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@ArcaneVoid I think that comic was pretty formative for me. and so much in it is iconic now @amykaycannon @Remember_Sarah @Col_Batguano Violent J is a supportive father!
Retweeted by your friend, Draculait means a lot to me that Kate Beaton is still selling the same BOAT! shirt that I bought eleven years ago @whyaredads @carekendrick GOOSE @whyaredads @yourewrongabout by all of the AMAZING engagement here, and there’s SO much to check out from The Last Airbender to…
Retweeted by your friend, Draculamost of the babies I know have names like this that were popular 100 years ago, which makes me happy when I think a… you heard her, people!
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @cdlrsrio @yourewrongabout I'm so happy you're celebrating with us today @LloBrow @yourewrongabout @RottenInDenmark it's perfect @yourewrongabout @RottenInDenmark: Not a lot of people know that Ronald Reagan's campaign slogan in 1984 was "Every…
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @sugar_boogers I love that they say macaronis. I LOVE IT @girlinalabcoat @yourewrongabout that grout is perfection @weezerc @yourewrongabout I gotta say, this is a very cute Bozo. This Bozo could sleep in the big bed with me @RocktopusPrime @yourewrongabout LOOP doot dootle oodle... @asperschlager I want that too!what do you mean, murder?? @wellEmber @Remember_Sarah Here’s the version with audio so we can hear how perfectly he delivered that line
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @arjetton honestly I think this is much more wholesome than elf on the shelf because it's about fear rather than a… @Col_Batguano @Remember_Sarah They are pure and true and smarter than most colleges rn
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @mollieeisenberg this is so beautiful @Remember_Sarah For this tweet, I give you this book-shelving joke.
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @RocktopusPrime @yourewrongabout THIS MAKES ME EXTREMELY HAPPYwas just listening to @yourewrongabout and unambiguously *lost it* when @Remember_Sarah did the clown song, cranke…
Retweeted by your friend, DraculaMay have fed the dog twice tonight. Best day of her life. It finally worked
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @outofrange17 @mellemelles there's a different one?? omgI disagree, I think it was the plan to make millennials want to fuck pollution @LouisatheLast @LeighHendrix @mkimarnold @alketrolyat this gives me hope @Remember_Sarah Every role, I swear.
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @erikskoglund 1. Muppet Treasure Island 2. The Worst Witch 3. Clue 4. Something I'm forgetting @PamelaLynnV To yoga, to yogurt, to rice and beans and cheesehas anyone seen my tambourine? think our wires are in the right place @lynneelizabeth I concurand thirteen orders of fries @Remember_Sarah Caught with a flat? Well how bout that
Retweeted by your friend, DraculaIn 2016 someone (badly) photoshopped a killer clown on Washington Street at CMU - the photo was like right outside…
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @babs_zone Muppet Treasure Island was also a big one for me @CheapEatsDotIE I read the first quarter ish of it like seven years ago and it's burned onto my brain. I just order… have never been righter about anything @LeighHendrix @mkimarnold at it's heart it's a place for kindred spirits to find each other, I am convinced @fangirlJeanne @AmerHysteria @yourewrongabout @RottenInDenmark @StephenKing I can't believe we didn't talk about th… @AmerHysteria @yourewrongabout @Remember_Sarah @RottenInDenmark @StephenKing The most memorable traumatic Clowns of…
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @itsaddiemae @yourewrongabout @RottenInDenmark I love these faces!! @itsaddiemae @yourewrongabout @RottenInDenmark Smithing Around with Chelsey Weber-Clown
@yourewrongabout The new episode today has moved me to share with you this, my favorite photo of Bozo the Clown gra…
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @Remember_Sarah “You have feet for a reason! It’s for kickin’ clowns!” a truly wise and timeless quote.
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @Remember_Sarah Tobin Bell in fishnets and garter belt going to a Halloween party as Sexy Jigsaw would be such a good sketch.
Retweeted by your friend, Draculahere is my all-time favorite piece of Killer Clown Panic media: @Aderyn I think Jigsaw said that!DO IT looked up "sexy jigsaw costume" and am WILDLY disappointed that they are all just "sexy Billy the puppet," not "s… @womencookhere r/creepyencounters! @jlightweisgoff I still haven't! I think this is the year @MoodyCranberry @yourewrongabout amazing. I support the plan to not watch it. @Remember_Sarah The “Juggalos Are Good, Actually” turn def isn’t the strangest thing to happen in the last 5 years…
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @believermag r/creepyencounters !I'm sad this didn't come up either, if only because ICP's "If I Was a Serial Killer" has some of the most insightfu… happy to be a guest on @yourewrongabout talking about what else but killer clowns
Retweeted by your friend, Draculalast night I read a bunch of scary stories on reddit and thought "these are so silly" and then slept with the lights on. it was great. @ASFleischman @dklogaround I never thought of this before and now I'm mad! @madeleinebaran @yourewrongabout !!!!! @Maidofcrystals I'm so happy you're here listening <3 @JillianEisan @RottenInDenmark @yourewrongabout @MonicaLewinsky me too, so I can marry them @Remember_Sarah all i can think of is the stepford wives i’m scared 👁👄👁
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @SeriousMolly Its funny, I remember everything critically dragging From Hell and it was pretty good! It didn't amaz… @whyaredads @carekendrick That's not that much top gunI watched From Hell and now I want grapes. @forkoff_eleanor but there will beHave heard from more than one person who’ve said that they believed they made this movie up in their imaginations o…
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I’d like to nominate this grandma for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @whyaredads Top GunWhat was the last great thing you watched? Doesn’t have to be critically great—just great to you.
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @notesnthemargin omg thank you @Remember_Sarah I just listened to the Why Are Dads? Episode where you mentioned your fear of caves and well...
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula"Freddy Kreuger is an example of what we see in prestige TV where viewers will grow very attached to a character wh…
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula⁦@Remember_Sarah⁩
Retweeted by your friend, DraculaSexy 1994 nationals Tonya Harding. Thanks to @Remember_Sarah and @yourewrongabout podcast 😅
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula, I would say unsuccessful writers arbitrarily divide the world into correct and incorrect ways of producin…
Retweeted by your friend, DraculaI'm on this week's On The Media and I hope I did OK!
Retweeted by your friend, DraculaGood article with uncomfortable truths about child sexual abuse.
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@frankthapoet @JulianThePoet this also seems like a good question for @rachmonroe @frankthapoet @JulianThePoet Ooh, I wish I knew! There have to be good books on this broadly. Poisoner in Chief is… write what you know (or are married to) on guys. He knew. Come on.
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @speakwright this episode is such a treasure chest! @TheVelvetDays (hugs) I'm so happy you're here for a minute or an hour. And your support is always with us. @caitlin_ps I hope it helps, it's truly one of the most wonderfully weird hours of TV I have ever seen @ilanaslightly @whyaredads @alexsteed i cried so much during this movie @Remember_Sarah By the end it’s the monster telling the story to the doctor who’s telling the story to some sailor…
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I just spent an hour replying to “urgent” emails, half of which began with “congrats on the baby!” and proceeded to…
Retweeted by your friend, DraculaI sure am millennial reboot called... Matt LockeThis. Made me smile. A LOT!
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @whyaredads @sarasneeze @WattleOfBits @EbCummings1 I'm gonna make a workout tape aimed at creating good feelings called Sarah, Tonin @Remember_Sarah a female mom, ray, a drop of golden sun🎶
Retweeted by your friend, Dracula @WattleOfBits @EbCummings1 @whyaredads the very finestQ, a momDudes who aren't strictly meant to be hot are the hottest dudes. That's why there are so many hot athletes.
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