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Social Psychology. Social identity. Collective action. And the odd political rant.

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And remember, it was precisely because we haven't always done this that populists like Gove were able to portray us… it means doing what we advise politicians to do. Don't take the public for fools with flawed rational…'s why we should always acknowledge that advice is based on the best evidence we have at the present moment. Bu… are two problems with this. First, the assumption that people can't cope with uncertainty is unfounded (e.g.… is often assumed that people need simple authoritative messages because they can't cope with uncertainty or comp… people ask 'you used to say no to masks, now you say yes - what has changed'. The science has changed, that's… @alexanderhaslam @ulfschaefer1 And there is a condensed version in Scientific American available online at If you are interested in both posts simply apply for the one and mention the other.Want to do research on the social psychology oif the pandemic? Or on how people respond to extreme danger? We have…, riots and simple social influence: beyond contagion - public webinar later this month via @SussexUni
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We have two jobs for post-docs at St. Andrews. One for a project on group processes in the pandemic, the other for… @hansijzerman Well, we can differ on many things - from the problems of replication to the role of psychology in po… you want just one graph to sum up the difference between Scotland's 'elimination' stategy and England's 'drift'… this week's @IndependentSage briefing, live from 11.30, at We will show the latest f… @alexanderhaslam @KatrienFransen Before me too. I want to touch it, stroke it... I better stop there before this tweet is blocked!They show the value of combining basic social psychological insights with policy and creative imagination. They sh… adverts, along with this short film - - are the product of a collaboration between so…'s the theory on how to use social psychology in the pandemic response: "A shared sense of identity or purpose… those who say 'people won't wear masks' 'its against our culture', welcome to the new normal. In new circumstanc…
Looks like a fascinating paper showing both the worst and the best of collective processes. Very much looking forwa… @TheNickyHawkins Thanks Nicky - particularly pleasing coming from someone so expert in the area.Rooted in social psychological principles. Drawing on shared identity and social norms. Integrating understanding o… isn't just about wopmen being good leaders, it is also about accepting women as leaders. Could it be that when t… t-shirts were made with their pictures, they sold out immediately raising huge amounts for food charities. An… fascinating piece about gender and leadership in the pandemic in Canada (I am reading up for my CIFAR talk… reading about Bonnie Henry, British Columbia CMO who successfully led their resppnose to COVID-19:… is something particularly revealing about the sheer pettiness of imposing car parking charges. It doesn't hav… at 6pm (UK time) - a conversation on the psychology of the pandemic (and the critical role of a collective…
To be satisfied with 1,000 deaths a week is a sign of practical failure and of moral failure. We can go for a zer… Say what!!! We had 126 deaths recorded today & newspapers are reporting this as a ‘GOOD NEWS STORY’! Not only…
Retweeted by Stephen ReicherOur blog post highlights how blaming 'individual choice' & behaviour for the #LeicesterLockdown is nothing more tha…
Retweeted by Stephen ReicherThe most remarkable poll evidence I have seen in a long time: Ratings of leaders for their… is bad for science, it makes it more difficult for independent voices to be heard, and through setting up the… instead he has a new body set up, run by security experts, staffed by carefully vetted individuals who can be tr… imagine that, ever since we pointed out his role in undermining the COVID response, Dominic Cummings has been sit… can get to zero COVID. We must get to zero COVID. It is a matter of political vision and political will to imple… of SAGE by Joint Biosecurity Centre as principal mechanism for advising govt on the intersection of Cov…
Retweeted by Stephen ReicherMy piece on public solidarity during the pandemic. Now out in the summer edition of Resource - the magazine of the… helpful responses and the obvious question - what do we say instead of lockdown. Not sure. The only things I c… is experienced as humiliating It does provoke anger and resentment And (as our own research shows -… balanced, well-evidenced piece on stop and search - and all the more powerful for that: S…, only in the context of such an overall supportive package, (d) such temprary restrictive measures as are neces… to respond with targeted support including enhanced testing, information campaigns, providing sufficient resou… we argue in the Independent SAGE report on Leicester ( ), the way to deal with local outb…'t say lockdown! Lockdown is what you do in prisons. Lockdown is punitive. Lockdown blames victims. Outbreaks de…
Altogether now: "Scots do it. The Irish do it. Even folk in Wales may soon do it. Let's do it Lets... implement a f… @psychmag @ElizaSouthwood Thankos @EllizaSouthwood it is wonderful... any way of getting hold of a copy (or even the original?) @psychmag @jetten_j @alexanderhaslam P.P.S. This piece is a summary of the key points from our new book on the Psyc… piece in The Psychologist: 10 lessons for dealing with a pandemic ( ) - or how to harne… the real Kings X imitated our virtual Kings X. Life imitated science. We were proved right... but not in a way I… when, later, we studied the bombings we found precisely the behaviours we had been modelling: the emergence of… went upstairs where people were crowded around the television. Pictures emerging of explosions at Kings X, near… I was going to be late. I ran to the Russell Square Tube and was furious when that too was closed. So I ran thr… had travelled down from Scotland early for the event and was in a bad mood. My plane to Luton was delayed so I go… were investigating the conditions under which people in crises develop a sense of shared identity and the impact… uncanny story of life imitating science... 15 years ago today @ProfJohnDrury @DrChrisCocking and I were presenti… is the 15th anniversary of the July 7th London bombings - how did survivors respond during the event?
Retweeted by Stephen ReicherAt 2pm today, the BMJ and Independent SAGE will be hosting a public discussion on the key question of the pandemic:… of the core insights of discursive psychology is that explanation is fundamentally about managing accountabilit… @Karen_Douglas So the importance of understanding adherence, of good communication, of maintaining trust won't go a… from being deeply depressing, there is a key conceptual point here. Vaccines don't stop coronavirus. Getting… #COVID19 advice to all, whatever you are doing today & going forwards, behave as if people outside your househol…
Retweeted by Stephen ReicherThey misunderestimated George Bush Jr.. His mis-speaking actually increased his standing. How come? It all comes do… was strenghthened, not weakened, by his gaffes. This explains how and why his opponents attacks misfired and… succeeded not despite but because of his blundering. Here's why - and what it tells us about the nature of le…
Probably the most interesting, innovative and diverse journal in the discipline. Making us more critical and more r… @rolsi_journal Not up to it? Lost touch? Don't be ridiculous. I don't know anyone sharper. @rolsi_journal Thanks - much appreciated - especially coming from you. Do you fancy reviewing the book?It is based on an identity leadership analysis, as explained in The New Psychology of Leadership (with… piece on Boris Johnson's leadership - and why his previous strengths have beeen his weakness in this pandemic -… @GlobalC19Study and thanks to you too!2. You don't have to rely on us or Zimbardo' or anyone to interpret the study. You can now visit the archive at… broad conclusions: 1. Even the orriginal authors accept that participants didn't automatically or inevitably f… the reply and the reply to the reply: you are interested in the latest thinking on the Stanford Prison Experiment, read the debate in American Psychol… @leoniedelt Jen, you are completely right. It is important to stress this. Those who cannot wear masks should not h… hate wearing masks Masks make me hot. Masks steam up my glasses But wearing a mask protects others from infectio… study from Germany shows face masks decrease infections - by 40% The decrease is s… shennanigans with the COVID figures. The government is to stop telling us how many people were tested every da…, that should be Thursday at 6pm. THURSDAY, THURSDAY, THURSDAY!!! @BenJaneFitness RightThe talk will be more of a converesation and you can ask questions as well as listen. So do join us - and do join… Wednesday at 6pm (UK time) I will be doing a webinar for the Canadian Institute For Advanced Research (CIFAR) on…, oh, look at the curious deals with the private sector organisations involved in the untried, high-tech, cen… two tweets sum up the current state of the UK pandemic response. First, why are we relying on an untried, hig… gives the lioe to those who argue that huge top pay is necessary toget the people who can improve organizational… love this paper. An instant classic. As predicted by identity leadership models, those things that separate the l…
This is a highly significant paper by @daniel_storage and others showing how pervasive and how dangerous this ideol… idea of genius and of leaders as exceptional individuals has always been inherently patriarchal. Not for nothin… and that's the story of last night as well. Despite the Government opening things on a Saturday and on July 4th… PM likes to think of himself as Winston Churchill. But Churchill built up the link between science and governme… you a journalist with a health or politics background who would like to work with Independent SAGE? We are hiri…
Retweeted by Stephen ReicherWatch. This is absolutely key. The best way to save lives is to drive towards a zero-COVID UK. The best way to reop…, as so often during this pandemic, an overall summary was that, by and large, the public did well (there were ex… is more, like the gambling companies who flash up the message 'bet safe', to urge people to go out and drink a… the other hand, the government mistiming and mismessaging did its harm, as expected. In some places people did i… need a balanced summarry of last night. On the one hand, most pubs and most people behaved responsibly. The majo…
The legal principle of cui bono (who profits?), used to determine guilt in a court of law, is not a bad basis for d… thought for the day: Imagine there was a killer out there. Would the most sensible thing to do be to go where yo… @peterkinderman Thanks Peter. That is very kind.