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Sonic, Middleditch & Schwartz on Netflix, Standing Up Falling Down, Space Force, Parks & Rec, House of Lies, MODOK, Ducktales, TMNT, Earliest Show.

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Just spent a strong 45 minutes trying to show my wonderful mom through FaceTime how to log on to Hulu through her T… does Garfield still hate Mondays or the days are so similar now, it doesn’t even matter anymore?Ben, what are you doing in there? @jandesf Scroll through that chain and you will see me beating sonic 1 and 2. Naturally. @GeneralAwesome7 Have played and beat! This is more death.
@MattThorson THANK YOU! Just finished. Beautiful game. Hooray to all who made it. The more I died the more I needed that feather technique.And here is a beautiful sequence where Madeline talks about what depression feels like to her. A fun game and thera… finished Celeste which was a beautiful game that followed a young woman who suffers from depression & panic at… @patbaer @kuraine The music is unbelievable!I thought this was beautiful. I’m playing a game called Celeste and it follows a bad ass woman who struggles with p…
@sevvalk_53 this is wonderful!!! Great job!I have never looked so pretty. Wonderful job! Thanks! @SamashLego @SonicMovie @fowltown @JimCarrey @LeeMajdoub @iamtikasumpter This is incredible!!! So well done.Questlove is spinning legend music with a set for Bill Withers right now. Go get em @questlove. So good. gonna add my favorite exchange from the #SonicWatchParty right here from our screenwriter and local hero… you enjoyed the #SonicWatchParty. If you missed watching with us, you can always start the movie later & guess… did my first record almost three years ago on 7/12/17 with @fowltown Toby Ascher & Neal Moritz when they were put… VO section that we did 100 alts to was the end of the movie. When the camera moves away from Sonic and fam… KIDDING ME WITH THIS SCENE AND THE SCORE AND THE VFX AND THE HIGH FIVE!!! COME ON!!! LOOK HOW BLOWN AWAY SONIC… whole scene was an important one for me. I don't often get to say big superhero lines. So I wanted to do my be… director of Sonic Mania Adventures, big help to our wonderful movie and incredible Mario Kart player… @fowltown HOW DARE YOU RETWEET IT! #SonicWatchPartyEvery now and then, I would take a photo of one of the pages of dialogue during a record. Here is a pick up line fo… was another one of those scenes where we wanted the audience to really connect with Sonic's real emotions, and…'s another shot right after a record where @fowltown was upset he hadn't brought one of his many Sonic shirts.… @Quixylvre so would i. I don't remember at all. @fowltown do you remember? #SonicWatchParty @PrettynBabyFood i made up that one! I made it up for the test 3 years ago and they brought it back for the movie.After they leave the room and close the door, I recorded lines for the ENTIRE TIME they are outside. I basically di… Sonic writer @Pat_Kc has joined the #SonicWatchParty. He and Josh Miller are national treasures and should be… hilarious @natasharothwell is amazing in every single thing she is in. She steals every scene and I love watchi…
This "NAILED IT!" was my secret little nod to Dewey in Ducktales and Randy in Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja who… answer @LeeMajdoub's question- What were you saying when Sonic was sleeping??? The second part was "I ate chili… #SonicWatchPartylook at when sonic is going around the room, they put him in there teetering off the edge of something just like he… VFX department did an incredible job with this slow mo scene. They did an incredible job with everything in thi… are a lot of scenes in the movie where we would play the footage and let me try stuff to match. So I loved th… @adampally is an insanely human and kills it in this movie. We were in a sketch group together with @gilozeri calle… "There's a fish on my head" segment was my homage to Jim Carrey in this Dumb and Dumber scene. One of my favori… bit was WAY longer in the first cut. I remember it being really fun too. Sonic would pretend he knew which way… famous @LeeMajdoub MOUTH GRAB! And then the glasses bit. Love this. My other favorite Jim and Lee moment is whe… of my favorite Sonic visual gags is coming up. When Sonic goes up on the bookshelf and is about to jump off. Wh… was looking through photos to post on this right now and ran into this. REMEMBER DISNEYLAND?!?! OK back to Sonic!… @MrJoshCharles good question josh. No. He asked for "another round" moments later."Spence, he's a good man." makes me so happy every time because it sounds a little bit like Ace Ventura, a characte… wonder what it looks like when I look to my left during a record? Why it's Sonic producer Toby Ascher!!! I hav… set up of Robotnik & Agent Stone is awesome. @JimCarrey is a legend and @LeeMajdoub was incredible in this rol… baseball scene was important to get right because it starts super fun then gets very emotional. I always wante… did an unlimited amount of versions of that opening VO. I think it's the VO section we did the most. That & the… saying "let's back up" and then doing the rewind noise was an homage to @JimCarrey in this scene of Ace Ventura-… is a version of the SEGA sound with me doing 5 layers to it that we tried... it was not great but will remain… WE GO! PRESS PLAY NOW! #SONICWATCHPARTY @shakemedown8 @fowltown @LeeMajdoub @Twitter @Fandango It is a knitted Andy Dwyer by @craftyiscool Allison Hoffman!…! 4PM West Coast, 7PM East Coast. Here's more info in graphic form. @RedHourBen FUCKING ZOOM.Join me @fowltown & @LeeMajdoub for a live Watch Party of #SonicMovie on @Twitter today at 4pm PST/8pm ET. We'll st… @RedHourBen I am embarrassed to say I’ve never seen this movie. Will watch soon. What else should I pop on the list… went on @ReelBlend and we all talked about movies and tv shows like we were at a sleepover. @RonWechsler @michaelkiwanuka love him. Had Love & Hate and Home Again albums on repeat for months at a time.Bill Withers was an absolute legend. If you've only heard a song or two of his, check out the album Still Bill whic…
@Lin_Manuel @rianjohnson you should listen to me try to figure out Where Waldo is while you do your laundry. @BrianLynch sigh. fine.Take it down a notch, not everything has to be a zoom call.Here's the first 8 minutes of #SonicMovie for FREEEE! @DonCheadle Bout time we added a laugh track.
Loved Quackshot as a kid. Love Ducktales for all time. Love these screens. Boy oh boy would i pay the hell out of t…'s a scene from Standing Up, Falling Down with @BillyCrystal and I about stress and not touching. NSFW. @BrianLynch or a whole bunch of old Hot Sauce pics w/ @adampally & @gilozeri from UCB Chelsea days 15 years ago. @ScottAukerman and we are on tune for every note of the entire 14 minutes!!! @hartiganmusic @ScottAukerman @ComedyBangBang LEGEND!!! THANKS HARTIGAN! HOPE YOU ARE SAFE AND WELL!Oh sweet @hartiganmusic you've done it again!!! Michael took the 14 minute long Solo Bolo Sonicolo Olympic Song Cha… @ponysmasher This is my fantasy. @ponysmasher This is my nightmare. @alyankovic @jimmyfallon One of my favorites. That entire Dare to be Stupid album is magic. Great job Al! @samriegel @bibbymoynihan @FrankAngones @theironwrist @LadieFantastic @dannypudi @katemicucci ...
Well this combines many things I enjoy. See below to put yourself in the running for a custom Sonic Xbox!… @astamate hate this bit and hate the new you. @theironwrist @RoytheShadowfox these are amazing and i've played all but this tongue of the Fatman you speak of... what is this game? @astamate you've met my mom. You thought she was a wonderful woman. She doesn't live close to a body of water. I th… @astamate What the fuck did you say? @astamate you must be thinking of a specific mom, because how many moms do you know that live on the edge of a body of water like that. @TannerTrue @theironwrist @derekdraws @chriscopelandrt @mrvinceaparo you did great. @joshuahorowitz @twhiddleston @colinodonoghue1 @Winter @RedHourBen @DonCheadle @danedehaan @billyeichner Back To th… @BrianLynch And I would like to be in whatever movie you write for the muppets.The bonus features are definitely available on the Apple/iTunes version, unsure which other providers will have it…! #SonicMovie is out on digital right now! You can watch that beautiful blue blur in your very own home when… @samriegel @bibbymoynihan @FrankAngones @theironwrist @LadieFantastic @dannypudi @katemicucci I just did it yesterd… @FrankAngones @TannerTrue @americanninjax @jason_zurek @SamanthaCKing @kilFee Quack shot!!! @BillyScafuri @SmithChris @MikeFalzone @mibbsOE @UTKtheINC These are great choices. Proud of you.Here I am talking about how much I love voice over for @FastCompany. @BrianLynch Yes Brian!!!
Remember haircuts? @Corny22385 @Lin_Manuel @joshgroban @MikeDrucker @breckinmeyer that's when you go to your friends house to play the other system! @ScottAukerman @RyanFGaul @ComedyBangBang The only thing that would save us is if we already recorded it before thi… @RyanFGaul @ComedyBangBang @ScottAukerman has just informed me that this episode in fact did stop Comedy Bang Bang.… this chain, here are four of the games (there are many) that defined me as a kid. I nominate @Lin_Manuel @ABrightMonster I AM VERY EXCITED FOR YOU TO SEE THIS ALEX!!!