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Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodAnd The Simpson’s is always right!!! Omg 🙌🏼 CHANGING YOUR OPINION ON SOMETHING AFTER LEARNING NEW INFORMATION. ITS OKAY. I PROMISE.
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodBut I still fucking loved it 🤧🤧🤧That Rick and Morty episode was kinda emotional and I didn’t need that right now 🤧🤧🤧Reilly and her pets to New Zealand 2025 @CdyRnkn Cover photo? That’s the avi of “the realest n***** you’ll ever know”?!!Unless it’s only animal abusers and in that case, I will volunteer in overtime. said black lives mattuhh love that
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodDefensive driving class, I’m all the way done 😭😭😂😂😂 Harvey dating a nigga with 10 kids and 10 babymamas and had the nerve to say ATL doing too much.........
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodGet on ya level ... don’t slow down for nobody!
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodWe have gas in Atlanta. Most of it is blowing back onto police.
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodShazam but for animal callsNo way I’m getting sleep tonight. I’m just gonna sit here and listen.They’re living creatures, with emotions and feelings. They are not monsters. They are trained and commanded to be w… dog has been training since it was weeks old for that moment. Might take more than a couple commands to bring t… for dumbest fucking tweet award, you fucking twat. Who gave the dog the order? The cop. You are the issue.… episode of 2020 feels way too similar to The Purge movies.I understand the importance in staying informed but don’t forget to spend time away from your phone and other news/…
Leave it to humans to harm animals and find an excuse. Loot whatever. Fuck the police. Leave animals out of it.Scheduling a food and weed delivery before this fucking curfew.Literally begged to leave work first lolNot Bratz making a better statement than any celeb so far
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodHow come every cop is outfitted like an Avenger but health care professionals are out there fighting COVID wearing barrels on suspenders
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodPlease stop sending us nudes or we will close our DMs.
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodNobody was at Scottsdale Fashion Square to protest injustice. They were there to steal. If they really cared, they…
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodPretty obvious why i be disappearing right ? There’s a limit to how much of this shit i can ingest before i lose it…
Retweeted by Claire Underwood
Retweeted by Claire Underwood
Is she SAGE cleansing the officers??? Ok sis! 👏🏾 #BlackLivesMatter #DTLA #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
Retweeted by Claire Underwood it make sense 🤕🦇 #TheDarkKnight #commissions
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodStop saying “Queen Shit” like she didn’t know she was married to a racist and a murderer way before that. She just… he hot or is he just unfriendly?Think I want a Prada bucket hat even though I’ll wear it twice 🤒
Presidents just don’t get shot like they use to
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodTHE PEDESTAL BY ALEXANDRA REEVES.
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodWait one second...
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodSomeone at twitter gotta take the L and delete trumps account
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodI’ve cut off “friends” who were this way. Your biggest fan until you’re actually doing really well.’m so much more calm than I used be ... knock ya block off tho
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodNo more explaining 2020 figure it out or fuck off .
Retweeted by Claire Underwoodi can name a list of 100 things more important right now than fixating on how much money i have
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodAs fuck, me giving off series finale vibes
Retweeted by Claire Underwoodi wanna thank the universe for andre 3000.
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodCreate your own shot..
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodI don’t miss... June 5th 🌸💣🏀
Retweeted by Claire Underwood
Retweeted by Claire Underwoodsum about the ocean only being 5% discovered don’t sit right with me
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodDonald Trump wanna be Atlas sooo bad. n my homies after looting Barnes and Noble cause we intellectuals
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodI hardly charge mine period lol we live on the edge and run on 5-15% at all times lmfao year old me walking into a room to show everyone my new shoes that light up
Retweeted by Claire Underwoodcats mind their business way too much to ever be a white person
Retweeted by Claire Underwoodi know this nigga hear me thinking about him
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodI think some white people need to understand that agreeing that there is an issue doesn’t mean you’re part of the i…
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodWhy do women always pull hair when they fight? Like I’m hitting you with a hook @JaylaKenkins6 Anyone who thinks $60 for custom work from ANYONE is “a little pricey” is delusional and should not be heard lol.I stay in my own little world because it’s nice there. No real news. No fake news. No violence with the exception o…
@CdyRnkn Bottled or Casa?I just wanna sit here with Leonidas on my birthday. who listen to taylor swift peaked in 4th grade
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodNeed to get this baby on flirt pole and watch magic happen.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodSo elaborate into Target is like walking into a silent library and I live for it.What a difference a year makes.
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodI want a House of Sloane sofa so bad. Look at this goodness. I love fringe.
Retweeted by Claire Underwoodi think its impressive to tweet something with 0 likes..... ur thought was original and unique and no one related to you
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodI did another one. #sailormoonredraw #sailormoonredrawchallenge
Retweeted by Claire Underwoodshe ate him omg 💔
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodGetting good at holding my tounge. No need to keep calling the spade a spade.
Retweeted by Claire Underwood
Oh cause I thought a bitch that won’t stop watching my page said something
Retweeted by Claire Underwoodfelt cute might delete later
Retweeted by Claire Underwoodmy dog: *does absolutely nothing* me:
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodI wish CÉLINE would drop a baby blue luggage bag with gold hardware 🤧❄️imagine u beefing with me and I pull up to yo crib with 9000 termites. Whole foundation gone cuz u wanna talk crazy
Retweeted by Claire Underwood
Retweeted by Claire Underwood
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodI appreciate my friends who respect my antisocial moments without thinking I’m acting funny towards them
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodI’m annoying but it’s like .. who isn’t
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodMorning tea in China
Retweeted by Claire Underwoodi don’t know how i used to play 5+ softball games a day in this heat I lay out for 20 mins and i’m dying
Retweeted by Claire Underwood🙏🏼 okay. One more #sailormoonredraw
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodMy Friends: ”cAn YoU dO tHe sAiLoR MoOn ReDraw?” Me: smh I do what I want LOL
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodTook advantage of the #sailormoonredraw challenge to do a little digital painting warmup and got carried away. ☔️
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodHere's my take, a sculpt version of #sailormoon 🌙 for the #sailormoonredraw
Retweeted by Claire Underwood#SailorMoonredraw got me thinking about all the fan art I did of the franchise 😆💖 And there's never enough 💖 I shou…
Retweeted by Claire UnderwoodI wanted to play too! #sailormoonredraw #sailormoonredrawchallenge #plasticine
Retweeted by Claire Underwood
Find a way to win.
Retweeted by Claire Underwood*Mic drop* @ChrisCardeezy Insufferable @JaylaKenkins6 Will never eat those except after an Olive Garden meal 🙌🏼