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a soft voice of disdain (he/him)

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@gonzwitter ok... this is the kind of content I could get behind @niceguywithagun @dragondroptools @scotscotscot I love how it looks like an old PlayStation game @kwprime until we get our metric time 😌 @Freezycold rumbled @JonMarkDeane thank you 🥺 @kwprime 24 hour clock in UTC or else 👏👏 @linodelrey_ 😌😌I found this and was like “oh remember last year” but this was two years ago 💀 too much time is happening @danvstheworld i will love spoopy until i die @godnojoe bounce bounce bounce bounceme arriving to October ready to get spoopy @thereidfeed @jacksonisaacson people who are still m*donna fans in 2020 are exhausting @linodelrey_ that last jump... I screamed @linodelrey_ omg 🥺 @sluttydreamer @bimbofication an ally 💖 @marcusjdl Toyota said fuck them kids
@dragondroptools @ieatfog especially not @ieatfog @dragondroptools I hope it picks up because I’ve watched two episodes and haven’t laughed once @colormejorge @tbglsoundsystem every time I think about something that’s pointless I play this clip in my head and…
Retweeted by spooky halloween nametrump being voted out of the White House to face the $300m loans he can’t pay off
@dannynasah oh 🥺 @dcted have you thought of just not talking to people @minturnalexandr pay extra to sit on the sofa @DecadentSparrow stunt queen @lepreas ok @BeingBlkStacey god I love her so much @amazeballsdave but i am at home 🥺we flyin first class up in the sky poppin' champagne livin' my life in the fast lane, I won't change by the glamoro… @rafayagha #ok @rafayagha she was too ahead of her time for some peopleSuper Mario Galaxy is a perfect game 🥺 @Box0fficePoison you can just say Jarvis cocker @Jackoliverpetch “aggressively Belgian” @Tfor_Trouble you reminded me of a draft tweet I’m workshopping @CiaraVEVO oh I didn’t see @CiaraVEVO well.. based on that runway, it was correct @CiaraVEVO I like it, it’s fun, but also it feels like there’s no clear winner in the contestantsthe biggest ruveal in Drag Race Holland is that Sederginne is only 26 @eastside_tilly @wjleonard in this economy @wjleonard how much time do you have @Tfor_Trouble right? like maybe China made some points @lepreas two things can be true @lepreas big floof
@dcted true gen Z icons @dcted once I pulled the ripcord on my sister’s sky dancer so hard it smashed a lightbulb @dcted me getting to grips with the controls bit further in and I really like it. Sure the controls are a bit janky in places but it’s really interesting to s… @posiedon1234 Nicki Minaj could do Hey Jude but The Beatles could not do Super Bass @taber you’ll be the talk of baggage claim!Covid-19 to everyone: cancel your holidays, cancel your Xmas.. I’m a little bit Alexis @nickybrownson wow i really love art @nickybrownson your Blackout era commencesMrs Dalloway (Woolf, 1925)
Retweeted by spooky halloween name @pronouncedsham quite embarrassing for them @chrisporter94 that’s good because morning people are against nature @chrisporter94 mood @crymatica @joshywillacy incredible scenes @godnojoe am I wrongno offence but nobody wants to see your first message to your partner, keep that shit in the DMs @bicknaker @marcusjdl i’ll never remember all that @marcusjdl it’s annoying you can only use the advanced search on the website and not the app @MattCheetham finally we can prove, conclusively, if gay people walk faster and end the discourse once and for all @ieatfog one tweet is too many @ieatfog I didn’t follow the thread because it just felt wrong of their songs have a Nicki verse?? @dragondroptools @yaesohn Go To Horny Jail. Go directly to Horny Jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. @nickybrownson @maximecp much like owls gay people belong to the night @Freezycold fashun, put it all on me
@LouisPeitzman extremely contagious, true @LouisPeitzman now I’m curious what you were superspreading a decade ago 👀sorry I can’t be her
@yaesohn I love this jason livetweeting @gonzwitter oh my 🥺 @gonzwitter all these heart eyes for the cat, what about heart eyes for garry @yaesohn yes im baby @Tfor_Trouble @trchdsn :( @Tfor_Trouble @trchdsn do you even have Alexa @TimesNewRxman soft purrs of disdain @minturnalexandr yes hellothis tweet hits different in 2020 @JackDMurphy @poorlycatdraw I have loved this cat for many years only person I spoke to yesterday was Alexa
Retweeted by spooky halloween name @joelnb @marcusjdl randomly found this again and laughing at that being my single title @amazeballsdave you made the correct choice @mttspdfr maybe public education is a bad thing @MajorPhilebrity the best glow-upremember going places? I have always been indoors @mttspdfr I’m convinced the kids in the school next to my house just walk outside and scream endlessly for their entire break @victimsofcomics 📈 @eastside_tilly these titles are great actually @eastside_tilly the man from del Monte says “no ❤️” @eastside_tilly huge if true @marcusjdl sounds like all my friendships @marcusjdl is this because someone told you cars are bad for the environment @drunkgrindr @thatonequeen @mikeandrobots @david_s_barker No problem - I think using the Apple+Google feature is both a good plan (although lo… @mikeandrobots @david_s_barker the new version of the app only got released last night, so the messaging will likel… @mikeandrobots @david_s_barker It does this securely, while respecting privacy, but also making sure that we collec…