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#Critter, Gamer, Lifelong Geek/Nerd, Sarcasm Artist, Dog Lover. #FuckTrump #SandersWarren2020

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@MelonieMac For gosh sakes, Mel... not another hour long video on bananas. Geez... 😁 Joking aside, looking forward to it. 😀 @therealcliffyb Sounds like good news to me. You're responsible for two of my alltime favorite games Unreal & Unreal Tournament 99. @DoveCameron Will there be more "Property of" merch in your store? I should really have some of that... 😀 @ItsAwesomeJoey @MelonieMac It's always nice when things work out. 😁 @caitylotz Sorry to hear it, Caity. I know you'll emerge stronger though. Wishing you the best. 😀 @realDonaldTrump Regarding that Thanos thing. That's exactly what's gonna happen in your impeachment. You're gonna…
@senatemajldr Hey, Moscow Mitch, remember this? @HaileeSteinfeld Happy Birthday, Hailee. Hope you have a great day!
@realDonaldTrump Fuck You. Didn't want you thinking I didn't care anymore. Have a shitty day! Asshole. Tick... ti… @SteveScalise @realDonaldTrump Typical Republican Clown. Your team was caught, as usual, and now you lie, obfuscate… @miltosyerolemou This tells me something. That you, sir, are a man of quality and are from a good family. From what… @HamillHimself Where did you fall in the numerical line? @BaronDestructo Clams are for FRYING. Anything else is Clam Abuse. @taylorswift13 @catsmovie We've got a cat like that. @AGBOfilms @karengillan @prattprattpratt @VancityReynolds @TheMarySue Give 'em hell, Karen. 😁 @DCockle @HenryCavillOrg @HenryCavillNews @witchernetflix @LHissrich He is pretty close. I'm glad he's playing the… @SeanBaekTO Bet you wish you were Hullen then, huh? 😁 Damn, man.... damn. @ceIestiaIs @kurteichenwald Those who gain power are terrified of losing it. @TimHickson1 @CrisisTextLine Great Job, Tim! 😀 @DoveCameron I'm kinda caught between "A million dreams" , "This is me" and "From now on" today. Yeah, Anxiety is…
Just heard there are stars older than the universe. Is it possible that the big bang was a collision between two pa… @perlmutations #Perlman2020 @Marina_Sirtis So sorry for your loss, Marina. @MuseWatson You receive what you give... Or, more commonly, You get out of it what you put into it. @aquaponicdave @miltosyerolemou Opinions, mate. Opinions. I like Warren, don't get me wrong. But, I believe wholeh… @realDonaldTrump @marklevinshow Go fuck yourself, asshole. #TickTickTick #TimeIsAlmostUpDonny
@skydart Ah, dogs. ,😀 @reneauberjonois RIP... and Thank you. @miltosyerolemou Well, looking for a Sanders/Warren ticket personally. But if it goes to her... I voted for her onc… @PedroPascal1 Thanks for the share, Pedro. I'd been looking for that. @MelonieMac More power to you, Mel. I'll just be over here. 😀 @ItsAwesomeJoey No, my arms aren't long enough, and it'd make things weird. 😂 @MysterySolvent Exactly what he is now... an old pile of shit. @MnikaLee Happy Birthday, Monika! Hope you had a great day. 😀 @HamillHimself I have to say, if what I'm hearing is true, I'm not happy. You deserve far better than that. As does…
@MingNa Enjoyed your appearance on the Mandalorian... so far. Yeah, I'm calling shenanigans. 😁 Can't wait for next week.
I wonder if @executivegoth and @VoiceOfOBrien have seen this yet. @FLOTUS A minor child belongs in the care of their parents, not in some cage on the border. You hypocritical idiot. @Natkam17 @DoveCameron There are moments in life so sublime that time effectively stops. Aphrodite has nothing on you, Dove. I just... ❤❤
@mythcreants It met a water ship. @ThatKevinSmith Sorry for your loss, Kevin.
Retweeted by Keith Wilson @tempuslibris Welcome to my native state, enjou your stay. @michaelrosenbum @insideofyoupod @InLovePodcast @Walmart 😂 @realDonaldTrump Too intelligent? No. Truth is, you're the most stupid pile of shit on the planet. Fortunately, tha…
@MuseWatson With a rolled up, 1980s Yellow Pages. @jodellemicah I sense the universe pushing me toward getting on that service, to date I've stood my ground. Though,… @iwanrheon Congrats on the new role. I'm hoping to like Doyle as much as I despised Ramsey. 😁 See you next season,… @miltosyerolemou 😂 @JohnBarrowman Just heard about your injury. Wishing you a quick recovery, John! 😀
@WilliamShatner Thanks, Bill! 😀 @HamillHimself Mine was in October anyway. 😁 But, I appreciate the sentiment, Mark. 😀
@vincentdonofrio I dunno about that, Vincent. I think given the chance Senator Sanders will give Trump the size 11s… @PedroPascal1 Love the show, After 42 years I was getting ready to walk away from Star Wars. This show is a big rea… @MikeStackpole You and me both, Mike.
My brother in law could use some help after a terrible motorcycle accident. He's out of work for 6 months. Can I ge…
Retweeted by Keith Wilson @therealcliffyb Glad you're ok, Cliff @AzuraCub @bioware @jhaletweets 1. I've done playthroughs romancing Ashley and ones romancing Miranda. 2. I walked… @pussycatdolls @YouTube Welcome back, ladies. @TimHickson1 We can but do our best, Tim. The masses will rake from it what they will. @MsVixen Glad of the good outcome despite the rocky start. 😀 @MsVixen That is such a fantastic show.
@MelonieMac Seems to me there are benefits. @MnikaLee @Razer I sense a stream. 😁
@JakeStormoen @dieharddice I'm certainly eyeing the blue/sliver ones. @LauraBaileyVO The feeling is mutual, Laura! Hope you and Travis and your families had a great Thanksgiving. @feliciaday Um. Yesterday, Felicia. That damn thing just fell apart... 😂 @HamillHimself Been thankful for you since I was 6, Mark. 😀 @JewelStaite Thanks, Jewel! 😀 @KevinMKruse Just have them stand there when Dump-ster takes off his clothes. They'll have their proof... and an im… @RandPaul Just when I think you can't get any more stupid, you go and prove me wrong. Also, fuck the pilgrims. What… @michaelrosenbum @alzassociation @alzheimerssoc Sorry for your loss, Michael. @gemma_chan Happy Birthday, Gemma! Hope you have a fantastic day!
@realDonaldTrump You're a legend only in your own feeble mind, Trump. This is as much of a joke as is your administ… @MuseWatson Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Muse! @matthewmercer Wonder if she can wild shape? 🐡 😁 @dpanabaker Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Danielle. @mythcreants Yes! Though, I do have my days... @PamelaHorton13 Holy Shit, Pam. So sorry you had to go through that. That's horrific. @StephenKing Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and Molly, Stephen! @matthewmercer @JakeStormoen Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Matt! Same to you and your family, Jake! @joncoopertweets Thanks, now I need to bleach both my eyes and my brain @jonfavs I'm not gonna look at that. Also, please send brain bleech. Thank you. @karengillan Happy Birthday, Karen! Hope you have an amazing day!
@JakeStormoen @dwarvenforge I've got faith in you, brother. @atuckzz @DoveCameron To even know of her is to love her. An angel if there ever was one. 😇 @DoveCameron I appreciate that, Dove. Thank you. ❤
@SamWitwer Sam. We NEED a Starkiller show. I have spoken. 😁 @PlayChoices Any more Platinum or more Red Carpet headed our way? @WaywardToadSage @AfricaThen That too. 😁 @AfricaThen @WaywardToadSage I'd have slammed the door in her face. @WilliamShatner @DancingABC I think the same could be said for reality show types. There is no such thing as a 'reality star'😐 @RealKevinConroy It is pretty. But I'd never be able to get in and out of it... maybe 30 years ago (scares me I can… @WilliamShatner Ah, Alexa with the (not so) funnies. @jonfavs @dave_filoni @DisneyLucasfilm @disneyplus Also, "The Mandalorian" season 2, would a full 60 min be doable?… @jonfavs @dave_filoni @DisneyLucasfilm @disneyplus I have a thought. Dunno how good it is, but, considering how am… woman, no girl, in any corner of the world should have to fear for her life. It is our duty as sisters, mothers,…
Retweeted by Keith Wilson @MuseWatson You can explain it to them, Muse. But no one can understand it for them. 😁 @SofiaCarson @AMAs An argent queen right there.