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@erikkroes An image map is close to perfect too, except you don't have any CSS control over the map>area elements (… @erikkroes They never left, but yeah, it's not far off of that. It's something that Flickr used to have but I don't… tell me this exists already - I've wasted 2 hours on it already (though learnt some SVG polygon tricks). If… @anatudor @CodePen @sammedve @dmiiiitri So cool <3CSS-ed a liquid drop loader on @CodePen: (uses Houdini, so works in Chromium browsers only)…
Retweeted by @remIt's totally normal for my cat to start rubbing her chin on my laptop screen, then eventually start to lick the dam…
@glenmaddern My live streaming setup has been reduced somewhat recently. But luckily I still have coffee!
My top visited sites in the last 3 months (because my history is auto removed after 3 months). Observations: I us… @grooveplex If it did, I missed the memo :(GraphQL has types all up in its face. So why I can't do: getStatus(id: ID): Status getStatus(id: [ID]): [Status] #… you rely on javascript for fancy number spinners… "How many downloads? Well,… wait…wait…uh…none?" @vinitkme @mmwaikar /tips hat, thank you sir.In your code editor (vscode, sublime, whatevs), what is your most favourite (or most leant upon, or the one that yo…
HASHTAG TRENDSETTER …maybe my many (not!) twitch watchers, no Twitch today - office space is being redecorated so don't have the setup.… @vinitkme @mmwaikar Sorry, bit late. My dark theme is Nord and my light theme is Atom One L… I've been "vlogging" - or at least sharing 6-8 minute thoughts on my experience of web and a career on t…
@vinitkme @mmwaikar I bought Operator Mono, used it 6 months, and switched to Fira Mono and Ubuntu Mono (which I th…
@Geek_Manager The "send tweet" bit nails the "Meri is annoyed" voice 👍😃I did not realise I could explore the ISS from Google Maps (albeit a "mockup facility"?) @lloydi I've never used them and yet there's a random key combo that I used about once every two months that fires… anyone still using Apple's dashboard? This is mine, and if I land on it, it's entirely unintentional. I rememb… the last 3 months I've survived in London on 6k GBP in a startup accelerator. This ran out ages ago. Today was…
Retweeted by @remDoes git come with MacOS? (I tried duckduck'ing it, but the the initial answers weren't particularly useful/clear) @brianleroux How do we run deno in aws? I'm guessing there's not a Deno option for runtime, but some other trickery?Amazon is wild. Some go-getter lightly edited the first half of my book and is selling it as his own book. I've rep…
Retweeted by @remAnd Amazon continues to stonewall my copyright infringement reports. I guess if you're optimizing shareholder value…
Retweeted by @rem @stewsnooze Likewise or even - but for this particular bit of work I need to run commands and run vscode @janl Oh wow. That wasn't too bad. @janl nevermind my laziness, think I've found a guide 👍 @janl And do I fire up an EC2 thingy? Or is it another service (buried under the guzillion other AWS services) @janl Are you able to get a VNC type interface (or better)? I've never done it before, and AWS is never a straight…'s the fastest way I can get a remote Windows 10 instance running (minimal config/hoop jumping) and remote in from my mac? #plshalp!I’ve really appreciated everyone’s supportive and motivating comments in response to my blog post. Thank you! If yo…
Retweeted by @remYo I’m crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by @rem
@Smutchings Thank you. And dangit. Back to square one then! @eden_sg Thank you, and dangit @codemonky007 @digitalocean Connecting from an Android device? @tweets_so_fresh How can I find out?People who understand Minecraft: I've been trying to set up a server, which now my Mac "java edition" can connect t…
Yep, cried at the credit roll of the last-last Orange is the New Black. 🧡 @csswizardry How positive are you about that? I feel like it's an ITC thing… @csswizardry what is ITCSS? I'm guessing it's not something that's ITC SS (my kids do ITC), it's…a css thing? @brianleroux I'm curious what qualifies as "cheating"? I mean, if I hop into my DeLorean fully charged with 13.31 g… @DavidDarnes @heydonworks Oh whoa there. Firstly I've seen super worse and tonnes of docs are guilty of "just insta… @heydonworks I've got one that's a little success story: - this was part of the opening gab… @misprintedtype Hugs. @anatudor @CodePen I wish a printing company would approach you to make your work into canvases people can buy and hang in their homes.More desperate engagement tricks from twitter. I remember when twitter wasn't littered with racists and Nazis. But… @n8n_io thank you for your $10 donation 🙏 - your contribution makes a difference!
@vinitkme It starts in 15 mins. 2pm UK timeTIL from @CodebarBrighton yesterday, via student experimenting, IE Edge (non-Chromium) does not support ol[reversed… code streaming at 2pm UK time for 60 minutes today. Going to be looking at source code for… @relequestual This is another service I might have used before too: @relequestual hired a lawyer. not sure it was worth it though, I've since used services like this:…
My 5yr girl got home from school and explained to me what the foxes were doing: "The fox on top is trying to squee… celebrates its 5th birthday this month with a new ad, showing the unfiltered reality of women being ac…
Retweeted by @remUm. So, now the foxes are locked together, butt-to-butt as it were. No idea how he got into that position or even… kids: oh! Look at the foxes! They're play fighting! They're rolling around! Parents: Huh.
Annoyingly part 2 took about an hour to crack. Binary search funsies. @vinitkme That's kind of you to say, Most of the time I figure I'm mumbling into the void :) @vinitkme I tried last week but failed (to solve it). I solved the bug in my understanding at 11pm last night on pa… @tristanbailey @ocastahq At least Ocasta got my location correct…Finally cracked day 14 of AoC. Took way too long, but turned out to be a tiny misunderstanding in the requirements…
@jacobmischka Whereas weblogs as much higher fidelity…
@PaulAnnett Then I'll install their app, never open it and then lose it when I upgrade phones. Same thing, except i… @PaulAnnett but my phone only has room to show me around 25 icons, the rest are buried. That's also a rather expen… @tkadlec Steals for future reading :) @wesbos @gatsbyjs @Netlify @iamandrewluca Your random "© 1489" has stopped me in my tracks and I can't seem to scro… need to start making an effort to ask companies why they want me to install an app instead of use their website T… @heydonworks @CodeFoodPixels @adactio Seems odd. Jeremy linked to your post at 2:30pm, propagation shouldn't take _… @CodeFoodPixels @heydonworks @adactio fucking twitter. @CodeFoodPixels @heydonworks @adactio Twitter is making your tweet super confusing. I can only guess that one was h… @heydonworks that guy @adactio linked to your blog from his site but it's 404'ing. What won… @cameronmoll Custom code base for blog software - and blogging in markdown. Comments: commento - details on my move… friends who wasm… I have a question that's been tripping me up during my evening hacking:… lord, *this* is how you do an introduction as to why I would want to use your tool - this TL;DR is perfect (to… @MrMohtas @ffconf <2 months! I have a self imposed ban on ffconf things until 1-Jan (or the first day I return to w…
@djeglin I struggled with day 7 too. The new opcodes and the current pointer position caused me a lot of trouble. T…
When @realDonaldTrump says "Make America Great Again" a lot of people wonder what he's talking about. But using my…
Retweeted by @remThis tweet, aside from reminding me that our government is tipped towards self interest and hate, but the replies,… 14 of the adventofcode (yes, I'm late) has broken me. I'm my fourth working iteration - earlier versions solved… my TV guardians of the 80s and 90s, I'm Going LIVE! for 60 mins at attempting to solve a… @kalisjoshua @YouTube I do, pushing whenever I solve a part: @kalisjoshua @YouTube Sometimes I do, but my (only) stream of AoC was a total failure (didn't help that it was my f… @philhawksworth Right, there's the context that was missing from the photo :) That (your tweet) makes sense. I kne…'m going to run my twitch coding session at 2pm UK time today (runs for 60 mins) at I'll… @philhawksworth —I don't think it's worth trying to explain it anymore (to myself). It's a made up word to represen… @philhawksworth I saw a picture of your analogy and I know I'm missing context, but with that pic alone… its… well…… @Wordridden Aw, you kids ❤️ congratulations to you and @adactio @ThisIsJoFrank Yoinks. That's an amazing image.Been reading The Testaments. It's brutal.
@JesseSkinner yup"foot five!!!" - Missy, my geriatric and rather nutty cat.
It's a total hack, but I got jq to generate the frames for the breakout game for adventofcode. It's spitting the te… don't drink beer, but if you want to grab me a gin, I can get you to hold that instead…)I know there's about 4 people in my followers that this might interest, but I _think_ I've worked out how to animat… created a working breakout game in jq - it's entirely automated for day 13 part 2 of… @jaffathecake It's okay. Just putting you on Santa's Dick List.