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Just, like, taking a groovy ride on Starship Earth, man.

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Hard to say.
Retweeted by Rick Remender @mythologyho Much appreciated. @tofuguns I think it is. Every suspicion I had about the arrogant and stupid in this country have been proven true.… @tofuguns what a time to be alive @tofuguns #2020 @MilesOrion1 Greatness, dude. It's why your freedom exists. @bsizzle07 Bad Religion has stayed my favorite band now for so many decades I lost count. Not only always on the ri… what a true snowflake is? Someone too precious to wear a face mask in a pandemic.I’m not a political scientist, but I’m pretty sure if anarchists were the Democrats base the nominee wouldn’t be Jo…
Retweeted by Rick Remender2 died of Ebola: They said Obama should resign. 4 died in Benghazi: They had Hillary testify for 11 hours, held 33…
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@ian_on_comics I have to remind myself of this or the bad voices take over @TonyDonley @DarkoLafuente I post about my love of watching your table like nonstopI just hope we get COVID-19 taken care of so our prison labor can be put to work stopping our climate change fires. @MilesOrion1 Option 3) brainwashed and gaslit by decades of misinformation sold by a corporation that has perfected… @TheWinterMen Love it"A thing moderately good is not so good as it ought to be. Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation…
Retweeted by Rick RemenderThose who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.…
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Retweeted by Rick Remender @daveanthony But we didn’t have to wear masks @MahmudAsrar I fucking hate them @ChloeIsAGoth Sweet validationFrederick Douglass on the the 4th of July should be mandatory reading. @lanedoodlesgood we're just evolutionarily trained to hear extreme and dangerous voices above the restMost people are good, ethical, and would help a stranger in peril. Humans, for the most part, try to do right.
If you give it love it will find friends. @WILLisACTIVE Been there. @PaulieBlade All support is appreciated. @Based_Madcap A piece of unimportant Marvel cannon with a ton of love dumped into it.Noah, known on twitter as Chunky Apps, was born in a tumultuous time in American history, but he rose from the ranc… day, henceforth, will be referred to by all patriots as Saint Jacobs day. Thanks for the support! @PressSec Is this your boss?
Retweeted by Rick RemenderA Captain America for the 4th of July. Stay safe and be smart!
Retweeted by Rick RemenderThor is a kind and generous person surrounded by careless people. To adopt and watch over him is to heal an ancient… @BettikMartin Yeah, that’s what we’re doing and the lyrics are fully washed out. Sort If a bummer @TheWinterMen @Cheekierbobcat Filming Deadly Class @TheWinterMen @Cheekierbobcat When I lived in Canada for six months I remembered the relaxed sense of peace that I… @RobertKirkman @ChrisSamnee @COLORnMATT @ruswooton Story of our lives @craigsdennis Fine. It writes itself. It was the wrong example. Let’s get the pitch put together @richiswherenow @arune @TheWinterMen I’ll learnPresident Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have repeatedly attributed the increase in the coronavirus cas…
Retweeted by Rick Remender"The numbers of American sick and dead are a source of wonder and marvel all over the world. They also inspire fear…
Retweeted by Rick Remender @BrianLynch Beginning of my senior year. This has fucked me up.When you say the quiet part loud.
Retweeted by Rick Remender @MilesOrion1 Holy fucking shit. @richiswherenow @arune @TheWinterMen Soh-reeFire Power is a band of artists at the top of their game. Fun, exciting, high-adventure comics. @RobertKirkman @arune @richiswherenow @TheWinterMen I didn’t know that was a law!
@NamorIsRight @TheDesignerGeek Love him so muchThe fate of the world rests in the hands of the worst person on it:
Retweeted by Rick RemenderOne of the best covers I’ve ever seen by @tulalotay for the giant-sized DEATH OR GLORY finale issue 11. If you don’…
Retweeted by Rick RemenderLovely upcoming variant cover for Deadly Class by rising star @by_10ia
Retweeted by Rick Remender @FrankTieri I unproved my initial point with that team up @TJ_Dawe @TheWinterMen Half the time in Sutton Place and half in YaletownThe Crawl Space oversized HCs are unfortunately long since sold out. @mattsontomlin And they youI don’t know Jack but I’m certain he’s a kind and warm person who is well liked by all who have the privilege of en… @daveanthony Be the change you want to see @by_10ia You’re on fire 🔥 @robpilk We chose a very competitive field in the creative arts. There is no fair in the equation. And my point is… @MaconBlair Teenagers love Marrs, candy-bars, teenagers love Marrs @Cheekierbobcat @TheWinterMen If Deadly Class season two had been greenlit we would’ve moved up there last year 100… @robpilk Well, I did stay poor for 12 solid years before I made any money making comics, but I still think the thin… @arune @TheWinterMen In a few months this may well be happening. I’ll prepare my chugging skills. @by_10ia Great work @MaconBlair Al Yankovic covering The Misfits needs to happen @TheWinterMen Canada. Nice and simple. Lived in Vancouver for 6 months and loved it.One of my oldest friends and greatest humans @harperj10 just read Scumbag #1 and gave me it a sincerely positive re… @Cyberjaeger Zero. Sneak attack in his sleep.Even if you get to see Freddy Krueger fight Papa Smurf or whateverone monolithic corporation owning all recognizable IP isn’t a good thing @ErnieLies It means none of that book was created to be easily digested or developed. It was pure imagination first…“Ah, to see the pious hypocrisy taste a bit of its own poison.” Working on the final issue of LOW. @PhotoCassidy Appreciate the support @Prima_exarch @thomkrone @ScaleraMatteo And the art is unparalleled. Page after page of next level greatness. @PhotoCassidy Love it or we give you your money back @mythologyho Appreciate the support. That probably is what will happen. @OctopusCaveman @blainecapatch Put me down for one. Family van is gonna get some laughs post quarantineAny creator who has been around long enough is guilty of this. Myself included. Please don’t name call. @thomkrone @ScaleraMatteo Some of the best pages of the run.No time soon unfortunately. is top flight. For sure one of the best people. Go forth and procreate, Gerald. Teach the world to sing. @brian_level @513_adriaticos @JetsPizza Happy birthday! @sterpazook All good. Few people did it. Wasn't looking to single you out. @CraigGrannell Appreciate the huge support. @by_10ia Thank you for the great work! @AlexanderOlcay @CTropes I love you for that.Craig is a clearly good person.
Stock up on some sizzling new comics to read this holiday weekend with the Image Comics Showcase @humble Bundle to…
Retweeted by Rick RemenderWhen you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do someth…
Retweeted by Rick Remender @KevinGrevioux Probably better I don't. But I can smell them a mile out. Usually high concept and no more than 4 issues. @TaylorMacP @sterpazook Because I'm asking you not to bring up specific examples and shit on people? Do you not see… @DrewStruzan @TheHorrorMaster One of the best movie posters of all time.Lovely upcoming variant cover for Deadly Class by rising star @by_10ia @nelsonblake2 @MahmudAsrar twitter finally pays off @nelsonblake2 @MahmudAsrar perfect @nelsonblake2 @MahmudAsrar sold in the room! @josephacross goodie @sterpazook Please don't hijack my post to attack people. @MrMisterMiracle @WorldZWrestling @Lesb1ben Any creator who has been working in comics for any length of time is gu… @blainecapatch That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen tweeted