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@drankin266 🥺 @teaandleaf I love him SO MUCH @hashtag_dta I love them so much pls pet them for meIndiana held its primary election today Marion county had 22 polling places for 1 million people Hamilton County…
Retweeted by Reilly is indoors🏡Pope Francis on George Floyd: "My friends, we cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any…
Retweeted by Reilly is indoors🏡 @IowaKatholic How could u insult GLEE on my TL like this Alex @IowaKatholic Alex,,,, thank u @mcnhobbs Yikes forgot about that part tooOne of them is about how I “touched [actor who played Puck’s] hand!!!” Meanwhile he got arrested for child porn haha :-)Not 2 flex but 9 years ago today I saw glee live and posted four (4) Facebook statuses about it @victoriagraupp Dude I fricking LOVE your babies SO MUCH
Chicago friends, here is a very easy to navigate guide to black and brown owned food places that are still open rn… @VickyHathaway Just shared that here on twitter and on Facebook yesterday!!!! Sooooooo good!!! @AmandaMBeck @TheWitnessBCC @thearmchaircom @KathrynAnnette @JemarTisby @Burns23 Thank you!! @jbyeck @aaronxmarble Thanks for the recommendation!! @ArmyHybrid Thank you!!!!! @catholicrunn3r Thanks!! @zeyma1998 @chikasworld Just followed her on Instagram earlier this week! She’s incredible! @amberdiazmusic @bcloritts @kanyabwile @ThabitiAnyabwil @PriscillaShirer @HeatherTDay @mika_edmondson @DrCEdmondson Thank you!! @nataliagardocki Congrats Natalia!The replies on here have already been so helpful, thank you all and keep them coming!!! I want to not just try and… @BrieanaSmith Saved this on my computer, thank you!! @sonalijairaj I LOVE his podcast! When he breaks into song it always makes me smile! Thank you! @seminariancag @frjoshjohnson I love Fr josh! His podcast is a constant joy!! @MaiaArising Thank you! @KenHomanSJ Thanks Ken!! @eagle_karate I’ve heard good things!!! @RGC3 I’ve heard of him I think!! 👀 @Maggers20 @lisasharper @austinchanning @LatashaMorrison Thank you!! @BillWongOT @PB_Curry Thank you!! @taylorsbrown @esaumccaulley @MalcolmBFoley @sista_theology @WilGafney @JemarTisby @JackieHillPerry @mkurth1 @DeanKBD @om3 @PB_Curry @JenniferBB @WilGafney @RevDrBarber @MiroslavVolf Thank you so much for these recommendations!!! @reverendaughter @AskoNurminen @OneNabi @DrAngelaD @CandiceBenbow @ProfessorCrunk @revmelaniej Thank you so so much… have any suggestions for black Christian leaders I can follow, listen to, or read? Present or past. @SamanthaYanity Do it! @chrismissesyou :/ dang sameI’ll be on GoF again this Friday! Come join us!!! @erina__walden @finding__dorito @caro_robertson @bubblycatholic I’m coming down soon!!! @MrsRuvi @TheresaZoe @red10meg @jdflynn @Katerintree @BeardedBlevins @chandlermik14 @erin_caldarera @chikasworld @astudyinrenee @catholic_love For REAL I am very confused??? @catholic_love You two are the sweetest, thank you for setting an example for a good holy marriage!!!
@laetarealleluia She’s the best!!!!! I’m sorry the archdiocese couldn’t see thatCatholics, read this thread from Corinne please is now a “Nuns in Radical Solidarity” stan account
Retweeted by Reilly is indoors🏡 @seminariancag Thanks for doing this carlos!!! @GeoLenk Haha thanks friend!!!!Teacher in me had to do this.. CHILDREN’S BOOKS THAT DISCUSS RACE & RACISM THREAD:
Retweeted by Reilly is indoors🏡When this black woman got a room of primarily white bishops to sing and hold hands... the power she had by simply b… you have 30 minutes, here’s Sr. Thea Bowman’s speech to the US bishops in 1989 on being black and catholic: Gregory has released a statement on the president's visit to the Saint John Paul II National Shrin…
Retweeted by Reilly is indoors🏡 @chrismissesyou Tbh idk but apparently this man thinks women should be just like it! @StCthrin Yes hello it is me, the perfect woman!!!My friend posted this amazing link on her instagram story earlier that helps you donate to #BLM even if you have NO… @teaandleaf When will I begome trad wyfe I am doing everything correctly 😤😤😤😤😤 @CatholicMrFeeny Exactly 🤪🤪🤪 @overtoncleaner Only slightly!!! @sarah_jo_malone I’m “her body is a yoga body” @meggslane I just worked on this tweet for 5 mins lmao I hate myselfCan someone find this man??? I think I might be his ideal match??? @joe_pescespada @peternguyenn I have a few petty blocks for sure lmao don’t worry @teaandleaf Literally!!!! I picture everyone in Carmel wearing pearls and polos 24/7 lmao @peternguyenn Ehh that’s okay, he’s locked rn it seems anyway so I wouldn’t want to impose on his privacy. Plus imo… @teaandleaf Carmel is literally the WORST lmaoITS BEEN A CRAZY COUPLE OF DAYS BROTHERS AND IN THE CRAZINESS WE CAN FORGET THINGS . . . . . . . . . . LIKE THE FA…
Retweeted by Reilly is indoors🏡 @peternguyenn All my friends luv this dude and always share his tweets on the girls alt and I’m sad about it lmao @peternguyenn @rachelerin2015 Gotta get rid of those pepes one way or another lmao @rachelerin2015 @peternguyenn Omg just got sent this in a DM lmao I ran a blockchain that blocked about 8000 accoun… @TaylorSchroll I really read the word “happy” and then the sign behind your head as “Ryan” like “happy Ryan!!!”In case anyone was wondering: it doesn’t really matter if racism is labeled a “pro-life issue” or not— it’s a grave…
Retweeted by Reilly is indoors🏡 @rachedbywolves You are a queen!!!! I am very proud of u!!!
Cath ladies if ur not in catholic fashion and beauty you’re missing outI’m somehow in quite a few Facebook groups where women in their 30s and 40s share their outfits with each other and… @meggslane 💕💕💕💕💕“wait, so you’re telling me that as Christians we have a personal responsibility to fight for and defend the oppres…
Retweeted by Reilly is indoors🏡 @nattypatters Nat! Pls don’t post the F word, F*c*b**k, on my feed!!! @bubblycatholic My HEART @N3w_H3rt Great minds think alike!For those who are registered Democrats, there are quite a few names on your ballot to choose from for his replaceme… hometown friends, tomorrow is the Indiana primary election. If you are from NWI like me, you may know our con… @motherenergy__ I luv this pic of u u look so good @audgeymarie HAHAHA ok best movie ever @notanunyet Yeah in my home state of Indiana, they pushed back the election because of the pandemic, and they tried… @notanunyet You can vote by mail if you have a valid reason to not vote in person. I have voted by mail every time… @fightygee Whenever I am in a persons circle twice :’) :’) :’) @deddecco I saw that! I am glad to hear itOk guys I JUST moved back, you don’t have to be so mean about it! @joe_pescespada Tbh I forgot it 😭 I only met him for about 10 minutes and I wish I remembered @ArionJessamyn Beautiful!! @HeoffHuich That’s the word that inspired me to post it, only I didn’t say it because I didn’t want anyone to be up… @FMesstm3 2/2 images of Mary mourning over immigrants that were “political” helped her heal. Still when she told th… @FMesstm3 Not sure if this is really “political.” I get where you’re coming from though, I read a whole discussion… @joe_pescespada MINE TOO HAHAHAHAHAHA @joe_pescespada Unrelated but also kinda related, I once met a VERY elderly jesuit who went to your high school and… @joe_pescespada We love to see it lmao @joe_pescespada I have willingly gone to two jesuit schools and I’m dying at this tweet lmao go offNot to add more stress to the TL rn but when disabled people said you need to stop using the R word, it goes for any “____tard” word as well @JohnDeGuzzy YES!!! @a_t_sherman👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 @JohnDeGuzzy I luv her