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Prac is ending pretty late tonight so I'm just gonna take the night off to do some things. See you on stream tomorr…
@MrFrizzyTV 3 in a row vs same players was so odd. GGs!Live w/ some Radiant Ranked games, in a game with a friend atm but playing w/ some C9 boys after probably. EFT late…
@Nadeshot @JERICHO 100%. Character development and all the matches leading up to nationals, it’s worth it imo. I fe… w/ a few hours of some Radiant Ranked gaming, then gonna call it a bit earlier and chill w/ the GF for the nig…
As an American living in Canada I’m not celebrating with my family this year but I’m thankful for them and their he… a dope stream today w/ hella positive vibes. I also got 3 hosts in 5 minutes by some crazy coincidence ig lol (… w/ Radiant Ranked games & chill vibes, just in Aim Lab atm while in queue messing around. A teammate should jo… @TSMDoublelift One of my favorite personalities/players when I first started following League years and years ago.…
@TheUltraLex Thank you! Yeah I want people to realize I'm not trying to advocate for VAL to be just like CS, they s… running & shooting broken in VAL? What is the dead zone? Check out my new YT vid to see what I think! -… @scarra @DisguisedToast Happy birthday to the both of you! 🎉
Lil flick. Streaming later today 😄 day but got a lot done, live w/ a short stream of just some chill EFT tonight. Expect some earlier/longer stre…
@iGumdrop @fuslie Happy birthday Leslie! 🎉
Live w/ a little watch party for the TSM vs FaZe finals of the UMG Closed Qualifier, watching w/ @TenZ_CS atm. Come… @officialmajora Yes
Well, not much else to do so sadge Watch Party, watching Faze vs GenG atm come chill - 2 spaces between "to" & "our" in the 2nd sentence is pissing me off even more.GGs to T1 we lose 0-2 so no First Strike for us. Didn't play to our level as a team and individually I was sub-par… originally planning to stream tonight but found out we got the earlier timeslot tomorrow, playing at 9am PST. J…'s go! GGs to SSG as we take the W 2-1 in a close series and advance to playoffs. One more BO3 to make the main…
@C0Mtweets vid out on the YT! - @FNS @s0mcs @andbox_official I tried to lower the volume and accidentally clicked to the end of the clip and got my ears blasted lmao @elchief222 Radiant in our hearts 😆Lost first game to secure later match slot tomorrow? 😅 GGs to both SSG & Equinox, we lost 2-0 and won 2-0 to make i…
Nothing needed to be said for the clip, but for any EFT gamers out there I noticed something when re-watching the c…😱 @dcopGG I was just thinking about this yesterday b/c I was watching a clip in 1/4 speed, then I went to my channel… @Evergreenily I do this thing where on stream I'll be saying/typing something and I read my chat and just substitut… @FalleNCS @lelorena Parabens! Wishing the best for the both of you ♥️
Live w/ some Radiant ranked games & chill vibes with @vice_cs & @mitchcsgo, come chill -
And I'm the one that told him about that conversion too...still LUL @Annie_Dro Happy birthday! 🎉Thanks for all the support on stream recently, it's been a lot of fun spreading good vibes with chat 💙
Retweeted by C9 Relyks @Valkyrae Never need to apologize for stuff like this, I'm sorry for your loss. Taking care of yourself is really i… @SirScoots Must be part of their dna lol. We got a 5-6 month old kitten recently, bought a nice selection of toys e…
also I like how the webcam is outside of the border in this clip, we fixed that later don't worry 😅 @scump for all the support on stream recently, it's been a lot of fun spreading good vibes with chat 💙 @Average_Jonas VALORANT MADE YOU DUDEEEEEE @Twistzz @Aon1r Happy belated! 🎉Live w/ @PlayVALORANT Radiant ranked & chill vibes. Maybe some EFT to end the stream later - @InFamousmp4 Kind of making me want to pickup the new COD..
Live w/ some Radiant ranked games & chill vibes w/ the other man dan @vice_cs, come hang -
@RiotPHRISK I have a way with bugs I guess 😅Who programmed Gary to be afraid of heights? @LobanjicaCS Why didn't you defuse bro? smh..
So..@Cloud9 cat merch when? 😼 made an Instagram for our new kitty Dio! Feel free to follow if you want to see 🐱 pics!… overall I have LOVED to see the communication from the Riot devs in VAL (and this isn't their job afaik), but c… understand Riot wanting to show off a new map/agent in their tourney, but I think in regards to wanting high leve… post but no stream tonight, gonna work on some non-live content for the YT (👀) + take care of some other thing… @acesu Ayy, congrats g that’s always a great feeling 👊🏻
@jordanfisher @ChlosterSays A good choice.'re back & still NICEEEE. to tweet but live, playing some VAL ranked still w/ @TenZ_CS atm, got a couple more games in me -
@Buaakaa Lol, not usually many comments on YT vid announcements. People just do the commenting on YT.I should have said one game vs him & another game where we're all on the same team 😅TenZ & I vs Ninja in Radiant Ranked, new vid out on the YT 👊🏻 - w/ some Radiant ranked gameplay w/ the birthday boy @vice_cs, come hang, CHILL vibes only ty -
@vice_cs Happy 15th birthday bro! @Potthoff @shinobi_fps @vice_cs
Live catching the end of 100T vs Envy, might be last map we'll see. Will be gaming after, some ranked VAL & maybe s… considering not streaming tn as I'm pretty beat but figured wth, so live w/ a few hours of some chill vibes & E…
@KaMVAL_ Nah this is single-elim playoffs. We made top 8 so we secured a spot in the next main-quali, if we had won… you guys for all the supportive messages. We know what we're capable of & sometimes you're just having an off… to Renegades they played well, we lose 0-2. I think we beat ourselves on Split, need to clean some stuff up.… @Osias_FPS Lmao, it was just super funny timing :P @Frakgaming Well DMCA shit happens everywhere I think but at least YT has an appeal system if you feel like it's no…
Live w/ TSM vs RNG First Strike watch party (switching between games while on break). Lower energy than yesterday,… isn't a new problem & Twitch has had time to figure out a better system, it's just that recently some labels n…'t get me wrong, I understand people using content they don't own the rights to & I'm not trying to defend that.…'s system for this stuff is awful & I feel like they're dropping the ball. No way to identify what content is…, this is a mess huh.. goal is to get every single person laid off by @ESPN_Esports a job by the new year. Please reach out to my talen…
Retweeted by C9 RelyksGGs we win 2-1 vs @100Thieves to secure top 8 and be the first team out of our group. Some sloppy play but we close…
Live w/ our First Strike watch party, waiting for 2nd map between SEN vs DIG atm, come chill! - stream tonight feeling pretty dead, wanna try to sleep earlier so I can wake up easier come our Friday match vs… @MoistCr1TiKaL
@WedidValorant @XSETGAMING I actually just pinged the angle you shot me from so I could spam CT. A second later and… @summit1g you and your* @vice_cs @XSETGAMING @summit1g Sorry for your loss, love to your and your fam. Take as much time as you need, family is important 💙I swiped my mouse into my monitor base and hit my ult bind on the last round lmao 😅GGs to @XSETGAMING we win 2-0 to play our next group match on Friday. Overall clean play from us, let's keep it up 💪🏻 #c9winPlaying XSET soon for 1st group match! GLHF w/ some ranked games w/ the man himself @vice_cs, come chill. Good vibes only, shorter stream since qualifier… @JaredFPS @ShadyG This is the res ^. I meant 936p not 960p. It's what a lot of streamers use, Shroud for example. I… @ShadyG But if you're streaming more relaxed or chill games, like single-player story stuff, mobas, card games, w/e… @ShadyG Tbh if you do some reading it's not really "worth" it if you stream on Twitch, at least if you stream fast-…
Throwback to before I stopped playing Warzone 🤙🏻 @Satsujin____ A little bit a long time ago :P#C9BLUE are back with Episode 2 of Guess the Rank! Tune in to see @TenZ_CS, @RelyksOG, @mitchcsgo, @shinobi_fps, a…
Retweeted by C9 RelyksPretty late b/c I ended up dealing with some irl stuff re: the kitty, but live w/ some Radiant Ranked games & chill…
Vibin' in ranked w/ @TenZ_CS, new video out now! - later than expected but we live, continuing my playthrough of DOOM: Eternal on Nightmare & prob some EFT a…