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not up for debate.

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if you look like this DM me 🥺
Retweeted by Replicaäsorry i can't be her 1-(34)-PRINCESS to wish and dish! Tarot Readings & Wish fulfillment Leave a message and we have real live Prin…
Retweeted by Replicaähaha might fuck around and never leave my house
Retweeted by Replicaäevery Magic The Gathering card vs every Yugioh card
Retweeted by Replicaämy tits just do not stay in this dress. can't say I'm mad about itmods are asleep post UK Ecco the Dolphin promotional plushie with Sega tramp stamp
Retweeted by Replicaäi feel like most ppl have probably seen this acronym before but i just totally forgot about it and since i am remin…
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@branwenshoop lol that's my computer @thisistheuproar you were literally the audience for this jokechumbawumba fans in picksburgh be like: i get knock'dahn but i get up agehn cuz yer never guhnna keep me dahn
Retweeted by Replicaämother nature
Retweeted by Replicaä @LanaRayaAurora perhaps i am the one
@oculisprimed ty ty, i did them while playing cyberpunk red with friends on videochat all afternoonget nailed nerds Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Tum
Retweeted by Replicaäwhen Girls Rituals said "i fixed my ugly gross third eye with a 12V power drill", I really felt that y'know?I think people have a really hard time understanding that "I don't care what people think about me" does not mean "…
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@owlbeartattoo unf unfdear Yvette Cetera, your period is next week. this week you will be horny and emotional, probably irritable and a l… @emily_with_an_e there's so many skeletons @owlbeartattoo sounds hotfuck yeah coffee timecan't wait to wake up so i can drink coffee
Pittsburgh Fun Fact: The largest employer is not in coal or even steel, it is a non-profit hospital system that reg…
Retweeted by Replicaäobsessed with the important standard of chinese handmade teapots
Retweeted by Replicaäi have a pretty good sense of the timeline of history and politics over the course of my life but I've spent the la…
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Retweeted by Replicaä・ω・)オラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラオラ
Retweeted by Replicaäthis is where im going
Retweeted by Replicaäthey're my nbbbwe are having this conversation today
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calling all "self driving cars" by the proper name of "unsupervised car" so no fucking tech bro can get away with m…
Retweeted by Replicaä @LanaRayaAurora but are you pickled or fried? @Shoshi_chan i have no trouble finding myself and my voice there. it's like being out of your body and mind can hel…
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sometimes i think about the video of my nephew listing things that he'd fart on and how it is the best comedy I've… work tbh
attn: @branwenshoop really should have taken a picture of myself before i bawled my eyes outya girl still got it
コマ撮り格闘シーン。#ストリートファイター #フィギュアーツ
Retweeted by Replicaäthe family faggotree
Retweeted by Replicaä @BlueIris04 gratz on ur lvl up!omg, who keeps posting videos of me, this isn't funny Doll House 🏠 Extreme PC Mods Watch on Youtube:✨ Follow me on ig: @chellyries ✨…
Retweeted by Replicaä🦇#BulletSorceress🦇 been a while since i posted some dev, but things are shaping along well! lots of mechanical &vi…
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@oculisprimed yeah, after medical and legalization happened, bad weed kinda went away. even bad weed is good now. g… is why you love sea shanties, explained simply
Retweeted by Replicaä @oculisprimed they don't exist anymore @oculisprimed a step up from dirt weed @ratmothr jealous!!beauty is in the eye of the beholder; roll for initiativefucken pussy, you won'tomg follow my alt and ❤️ the picture of my ass already geez @UncannyVallerie psh yeah right, you'd beat my ass @mattw2ts_pgh 💘 @UncannyVallerie /does a gay little swipe at you @mattw2ts_pgh
@LanaRayaAurora there's other ways to "win" in lesbian wrestling @owlbeartattoo 🤬 you might be right? it's magical slice of life, does it need a plot? @LanaRayaAurora /scissor lock @KylieKoxe /dukes upwanna fight?and party rocking
@Shoshi_chan finding voicessorry for pisspostingi am the queen of magic draft formats. I'm a cardboard genius, they tell me @Shoshi_chan omg i was just talking about this today lol @UncannyVallerie i just want to clear the air, some valid criticisms have been made about my existence as a trans w… yinz just cancel me now and get it over with? I'm sure I've done something terrible or hold some problematic op… can't have anything to myself, huh?Every person we encounter is a little universe. As it goes, we will all be dead in the blink of a cosmic eye. I am…
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Pittsburgh is an American Apartheid city. Here’s the reality. (THREAD)
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there is something darkly fatalistic about spending not one but two puberties indoors playing video games and withdrawing from friends
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Retweeted by Replicaä @princessjafar omg, please don't! more like sound in, off the comments, amirite?!Dog statues worn down from being petted so much...
Retweeted by Replicaäjust discovered this amazing genre of video that is malfunctioning industrial steel rollers launching massive ribbo…
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Retweeted by Replicaä @princessjafar sounds goodin hindsight i should have named myself Replica, it's a really pretty name @angelswarms that's a gloop and a splurgywhy does batman not simply defeat catwoman with a "pspspspsps"?
@ballroom_blitz i do a lot of shopping at torrid, but i have difficulty sizing with them sometimeswhere do i get fat girl matching lingerie sets online? with reliable sizing. i need help.can anyonr help me ID this mushroom? #MushroomMonday #mushrooms
Retweeted by ReplicaäMe? Ahah no but that happens a lot. I’m his brother, Vent.
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Retweeted by Replicaä @nyquil64 @gavrielou @alex_is_icon @MarMarzie i mean, i know. trans adjacent tho? like, the closest we got to a trans character until now?I made a thing.
Retweeted by ReplicaäSo glad 2020 is over. It feels like a weight has been lifted.
Retweeted by ReplicaäGood morning this quote still fucks
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Retweeted by Replicaäomfg i just bit my fucking lip again this make like 6 times in 3 days. I'm fucking weeping rn. i just want to eat food bro