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neither of us want to be here let's be honest (he/him)

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@6Foot_Ant_Man @Kris27jam a circuit gay: @seanjwheatley @marcusjdl a lot of people in the thread are talking about it in very concrete terms as if they a) a… @marcusjdl I’m learning thatmy mentions are a mess right now because I did tweet in a thread about whether JLo was wh*te or not ugh @dragondroptools @eeeeuan you’re lucky to have an arm at all @Just_a_R0se @kamzzzzzzzzzzz @afslimey @isis_taelorr @evakoo7 I know @joelnb @eastside_tilly he knew the sentimenthappy @alliex and @banoffeemusic album days everybody, today is a great day @dragondroptools the biggest mood @dragondroptools I want to attend,, nice parties
@kamzzzzzzzzzzz @afslimey @isis_taelorr @evakoo7 to be fair, she really got me by calling me white. didn’t see that one coming. @Jackoliverpetch lewks queenie @wjleonard my personal google account has me profiled so google images always returns memes first but I just realis… @TyronWilson @wjleonard I hope you enjoyed a look at my best bits (all of my tweets in order) xo @TyronWilson @wjleonard gays @isis_taelorr @evakoo7 famously also white JLo @ChrisK300 that is a strange thing to say @wjleonard @TyronWilson everything I say is aimed at criticising someone @TyronWilson @wjleonard do you tho @TyronWilson @wjleonard it’s one duvet michael how much can it cost, 10 seconds?to find the photo of Tammie I put “hows the look dead bodies” into google images and.. I just loads of dead bodies… @dragondroptools @wjleonard Danny has a nameI realised it was actually a corpse. @eastside_tilly imogen peep @eastside_tilly dresses I would wear to release my first electro-folk album @wjleonard there's no excuse for being stupid billy, none. @wjleonard well hello, welcome to my beautiful home @wjleonard wow @gonzwitter no cheese? :( @Errorfied @basic_john_ I think Brunch n' Botox has a great ring to it @Oharenothair @basic_john_ @Errorfied sharp needles at an afters sounds very not dangerous and fun 🥴 @Errorfied just a little bit of seepage, as a treat @taber you're welcome sweatie @taber probably @taber just to be clear if you had a podcast I wouldn't listen but I would support you @eastside_tilly @Timbow1982 miss your FACEI'm jealous of the woman from tumblr whose job title is "meme librarian" 🥺 @jpbrammer this is one of the worst gifs and I do make the rules @ItsMeTawseef sorry :( @adamrbaxter turn them into Christmas cards @darachos @dangelalansbury oh my god yes @rosedommu @jpbrammer I need to know if it’s as great as I have entirely invented it to be in my headafter that #AnimalCrossingDirect
Retweeted by garry @vapidfag congrats hon @softboyuk omg she’s beautiful @moby_dickhead this is detail I never needed
@dragondroptools @joelnb it’s less funny when I’m correctme walking down the street and seeing a cat on the other side giving literally zero fucks about my existence: @joelnb @dragondroptools how many legs is penta? like pentagon? @moby_dickhead :( @wjleonard :( @ieatfog @joelnb obvious joke is obvious @TomZohar omg @Ed__tweets splashing happens either waycan’t stop thinking about the tweet I saw weeks ago where a guy confessed he always has a sit-down pee at home so h… @ieatfog thank you @ieatfog I can’t I’m gay @taber @upthewoodenhill then it’s right she be afraid @upthewoodenhill I was listening to Katy Perry on repeat as a sign of being non-threatening @joelnb @writebydan no gulps, just open throat @writebydan such a great power move @writebydan oh Danjust had to do that thing where I cross the street because I’m walking behind a woman and I can tell she’s getting…
@moby_dickhead hmm this isn’t good for the Breath of the Wild completionist in me @moby_dickhead do you recommend spending much time in Kyoto? it seems to be everyone’s favourite suggestion @Freezycold yes you coming? @TomZohar it would be an honour to die by Leah Remini’s very well manicured hand @tokendotboy @finnbarm yes pls @HideAnGoGeek any worth visiting @ThatKidFromJoey prove it @ThatKidFromJoey I don’t think you’re gonna fit in hand luggage @Timbow1982 I wanna go to Charli XCX (feat. Nintendo) World @linodelrey_ @linodelrey_ @wjleonard thank you @wjleonard you know I will for the content alone @ricardo_jpl were we both? @ricardo_jpl #Japan2020 is literally something I’ve been saying for about 4 years lol @dragondroptools quite me tbh @dragondroptools sounds intimatesuggestions for things I should see or do in Japan 🙏 @TomZohar to be fair, Leah Remini could end each and every single one of us at a moment of her choosing @DaveyBlahBlah what’s she reading @TomZohar she’s talking about Leah Remini
imagine my disappointment on finding out being a circuit gay had nothing to do with mario kart @ThatKidFromJoey being gay twitter’s universal favourite is a burden I humbly accept @ThatKidFromJoey 👀 @dragondroptools hope your brain cell doesn’t escape @dangelalansbury your impact @Freezycold never @ieatfog this one was for you babebrb igniting the group chat of my former (mostly english) coworkers when I said the prime minister got elected *bec… @Joshua_Masson the thought has crossed my mind @secretfox23 science cannot prove me wrong and we both know itplaying another sold out show on the central line this morning. stand ovations from start to finish! @billgoats @buttermilkbup @dcted crack is cheapwhen you really think about it every room is room temperature and can’t be anything else @dcted me and my relationship with twitter