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I'm going to start calling the agents in my software AI. 😣Really excited to have been a part of this documentary with @FACTmag and @BritishMusic_
Retweeted by Renick Belllots of friends generating stuff at #ohm in #berlin this thursday 10/24. hope to see you there!
Retweeted by Renick BellAm I the last person to know the Old Town Road beat cost $30?
Retweeted by Renick Bell cc @manoloidee 🤝
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@hydra_patterns @hydra_patterns by @renick (based on
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Retweeted by Renick Bellgetting work done to this mix by @frikaan_time"We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings." Ursula Le Guin was born th…
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2019 of friends generating stuff at #ohm in #berlin this thursday 10/24. hope to see you there!
Retweeted by Renick BellAlgowave Concert ~ Music for listening and drifting ~ ~ Let algorithmic music put you into a hypnagogic state ~…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @frozenreeds @tom_konxompax @sss_dem @ultragamma_ @edv3ctor @GambleLee i'm afraid it's up to us to imagine or create what could have been.
Retweeted by Renick Bell @edv3ctor @sss_dem @tom_konxompax @ultragamma_ heavyPerforming Reich's "It's Gonna Rain" on Nov 4th with live-running @tidalcycles code at @icehousempls. 9PM SHARP! Co…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @tom_konxompax @sss_dem @ultragamma_ impossible to choose, but like this: @tom_konxompax @sss_dem @ultragamma_ classics @julian0liver @patriciogv @ManjaroLinux @neauoire @_vade @iquilezles @thespite @theowatson using manjaro as my dist… @janineabear @SheIsRevolting thanks lots! @montriblood @SheIsRevolting @conditionalrecs thanks a lot!
solidarity with @Tayhana_HH so sorry that happened to you so grim money from night is goin…
Retweeted by Renick Bellif I were in LA... @joannnne hang in there! @frikaan_time thanks for your constant support!cc. @renick
Retweeted by Renick BellExtremely overpsyched to have curated the opening event of @easterndaze x Berlin, with Serious Serious - 28th Novem…
Retweeted by Renick BellExplicit Tensors
Retweeted by Renick BellREVIEW: 'Live at Pirate Studios, Bristol' by Steph Horak and Renick Bell Lurking atmosphere and abrasively searin…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @normanrecords @SheIsRevolting really glad that you like it! thanks! @SheIsRevolting @renick Eyes on the video for @renick's remix, by @SheIsRevolting:
Retweeted by Renick Bell @Graouhdyna there are some previously unreleased tracks in there.classic! sourced fitness function still going since 2017
Retweeted by Renick BellSheep farming in the UK has caused more ecological destruction than the entire built environment. This, including p…
Retweeted by Renick BellOmigod. The new @BernieSanders ad is FIERCE
Retweeted by Renick Bellout now!
I cannot remember a time when the world saw the United States this unsteady, adrift, corrupt, or incompetent.
Retweeted by Renick BellJohn Cage in a robe on a boat playing chess with Teeny Duchamp.
Retweeted by Renick BellAh yeah, also, I got super fucking tired of OSX's bullshit, so I got rid of that piece of garbage for good. Running…
Retweeted by Renick Belllots of friends generating stuff at #ohm in #berlin thursday of next week. hope to see you there! “When you’re coding music and visuals live, the sky’s the limit” @coral_manton and @shelly_knotts introduce…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @esmeabennett @SheIsRevolting @conditionalrecs thanks for the kind words!Live Coded Music making it's premiere at @ADE_NL #ADE2019 #livecoding @shelly_knotts @coral_manton @algorave @yaxu
Retweeted by Renick BellWill be sampling mine and @renick 's cassette at my gig tomorrow, such a wicked machine to do it on.
Retweeted by Renick BellWish XR had taken a page from one of my favorite Occupy actions: In 2012 activists chained subway entrances open to…
Retweeted by Renick Bellif i were in osaka... @SheIsRevolting what? sounds excellent to my ears!Why target people who a) already are doing the right thing by using public transport and b) are as screwed over by…
Retweeted by Renick BellTarget the infrastructure that the carbon capitalists rely on. Not the working class.
Retweeted by Renick BellOut tomorrow: Steph '@SheIsRevolting' Horak & Renick '@renick' Bell - Live at Pirate Studios, Bristol. Don't miss i…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @SheIsRevolting @renick @normanrecords @boomkatonline Eyes on the video for Steph Horak's remix:
Retweeted by Renick Bell @SheIsRevolting @conditionalrecs @dfnbrown1 get the album here: i recorded with steph horak @SheIsRevolting comes out on @conditionalrecs tomorrow, w/ liner notes by…'re conducting a survey on the use of music AI tools. If you have a spare ~10mins or so it's here:
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my guest mix from Insightful Media on @WNYU last night is now up to listen on Soundcloud and Mixcloud, enjoy…
Retweeted by Renick BellSine Confine Friday 18th w/ Oxhy, Thoom, Oliver Fay and me! COX18, Milan
Retweeted by Renick BellRenick Bell (@renick) and Steph Horak highlight vocals and live coding on upcoming cassette for @conditionalrecs.
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so good. even better full page:
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Please support my Kickstarter project to revolutionise the #piano. The #standinggrand will weigh 82kg (a 1/4 of sta…
Retweeted by Renick Bell48 hours left to build a revolutionary piano! our friend @sarahpiano doing amazing things reinventing the piano…
Retweeted by Renick BellPianist @MatthewBourne_ trying my Inside-Out Piano. If you think it'd be good to see this shape of piano developed,…
Retweeted by Renick BellOf all the boondoggles on planet earth, none may be stupider than burning trees for electricity. Astoundingly impo…
Retweeted by Renick Belllast copies of some rare, dare i say "out-of-print" releases are available from @normanrecords...
Retweeted by Renick BellNext week: a bunch of computer booters, live at OHM. Komm schon ~>
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@shreeswifty @tomhallsonics responding to a recent piece in pitchfork10/24 @algorave at #ohm in #berlin w/ visualists @hellocatfood @_ojack_ doing algorithmic visuals for live algorith…
Retweeted by Renick Bellmy rinse FM residency is & has been your steadfast lover -- listen to the last ep here
Retweeted by Renick Bell @v1984__ From "deconstructed club" to "conceptronica" 🤦🏿‍♂️
Retweeted by Renick Bellconcept vs sensory experience is well-discussed. class issues are well-known. bands creating mythos go back at leas… listening 2 the new @telefontelaviv album lots since it came out. gorgeous songs rich w/ sonic details (ex. cr… from @CharaabiMarwa on Radio Flouka getting me through early work this morning.
this performance by @gentledefect was extremely good. yis! This is happening sooner than later at yr clubub. Can't wait to share some new coded tunes I've been worki…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @rupuzhmiltai thanks. I'll check it out. @rupuzhmiltai no, i haven't. i didn't see it after a quick google. can you send a link?10/24 @algorave at #ohm in #berlin w/ visualists @hellocatfood @_ojack_ doing algorithmic visuals for live algorith… roads *composing electronic music* p. 16"vinyl only in 2019 is about as interesting as conservative politics"
Retweeted by Renick BellListen to Steph Horak @SheIsRevolting & Renick Bell - Live at Pirate Studios, Bristol (Excerpt) @conditionalrecs is available for pre-order now!!! So happy to have been able to release this, thanks @conditionalrecs. @renick
Retweeted by Renick Bell @xenogothic good luck! @sat_strahlung ありがとうございます! @xenogothic quit again. took me three tries. completely worth it. @matdryhurst DONT EVEN REPEAT THE WORD. IT IS A POISONED MEME THAT WILL BE USED ENTIRELY DISINGENUOUSLY BY TERMINAL CYNICS.
Retweeted by Renick BellCON025 Steph Horak and Renick Bell 'Live at Pirate Studios, Bristol' 18/10/2019
Retweeted by Renick BellCassette / digital. With remixes from @SheIsRevolting & @renick, and text by @dfnbrown1. GET:
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Until you realize that both sides of our political spectrum are incredibly corrupt, you won't understand what's goi…
Retweeted by Renick Bell @RAIHAN_ digital-only releases ftwan understated part of the now is how bad it is for democracy to have Iran Contra folk still making policy decades later
Retweeted by Renick BellAt the end of the day, we have one life to live, and you ask yourself, what role do I want to play? That role must…
Retweeted by Renick BellIf there’s anything we can all agree on it’s that the “-tronica” suffix is universally terrible
Retweeted by Renick Belldress warmly! could be a little cool at the funkhaus.if i were in manchester...