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Ben Schwartz @rejectedjokes Los Angeles, CA

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What a fucking mess. #MiddleditchAndSchwartz @PedroPascal1 Miss you, sweet human. @JeffreyShreck @LeeMajdoub @NaotoOhshima @JimCarrey @iamtikasumpter @adampally @natasharothwell happy birthday!!!… have been dehydrated since Thanksgiving.
@DCpierson @DannyTRS hoy shit. dan. listen to dc. he's on to something stage left even. @ABrightMonster @Etsy ... you ok man? Seems like the quarantine is getting to you. @ABrightMonster @Etsy should have kept that last tweet to yourself. @ABrightMonster @Etsy anything you can say to etsy, you can say to me. @MaryLynnRajskub THANK YOU MARY YOU ARE VERY KIND AND TALENTED. Just watched an episode of Sanders you were in a fe… wonderful movie is now available anywhere you can rent/buy films on your TV or electronic devices.… coronavirus cases by month in 2020: March: 186,200 April: 883,199 May: 723,166 June: 845,736 July: 1,926,970 Au…
Retweeted by Ben SchwartzHappy Birthday to the icon who gave us all so much. Missing you lots today Garry.
@DonCheadle birthday to the legend @DonCheadle. This is the wallpaper on my phone. He forced me to put it on there 5 year… @aubreymdavis @XGames @rachelsmitts Thank you for your art. @Lin_Manuel @netflix @MComitini AYYYYYEEEEEEEEE. CONGRATS!!! @zachbraff Hi Zach.How to with John Wilson is extraordinary. Just a wonderful and hilarious show. @howtojohnwilson.
@whattheelle98 ... OH NO... @_daphnemadelyn ... @chrizmillr DON'T GIVE IT A SONG!!! It's terrifying enough without its own theme music, chris! @robreiner Love this.When the light hits my lamp just right, it’s fucking terrifying. @RedHourBen @SteveMartinToGo Ditto. Truly an incredible movie.🚨BREAKING: 900,000 Georgians have requested their ballots for the January 5 runoff elections. Request yours today a…
Retweeted by Ben SchwartzThanksgiving leftovers- "Let's run it back!"
@michaelianblack @themandalorian @PedroPascal1 ... @michaelianblack @themandalorian @PedroPascal1 Sorry. What did you do on this one?Ooooooo baby have I been loving @themandalorian. I mean it’s 8AM and I’m happily up watching @PedroPascal1 tell me which way is the way.Is there Thanksgiving music? If things were normal, what would you listen to with your family during Thanksgiving?
Even during a pandemic, the turkeys are not safe.If you could spare a moment. If you could spare a few steps. If you could spare a few dollars. Learn a little more…
Retweeted by Ben SchwartzT.U.R.T.L.E. POWER! Look at our beautiful boys! Thank you to whoever is in that Leo costume, making my dude look go… @wolfboy74 was this from this year's parade??? @JenniKonner with only you in chicago. yes of course. @JenniKonner I’d like to write this movie with you.
@KidCudi YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS??? @philiplord “The prestige” @ABrightMonster #KevinKontent
@philiplord I guess we can do just a trilogy if you only want to gently graze the legacy of the 0-5 years of mr mint. @DisneyTVA IN MY BOOK IT IS STILL YOUR BIRTHDAY WONDERFUL @FrankAngones @georgiaEtennant YOU WOULDNT?!?! @MarkDuplass I’d like to buy the rights to this/droopy’s story. @rolopez42
@georgiaEtennant Would have been a great question!!! @georgiaEtennant Georgia. What would your question have been?what a fun 30 minutes of chatting. Have a great sunday! Thanksgiving is right there waiting for us at the end of th… @VNiederman both great for different reasons. First felt like the first of its speedy kind. Second felt like even more fun and excitement! @KeriReddy85 I am afraid of most scary rollercoasters but this sounds like a super fun idea!!! @aweilhammer on my laptop. But sometimes i'll print it out when i'm doing my final edits on a movie script and do t… @brooke_vo I look the most like beaker. But it's hard not to say Kermit or fozzie. @BahiRatchet625 video game was ori and the will of the wisps. I loved that game. Both Oris thought they were beautiful. @jaramardo_ Should be how it ended. Anyone there live that can confirm? @blumenfeld don't. @DefNotaPerve my relationship with @tyson_hesse is as follows- 1st off- a wonderful, creative, talented, kind human… @_drobson vaccines? @MsMichaelaGrant I have never seen the tv show. But i am CERTAIN @gladdyfisher can answer any question you have about the show. @katydondz right now it's @reeses peanut butter cups. the OG. in the freezer. @carellsmulaney not special- but sketch show- i think you should leave is amazing. @ufgatorphil i started by freelance writing monologue jokes for letterman. Maybe one day down the line? @BennettResnik there was a town hall scene where Jean-Ralphio said something at a town hall, and then when i was ex… @schwartzjokes I want to visit new zealand!!! Hoping to get there sometime in the next cluster of years. @knopesmeyer i don't remember... Maybe! @philiplord the more i look at this mr mint picture, the more i think it's a horror movie. @RerezTV @netflix thanks Shane! Hoping we can get out there safely in 2021. @ixodw been listening to the new @BustaRhymes a whole bunch the past few weeks. @schwartzjokes incredible!!! @srydatwasmaren stuffing. Also the sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top... @jay_mckevitt_ HUG MY FAMILY IN NY @jvas831 there are countless in both. I wish I could have played with John Candy, Harold Ramis, Walter Matthau. Wou… @okaycayla Even though I shower every day, I don't put shampoo and conditioner in my hair every day. Someone told m… @schwa24 we talking breakfast- everything bagel, toasted, veggie cream cheese, lox. we talking lunch- everything b… @miagandrea They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)- Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth @bigheadhannah probably Home Alone. But I will think about it some more. @nkwalker We haven't done any warm up games in a long time but I used to love making up our own. We had some fun so… we 30 minute twitter Q and A? Toss over some Qs and I'll try my best to hit over some As. you haven't watched this yet, seriously pencil in some time next week. Hands down my favorite thing I saw on…
Retweeted by Ben SchwartzMy all time top Netflix recommendation!! Helps you forget everything for an hour and gives you a much needed tears…
Retweeted by Ben Schwartz @toddbarry You get the role Todd? @RyanPezold @netflix Can you link it here?
@Kenny_Mayne You think?I don't know why but the past week there has been a beautiful resurgence of people finding and watching our… @GlennHowerton I am very pro this photograph and would like to see more. @JonKasdan Thank you Jon. This will do nicely. @JonKasdan Take me through what’s happening here.
@philiplord Dibs on mr mint. @hwinkler4real You most certainly cannot. Everything is exactly as it should be. @DEADLINE Yay @DannyTRS!!!!!!! @ABrightMonster Don’t read about it. Just watch. You will not believe what happens to the house. Also. I hope you like doooogs!!! @ABrightMonster You seen Up? That doc is incredible. @RawsonThurber Congrats Rawson! @Richard_Schiff Oh I’ve been here my friend. I’ve always been here. of the most exciting moments in my childhood was figuring out that cans can do this if there’s enough liquid in…
@Richard_Schiff @thesheilakelley happy and relieved you're feeling better schiff!!! @fowltown THIS IS AMAZING NEWS. CONGRATS MAN!!!All of those months living amongst hedgehogs has finally paid off. Thanks to the @CriticsChoice super awards for sh… a heads up, this came out in March of 2019. Before the madness had peaked its head fully out.Get ready for goofs! @PeterHoare GO GET EM PETER!!!
Gala for @Film2future tomorrow. Check out all the info below on what this wonderful group of humans are doing to ma…