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She/Her - 31 - Cartoonist and Award-Nominated editor. Looking for editing/coloring gigs! #transrights

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At least its kinda empty
I know I say this all the time but GOSH I LOVE COMICS ✨✨✨✨✨⭐️1500 FOLLOWER ART RAFFLE!⭐️ As a thank you, I will be hosting an art giveaway! ONE person will receive a full bo…
Retweeted by Magical Girl Renie @phineas_klier you got this <3 ✨✨✨✨💪New Blast Page! A little retrospection.. #webcomics #comicupdates #kateblast boooooost :)
Autism speaks is trending so Im posting this
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Sonya really really loves Dinosaurs! New Kate Blast page! #webcomics #magicalgirl
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Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieSonya really really loves Dinosaurs! New Kate Blast page! #webcomics #magicalgirl
@MattHTaylor @mega_sketch @Feather_Notes yesssssssssssssssssssssssChiyo Oshidari // White Mage + Lancer #FFXIVART #FFXIV
Retweeted by Magical Girl Renie @phineas_klier @Feather_Notes @eva_sigi PHIN THIS FUCKIN ROCKS!!!!Finally allowed to post my calendar illustration for the Charity Calendar 2021! There are a ton of amazing artist…
Retweeted by Magical Girl Renie @AtlaTheWriter 100% yes!! #fanartMorning after bump!! 🤖✨💪🦋🐦Alan Dean Foster is an sf legend - a writer who produced a shelf of original novels but also made a reputation nove…
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieYou're not beneath the artists you look up to, the artists you want to work with, or the projects you want to make.…
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieWill I ever be able to go at a steady pace 😩
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieWith each new genre of heterosexuality that gets discovered I feel more and more thankful to have been spared
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieCan it be? Am I on dA again? It's been 84 years... Starting fresh! Follow me if you'd like~
Retweeted by Magical Girl Renie @kelpienet T_T thank you! that means a lot!!! ✨🏳️‍⚧️⚡️ fact that she just lives in a little cabin in the woods by herself and does nothing except be hot and make art,…
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieI drew Canti from FLCL! Such a good robot ✨
@4RG0Nbot Try running 𝐸𝓍𝒸𝑒𝓁 @4RG0Nbot all go back to dA. Here's mine return to deviantArt is upon us. @kelpienet I just started reading a bit ago and still have a bunch to catch up on, but I think boc is freaking grea…'s #TransAwarenessWeek2020 and a reminder that I'm Trans, half the cast of my webcomic are trans, and that Trans… @TheNedBarnett Gosh the UK sounds like such a mess with this :((( I hope the rest of things go smoothly here in MA though!盟友
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieReminder: Kate Blast aint for TERFs (nothing I make is). Yyou actively work to make transition harder/impossible f…
@Feather_Notes Foolin around at the speed of sound @shiverspooky Ahhhhh youve grown so much in a year!!!!! @Feather_Notes Hatelynn has the same energy as this hahaha i love ittt ff14 shenanigans 🔪
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@Phantomarine_ @Shizamura my hand slipped. @Shizamura @Phantomarine_ Thought this needed to be a little more chaotic ;) @Shizamura @Phantomarine_ home from the dentist to this gem ✨✨💕💕💕 @Phantomarine_ BLURSED @Phantomarine_ CLAIRE THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!Some friends and I started joking about making Sonic OCs (Do Not Steal) out of our webcomic characters. And the jok…
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieIf you like my comic, maybe support me on Patreon!'s #TransAwarenessWeek have you supported your favourite trans artist today? I made a thread on some trans artis…
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Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieI made a tutorial about painting "Holographic" Stuff. This is specifically for Clip Studio Paint but I think you co…
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieNew page! #magicalgirls #kateblast #webcomic
For #TBF20 I will be giving away one @O_Sarilho themed charm tonight! Rules are simple: follow and RT 🌟 You have u…
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieWhen @Feather_Notes and I beat Stormblood #FFXIV #FFXIVSelfie
A chill final fantasy 14 saturday for selfcare after a long, hard week <3 @Shizamura This ROCKS!!!!!! Thank you!!✨✨✨✨⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️😭😭😭💕💕💕Sonya for @renieplayerone
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieHey guys, I'm Nutty! Care to support my art? Here's how! -Read my webcomic, "Court of Roses!"…
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How's your Friday the 13th going so far? via DOREIKU The Animation:
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieHey everyone!! Do You like Kate Blast? Do You want to support me to help me make... MORE Kate Blast??? I have a Ko…
Retweeted by Magical Girl Renie @WarBunni Its much more sustainable to create for yourself first, algorithms be danged. You get a better story that… @WarBunni Webtoon's model for updates, in my opinion, is not super sustainable and is gonna burn out a lot of comic… again @Feather_Notes gives me delightful inks of my disaster death god... but this time, cat?! Neko-Cheth is n…
Retweeted by Magical Girl Renie🐥✨ What do I want in life? ☕️
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieKate Blast has Updated! #magicalgirl #webcomics @WebcomicLibrary
i can meem also get early access to page updates too! If you can't subscribe, thats also fine, my Kofi is also there!… everyone!! Do You like Kate Blast? Do You want to support me to help me make... MORE Kate Blast??? I have a Ko… Boston. I dont sound like Im from Southie or Revere, but i do sometimes forget my Rs and say Wicked a lot. @4RG0Nbot Who says life is fair? @4RG0Nbot With my soldering cannon, ill be waiting @4RG0Nbot @HonestlyaRobot @RStewartJewelry @LibyaLiberty How it started How it's going
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieYou ever feel like you lost an entire day to brain static and intrusive thoughts? 🙃 so much for having the day off
What even is my webcomic???🔻It's no time like Tea Time🔺 Cheth and Medium, A phantomarine/Ghost Junk crossover! (lines by me, colours by the wo…
Retweeted by Magical Girl Renie#ADHDers have a "talent" for disappearing. ADHD-ghosting usually happens when RSD is in control; we believe the ot…
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieThe Thought Bubble Online Festival is out there and up until the 15th I'll be having a book sale at O Sarilho's web…
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieStay tuned- interest check for "Blasting Off Again: A Team Rocket Zine" coming November 15th!
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Retweeted by Magical Girl Reniethere are only two moods
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieThe Thirsty Sword Lesbians RPG is LIVE on Kickstarter! ✨💖⚔️💖✨ Pledge now to get instant access to over 200 pages…
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieIs anyone in Ecology, Genomics, Landscape architecture looking to hire an undergrad student for remote work in the…
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieSome #FFXIV animal crossing content at this beautiful fucking cat is fantastic late night music @malverav Definitely your really natural looking lines and bold colors ^^Have at it night Twitter!
I did a Kate Blast meme out all of these and nope!! but valiant effort everyone!!IT IS OF NATIONAL SECURITY LEVEL IMPORTANCE I have already ruled out: Night on the Galactic Railroad Kimba / Jungle Emperor Leo Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars. HELP(2/3) It is animated in a classic 80s/90s pound puppies / don bluth style. Leo is summoned from the stars with a gr… Twitter I need your help finding an animated move made sometime before 1997 that im 70% convinced was a fever dr…
afternoon bump ✨i cannot stop thinking about worm on a string, thank you @vsprompto #ffxiv #haurchefant
Retweeted by Magical Girl RenieAlso I have a patreon! If you back me, you'll get access to pages an update early, plus exclusive content! @DoctorAjayita Photoshop is too expensiveThe first thing comic conventions need to do when they come back in a year or two is they MUST lower their table co… Blast has Updated!! A nice quiet breakfast #webcomics #comicupdate #kateblast