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I don't like the man nor his politics, but I do hope that he recovers, quickly and fully. @rauchg @zeithq @AnaTrajkovska_ I didn't, but I suspect it's because those deploys haven't gone up with the --prod… @rauchg @simonw @zeithq I lifted the number from the page and ran a count on $$('.info .bad… @simonw @zeithq This is a great thread. I don't quite agree with handling myself, but that's me. Fun job, I've got… @syscobra @Spotify Certainly should work - I'm using Karabiner to take over control of the play button, so you can… rather like this blog post I wrote 2 years ago. I'm allowed to like my own posts, right? from @rem looks 😍 for creating your own RESTful APIs. Here's a quick primer on getting started with it fro…
Retweeted by @rem#AskTwitter is this a plant or a weed? Lots in our garden and not sure what it is?
Retweeted by @remApparently I get 1 year of free appleTV with my new stupidly expensive computer. That was nice, except for Apple's… @MrMohtas @Spotify Yes. For 6 years at a time.I fixed my touchbar control strip so it exclusively controls @Spotify. And wrote it up, so you can too 👍 @brucel There was me expecting you to say "that's just how I shit". Pretty sure it'll help with that too, albeit messy.
@WalkWithoutEase BACK! What did I miss?My boy on Zoom and with virtual backgrounds, filing run under: "you'll shit yourself nightmare" category. and point. Today is Sunday. blog post? Because god knows what day is actually is today…Keyboard situation is locked down at the Sharp household! (Peanut butter is for emergencies) @rooseboom @djspry @Spotify The thing is, I tried it, the UI is … complicated, but also for 90% of the time, my lap…, I've managed to solve this myself. A fair bit of hacking involved (but good food for a blog post). I now have… @Dotnetster No, they just nuked it. No emails. No warnings. Nothing. I suspect I know why, and I've got a way to re… @JBeersfood Thanks - will check out. Just hoping their UK/euro coverage is decent. @JonthanFielding Via the API being shutdown v mostly @ArthurGuy @seb_ly @Spotify Good luck with that: @vt_olivier @heydonworks @Spotify I'm pretty sure I can use karabiner elements to control the foremost app on the p… @shoro_kit @Spotify Lol. Yeah, I've tried. Same with podcasts and books and stickies. Not possible. @Muniro2 @Spotify This is how to change the buttons on the touchbar. What I want is the specific play button to sta… know if it's possible to change the Apple touchbar/controlbar play button to **start** @Spotify and **not**… blog post announcing it is pretty funny. Opens with: "to help as many people as we can stay dry and safe, an… fucks sake Apple. Some of us use these apps every day.
@rauchg @zeithq You know that I've been a long time fan, but the timing truly is terrible, like *really* bad. I'm s… yep, seriously disappointed and feel like we (early adopters and developers using v1) have been dumped on. Augu… say: @zeithq deprecating their v1 platform right on top of COVID-19, even with the 4 months notice is a total… @simevidas @yatil @Gryzor Got this turned on myself. Pretty much standard where ever I got these days, always 125% (OS included)13 years ago I recorded a screencast to show how to make a "life stream" connecting up web sites and using things l… last few months I've succcessfully moved my day-to-day browsing from Chrome to Firefox (there's still developme… is finally returning to Britain’s streets. Nature is healing 😍✌️
Retweeted by @rem @DreamsolutionBV that doesn't list Apple's own crap.New mac question: how do I delete: - music - podcasts - books - stickies - … the list continues...
Should I restore from my old laptop or just start afresh and install a zillion apps in the hope that maybe a zillion is about seven.Need to migrate my current machine to a new machine this evening. My drive is 1TB. I'm pretty sure 50% of the data… @xkcdComic, please consider presenting each comic strip as a disclosure component with a text description ins…
Retweeted by @rem @heydonworks At the ripe ol age of 41, I've yet to understand the appeal or even the application of the Vaceline ba…
OXBOW LAKE!!!!! walkthrough for this exploit is a great read.
Retweeted by @remHow on earth is today not Friday? Seriously. I am so confused. Plus, the kids are home, so that means it's a weeke… @Stegosource @heydonworks @brianleroux For me, it's not having **any** build tools during development and focusing… @pcanella @pikapkg Aware of it, and love the docs. Sadly, as with it is with me, when I tried it, it broke. I'm a g… @heydonworks @brianleroux That's where I've been living for all my own personal stuff. Just when it's not that, I w… there was ever a part of JavaScript that I could vent all my anger towards, I'd leap on build tools and beat the…
Firing up the Alcatel for testing. And yep, totally forget how slow these devices are compared to my silly expensive Pixel 4 XL. @jaffathecake thank you for svgomg. I've used it on every project for the last 18+ months. I know I should automate… zoom backgrounds: a thread keep it going
Retweeted by @remSpent nearly an hour last night trying to solve a JS function giving the wrong value at 11pm. Took me 2 minutes th…
@mikestreety twitter hates me on several fronts. I'll see if I can find the server that's fallen over and kick it back to life… @briankardell It was a buildroot for raspberry pi to boot into pico8 (lots of weird words there). I've got a workin… this situation isn't stressful enough, we're now obligated to keep our breasts perky. Wow. #everydaysexism
Retweeted by @rem @kilianvalkhof Right, so now I see what it is, no, this isn't what I was making 😉 My frame app is for the desktop… @kilianvalkhof Oh loaded second time. Looks like if JavaScript fails for any reason your site doesn't actually deliver any content. @kilianvalkhof Trying to view the site, but there's large blank areas, assuming that's not right? (Latest Android w…
I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm compiling a raspberry pi OS from source… You'd think I'd know… @Flapstones Oo, ouch. Burn! @dougaitken Will read. Thanks.
My mate just sent me this topical joke, if you’re up for one.
Retweeted by @rem @csswizardry Why you do these at bedtime??!? What be wrong with you crazy yung kids?!?! @andyboyd good ladIs anyone else out there still saying "Just the one Mrs Wembley?" - or is that something that's so obscure and old… @fox FFS. Why can't we have things without adding to Facebook's hoard of user metrics (likely breaking GDPR laws).…
@racascou I've discovered I'm trying to make a 40bit float. It's an old format, just requires the mantissa to be st… anyone come across JavaScript that can process 40bit floating points? (aka 9-digit floats). Been tinkering on this for months now… @rachelandrew I discovered the "beautify me" option (or something like that in zoom) some months back. I can't say… @racascou —a floating point value (say 0.078) that gives me an exponent and mantissa where the mantissa is between 0.5 and 1. @racascou I'll be honest: I'm not smart. So, I'm trying to store a float32 in binary, except, it's not the IETFF wh… Deleting tweet. Yes, between us, in person, I can have a laugh at his misfortune. I guess I should know that t… mean, in reality and with respect to life, this isn't funny. But let us have this little childish moment. @euanwilliamson if you try to sign out and in again, it'll show an error message. Twitter has killed the app. I nee… maths question/challenge: is it possible to force a mantissa to be between >=0.5 and <1 and derive the requi… @alarisilver @monotron_ Wow, colour me impressed 👍
Thank you folks. General agreement that it's Venus. And not a laser from the end of my finger. @jeremybenaim That's what I was thinking, but it's *really* visible, and has been the brightest in our sky for a good few weeks now. @DefiantBidet No, we just watched that go over.Brighton/uk people, what is this star/bright object? End of my finger tip, above the moon (quite a bit) @sprog_ch Better yet, the entire thing is a single line (originally)I've also just realised the entire body of code is in a for loop statement. As in: and empty for loop where all val… I found in the wild. It gives me something I've been looking for help with, but please, please don't do this.… @matthamm Pretty certain it has a 500mb ssd inside. It cost a chunk back in 2014 @Sironfoot The (html) UI isn't mine - it's part and parcel of pico8. I _think_ you can customise it, but I'm pretty… @Kobi Lol, okay, *super* buggy!!!This was the game I finished last night: Yep, it's crap. And annoying. And buggy. But I like it. @cramforce Wait - "old keyboard" as in "the good one"? @cramforce Yeah, the keyboard is the deal breaker for me. It won't last another 6 years on a duff keyboard that the… FIVE FLIPPING QUID FOR AN HDMI adapter for a new mac. What the actual fuck!?!?oh my, I'd forgotten in the last 6 years apple decided to drop every port and only ship their own. even missing an sd read port. yay. @janl Ah, June, my machine is really struggling. I'm kinda figuring that if I'm able to get 6 years out of a machin… people - I'm thinking of finally retiring my 2014 mbp and upgrading to a new mbp (even though I was super close… final result of my twitch session. Got a lot further this evening. It's a pretty crap game, but it works…sorta.…
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The final result of my twitch session. Got a lot further this evening. It's a pretty crap game, but it works…sorta.… wonderful colleague Jude (Production Manager, baker-in-chief (and Kathy's mum)) is needing to isolate at home.…
Retweeted by @remUK coronavirus mass home testing to be made available 'within days' "Widespread availabilit…
Retweeted by @remI'll be live coding in 25 minutes time at 3pm UK time on Going to try to make a little gam… it, I'll do the live coding at 3pm UK time. I'm far from entertaining, but if it's slightly easier on those P…