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Adam @Renard_Teach Cincinnati, OH

Christian, Husband, Father, Gamified 5th Grade Teacher, Peardeck Coach, Nintendo and NXT Fan. Host of Directly Yours (A Nintendo Podcast) Opinions are my own.

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@srmalo195 @LenaRCarroll Will you share pictures? @LenaRCarroll Mostly superheroes, but I put up some Nintendo stuff too. @tatormater1 Yeah, I hate this, "Hey, if we test less it will look better and everyone can feel better." junk. @jennifermappel Good and thoughtful questions. Thanks for leading.A7: @goMercerEagles does a really amazing job of this. I appreciate the leadership of her and her husband David. #MasteryChat @dmvelliaris @mexusmx This is a really good list. Thank you for sharing. #masterychatA5: This is an interesting one because I teach in a predominantly white community. For me, I am going to try to inc… It is a matter of teaching self reflection and humility. We don't know everything about everyone, but it is abo… @molecularlevel Yeah, the magic of games in a classroom is huge, I kept the mechanics without using the games themselves. Kids LOVE it. @Shapiro_WTHS This is our logo. #MasteryChat I am in a gamified classroom. The theme is superheroes. So we have a lot of opportunities to encourage service.… I think it will require helping students to think about WHY they are taking certain actions and if those action… I am really interested to see what practices come from anti-racism. I have never shied away from difficult conv… evening #masterychat I am Adam from SW Ohio. 4th grade. 14th year.
@JeffEisenband They beat Alabama and Oregon. @SamuelsEDU DMed @tatormater1 All fair questions.
@staceyreeder @charrod Staffing is going to be the issue. I get that everyone wants us open, but keeping the adults… @teachbetterteam 😢 Miss you all. @RaeHughart 😢
@stullsmusic @Alex_Olney Mostly, a few indies as well. I recognize PC gaming is really cool in the same way that I… @stullsmusic @Alex_Olney That may be true, but for the most part all I really play are Nintendo games (I don’t have… feels like a good day to give away ten (10) $100 Sticker Mule credits. RT to enter. Follow so we can DM you.
Retweeted by Adam @stullsmusic @Alex_Olney I also find myself struggling to be at a computer and not feel like I should be working on… @stullsmusic @Alex_Olney You can upgrade it and change it to be what you want it to be at any given time. That is c… @Alex_Olney 100% agree.
@Nintendeal Thanks for letting me know. Ordered. @alextvalencic @kdruben Sorry for the confusion. @alextvalencic @kdruben 😂 Just that no further responses are needed as that was the correct response. You nailed it. @Stealth40k @Cptn_Alex Oh, man. All the Pikmin 3. @YoMrsRenard and I played 250+ hours of coop and Bingo. I never finished the… @alextvalencic @kdruben One and done, Alex. @KingsIslandPR But are there masks?
@KICentral I hope this is how they do it going forward. That line was insane and did not make me feel comfortable about going to the park. @NintendoNYC I going back to Rapture for BioShock 2. Enjoying the collection. Thank you @bioshock It is all that I… @TraciBrowder It is necessary, diversify what my students see as success. Little bit at a time. @latoyadixon5 Excellent job and set of questions. Challenging to say the least, but it is the necessary state we need to be in. Thank you.A6: I want to listen and help others do the same. My goal is to include outside people in PBL in my class. I have a… My wife and I have been talking a lot. How do we use our influence and position to help with systemic issues. J… Question 1: What injustice have you seen? Things you looked at and thought, 'That's not right.' Question 2:… In my life, conviction has driven my greatest moments of growth. Seeing something. Reacting in a way that you d… If you want kids to do amazing things, show them kids doing amazing things. Again, I can not say enough about t… @Toups_J Tradition is hard. "It is how we do things here." Ugh. #masterychatA2: I think a big one is being in a community that does not know what they can do or not seeing themselves as able… I think what really matters is making sure that students understand how to identify problems and what needs to… Checking in late. Adam from SW Ohio. 4th Grade. @Fouss The key word this year is flexiblity. My goal this year is heavy PBL and everything is going to be designed…
@SpawnWaveMedia No! Not that rumor! That’s the rumor that will blow us all up!! @NateTheHate2 Good listen. Hoping that Nintendo can give us some news soon. PlayStation did such a good job and I a… @reviewsbyhughes Honestly, taking the test was a fun exercise in knowing what I could do with the tools. I was stre… @doidlife518 That is my long term goal as well. I needed to get out of a funk. Ready to move forward.My wife beat me to it, but I am very excited about this. The Pandemic has been hard for me to be motivated, so fina… @SpedDenison Congrats! I found out today that I did too. I am now proud of both of us, even though I don't know you… @avantgame I am curious what games you play?
@HeyListenGames_ Palette cleansed.4th grade gamified/PBL teacher Cincinnati Ohio
@korytellers @irvspanish @stumpteacher My greatest concern is the staff getting sick. What happens if half the staff goes down?And the winner of Twitter today goes to... 🧡
Retweeted by Adam @Nintendeal @nintenmau5 Can’t claim that I made it, but it is the right answer. Both games look great. @nintenmau5
@NintendoPals @NintendoDads I agree. It looked really good. When I played the original I didn’t really understand h… @NintendoPals @NintendoDads That is possible. Though I think it is more likely holiday, then they have it for holid… @NintendoDads While the lack of news is a downer, I have no lack of content to enjoy. It is just a different time. @NintendoDads This seems pretty valid. Though, my hope is that it is a mid to late August release, especially if it…
@edplacencia Man, I was in tears For you and your family today. Prayers for all of you in the coming weeks and mont…
@GidyTheGreat I thought the same thing about Three Houses. Nothing says relaxation like destroying friends from high school!?DC should be a state. Pass it on.
Apparently, it is a better deal to buy the game again and get the currency that way then just to buy the currency b… @mttgcast I am listening to last weeks podcast and you all are talking about GTA in the sales. I recently found out… @teachlikeaninja @flyingmonkey13 This has been my experience as well. The differences that the child who goes home… @LiberatedGame I’d play it. @wrestletalk @OliDavis This my wife. She and I enjoy watching the daily news and reviews together. She likes it and…
@mttgcast I really hope that one of them pulls off really good streaming play, be it Remote play or X-Cloud. It is… @RogoNic Depends. As an elementary person, I might start by going back to 10% ($50) and 5% ($25). The 25% is two $5…
@neoprime33 Just finished the first one. Such solid ports.
@RogersBase I think it was a strong list. A top 12 is fun.
@ziyadThegoat That was a lot of fun. @FellowsEdu @theatreanderson Glad to see this picture. Great news. Prayers answered.
@MeehanEDU Go get ‘em, mountain man. @klei @IndieWorldNA Yes!!! Thank you! @Stealth40k What!?! @Coach_Stephans @pentaclethra @USMSpark
@ActualAero Hoping that they update the graphics. The 64 stuff is too rough now. If it looks better I might buy it.… @Walkergirl66 @Local12 Us too.
@Ruleof2Review Not a chance. With states spiking after reopening it is going to be a hard sell before I consider no…
@JeffGrubb I really liked TTYD and Super Paper Mario and I enjoyed Color Splash. This looks super fun and I am exci… @MylesOfMusic @JeffGrubb While I was really impressed with what Sony showed, I feel like most of what we saw was 20… @NintendoDads Honestly, there was a lot there I liked, but nothing that won’t be there when the system drops to $29… @ZoeysPlaylist @nbc
@bioswoop It looks like LBP and Mario 3D World had a kid...and I am okay with that. @neoprime33 @MrBadBit I would’ve agreed until Greg Miller pointed out production has begun. Sony won’t want it to l… @NintendoDads @PlayStation If years of Nintendo directs have taught me anything. High hopes, low expectations. @ProsafiaGaming In this week of no E3, In this year of so little Nintendo hype, Your graphic made me miss the ones…
@neoprime33 @InsipidGhost Well put. As someone who is content with the Switch, I am going back to an old rule: the…
@chibigstudio @NintendoDads My daughter is really looking forward to this one. Excited to hear more. @YoMrsRenard #SummerMaraCharlotte is excited about this one. @DavidFrangiosa @HeRhymesWithMe Well said. @Stealth40k I think the real bummer is how much we all expected this year to be amazing. It has not been bad, but i…