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@JrbcfcJames I think so... @CarmellaWWE Gonna try and verbally coach Jon into doing it 😬 seems more his speed @ShaneHelmsCom @Stephen_7777 Oh shhhhhhhh$!I’m so nervous to spatchcock my turkey. @starkmanjones @ilovecafelola i ordered from Eastern so now when i do finally get a pie (or donut) from there I’ll go to Flamingo @CMPunk @ilovecafelola Now i gotta bake!! 😩 @lodownxo @ilovecafelola 😩😩😩 so sadI just realized I ordered a pie from @ilovecafelola and I forgot to pick it up 😩😩 @ClaymoreFangirl Odds are good!! @SarahSn42709171 Sounds perfect!Sums him up quite nicely! 👊🏼👊🏼 @Geekywweboss Yayyyyy!! Solid BDay gift!
@SoCalValerie 🤗🤗🤗 @reneesyang You’re a dream! @jenncarmela Me too!! @SassyCanadianEh Yep!! @OGMikeRoberts @KaylaBraxtonWWE @NatbyNature @SoCalValerie @DavidBHayter @DBSmithjr @Zelina_VegaWWE @gailkimITSME @xkennyomega Gift the other one! 😜 @MintyGambino ❤️❤️❤️ @the_real_krod @SassyCanadianEh Yay!!! Hurry up May!! @WWEGP What a dude!! ❤️❤️For those of you who have been asking for the signed copies of Messy In The Kitchen, your wish is my command! Let’s… @RockAdam @amazonca It’s on preorder!That’s book #2 @Garrr83 Thank you!!! @ContraryRhombus 🥳🥳🥳 @jamesbardolph I have a new found sweet tooth!Yes!! @DeathRaiderSTR Totally! There’s something for everyone!! @WyobrattOG Samesies @Defund_Vert 😜😜 @strange_pixie ❤️❤️❤️And for all the amazing people in the UK! Here’s the link for my book!’s my cookbook link for all my fellow Canadians! Messy In The Kitchen: My Guide to Eating Deliciously, Hosting…!!! As I’m prepping my thanksgiving meal it seemed like an appropriate time to post this little link to a little… @TIFFSANEE Hell yes!! Hopefully you ignored the other part 😬 @duckie1313 It’s insane!!! @trishstratuscom 😱😱😱😱 i can’t wait to watch!!Fatman will be my new favorite Christmas movie. @bradweimer @AustinCreedWins This is the best news!!!My girl!! @RealBrittBaker @JimmyTraina Thanks dude!! @JamesCybulski One of my first was @RealMickFoley at the SkyDome!
Shoutout to the dogs that are always down for an afternoon nap. @ashleymarie2422 😂 it’s been in my head all day too @Cwebber26 I live in the desert now @fuzzles4lyfe Oh duh!!! Shit. Now i need a cooler! @Johnathanposs @JonMoxley Tuesdays!!Big question here, who actually has the free fridge real estate to brine a whole f’n turkey in a BUCKET, while also… No matter what has happened between us I still respect him as a man. Ugh respect with love…
Retweeted by Renee Paquette @CMPunk @harriswiIson @harriswiIson @CMPunk 🤔 @jamiekilstein Marriage is great! You should marry a wrestler too. They’re great!Super fun project to produce! This convo is really great listen and subscribe.
Retweeted by Renee Paquette @chrisNUFCready 😬😬😬 @Dieselweasels Thanks Jay! @Hafstonedcowboy Legit popped me @BigBicepTony Podcast isn’t censored just the clipsHere’s a little Oral Sessions clip for your viewing pleasure @MeganOlivi 🥳🥳🎙 @EveryDayBlasian Lol happy birthday @eatmytank Thank you so much!!Just posted a photo it’s Oral Sessions day!!! Listen to my very first episode with the delicious @JonMoxley ! He tells some tale…!! Give it a listen y’all!! @GASLIGHTStan Yay!! I love that!!!Just watched D2. I miss playing sports. @RowdyTyler18 @Twitch ❤️❤️ @Kelly_WP @Twitch Thanks lady!! ❤️❤️ @HeyItsYael_T Hahahaha that’s amazing!! @ASchallenberger 100%!!!
@CarrlynBathe Wish me luck. I know not what i am doing @kellinicolef Thanks!! @LaceyEvansWWE 😂😂😂😂 sooooo that’s a no on the kegels? @wublub @RonFunches Only about to get worse with all this holiday food! 💁🏼‍♀️ @GuilleCummings clothes all feel tight. SOS. @shawnemerriman 🤔💡🙌🏻 @WWEonFOX This is amazingI agree with the masses. The new Animaniacs is very good! @TherealJaymo420 @agger83 @Twitch I’m thinking around 4pm PT @Geekywweboss ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻 @MikeRomeWWE He was truly one of my all time faves @agger83 @Twitch YepHeyo!! Gimme a follow on @Twitch and turn on those notifications! Gonna attempt to go on today and test the waters. ReneePaquette ❤️ @BlueMeanieBWO I can just tell i would’ve totally loved hanging with him! @mld515 @c_mate13 Wow that’s such a cool story! And congrats! That’s incredibleOne person I wish I got to meet was Paul Bearer. ⚱️💜Ladies crushing it tonight #SurvivorSeries @JSB_TV Hahaha I’ll lean into any holiday that mostly involves snacks!
@stevedock2011 I’d thought about it! I think I’d do it with chicken first to make sure i didn’t totally ruin the turkeyYEEHAWKEY 🤠 (📷 IG/spencer.jenkin)
Retweeted by Renee Paquette @AnnaRoisman I was totally on the fence too but the leftovers pleaded their case. @klochica @BradEssex Yes!! @BradEssex Of course! I’m going mini pecan and pumpkin piesTurkey purchased. I went whole bird for just Jon and I. Leftovers are necessary for my pregnant ass. @DaxFTR This looks amazing! @rxsheepxr @TheBrandiRhodes Stupid phone!