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Straw Hat Joey 🏴‍☠️ @Renegade_Joey Wentzville, MO - At Work

Scuffed Toxic Pokémon streamer. UAW. Poker. Anime/Manga Police Hisoka Stan. Retired Cod player. BO1 GameStop National Champ. #RIPPhizzurp #BLM

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@jeffthrowcards Is that all I am to you??? I thought we had more Jeff. are being done tonight. i either am finding nearest bridge to autopilot the tesla off of or we going hard on… tik tok up of my full art collection with many many waifus. GIMMMEEEE DAT PUSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY (and SOM… @stevenfizur @Wesgaard there is no game its just collectiblesAlso huge shout out to @Wesgaard for sending me some demon slayer cards and Zelda cards! Super fun to open! I lov… hooked the guy thats sending them back with an evo zard and a bunch of other cards. never fucked up this bad befo… i accidentally shipped $600 worth of cosmic eclipse to the wrong person... they luckily shipping it back to me.… @spelledwithaV nah lol hes sending them back today anyways but the guy that used the code gifted like 15 subs and b…"I bought last week i thought i could use it" my chat proceeds to say things like "buy one get one half off, but… 3 moment in my stream i have a free shipping code on my site where if you buy twice in the same stream you can… was a VIBE holyyyyyy i love you all so much a box of vicious 😱 up some demon slayer cards from my good pal Wes then shop orders! Long queue tonight! FIRE IS ABOUT TO…
@MxjdTV shittttt even if she wanna cuddle i'm flying her out. forgot what it feels like and its only been like 2 months LMAOOOOOO @MxjdTV @ every single mother on twitter that i follow... lmk11 people in the queue already... SHEEEESHHHHHHHBreeze hands down worst competitive map i have ever played... lmaoooooo just copy paste cs maps PLEASE HOLY @AllstarPoke Someone wanna tell him??damn government going after ebay sellers now with having to provide their dob and socials... rip lmao @Nadespots_ I'M HYPE FOR THIS ALBUM. i remember i was at warped sitting down taking a break in the main place and t… @ChunknocaptainC 6 long years awaiting another album...Can we start over again? "Bitter.” Friday. Pre-save here:
Retweeted by Straw Hat Joey 🏴‍☠️Huge amount of stock! tonight at 8pm central time! shining fates $7.50 battle styles $4 dab still $6 hidden fates on sale for… @Renegade_Joey I hit his charizard giveaway and he also tossed my the Skyla 😍 came in nice and secure!
Retweeted by Straw Hat Joey 🏴‍☠️grinded out of gold 3 to almost plat 2 but played a game with the worst teammates i have ever had in val. i asked w… to upload this on TikTok they wasn’t fuckin with it. Anyways, watch One Piece.
Retweeted by Straw Hat Joey 🏴‍☠️Step Dad Strawhat Joey hide the milfs. I’ve come to the conclusion that I would be the best step dad of all time. SHJ out. 🤣 ALWAYS wanted to go on this as a kid... PLEASE'm also legit running a business through my streams so the goal is always to make money by selling packs but like… have so much respect for streamers that stream full time... I feel like i have to be at 110% or i let myself down…
@AsiaVsTheWorld @LeviInLimbo LMAOOOOO @GabagoolK 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Renegade_Joey
Retweeted by Straw Hat Joey 🏴‍☠️you got any charizards behind there?????
@thepkmn_htb @PokemonTCGDrops your bank account gonna be hurting cause they aint stopping after 2 more... LOL gl… @Sprintzzz Easily top 5 this guy was a machine for our team for a very very long discord is too fucking funny if you aint in here you missing out... this shit more entertaining than this app sometimes LOL @AllBetzOnAlec love it bro, it's healing nicely! @Renegade_Joey anime tattoos are where it's at. #NARUTO #Gaara
Retweeted by Straw Hat Joey 🏴‍☠️ @eUnited @eU_Interns 👀 get mad flustered during stream so I never tweet pics out but bout to ship these out to a first time buyer. Absol… morning all! shipping all orders from Thursday night today and next stream will either be tomorrow or Thursd… @ProfessorSoop YOMy thiccccc ass anime buddy 😾 @TheGioRoyals he wont sell me it lmao but its $400 DAMAGED LOLWalked into the house and it’s 60 Degrees... lmao basically walked into an igloo 🤣
@NintendoBadb0y How you ask me about loving caitie but tweet me this lmaoo make ya mind up dork 🤣🤣🤣🤣German short haired pointers are so fun to play with @NintendoBadb0y @MyNameIsCaitiee Not at all lol @NintendoBadb0y @MyNameIsCaitiee Mannn lmaoooo @NintendoBadb0y I do!!!! Lmao I’ve known her for like 7 years. Most precious woman in twitch chat. @Justin_E_Lewis Nah this pic was a few moments ago he just is not living with me anymore cause uhhhhh.... long story. Lmaoooo he good!Miss this dude 😭 Mother’s Day to all moms out there... and especially to the ones that aren’t still with us today and should b… @shaygado Hide ya moms everyone... No mom safe from SHJ charm 🤣 @shaygado Shes friggin gorgeous SHEEEESHHHHHGUESS WHO IM SEEIN TODAY @Ryloken1031 He’s the sports guy I’m the weeb lolSome of my lil bros collection IN BOYS LETS GOOOOOO I pray she don’t have twitter 🤣 who tf modded barney the dinosaur in resident evil 8 i'm crying 😭
Retweeted by Straw Hat Joey 🏴‍☠️Headed to church WOOOO!!!!! Praise the lawd Gonna have to wear sunglasses cause my pupils non existent 🤣 Fuck. LmaoAlmost went to another party but gotta be up In 6 hours for church with my mom lmao rip @Renegade_Joey Down horrendous
Retweeted by Straw Hat Joey 🏴‍☠️SHE LEFT DOWN BAD @KruMP__ @NullTruth Giveaway king @AximerWho Been LOL @TeachingLeeSons Trust I have beenIm a sucker for brunettes and the most beautiful one I’ve laid eyes on is at this party SHEEEEESHHHHHH7 FOOT TALL BRO LMAOOO jfc @FuckMarky @KoalafiedStoner Wait nvm I thought this was a tweet to me LMFAOOLO @FuckMarky I’m 5’9 but holy lmaooooIM FKN DEAD LMAOOOOOThis guy is 7 foot tall LMFAOOOOO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 stg i am the most emotional 29 year old dude of all time. just overall happy with how my life is going and jus…😭 bro I love y’all holy shit Come to nulls stream we vibing in here!
@belmiic my ex struggled with this even with me telling her everyday she was pretty and i loved her and a ton of ot… ordered 36 packs of ancient origins come watch these fire hands. last time he pulled me a zard from champs path. @aApolllo @hitchariide @KingJames I’m buying one I need hitch to come through tho and tell me which one he has @hitchariide @KingJames which one should i get? sitting in a shitty chair for 8 hours opening pokemon cards is killin me. help me out here. @specia1est HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! @morejapaneseplz i loved kids, bde and a song off blue slide park... got into him again a few months ago and loved… have had different months of mac miller albums that i have liked. its whack that i loved his mixtapes and got out… posting tik toks anywhere but tik Tok so if you wanna see my Pokémon collection in video form, follow me! Pos… Assemble! Commission for @kingkhamar
Retweeted by Straw Hat Joey 🏴‍☠️Also thank you so fucking much @Savage_Kabbage for sending this sick ass patch and the super kind letter ❤️ The ba… let me buy some packs @LeonhartYT 😭 wanna open legendary collection packs so bad. i think thats my fav pokemon set of all time and i have so many car… morning all! hope you have a great day! <3 @Cogent_SL START A MOSH PIT lmaooooo @Cogent_SL Jealous af! Who you going to see? @MyNameIsCaitiee ?????? The people know I love youProtect @MyNameIsCaitiee at all costs