver…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsTo each and every one of our 7,750 loyal and slightly demented @RegionRatRants followers, we wish you a #RegionThanksZels, the commander, nachos from Adrian’s, Aurelio’s, pierogi fest.....see a theme here? Lol #RegionThanks
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I have a designated driver tonight. #RegionThanks
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants#RegionThanks Because even though my husband has to work so last min shoppers and poor planners can buy their groce…
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants @RegionRatRants Michael Jackson, Gamba, ethnic summertime festivals where high schoolers could drink beer and gambl…
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants#RegionThanks haven’t tweeted what you’re thankful for this year?? You selfish sunuvabitch. Tweet your #RegionThanks all da…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsThis year, I didn't forget the gravy. #RegionThanks
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants#RegionThanks Y'all should be thankful I can't punch you in the face, sitting on here talking about how you're goin…
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsThankful for guaifenesin with codeine #RegionThanks
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsI’m thankful for all the kick ass taquerias In East Chicago and Hammond. @RegionRatRants #RegionThanks
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsDa Region is blessed. #RegionThanks
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsA roof over my head Food in my fridge A few friends/fam I cherish The dunes/ lake / sunsets #RegionThanks
Retweeted by RegionRat Rants#RegionThanks are closer to #219Day #RegionThanks
Retweeted by RegionRat RantsTweet your #RegionThanks using #RegionThanks all day today!