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Programmer / pianist / redhead and glad to be ginger. Seeking to Repair The Planet (see my link!)

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@MichelBarnier @cazzacaz63 Unprofessional to criticise publicly during these negotiations.
@WildlifeTrusts Contrary to popular opinion.... 2 swifts took off from the ground. We have 3 nests around the house… @DougieFaulkner I’m hooked!The path that leads to the house is lined with blackcurrant bushes. This afternoon I shall pick and freeze the blac… @robdaemon I may have a similar problem. @Ltpietrzak Fabulous smile!
@RickRReed Happy birthday! @geordielump You don't surprise me although I have not been to either place. I ask myself which is worse - an autoc… @jeffhunt14 Happy birthday Jeff! @orphanrefugee Disagree - sad songs can help you to process things because you know you are not alone in your exper… @FRafieyan Got me wondering who you’ve seen.
@DannyJayIBZ @Barber123Ali You look to be doing pretty well on it! @HarryNicholas_ That is such an inspirational and heartwarming tale. @FRafieyan @pmc871 Ps I’d rather be a god than a geek but alas a geek it is. @FRafieyan @pmc871 Blue-green. @charles_jensen Great stuff! @russ_612 @CrazyJimP I'm a 4.5 but look more like a 5 because I'm ginger! @munchkin68 If you're prepared to take the risk... @kwjxn Happy birthday young man! @jamiewhalley Hope it goes well! @orrinbroseph @Barber123Ali Brilliant! @ajukes69 Andrew that’s awful . Hope you manage to sort this out. Last resort: move house for the sake of your sanity. @orphanrefugee I’m sorry to read you’re going through this and maybe the pandemic just brought forward what would h…
@shortuniquegay Happy birthday for tomorrow! 10 minutes to go....... @PeteHolderness @markysparky73 I'd like to think so. I'd like to think we could all police ourselves and take the n… @beauchamp45 I'll take a look! @beauchamp45 Nice photo- like the shirt! @Benedict_1989_ Happy birthday Benedict!!! @hertskingfisher @dentjw Always wanted to see one of these but never have. We do have peregrines round here though! @gazjsmithy Happy birthday Gareth. Great Welsh name that! @Matthew_Wright @thismorning Time I played some more of his stuff on the piano... @markandrew66 Good you’re back Mark.
@Gazz1975 I often find it bizarre that someone who doesn't need to feel under confident about themselves actually t… @abfabrobgeek Unkind of you to show this when I've just had a fast day. @thatgregperson Well said Greg! @RobertCSadler Happy birthday Robert! @MrDBerger Can’t deny I have noticed the same but fortunately I really don’t care a whole lot because the people I… @MFDcubfoto That got my attention! @thisispanos Marks for effort there! @Kevin39801124 Looks great to me Kevin. ps I'm ginger... @braders_101 Happy birthday Bradley!
@hayxsmith That's a great thing to read. @BrokenByWar @KeyserSosse Raising a glass with you. @helloimnicholas Hope you're happy now. @exitthelemming @Lizzieredhair If it's unmanly for a man to wear a mask then God help the human race. @MrGaryAndrews That's amazing progress. Glad you shared it. @anguscq @netflix I've been looking for something to watch! @IndieGates @markandrew66 He’s lucky to have a friend like you. Hope he’s ok and replies soon. @SC_1287 That is so impressive! @loreena Hello Loreena - please may I suggest that you register at (launched yesterday) so… @JayH198t5 That's a great photo! @GretaThunberg Hello Greta - please may I suggest that you register at (launched yesterday)…
GENDER ISSUES 2: In Russia I went to a party and played Russian folk songs on the piano. My host said “that’s a fem…
@FRafieyan Interesting observation but I really think they meant the car, not the colour! @campbellclaret The important things to understand about depression: - it got better before, so it's only a tempora… @Aneedtopaint Don't worry I got it straight away! @mojitoBaB @BeamaBeorg My thoughts exactly. But then I decided the photo of the rubbish was worse.GENDER ISSUES 1: This is my partner’s Mini. When we lived in France he was somewhat put out when friends called it…
@spikewarden1 I think you could possibly be the nicest person on Twitter. @pauld_wilson Paul that is so sad. @MercyMuroki Brilliant display of articulate common sense today on @JeremyVineOn5 . Hope we all see more of you.
@williamtnhall @ZSLWhipsnadeZoo @Olysibley Great photo! @mufseen You may need to lower your standards! Hope not. @dancingfran You're doing well. Fingers crossed.Is this the opener for a second wave? Glad I’m not a government minister. @dslundberg You have highly evolved parents! @JamesSharp87 Happy birthday James! @DougieFaulkner Good luck with that Dougie! @robsmith791 It really is and it’s one of the vegetarian meals where I feel satisfied not having had any meat.Home made vegetarian “lasagne”. Ingredients: asparagus, frozen peas, frozen edamame beans, pesto and mascarpone. Th…
@miffythegamer I’m sorry to learn this. Mine must have been radicalised at birth. He told me, for example, that all queers should be shot. @JLeadbeatter Hope it works out perfectly for you both. x @JimWoodburn_ Sorry for your loss Jim. @Tmcguire_pa Congrats to a handsome couple. @J3Lyon You've started me off. Likelihood is there is a connection, but why don't the media say it? @mrandydknight Well if that's you looking rough you must be an angel when you're not looking rough! @English_Man2020 Happy birthday Lee! @tewyUK Happy birthday Dan! @newport_tom Happy birthday Tom! @Sarfellboy And thank you for all your entertaining tweets - keep ‘em coming! @Sarfellboy Happy birthday young man!
@FRafieyan Sorry to read that. But snap. @LukeTheBook I was doing well until I got to number 6. @MrKeola That really is an adoring look! @hairyhimbo The redeeming features win the day.
@IndieGates I will have to play the piano some more (actually I think I will)! x @IndieGates Devastated not to be on there (not really). Just shows we need to interact more! @dyerAndie Nice photo. Hope to be back in the water soon too. @sknygy It’s people driving six inches behind me that bugs me. So we play this game - I touch the brakes, they back… @ClaireThurwood Hello Claire. Sorry for your loss. I understand how it is to feel the loss of a difficult father. N…
@orphanrefugee You’ve got to be in the club these days. It’s how Stalin made his mark. @munchkin68 Will do - one of Kylie's songs of course. @munchkin68 Bloody hell!
@NormanBrennan Take good care of yourself Norman.
@Paul86 My dog meant everything to me. He died 2004 but I still think of him each day. @Paul86 Your as sentimental as I am.
@FergUK85 Looks great! Happy new home. @FRafieyan Just watching a programme about Persia - and you came up on my timeline! @EvanSomers Sorry you’ve lost your best friend Evan. Think of him and he’ll be with you. @munchkin68 Sorry to read that Mark - it must be unbelievably tough.