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Literary Agent @dhliterary 🏳️‍🌈 she/her Author: THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD (Orbit, 2018) THE LIGHT OF THE MIDNIGHT STARS (April 2021) Rep’d: @btaylorbooks

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Other people before Yom Kippur: I’ll wean myself off coffee slowly for a week so it won’t be hard not to drink coff… @OMTorah I know you riderI read REAL LIFE by @blgtylr and CEMETERY BOYS by @aidenschmaiden over the weekend and let me tell you, they are bo… is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. - Maya Angelou
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @bookdragonism I need all of these as art on my wallsAccurate. days, I sit down and the words flood out of me like water, overflowing 'til I drown in them. Other days, I can't spell my name 🤦🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by Rena RossnerMy website now has printable COLORING PAGES from FIRST DAY OF UNICORN SCHOOL!!! Thanks, @marianoepelbaum for the ad…
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @mosslamb Oh my goodness adorable q
@RStomel Whaaaaaat? MAZAL TOV! @AndrewLRoberts1 Thank you! @AllyMalinenko @ambsmcbride @AllyMalinenko @ambsmcbride Amen. @AllyMalinenko @kath_rothschild @ambsmcbride 😭😭😭Agent Sibling Appreciation post: My go to poet, YA writer friend, beta reader @ambsmcbride She always offer the b…
Retweeted by Rena RossnerIn the last month ish I’ve beta read (full and partial) extraordinary writing from 3 agent siblings and honestly pu…
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @aimeefriedman @LaurelSnyder That’s what we’re doing. There’s an outdoor service nearby and we are going to bring f… novel in verse about speech about English how I slide from intelligent to ghetto with the slip of a phrase onl…
Retweeted by Rena RossnerAgent sibling appreciation post: My go to poet, spooky MG writer friend, beta reader @AllyMalinenko! Always off…
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @ambsmcbride @AllyMalinenko 2021 is going to be insane.Uh huh uh huh.
Retweeted by Rena RossnerYa’ll I just read @aliciajasinska’s next book and it is so freaking good and wintry and carnivally and unlike anyth… NPR has been on my list of *wildest dreams* since I started in this thing. What a wonder.
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @ambsmcbride 😘😘😘 @kath_rothschild @ambsmcbride ❤️❤️❤️ @randomlybibi @ambsmcbride😍😍😍😭😭😭
@FinkHernandez 👀!!
Retweeted by Rena RossnerReviewers, check it out!!
Retweeted by Rena RossnerSo, how do y’all feel about kicking off Halloween month with a ✨ COVER REVEAL ✨ for a book about witches 🔮, fae 😈,…
Retweeted by Rena RossnerIf you've expected a baby, you know the feeling of wanting to hold your new little one, cradle their body, smell th…
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @BegunRiv So true @KevinTheWriter @kristinlwrites I love this scene in your book, Kevin!All right, people. I am selling just ONE of my 2020 dissociative craft fugue candles today via blind bid Twitter DM…
Retweeted by Rena RossnerSAME. 😍😍😍, this is a great first line.
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @Nia_Davenport It’s so good @btaylorbooks @RexOgle @davevaleza @GraphixBooks You’re amazing! @2furiosa I’ll send pictures
@BatgirlEditor 👀👀👀😂😂😂 it’s so true though @BatgirlEditor *snorts* @HoffmanJess Those are delightfully extra! @avitalrachel 😥 here in Israel too... @annasproul 😂😂😂This.
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @KristineESwartz The answer to this is always yes @ambsmcbride 😥 @ambsmcbride“That’s not a scar. The flesh won’t knit back together with forgiveness.” From Trespass by Amber McBride (Origi…
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @BatgirlEditor @tracydeonn @sarahrmccabe ❤️❤️❤️🍾🍾🍾 @AllyMalinenko (Just FYI that according to Orthodox Judaism you’re a full Jew. Just saying...) also, I don’t think I ever knew this before1 DAY LEFT TO ENTER: Calling all Texas teens from diverse backgrounds, WNDB and the @TXTeenBookFest want to know: W…
Retweeted by Rena RossnerI had a dream I was at the Frankfurter Hoff in the courtyard, it was 2am, and we were all drunk and comparing vacci… if you follow @EmmettTill, the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor
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@WriteinBK Congratulations!!!!!! @sionnanigans @AllyMalinenko @HoffmanJess ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭 @kellyyanghk @Scholastic @AmandaMaciel12 @elliemuell @loversdiction @TaliaSeidenfeld @Miss_Lizette1 @laurencdonovan @ambsmcbride 😥😥😥So much this. @Planetpinto @JetPens Ever email from @bonescoffeeco had a conversation in @novelmindkidlit with the one & only @KdeVosAuthor talking MG & YA Lit, discussing body-ima…
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @RebeccaPodos Amen. @BatgirlEditor @tracydeonn @sarahrmccabe OMG!I...I cannot wait to hold these babies in my hands... #proudagent think of a better way to celebrate #BiVisibilityDay than by finally getting to share COOL FOR THE SUMMER's b…
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @MissDahlELama @OnFrolic @soverykerri @clairenstuff Love it!!!! @thedaysbetween @soverykerri @clairenstuff @MissDahlELama Aaaaah! @gilibugg So lovely!!! Wish I could visit!For THE FINAL GIRL, Ilana and Wassermann are played by humans. Everyone else is a Muppet, LABYRINTH-style.
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @AllyMalinenko @ambsmcbride Please write this book @AllyMalinenko @baronchrisbaron I remember this, and this...😭😭😭 very important package just arrived... 😍
Retweeted by Rena RossnerI had such an amazing time writing this article with the brilliant @KdeVosAuthor! Coming tomorrow!
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @mararaewrites @connollybot @InkyardPress Congrats!!! @baronchrisbaron Awwwwwwwwwww
just a reminder that queer and trans teens grow up and we need to give books with queer and trans adult main charac…
Retweeted by Rena Rossner(1) It dismays me that reviewers still treat Jews as monolithic; there is talk of what should or should not be show…
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Retweeted by Rena Rossner @kianangu Same.I can't wait for this book! 👇👇👇
Retweeted by Rena RossnerLove fantasy? Love @KatyaDeBecerra and @aliciajasinska? Then you'll love the Worldbuilding in Fantasy panel next We…
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @EricaEditor Not that I can think of.
@RachelAnneMarks I’m holding you to that! 😘😘😘Starting this on Monday with my Spanish 2 students! I know it’s in English but I want them to be excited for our La…
Retweeted by Rena RossnerThis week, our Friday Five celebrate the start of Latinx Heritage Month! @thebookGLUTTON @writeteachplay
Retweeted by Rena Rossnersharing some more amazing The Dark Tide art!!🖤✨my super talented friend @itakoaya drew lina! how cute is she?!! & a…
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @KdeVosAuthor @WriteinBK @ModCloth @EpicReads I love this so much!!!One of my dearest and oldest clients is not well. Please send her prayers for healing as she goes through surgery t… 12, 2021. SO FREAKING EXCITED
Retweeted by Rena RossnerI absolutely LOVED this book!
Retweeted by Rena RossnerThis was definitely the case with me! The book @btaylorbooks signed me on was not the book we sold... just finished my Frankfurt Catalog and now I need a nap. Except it’s almost 10pm. the idea that the book that got you your agent is not always the book that gets you a publishing deal
Retweeted by Rena Rossner @BegunRiv Tel Aviv! @gengornichec Want. @ambsmcbride Wut.I’d like to un-meditate, fan away the circles of smoke & un-sage peaceful stillness. I’d like to sit with this…
Retweeted by Rena RossnerIt’s my birthday... My debut should have been out. But we’re still waiting! Make my day and add to goodreads or…
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