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Member of Congress, representing the first district of Texas which encompasses over 12 counties stretching nearly 120 miles down the eastern border of Texas.

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Democrats are saying that a Supreme Court justice should not be replaced until a new president takes office; but th…
Join us in celebrating the 73rd birthday of the world's greatest airpower. Happy birthday, @usairforce! #airpower
Retweeted by Louie GohmertToday we honor the patriots who placed their lives on the line to protect this country and ensure security for our… Spoke on the House Floor yesterday afternoon regarding the ongoing violence and violations of federal and mo…
The U.S. Capitol Rotunda has an incredible history. I hope you enjoy this video. NOW: House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations Hearing, HFC Chairman @RepAndyBiggsAZ sent House GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney a letter demanding a special me…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertICYMI: Talked to @OANN last night re: Abraham Accords Peace Agreement. "This is a new day in the Middle East, and… @replouiegohmert highlights @Gundisalvus' bombshell report showing financial ties between the BLM movement a…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertOn September 17, 1787, the Founding Fathers signed the most influential document in American history, the U.S. Cons… @realdonaldtrump brought peace to the Middle East while President Obama colluded with the Iranians. -…
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Watch @OANN tonight at 7PM CT! Talking to @STEPHMHAMILL on her new show, "In Focus." We'll discuss… to @RepLouieGohmert for joining me for today's special order on Restoring Law & Order and Ending Mob Violenc…
Retweeted by Louie Gohmert @HouseFloor EXPECTED TO JOIN ME ON THE FLOOR: - @RepAnnWagner - @WarrenDavidson - @RepGregSteube - @RepChipRoy
Retweeted by Louie GohmertTune in to "In Focus" on @OANN at 8PM EST. We have a lot great guests including: @replouiegohmert, Former U.S. Att…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertTrevor Reed is a former US Marine & Texas native who was wrongfully detained in Russia and sentenced to 9 years in… - I will be leading a special order on the floor of the House of Representatives to talk about restoring LA…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertCalling in to "The @toddstarnes Show" around 12:30PM CENTRAL TODAY! We'll discuss the possibility of a deal being r… Obama Conspiracy. @replouiegohmert on #AMERICAFirst
Retweeted by Louie GohmertAlways honored to participate in the "Bible Reading Marathon" at the U.S. Capitol.
LIVE: President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS at Abraham Accords signing ceremony
Retweeted by Louie GohmertRIGHT NOW: House Judiciary Committee Markup. Watch LIVE:
Violence against the police is a direct result of @TheDemocrats' language and acquiescence. Today on #AMERICAFirst
Retweeted by Louie GohmertBe sure to listen in to #AmericaFirst with @SebGorka today! Will be on the program in the 2pm CENTRAL hour. Watch… change is one of the largest administrative adjustments made in recent history, and will do even more to prote…
Proud to participate in this #AmericaStrong #911 tribute. #NeverForget #Remembrance @usa_challenge we remember thousands of our countrymen and women who perished in the horrific terrorist attack on our countr…
If Woodward did a book on FDR & he were Republican, he'd say that when FDR proclaimed, “the only thing we have to f… in to @MarkDavis this morning at 8:05AM CENTRAL on @660KSKY! Will discuss many important issues affecting th…
Calling in to #AmericaFirst with @SebGorka TODAY at 2PM CENTRAL. We'll discuss the rioting across America, #COVID r…“I sure would hope that we could have a legislative hearing instead of just ramming this through – thinking that we… at 11AM CENTRAL ==> House Judiciary is holding a committee markup. Watch the live-stream, here:
Today we celebrate the social & economic achievements of American workers. Thank you to the men & women who work ha…
As a veteran, I’ve had long, private conversations w/ @realdonaldtrump. He’s expressed nothing but love & care for… Trump has “nothing but respect” for the military, @replouiegohmert tells @CarlHigbie, speaking out agains…
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Tomorrow at 8AM CENTRAL will talk to @CarlHigbie on @newsmax TV's "Saturday Report." We'll discuss looting & riotin… question, @realJeffreyLord #CancelDemocrats employers hire 1.4M in August as unemployment rate falls sharply
.@replouiegohmert is pitching in to help his East Texas constituents recover after Hurricane Laura. @JLAngeline ta…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertThanks to @mattgaetz and @replouiegohmert, the latest cosponsors of the Reclaiming American Rare Earths (RARE) Act.…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertIt was an absolute honor to present Mr. Alvin Newton (WWII hero & recipient of the French Legion of Honor medal) wi… in to the "Mike Gallagher Show" this morning at 9:30AM CENTRAL and discussing news of the day with…
Keep it up @TheJusticeDept. We've got a long way to go with these so-called "peaceful protesters"
Calling in to The @SamMaloneShow today at 8:45AM CT to discuss President Trump's policies and many other breaking n…
ICYMI: Here's my interview today with @DLoesch re: my #Coronavirus recovery and experience donating plasma to @DLoesch today at 12:30PM CENTRAL. We'll discuss many issues affecting the country. #COVID #Riots House Members asked Jeff Bezos to explain Amazon's reliance on the scandal-plagued Southern Poverty Law Center.…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertAUDIO: ‘Rep. Louie Gohmert can't believe that Amazon continues to plead ignorant about the disgraced SPLC’
... if it so hinders the execution of the laws of that State & the United States that any part of its people is dep… U.S. Code § 253 (in part) The President by using the armed forces shall take such measures as he considers neces… it is time to take our country back from the Marxist revolutionaries who are leading the violence? (1/3) to @tperkins about a letter House GOP lawmakers on the Judiciary Committee sent to Jeff Bezos concerning th…‘Louie Gohmert - The Dems are blaming Republicans and Trump for things the Obama administration did’ AUDIO:…
Gulf War Veteran Shares Harrowing Story to Shed Light on God’s Redemption call in to The @LarsLarsonShow TODAY at 4:30PM CENTRAL. We'll discuss #USPS, #COVID and more. Listen LIVE: Laura forms as Category 1 storm — What this means for East Texas protocols worked for me. Americans suffering from the Wuhan Virus deserve the right to consult w…
Calling in to The @toddstarnes Show today at 1:30PM CENTRAL. We'll discuss my #COVID recovery, #USPS and more. List…🚨#BREAKING: @Jim_Jordan, @RepMattGaetz, and @JudiciaryGOP send new letter to @JeffBezos & @amazon blasting the comp…
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I agree w/ Dr. Fauci that there is ‘no reason’ Americans can't vote in person as long as they follow proper coronav… are using the coronavirus crisis as a means to demand universal mail-in ballots—which are different than… ballots are more susceptible to being stolen or forged and are also more likely to be rejected than in-pers…, no matter how well the USPS performs, when liberal voting states or counties send out thousands of b… certainly appears that the USPS, under new Postmaster General DeJoy’s leadership, is doing everything it can to… claiming USPS can't handle the volume of election mail do not realize that, on average, it handled 471 millio… June 16 of THIS year, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy took over for the Postmaster General who was appointed duri… is important to note that over 12,000 USPS mailboxes ‘disappeared’ during the Obama Admin without any faux outra… the Russia-collusion hoax failed spectacularly, Democrats have unleashed their latest conspiracy about…
"Without a Doubt Hydroxychloroquine Protocols Helped Me - I Was Symptom Free in 4 Days" - Congressman Louie Gohmert…
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DEMOCRATIC PARTY'S RACIST HISTORY: "You look at what the Democrats have done to the African American community - wh…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertTune in to @newsmax TV at 4:30PM CENTRAL today. Will talk to Chris Salcedo regarding my resolution to rename the De… part 3 of the "U.S. Capitol Tour with Louie," I show you around the famous Statuary Hall and explain how John Qu…
Tune in to @OANN tonight at 7PM CENTRAL! Will discuss many topics such as #COVID19 and more!
LIVE: Rep. Louie Gohmert talks about his experience with COVID-19
Spoke with @seanhannity and discussed my China Virus diagnosis and my #hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin + zinc tre… to @seanhannity on his radio show today at 4:30PM CST! Be sure to listen in here:
I am taking #Hydroxychloroquine to treat my coronavirus diagnosis. It is what was decided as the best course of act… did it take so long to get Reagan's statue to Capitol Hill? Enjoy part two of the "United States Capitol Tour…
#HANNITY: New York City is collapsing! Will de Blasio be held accountable? Plus: Hannity investigates a NYC hotel t…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertTune in to @FoxNews tonight at 8:40PM CST! Will appear on “Hannity” and talk about the developments of the day! #COVIDI had my mask on when I was not questioning people (I was told they work). Notice I was socially distant as well.…
Talking to @seanhannity today on his radio program re: my diagnosis. Listen in to the show at 3:30PM CST regularly wore a mask but still tested positive for #coronavirus.
Retweeted by Louie GohmertLots of #FakeNews going around about this statement about today's diagnosis: reports of my visiting the member gym are more #fakenews. I have not been to the member gym in weeks.WATCH NOW: My interview with KETK:
Up next - @replouiegohmert is joining us on the Joe Pags Show as I continue to host for @JoeTalkShow - in the cance…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertICYMI: Questioned Attorney General Barr today in a House Judiciary Oversight Hearing. VIDEO: General Barr testifies at House Judiciary Committee hearing: live updates Judiciary Committee Member @replouiegohmert breaks down what we can expect today as Attorney General Bill Bar…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertJoin us tomorrow from 4-6 AM/ET for a show you won't want to miss! #foxfriendsfirst #TedWilliams #LtColDonaldArias
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Tune in to @ffweekend TOMORROW morning at 8:30AM CST. Will talk about my privileged resolution - calling upon Cong…
Tonight on Nightside, Cambridge is launching a community program to remind people to wear masks & distance. Then, R…
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Talking to Andrew Wilkow on @WilkowMajority today at 12:20pm CENTRAL. We'll discuss my resolution yesterday and mor… friend @replouiegohmert takes the obvious next step in the purging of all things offensive...
Retweeted by Louie GohmertGOHMERT: ‘Instead of Canceling Our Culture, It’s Time to Cancel Democrats’
Retweeted by Louie GohmertRep. Louie Gohmert introduces resolution to ban Democratic Party: “Any political organization or party that has e…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertBREAKING: Congressman Gohmert introduces resolution that would ban the Democratic Party for supporting "slavery, Ji…
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