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@grahamdunning @residentadvisor thanks graham!From midnight tonight, we’re at OHM Berlin with resom @renick Tash LC and Marco Shuttle. €8 all night - see you fro…
Retweeted by Renick Belltonight in berlin. see you there!
@subtextrecords thanks 2 guidance from @foreverinsearch and generosity of @subtextrecords all proceeds will be dona…
Retweeted by Renick BellPpl who obnoxiously ask “where has socialism worked?” Are unaware of the trillions of dollars spent & the rivers of…
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“I have to tell my boss I can’t depart,” one traveller said. All flights out of #HongKong were cancelled as thousan…
Retweeted by Renick BellThe 2nd of September, Mads will try and teach you the basics of #SuperCollider. We will cover the design of SC and…
Retweeted by Renick Bell""The world doesn't want enough of your product for you to pay the rent," Wilson retorted." This is a distortion, a…"We have multiple crises impending at once: climate change, diminishing topsoil, less nutritious food than ever bef… Regulation Requires All Protected Species To Be Actively Looking For New Habitat In Order To Receive Funding…
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hey #plottertwitter:
Retweeted by Renick Bellresults of the test w/jonathan of a #3dprinting pen holder on the #shopbot. the bleeding & indeterminacy are intere…
@CCSalts across Europe this month and next if you are around. @CCSalts really glad it does something for you!
It’s kinda hard to overstate how practically significant this fact is in our politics and how wildly ill-equipped w…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @exai_ have to get a special screwdriver to open the laptop @exai_ lsblk doesn't list it. still, I'm going to remove it tomorrow and test it in another device. @grahamdunning a hint seems to have been when i couldn't write 2 a folder in my home directory. i thought maybe i'd… @telefontelaviv me neitherso this drive definitely seems gone. it means that many of my drawings just now became super rare, since a chunk of… a multi-month string of breaking things, the ssd in my laptop seems to have died. make you sure you back up often. i didn't.山脇佳朗さん「私はこの場で、安倍首相にお願いしたい。被爆者が生きている間に、唯一の被爆国として、あらゆる核保有国に、核兵器を無くそうと訴えかけてください」「この問題だけは、アメリカに追従する事なく、核兵器に関するすべての分野で、核…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @emilyxglass vegan ramen, though... @emilyxglass i just ate noodles listening to autechre.Are there any promoters in Milano / Italy who’d book me if I happened to be there already Sept 20/21??? 🍝 HMU!! airmax97music[at]gmail
Retweeted by Renick Bellthanks for having me on your show tonight!
season's greetings! #808DAY #808 #Roland #cowbell week in #berlin at #ohm with @marco_shuttle @_rsrsm @DJTashLC for this @residentadvisor event. hope to see you… to @grahamdunning for including my remix from @SheIsRevolting and my new album out soon on @conditionalrecs @britishmuseum needs to wake up, look in the mirror and START REPATRIATING ARTEFACTS. They are not the only ins…
Retweeted by Renick BellI've been getting a lot of questions about how FieldsOS was made. I think the specific tools are not as important a…
Retweeted by Renick Bellarchのwikiってめちゃ充実しており助かりがある…
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@Tenji95 @GMWatch @samim ironic @MaartenvSmeden @StephaneDeny Academic publishing is such a racket. Screw those parasites. Sci Hub FTW.
Retweeted by Renick BellIf art were like scientific manuscripts Artist: worked some months on this painting that would fit your gallery I…
Retweeted by Renick Bellmoving smoothly through late work thanks to this buttery minimal broken beat techno mix from @WellStRecords i were in osaka, i'd go see @ultrademon @machin3gir1 @djfulltono @pharakami + everyone... extremists we need to fear are the ones in government. My column. #ClimateBreakdown @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg
Retweeted by Renick BellHow the world’s dirtiest industries have learned to pollute our politics
Retweeted by Renick Bellagreed, definitely a good listen!
If you want a dj with no opinions on anything get yourself a jukebox
Retweeted by Renick BellIt is weird to be in a country where we think that the biggest problem with home-grown White supremacists is that t…
Retweeted by Renick BellNow displaying my controller movements on the left side with colors and labels, so the audience can follow along w…
Retweeted by Renick BellMusic people, tech people, economics people, political people, just plain people people: this bewildering, invigora…
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USA: It's a mental health issue. WORLD: We have those. We don't have mass shootings. USA: Then it's a video game…
Retweeted by Renick BellI don’t think we have the luxury of not talking about politics. Dance music is political; because dance music is a…
Retweeted by Renick Bellend capitalism & remove the high priests of infinite growth & endless pollution (bankers, billionaires, military, e…水道橋 Ftarri 19:00 開場、19:30開演 前売り 2500円 当日 2800円です。(ちょっとお高めですが、前回人がいっぱい来すぎてしまったので…、) tokyo gigguideに出演者の動画もあげました
Retweeted by Renick BellNew political psychology study: Republicans are more likely to believe climate change science when presented by Rep…
Retweeted by Renick Bellthink of your brain. are white supremacist terrorist too
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@markdalgleish Goat farming
Retweeted by Renick Bell2019 mass shootings: 🇦🇹 0 🇩🇰 0 🇫🇮 0 🇩🇪 0 🇮🇹 0 🇮🇪 0 🇱🇺 0 🇨🇭 0 🇬🇧 0 🇭🇺 0 🇪🇸 0 🇵🇹 0 🇸🇬 0 🇸🇦 0 🇧🇪 0 🇸🇪 0 🇦🇺 0 🇫🇷 0 🇳🇿…
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@chevelmusic @irlhumanbeing @berghain a bowl of noodles is the next step.patiently waiting for the point in civilization when I can go to the club & order single shot espresso + a slice of cake
Retweeted by Renick Bellabout this time last year, playing with 808 samples
@maxcoopermax thanks so much for the opportunity!my two-track EP "FIGURE BESIDE ME" will be released 16th of August. please head to my Instagram or Facebook to read…
Retweeted by Renick Belli've provided cover art for the new @maxcoopermax album, the first single of which is out today. intense mix of minimal tech footwork at 160 bpm from @djfulltono at manchester white hotel, posted by… @syntqxyz should go without saying (but capitalist propaganda got a lot of people f'd up): If 10s of millions of people…
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今週8/3(土)12:00〜 ”ORCA + ビジュアルコーディング勉強会”が #葛西スペース にてあります。5月より数回にわたりORCAを中心に勉強会を行いました、今回はヴィジュアルソフトとの連携を一緒にできればと思います。また…
Retweeted by Renick BellI’m beyond relieved to be able to share this news, finally. I’m excited for you all to hear this soon!
Retweeted by Renick Bell @telefontelaviv congrats!
Every mobile phone has a second "hidden" OS built-in, which has access to all system functions (radio, location etc…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @nervousOperator for heavy fines for any idling internal combustion engine.late night work with new album by @NFPA1127 on the speakers. top experimental sound design compositions. recommende… novos nomes / Ocho nuevos nombres / Eight new names WOS Festival x @SON_EG: Deaf Center | Elektrogena | Helm &…
Retweeted by Renick BellMansions, superyachts, luxury cars, and private jets produce more carbon emissions than whole countries. Researcher…
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SOCIALIST: late capitalism has created a moral rot that pervades our entire society NEOLIBERAL: but imagine if we monetized the rot
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Retweeted by Renick Bell日曜🗺 7.28 (sun) New Map#4 @神楽坂神楽音 17:30-23:00 Door ¥1,500+1drink Live: Praymate Paul Gründorfer (from Austria) Ut…
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up late working, but enjoying it because i have the new album by @Oli_XL to keep me company. smooth beats. @NTSlive show up 4 DL here.. first hour(ish) all nu/forthcoming bangers — @Oli_XL @WaltonMCR @DjPlead @clouds
Retweeted by Renick Bell @derekwalmsley love that digital makes this all meaningless.
@conditionalrecs mix from the other night with tunes from @ewajustka @janineabear @daenelaw @CHAINES_MUSIC and…
Retweeted by Renick BellBack on to tell you that I'm playing in Berlin next week (26/07/19) on this very very tasty…
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Retweeted by Renick Bellone of the terrible things about new @Twitter is the explosion in number of irrelevant ads. snow beauty cosmetics?… Saturday at Art Aquarium will be my last show in Japan until mid September. Haven't played many straight ambie…
Retweeted by Renick BellMika Vainio's live setup. And what he could do with this was staggering. #ItsNotTheGear
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Listen back to last night's @ResonanceEXTRA show, with a guest mix from Steph Horak @sheisrevolting ~~>…
Retweeted by Renick BellStill so fresh this mix
Retweeted by Renick Bell @DeejayMosca i listen to this one all the time!
Come to Five Miles tomorrow in London for a totally adorable show with some supoib artists 🤸🌶️😵
Retweeted by Renick Bell @loft_aya hang in therealways a good day when new @SKRSINTL gets in my ear Mix #70 - CPSmith As the owner of one the finest electro-centric labels operating t…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @frikaan_time thanks for your kindness! hope to see you again soon.Tonight on @ResonanceEXTRA!!!! Two-hour show with a wonderful guest mix from Steph Horak (@sheisrevolting)!!!! 20:0…
Retweeted by Renick BellThe US played a major role in destabilizing countries like Honduras, El Salvador, Syria + Libya. Now their refugees…
Retweeted by Renick BellThe ruling elite call it VAnDaLiSM when you change the message of a billboard with graffiti, but it's just 'the cos…
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The United States government literally specifies the very phrase that Trump uttered as a prime example of unlawful…
Retweeted by Renick BellMy first story for @abcnews is about live-coding, and some of the rad Aussie musicians who do it. Thanks to Alliso…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @tom__williams @algorave @abcnews @lasngngna @digego @benswift @northwardface @samaaron @paulwdonoughue @algorave g… @graybasstech @WatkinMusic @AMEBexams @yaxu good to see, nice to hear about allison and familiar names of @benswift