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@GroovinChip @BlueAquilae @norbertkozsir @lets4r Libraries. Apps don't suffer nearly as much from this issue. @GroovinChip @BlueAquilae @norbertkozsir @lets4r But that only works for large projects You can't expect to see a… @BlueAquilae @norbertkozsir @lets4r But then it's not really open source anymore is it? If people have to pay to use it that is @norbertkozsir @lets4r But where would that money come from? @erluxman Actually it does support multiple navigators in a way With more globals that is Anyway, whatever works f… @RydMike @erluxman Migrating to the new Navigator API is critical That's part of the "state restoration" feature,… Guard marches through a quiet residential neighborhood in #Minneapolis, screaming at citizens to get insid…
Retweeted by Remi Rousselet @erluxman @ThomasBurkhartB @FlutterDev It's relying on global variables for everything That is universally known t… @erluxman Navigator is being rewritten, which completely changes how it is used There's no Navigator.push anymore.… great way to start the new decade
@ThomasBurkhartB @r_FlutterDev Yeah and you win a few bytes + operations. But this is negligible, it's mostly for the syntax sugar @timsneath Every flutter developer could benefit from it without having to contribute to flutter/devtools 😊 Contri… @Moxorama @Flutter_Flakes That's flutter/devtools I'm talking about a devtool for Mobx/redux/... @GroovinChip What is a subvalue? @scabhilash So a graph showing the links between the different independent objects? Like: Configuration… @GroovinChip Data state mainly Although the differentiation shouldn't matterThe whole country needs to stop right now and listen to Killer Mike. He’s verbalizing what a lot of us don’t know h…
Retweeted by Remi RousseletDon't hesitate to post your requests This weekend I'm building a state viewer, so chances are you'll get what you… @Britannioj Maybe, probably not though @Britannioj That's a different project @Airboss___ You mean breakpoints for state change similar to DOM breakpoints? @alberto_miola Interesting Would showing the list of widgets that were rebuilt as a consequence to a state change…
@alberto_miola What would the state inspector do that the widget rebuild tool doesn't? @metroboomer1963 I don't quite understand how that would looks like Do you have an example?What would you expect from a devtool to inspect the state of a #Flutter app? @JaredChilders7 @Laebrye I don't see this as simple at all It's equivalent to reaching world peace. @mraleph Haha, now I need to see those worse thingsWhat has been seen cannot be unseen couldn't find any 3D modelling software that did what I wanted to, so I decided to roll my own. Here's me buildin…
Retweeted by Remi RousseletI'm getting tired of how modern issues are debated It feels like people are making war in the name of peace. Isn't that counter productive? @chimon1984 That's one of the things I want to cover in my "to-do" app Showing new packages, ordered based on mult… @chimon1984 If this is in relation to state_notifier vs maestro, I'd say this is partly my fault. I haven't pushed the package at all @lets4r @chimon1984 I think you may want to expand a bit on Composer As is, the article looks like we could do Com… @lets4r Yeah there are significant differences when looking deeper @lets4r It looks like state_notifier
A lot of people have asked me about it and now it's official! The Widget-Maker is open-source! 🎉 Build widgets w…
Retweeted by Remi Rousselet @BCBreeden @donnacamos That's my point. @ASalvadorini @donnacamos For sure. But ego makes it hard to admit your own mistakes @donnacamos I wouldn't say "underestimated". All the devs I've talked to know it's important. I think it's more fr… @plckhsn No it doesn't matter Remember that the default Flutter app (the counter) contains no less than 130 widget…
hey, so we heard ya & are trying out a thing where you CAN have a readme on your @github profile... @mikekavouras
Retweeted by Remi Rousselet @medburnbook It works on my machineI love this image hehe. r/ProgrammerHumor
Retweeted by Remi Rousselet @joepie91 @tesseralis Agreed Anyway thank for your time, I appreciate @joepie91 @tesseralis From my understanding, there are only so many paths: - The warnings are ignored -> equivalen… @joepie91 @tesseralis Could you elaborate? I got blocked so I don't see the thread Say someone wants to use the li… @joepie91 @tesseralis For sure But manual reviews don't scale. There are too many different groups. And even withi…
@dan_abramov @p0oker @tucker_dev @eveporcello Don't underestimate what you've done Dan You already had many followe… @pshorokhov @katleta3000 @mobileunderhood @aarexer @dosboxd What a nice timing I unlocked the "Legendary" badge tod… @chimon1984 Could you share a gist? @chimon1984 But is the override for only a part of the widget tree? @jodeveloper8 It will come in due time This series requires progress on the app itself, and most of my time is spe… made a small list about the differences between a static method and using `factory` in Dart's OK to make a new packages People may or may not use it. But if it helps some that's fine It's not OK to sprea… my knowledge, 'get' is the only package that got "talked down" that way People are not hating. They are making… @lesnitsky_dev Could you explain more about that, with code? @Ian80908017 React, no question asked Flutter is React without HTML and in Dart
@ThomasBurkhartB Inheritedwidgets suffer for the same issue But I would expect this issue to be more impactful wit… @ThomasBurkhartB Yes. I do support it. But derived states are not too intuitiveAsking for an experimental InheritedWidget rewrite I have this feature supported, but it is not as intuitive as it… using Provider/InheritedWidgets, do you ever "override" a value for a specific part of the application? Like… not. But you know I had to.Javascript 101 @jaumard @FlutterDev @aloisdeniel But I think we are entering the scope of Storybook We should probably merge all… @jaumard @FlutterDev @aloisdeniel An alternative to the Navigator issue is to share state between all apps instance…
@jacob_moura Well yeah StateNotifier uses a LinkedList instead of ObserverList So adding and removing listeners i… @jacob_moura Well, they are using ObserverList because they want to. @jacob_moura Doesn't matter if you are using provider, which is the most common usage I don't quite understand why… @pedromassangom @dart_lang @FlutterComm @FlutterDev @flutterando_ @flutteriodaily @FlutterLDN It is difficult to us… @luke_pighetti @ThomasBurkhartB @couttsdev I think it is very debatable There is definitely a lot of value in usin… @ravinwashere Although I do want to have a professional level as an artist too. Then maybe make some apps using both skills together 🥰 @ravinwashere Yes My goal is to transition to a full time maintainer of open source projects It's both very techn… @passsy It's case specific imo The failing tests here where me checking against circular dependencies, which is a… @passsy Actually I realised that in my case, it's because `pub run foo.dart` doesn't enae asserts by default.
It's weird though Because if I run `pub run test/my_test.dart`, my project has 8 failing tests But if I run `pub…'ve just realised that `pub run` can take dart files as parameters `pub run lib/main.dart` Found it by mistake w… @rpmlyfe @engineeringvids It's not. This is a common trick for shaolins, among many others even more impressive @bruno__quaresma @ryanflorence You have cmd+t to search for a symbol on the entire project It's agnostic to the location @ryanflorence In the same fashion: Why are these 20 files in 20 different folders? @luke_pighetti @JethroLising @filiphracek @rodydavis @ThomasBurkhartB That's overkill. Use TweenAnimationBuilder on… @GroovinChip @GraphQL @rodydavis @devangelslondon I'm not a graphql user. Is there no code generator that generate… @JethroLising @luke_pighetti @filiphracek @rodydavis @ThomasBurkhartB Making your own Theme is fairly straightforward @JethroLising @luke_pighetti @filiphracek @rodydavis @ThomasBurkhartB No MaterialApp uses WidgetsApp. It simply ad… @JethroLising @luke_pighetti @filiphracek @rodydavis @ThomasBurkhartB Not sure what you mean by "robust" in this context @JethroLising @luke_pighetti @filiphracek @rodydavis @ThomasBurkhartB What do you want to learn? It's MaterialApp,… @ThomasBurkhartB @runarj @divyanshub024 @redbrogdon @rodydavis @koorankka @ndepend A static analysis of the codebas…
@callmevlad @dan_abramov I was about to mention it! The universe is truly fascinating, and the gameplay very deep… of course, if you truly get stuck, do not hesitate to ask questions. There are only two kinds of stupid questi… is a skill that you can develop. There's only so much that you can learn from teachers. If you don't want… @luke_pighetti @GroovinChip DI/service locators They exist for this purpose I have a rework of provider in progres… @luke_pighetti @GroovinChip Everything is suddenly tightly coupled And you could have very hard to debug issues wh… @Sierisimo @VladimirWrites We can't generalise for sure. But that's exactly my point. We can't generalise, and as…'ve seen too many projects where quality was sometimes sacrificed for the sake of an imaginary deadline... and fin…
Retweeted by Remi Rousselet👋 Say hello to the Local Firebase Emulator UI, a local first UI to boost your Firebase productivity. We packed in…
Retweeted by Remi Rousselet @donnacamos To answer the actual question: From a senior POV I suppose you should be able to know what a Junior sh… @dabit3 So you did better than expected?😉 @VladimirWrites I would definitely allow a month of research for deciding what the project architecture should be.… @VladimirWrites The difference between Vue, React and Angular is huge 😁 @VladimirWrites That's not true There are many factors that you know. How difficult is it to setup the DI? Is it c… @VladimirWrites I think that's oversimplifying the problem. A bad choice sticks with you for years and can decreas…