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What in gods name is Felix’s timeskip clothes
Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌 @corviiid @jordydraws were all the toilets here supplied by jordan lol @gazelle_gazette omg your comments are always welcome and thank you!!!!! gosh i should draw more wittle fewix @corviiid OH OH OHHHHHHHHH can i get blueeeeeee @Rose3Writes OHHHHHHHH ITS BACK!!!!!!!!! i will treat myself to this after i finish some work tonight UuU
@softandworm Awww I love their expressions in all of these and their class specifications! I cackled at dancer Byle… you for all the great ideas guys!! it was super fun to draw!! ahhh.. i love them all
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Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌 @odangowitch Aw that’s incredibly sweet of you thank you :) @corviiid with jorts!!!!! very important specification!! @Ashen_BITCH they're good sports and they laugh through it all @corviiid lol its not too late @gazelle_gazette ZUZU!!!!!!! my ultimate bias 😂 and thank you!!!! i found recently i really like making them somewhat geometric x)i wonder if my irl friends are relieved we dont get dinner in person any more and they dont have to hear my weekly recaps of captivatingthe best part about 6 fanart is i get to request all my friends for catboy felix and they all make the mistake of a… @corviiid 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺im still drawing fire emblem but it's momentarily back on main :P @xin24613 omg mani THIS IS SO DYNAMIC AND WICKEDim trying heavypaint 👉👈
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monetary concerns
Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌 @corviiid aw you are our detective boi and i am morgana telling you to go to sleeeeeeeep @gazelle_gazette @Rose3Writes They have now doubled my sick looks bought all the gnomes to the yard
Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌im closed now and gonna attempt to be productive, toodles everyone @PupGames He popped up in my nook catalog today! I love him! @moskvitchok Of course it’s the only thing we serve plus popcorn @qorktree I have red and yellow mum seeds :) @qorktree Okay! I go open my doors :Phonestly no idea what im doing but i want all the gnomes #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch unlocked terraforming but idk I’m too lazy to clean things up I’m just gonna wait for flick before I do anything… friends want to visit my dumpster island? I have kimonos and chef clothes in my shop today @corviiid Come visit my island, our central attraction is a steamy fountain that’s actually a bathtub @corviiid I stand in solidarity with you in a chaotic dumpster fire of pits and no clear island aesthetic @roxyryoko Oh I just commit to my mistakes and move onto the next thing cause once it’s up it’s like out of my hand… @baoxie_ fdjsahfda there's just so much to unpack here! their height difference! the subtly of their expressions! a… dimilix
Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌 @dar_alt omg THANK YOU!!!hey if you use bait for fish, do eggs show up? i really want snapping turtles TToTT
@MadsHatter1 OH i did not think to give eggshells! Brilliant @MadsHatter1 Omg why it’s so cursed
Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌 @jordydraws Ohhhh rodent and cat!!! I can easily see her as a hamster too 🤪 lol I have a hard time getting out of b… stop having perfect island aesthetics until i figure myself out as a person
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Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌 @jordydraws Also I love Annette as a bunny~ Super cute ~ is this gouache? Are you working on what I think you’re working on? :3 @jordydraws Them it's like im ur captive 😳😳😳
Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌 @jordydraws Jfdhjjfdskhf omg I love these and I loooooove flygon was my first ever dragon type so I’m super attached and they need more love[RT Giveaway✨til 4/15] To celebrate my sleepy dragon Pokemon pin kickstarter, I'm going to give away the whole set…
Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌 @corviiid I am mildly surprised you’ve never read homestuck @qorktree On your bulletin board omg I’m so sorry for the lack of clarification @qorktree Omg oops I left A MESSAGEY’all I can’t stop listening to the akeshu robbie/Xander duet it’s pure gold @qorktree Ouuuu also I can craft glowing star if you like and have star fragments @qorktree Ouuuu okay! 👀 what are you crafting @qorktree Okay! Omg my island is a stack of trash and tarantulas but you are welcome! - I probably won’t really design it till next week lol @qorktree :3c I still want to visit your island sometime so I can also send postcards!When I asked @XanderMobusVO if he wanted to do a Cover Quest song with me and he said, "Only if it's a from a musi…
Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌 @qorktree Fkjdshfhfldjsjfkdsfjlids I didn’t see this and sold mine for a measly 200 cause I was getting desperate
@chitoseart 🤗 thank you! @corviiid i love that goro is just a one liner and i bet adding just 1 more word will open the floodgates and birth a whole new powerpoint @jordydraws @corviiid OMG VIGOROUSLY YET GENTLY HOLDS YOUR HAND im so excited for you @corviiid LOL I FEEL SPECIFICALLY CALLED OUT BY THE WHO IS IT LESBIANISM EDITION @corviiid 💖💖💖 I played it 8 times 😂 @corviiid 🥺🥺🥺 your voice is so lovely excuse me as I listen to this over and over againI would invite people over in it’s chaotic state but all my shops just closed so idk how fruitful for anyone it would beMy island is a dumpster fire of random furniture and tarantula stacks everywhere AND IT WORKED K.K. IS COMINGY’all I’m gonna unlock god powers tomorrow @Sxishu Oh no worries! And thank you!I had to read every other paragraph twice to just digest everything JUST WOWWOWa good portion of character arcs in Three Houses are about facing the fallout of your parents' mistakes and moving…
Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌7yr storm updated!!!!!!!!!! @Sxishu I think it’s down by now since this over about 2-3 years old 😅 @theHacheling You’re the sweetest! Thank you so much! 😭 @parooparooo Thank you! :) @NoLongerBunny :) thanks Alanna!
@maxiXDe1 this is probably 2? years old, im just pulling out all my old p5 art i never uploaded before since p5r ca… @lunachaili also i was going through my old p5 bookmarks and it barely dawned on me that YOU WROTE COP AND ROBBER a… @lunachaili ohhhh! as soon as I return to my apartment I'm going to have go through the book again lol and yeah all… @_gautierr oh!!! me too!! ^^ It was my first time making a stand and I'm really happy with how it turned out!「死にたい者から前へ出るといい」
Retweeted by tiffooo @ 💛🦌 @Nighthaven4 Thank you! @acedabymatic hehe thank you :3c @nakeekat ouuuuuuuu I have one on my book shelf too, it was my first time doing an acrylic stand so im pretty happy with how it turned out! @corviiid ohhhhh!!! yeah bundles are pretty pricey 😂 but thank you for gazing your eyeballs on it as much as you could lol @jordydraws they care you too <3 @destroymuse thank you val 🥺 @lunachaili Yes!!!! Thank you ^^ were you also in the zine? my memory is such a blur 😂 @destroymuse TToTT ANN AND SHIHO!!!!! @MadsHatter1 jfkdjfkljdskalf i wanted her so bad i gambled 11 tickets but didnt see her @PaleWhiteRabbit :3 thank you!!! <3okay i think that's enough old art for the week :P probably resume back to FE sometime next week toodles twitterthe phantom thieves climb a beanstalk! another thing i did for the fairytale zine :P @destroymuse lol okay uploads more shuakeLittle Red and the Little Lost Wolf🐺 a shuake fairytale au I did wayback when for the p5 fairytale zine🌿✨ think i also just feel weird about uploading really old things where i can clearly see how I would do it differently now😂im starting to clean out my computer and just stumbled on two i totally forgot existedwould it be obnoxious if i upload all my old p5 zine pieces i never posted before because i completely forgot to @kingkrcoo they turned out so good!!!!!!!!!