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#RNGCOD BACK ON TOP! GGs to everyone we played. @Fighta71 @ShockzCR @MF_Louqa @Pred_RNG #RNGFAM #RNGWIN🔴WE ARE LIVE APAC Challengers Cup #4 | Winners Finals @Renegades vs @VOIDCollectiive Casting through the twiligh…
Retweeted by RenegadesA recap of our run! GG @GroundZeroOCE Good luck to everyone left! #RNGFAM #RNGRL is back in action in action for @ESLAustralia Playoffs!! Lets make another run! Taking on @GroundZeroOCE
@nixx11_ Had the super igl that made all the wrong calls on your team huh?Use a gif to describe your last ranked play game 🤠's our Top Clips of the first week of January Presented by @velocilinx ! 📺: Vote who…
Dear Australian Government, Please let us go to Katowice so we can go Sico Mode on the competition. Sincerely,… @JCubedRL Hey that’s us
It's #RLOMasters week 2! Catch all the action via @CJCJ_RL 's POV! #RNGFAM #RNGWIN
@RLStatsGG ☺️ @fluff_ful Ayo @JCubedRL @Lyythos @RockstarGames @Philnoo You gave us great inspiration ❤️I wonder what we could be working on 🤠😉
Which Renegades player had the best clip this weekend? 🤠🤔 @ValorantEsports @KnightsGG @SmitePro @ElChucklomeo @Neirumah @PaulFromPC @BelairIII @Qvofred @sZapman Congrats 🤠👏🏼👏🏼That's a wrap for S7 SPL! Season 7 brought some incredible moments from some incredible players. Congrats to the Go…
Retweeted by Renegades
We fall 2-0 to @XSETGAMING our tournament comes to an end. Thank you to @Complexity and @nerdstgamers for anothe…’s Playoff Time! 🤠 We take on @XSETGAMING #RNGFAM #RNGVAL #RNGWIN 📺: @hatescorah I really dont blame himUpdate: seems to have gotten distracted by fishies. Will try another time @qtLixy Yes but we do get busy :(The Streak is over.... Time to start a new one next event. #RNGCOD out our new social media intern tonight. Something tells me he's never done this before... @SpacestationGG ! See y'all in playoffs tomorrow 🤠 #RNGFAM #RNGWIN #RNGVAL fall to @NRGgg. We regroup and get ready for the decider match against @SpacestationGG.
🚨Game Three Alert🚨 take map 1 as @winsumfps with the showstopper two 2K. Still live at for game 2 on Bind. beat @SpacestationGG 1-0 in the @Complexity invitational powered by @nerdstgamers. We take on @NRGgg next to mo… fall to @GhostGaming Finish 3-4 in Smite World Championship. @BaRRaCCuDDa_ @Varietygg @awesomejake408 is time to dig deep we fall in game two Against @GhostGaming. We look to bounce back in game three.Here he comes from the sky! @BaRRaCCuDDa_ game one we look to come back in Game 2! #SWCAtHomeA huge day of games across most of our teams. Let's kick things off With @SmitePro. Our #SWCAtHome run continues!…'s recap that fantastic match from earlier. 🤠 Hear what @Venenu_ has to say! #RNGFAM #SWCAtHome @SmitePro
@ohaaiii @randyySAVAGEVAL thats alot of Canadian for one pillowKinda guess we have to sell the body pillow now right? @WhalesGawd @Renegades @SmitePro @SanguineGG u right
Retweeted by Renegades @SanguineGG GG. One hell of a year from you guys 👏 @SmitePro @SanguineGG @awesomejake408 @SmitePro @BaRRaCCuDDa_ 😍😍Semi Final Bound ! GG @SanguineGG BaRRapollo. 🤠 #SWCAtHome #RNGFAM #RNGWIN #RNGSMITE wait for game 3 #SWCAtHome LIVE NOW : @GoopyGunker @JacobWinsSmite @StroidGraphics @SinisterPhoenix @SanguineGG @SMITEGame @SmitePro +1 @BrendanKillarn1 Good luck in your class :) @SanguineGG @BaRRaCCuDDa_ 👀oh my goodnesslooks like @Renegades pulled something special out of their reserves
Retweeted by RenegadesLooks like our GM is enjoying the show. Cant wait to see this place in full swing 😍 @SmitePro Maybe new league sponsor should be a heart monitor? @SmitePro mood game had me clenching my favorite item in our store 🤠 #SWCAtHome #RNGSMITE Game 2 Starting soon :… @JacobWinsSmite @StroidGraphics @SinisterPhoenix @SanguineGG @SMITEGame @SmitePro This better? @SanguineGG @SmitePro GL Friends @darkcloudstrife #SWCAtHome run continues! Tune in NOW to watch the boys take on @SanguineGG ! GLHF 🤠 📺:… @Mistergrayhound @GoMeZCSGO @dextersjourney Can’t be unseenI think I passed the verification to get into my email.
A hectic end to game 3 gives us the sweep over @RIOTGamingGG More matches coming later tonight via @CJCJ_RL POV… @BakedpotatoOCE @TeamProcessGG @RIOTGamingGG Totally didnt click on the wrong bracket :) take the series vs @TeamProcessGG ! Onto @RIOTGamingGG ! 📺: #RNGFAM #RNGWIN #RNGRL match vs @TeamProcessGG IS LIVE Cheer on the boys to qualify! 📺: #RLOMasters
@StroidGraphics @RLOMasters @RLOceania It really be your own sometimes huh?Can't wait for #RLOMasters Remember. No touching of the hair or face. Good luck to the field. Also shoutout w… @RLOMasters is returning for 2021! Your favourite teams head back to the pitch for the new year, fighting for t…
Retweeted by RenegadesRecapping our match vs #BeltSlap with @awesomejake408 #RNGFAM #RNGSMITE #RNGWIN #SWCAtHome @smitepro
#RNGSMITE Goes Sweeping into Worlds!! 🧹🧹🧹 GG #BeltSlap 1 ✅ Game 2 ✅ Game 3 up next #RNGWIN #RNGSMITE #SWCAtHomeSee you soon friends 🤠 @SmitePro Barra doing barra things. 🤠GAME 1 ✅ The draft was fun game two is next. 📺: #SWCAtHome. @SmitePro We were told this was a special event... @SmitePro : Our #SWCAtHome Run Starts NOW! We take on #BeltSlap in our first matchup! LETS GO BOYS 📺:… to @BaRRaCCuDDa_ about the upcoming Smite World Championships. Come get to know our hunter going into thi… MORNING GAMERS! It’s @SmitePro Worlds day! 🤠 #SWCAtHome @ShockzCR ❤️And we cant forget the APAC CoD King @Fighta71 Happy Birthday!! #RNGFAM if he only tweets twice a month..... Happy Birthday @ShockzCR ! #RNGFAM @randyySAVAGEVAL @mintaims id want to be you too... @LEMONDOGicec0ld Had to learn some self control pretty fast @LEMONDOGicec0ld Perks of living across the street from a shelter 😅Welcome @Renegades to the #RLOMasters🚀 January 2021 Season! @CJCJ_RL @KamiiRL @SikiRL Watch LIVE Thursday 7th…
Retweeted by Renegades @L2Fazza Anytime 🤠Bad start to your week? Have another kitty .
@SmitePro Same :) @Kr1spy_Sn1per Could be onto something there :) @Kr1spy_Sn1per
@penyforthoughts Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones @fannpotter Easiest decision if it were up to me ☺️ @IGotChuSuckaa 👀 @tftryy Making me blushHmm... This whole 2021 thing is making us think who should we sign. Any suggestions? 🤠📝
@awes0me_king @IHOLDSHIFT’s 2021 and some of you are really still eating pineapple on pizza?