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hi im michael. cyborg ontologist, philosophy of gender, club tool, they/them.

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@benvyle 1. Monique Wittig - The Category of Sex 2. micha cárdenas - The Transreal 3. Ian Hacking - The Looping Effects of Human Kinds @MarinaScott_ 💞💞 @MarinaScott_ massive massive congrats 💞
@xoetics im glad mayor pete is finding new ways to share a politics of hope in our darkest dayssometimes i worry i'm not actually opposed to marriage because it's an archaic institution propping up heteropatria…
Retweeted by @Autumnal_Coffee i can only speak for myself but zoning out thanks to incredibly hooky pop music might be my only e… @Autumnal_Coffee I think so? @Autumnal_Coffee tbh "jumpman jumpman jumpman jumpman jumpman jumpman jumpman" is a better thought than "i don't like myself" @Autumnal_Coffee are these things connected? and if so do you need a different therapist?BTS as ammonites from the @NHM_London collections: a thread
Retweeted by @bellestardust kpop needs more guns order will further deter vulnerable migrants from seeking medical help. there must be a firewall between the…
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@curvebreaker you're fuckin awesome and your looks are ✨✨✨hatsune miku should stick to game development @gullygayleo shrimp lamborghini, roll up in a pink bikinii refuse to be visible. i will remain a disembodied illusive presence. shout out to everyone else showing out tho <3 @trash_gender there's a prescription painkiller crisis in the US from the vast number of people who have chronic pa…"tomorrow's the day it's all gonna be different"
@curvebreaker @jetgreguar @Thundercat coming out of my dumpster, i've been doing just fine @SadAndGay69 "yeahuuhhh just uhh make sure your parmeggiano has the dop symbol on it otherwise its trash and you're a defficient human" @FeyeraBender friend are you doing ok @emojidrome which brain is most appetizing for a zombie? @CinnaMarcy
Retweeted by @CinnaMarcy @Autumnal_Coffee turnips still there @Autumnal_Coffee @CaseyCrook i thought zootopia ended furryphobia was i wronghanson mmmbop type beat
@128harps -historians -guitar bands that aren't emo -abandoned special interests @GRRLmusic it's so good!!!! and i've been sitting with my digitone trying to figure out how to make barker sequence… @GRRLmusic i saw the barker against the clock and met my future husband his name is a real physical plate reverb @GRRLmusic fuck convolution, marry plate, kill spring @Autumnal_Coffee hahahahhaah i promise i wont @Autumnal_Coffee i can hear you say gosh darn i love that little blue dude so crystal clear in my head and that is somehow deeply upsetting @Autumnal_Coffee autumn: "boy howdy i love that little blue dude" @Autumnal_Coffee @_ANewLow how autumns tryna be @Autumnal_Coffee apparently turnips are edible and not just a store of exchange value who knew @Autumnal_Coffee chapter one of Capital is about commodities @Autumnal_Coffee ok why are there indoor root vegrip krzysztof penderecki, threnody was one of the pieces of music that changed my lifeyour rave could never 46% of my music taste got formed on crappy tinychat streams run by spf420. so glad it's back.
@sparkletone siri, does instagram register when i jam my thumb through the fucking glass on the phone screen @stela_swen the noblest of careers @stela_swen did you do it as a pun or were you just very sincerely into cool birds @trash_gender hahahahhaha I'll do my best @trash_gender gonna grab food then YESchrist ive reached "actually listening to the Smiths again" levels of self-pity @DJHIMERA this set is fucking brilliant byeeeee
@GRRLmusic @eprombeats in the great explosion of excitement about beatless dance music a few months ago i think thi… @Autumnal_Coffee mlem @curvebreaker i appreciate it deeply 😔 🙏 @curvebreaker i literally typed out 280 characters of bullshit about entropy and directionality and then remembered… time ⚡"we now turn to professor complete dipshit, professor dipshit you propose that Animal Crossing refutes Zizek's logi… when you pirate a zizek book to brush up on your knowledge in an email to a podcast
Retweeted by @deshikilljoy virgo 👼 @yellowperil_ viruses? prisons. hospitals? prisons. homes? prisons. essays? prisons. academic knowledge? prisons. l… @128harps the flow chart in the pinned tweet is still entirely valid re fantasy and cyberpunk, if you're into the s… @128harps @Friends_Table that's it that's the name @128harps 50-100+ hour tabletop game actual plays telling fuckin great stories about cyberpunk dystopia, posthuman… @128harps ok fair that sorta rules out the chunky narrative stuff i had in mind heh @128harps ..define relaxing?good noises!!! made my favourite noise! i like this noise! wanna keep listening to this noise @yellowperil_ internationalism is where you help the international things, like the international financial system
@notquitereal i would love this!cheesecake factory,,, join the resistance @yellowperil_ i 100% recommend co-star, clearest explanations about the full chart you could ask for. i'd only care… @sparkletone damn I'm watching a lot of actual chess at the moment and wondering why it was giving me similar but d… @Curl_E_Brace @wilcoclahas creator of the famous Pauli exclusion principle which says that unless you give me all y… @wilcoclahas @Curl_E_Brace *puts on a Marx brothers disguise* im just a friendly local fracking salesman don't mind me @Curl_E_Brace @wilcoclahas I've never read Wikipedia in my life. can't be fascism because I heard fascists had cool…
@FeyeraBender wait hang on i liked this end then did a double take a full 4 minutes later i thought we were similar…’VE BEEN EXPECTING DISABLED AND UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE TO LIVE ON THIS FOR YEARS.
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@razorgrrrl 13's my pick @yellowperil_ everything about it is *chef kiss* @yellowperil_
@yellowperil_ @FeyeraBender yes!! @curvebreaker power to the people!! @curvebreaker @jade_kiwi fuck it im up for thismarx: analytic philosophers: so wait do you think tables exist or not @Autumnal_Coffee *looks up from my prussian conquest of the entirety of europe in eu4 im currently playing* yeah gamers are fash @FeyeraBender 💞💞 @FeyeraBender hbd 😘
@helioslynx yeah i really like his stuff. can get slightly overwhelmingly sweet, but in the right contexts it's fabulous @CinnaMarcy that's mecurrent vibe is 100% not cool adventurous electronic music but instead a warm soft pillow blanket of cosmic disco e… a super fun day both picking through all the recs and lists as well as figuring out which artists mean a lot t… you wanna see all the tunes i bought today here's a big ol' image @curvebreaker :3 i might think it's a masterpiece but heh very fair @curvebreaker lol what did you think of itrelaxing on a casual Friday evening watching formula 1 crash compilations
what the world needs now is kicks huge kicks comment to relative who is a surgeon from their anaesthetist colleague: "used to be when i need to fart i… pick for your bandcamp splurge today 🙏🙏 dorito