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I have one of these, and I love it very much. Check out ZX Spectrum Next - Issue 2 by Henrique Olifiers on… @hellogeri *if he sticks with it*. Ah, yes… @slightlylate @brucel *sock*. Singular. What use would Bruce have for the second sock? Weirdo.Good Omens on Kindle is 99p today. A great read 👍 @hellogeri Watching these (hopefully there's more) and sending them to my son who's nearly 9 and wants to learn japanesse.Anyone else's hands just stuck to the keyboard with sweat? hashtag british weather @jaffathecake Have you seen Years and Years on BBC?I made myself and aeropress ice coffee. So of course it's warm. I suck. @jaffathecake Returns epoch.
@jvbates I've been kind of caught off guard as to how it's progressively gotten more painful throughout the day. Di… @jopkins Octamed - nope doesn't ring a bell. We went (our family/Dad and I) from 16K to the 48K and then (what felt…, not a couple of hours, it's tomorrow at 9pm BSTSee also: The BMI can fuck off too.
Retweeted by @remPretty sure I broke my toe at 11 this morning. Only because it hasn't stopped throbbing, oh, and it's going a bit b… got my ZX Spectrum Next earlier this year (after backing it in 2017). It's a really lovely bit of tech and as an… @cassiecodes Hot is the warm companion of grumpy. I keep reaching to make a coffee, realise I'm covered in sweat,… @Julieanne back from her first of ten, ten kilometer runs to honour (what would have been) Tia's tenth birthda…
@aerotwist Will check and report back 👍 @aerotwist Managed this in the end (the devtools on devtools) and cleared localStorage. No dice. Still hangs, so it…'ve been developing a game for the Spectrum Next (not JS or even a browser!) but I want/need to change the name aw…
Oh, nevermind. Just rubber ducked myself: of a random shot, but does anyone know how to do a copyright search for UK copyright? @vercel why can I do `vc env push production < .env` - the hacking I need to do just to get my env in place is horrible.
@zetabasesocial @Underline_API When I do, it's as bare bones as I can get. Never with a framework - that's not real… @janl I saved space on a PC to play Wolfenstein by deleting some files called autoexec.bat and config.sys. computer… @Fyrd I work across a lot of different architectures so I get to burn my fingers on all the fires. It's good on one… @ChrisFerdinandi short version: redux is for state control. Hooks does a lot of that out of the can. It's not as ad… @janl *life skill* is that one. I've been learning assembly on the side, and apart from running it on my Spectrum… tools are great, really really great. But they've got a technical shelf life of milk. Also, I'm tired, hot,… @dkruythoff @1stevengrant so, explain how after the page is idle for, let's say 5 seconds, it then gets notified of… less than a decade I'll be rewriting the code again for something completely new and needing to forget how to do…'ve spent a lot of time in the evenings ripping Redux out of a project because hooks superseded it. I've seen Nuxt… @eQRoeil I already read both those two (it seems besides the nuxt docs, they're the only articles) - and they don't… @1stevengrant because I can't see how asyncData would return more than once… (pretty sure this doesn't do what I need) @1stevengrant Is that "check asyncData - it does what you need and if you mutate the data later it'll trigger a re-… Vue people - I'm looking for an example (actually using Nuxt) that would say: load the page with pending data,… @aerotwist No, I couldn't undock it - otherwise I'd use that trick. As it turned out, I found another way - dev to…'re seeing some friends for a distance picnic and all I can think about is how I cover myself up. 80s action he… know this is a FWP/my privilege being a little too handy, but twitter's for sharing the banal—so here goes. Lock… @DukeofYorks Wait… when did cinemas reopen?!Any chrome people know how to fix or reset Canary's application tab? It always opens the application tab by default… @timer150 I've had a number of projects that won't build in the V2 env. Even had your team members look and try wit… @audiblevideo I use react, preact, Vue, and a lot of my projects don't use frameworks at all. To answer your origin… @timer150 It's not open source and the CRA project has a backend that won't build in the V2 node build pack things.
This combined with dropping react-redux at the same time (because Next + Hooks means I really don't need it) - unpi… to refactor a create-react-app to Next.js - which would have been fun, had it not been for the looming deadl… ticks a lot of retro geek boxes for me (personally) 🤓👴 fuck I've no idea how to uninstall adobe creative cloud. Uninstall prompts for "repair" and "uninstall". I cli… don't see what's wrong with @jaffathecake and @DasSurma's face when they're in the cafe/bar again together… @phae thank you for reminding me about letterboxd (via your weeklies)! I signed up years and years ago and promptly forgot :) @kilianvalkhof @ambrwlsn90 @adactio Gosh, I do *now*. .hta apps too
Added my book reviews (after reading) to my feeds and now my post archive pages look like I… @ambrwlsn90 @adactio Not at all, it wasn't meant as "you missed some" but more as "look at this dusty old thing tha… oddly I subscribe to your blog so no idea why I saw it on Jeremy's feed first… @ambrwlsn90 read your devtools post (via @adactio) and (forgive me if you've seen this before) - Venkman was a tool…'m getting to the point now each new morning there's a new service of mine that's down or taken down (for no given… @Chaoddities Ha, I've no doubt. I'm saying this is a scary, and duly so, notice!Was causally skimming a game manual, and found this - and *this* is an appropriate use of "danger"! 🤣 / Mozilla engineering friends, I maintain an RSS aggregator on - I'd love to get mo…
Retweeted by @remFour years on and I still refer to this blog post pretty much every quarter stacktrace: incredible powerful and interactive and post-mortem debugging tool. Modern JavaScript development:
@qubyte It is absolutely blueBrightest non torch thing I own is my toothbrush. Who needs lights THAT bright on a toothbrush. The light, by the… and Lebanon 😥♥️hoping folks out in the twitterverse and across the web are safe. @heydonworks I see a problem with your analysis: They're not.1) The politician 2) The professor Compare & contrast
Retweeted by @remI am running 10K for 10 days to honour Tia's 10th Birthday in aid of @SandsUK 🏃‍♀️ Please support if you can. With…
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@relequestual convenient isn't when I reboot my machine though(!) I should check either way. @relequestual I hadn't accepted anything (prior - like say "do an update on my next reboot") and I had to perform a…😭😭
Retweeted by @rem @stacypatrick my money!
Retweeted by @remAlso does my nut in that Apple (software) has gone the way of mid-2000s Windows. Waiting for a forced OS update (god… cat just ate some egg. Thus proving that Mog wasn't some kind of evil weirdo. But now the cat has moved on to t…
My GitHub Sponsors profile is live! You can sponsor me to support my open source work 💖 then someone lovely comes along and sponsors your work and all is well with the word/(actually just my friday e… @sombriks I just saw this come through - thank you /bows 🙏Millions of over-75s will lose their free #TVLicence unless @10DowningStreet & the @BBC act now. I've written to bo…
Retweeted by @rem @DracoBlue I was already hitting the gin, so it couldn't penetrate my gin glow goodness.I love it when people take time out of their day to let you know that they don't like that you're asking for (finan…
@brad_frost From earlier today. Can anyone else be MORE chuffed? @netlify I've checked with @netlifystatus and it says all is good, but I've got at least one repo that's got an upd… @BethGriggs_ <speechless>Played Burger Time during my lunch break. Oh my it's fun. Hard, but fun. @yezzer good lord, that gif is magical!!!! 🤣🤣Tune in next week to find out what Remy will use his comfy white privilege to complain about next. Can't wait? Free reruns on his blog.Fuck it, whilst I'm adding to the bonfire, let's toss on the word "intuitive". If you have to write the word intuit… @bzzlr @PhoenixHawk "Clicking that button is dangerous" - no one ever who works with life and death software (becau… @PhoenixHawk Those writing air traffic control and brain scanning software, yes, use dangerous. I've yet to meet a… also pisses me off because I know that *I've* used these words in the past and I wish I had known better back then.And they piss me of because there's literally a boat load of better, more descriptive words that can and should be used.Words that pissed me off when used to describe software or a feature: - Dangerous / harmful - Sexy Errors are no… work partner today is a bit...clawsey
@cdutson Mouse + drag sliders, make sure T is checked - go wild! @voxpelli @code @TypeS So I kinda solved it in a hacky way. It turned out that VSCode knew what the object type was… recently ported an old Windows program to the web (to make audio effects for my @ZXSpectrumNext) but as a side ef… @voxpelli @code @TypeS Doh, I read that as a config, not an npm package! 😆 @mattxcurtis @returns @code Sussed it. I can add { "globals": { "React": true } } to my eslintrc (since I'm dev'ing…