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Member of Congress, representing the first district of Texas which encompasses over 12 counties stretching nearly 120 miles down the eastern border of Texas.

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Can @replouiegohmert Kneecap the ‘Yahoos’ and ‘Renegades’ in the Federal Courts? @NateMaddenCRTV chats with him ab…
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ICYMI: Here’s my interview with @FoxBusiness today re: Republicans calling for a second special counsel to investig… Calls for 2nd Special Counsel: Mueller Looking for 'Something to Take Trump Out' @HappeningNow
Retweeted by Louie GohmertTune in to @FoxBusiness at 3:15PM CENTRAL. Will talk to @AftertheBell re: House Republicans calling for second spec… Talked to @FoxNews TODAY re: the need to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the progress of Rob… 10:40AM CENTRAL talking to @FoxNews re: presser on 2nd special counsel. Tune in to @HappeningNow soon!Speaking NOW at presser calling for 2nd special counsel to investigate DOJ & FBI misconduct! in a press conference NOW re: a 12 page resolution detailing misconduct at highest level of DOJ/FBI &… NOW: @HouseJudiciary is holding a hearing on Oversight of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. WATC… joins me on the latest episode of Wilkow! to discuss the new report indicating there may have bee…
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Truly enjoyed attending the Veteran, Active Duty Military, First Responder Family Fun & Resource Day in #TX01 this…
My heart truly goes out to those at Santa Fe High School >Texas high school shooting leaves at least 8 dead, suspe…
We are always grateful for the men and women in blue who have sworn to protect and serve our communities. This week… Talked to @MelissaAFrancis on @FoxNews today re: the deputy attorney general's handling of the Russian inves… at 12:15PM CENTRAL will join @OutnumberedOT to discuss the #DOJ #Mueller etc. Tune in to @FoxNews this afternoon!
.@netanyahu: “Today, the embassy of the most powerful nation on earth, our greatest ally, the United States of Amer…
Retweeted by Louie Gohmert @replouiegohmert on NAFTA: Trump won't agree to a bad deal
Retweeted by Louie Gohmert.@replouiegohmert on embassy move: "There is nothing we can do that would be worse for the peace process than what…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertICYMI: Here's my interview with @MorningsMaria @MariaBartiromo on @FoxBusiness. We discussed the U.S. Embassy openi… on Israel: "Who would have ever thought that President Donald J. Trump would be the president tha…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertIsrael begins celebrations to mark Jerusalem US Embassy opening #FoxNewsJoining @MorningsMaria at 6 AM CENTRAL! We’ll discuss the @usembassyjlm opening & more! Tune in to @FoxBusiness!
Happy #MothersDay!
Join me on #TheMovement w/ 🦅@EagleEdMartin at 3pm CT 4 ET for #WYNK @ Iran deal @replouiegohmert #AmandaintheHouse
Retweeted by Louie GohmertTODAY at 3:15PM CENTRAL will talk to @EagleEdMartin on @TheAnswerSTL. We will discuss my 40 questions for #Mueller.… is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Thank you to the men & women who support those who fight for & protect o…
Trump and Melania meet three Americans imprisoned in North Korea
Committee accepts @replouiegohmert amendment to prevent discrimination against faith-based programs. Rep. Johnson t…
Retweeted by Louie Gohmert.@replouiegohmert on @NancyPelosi wanting to revisit the tax plan: "She wants it bipartisan so they don't get throw…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertAbout to talk to @cvpayne on @FoxBusiness about all the breaking news this week! @Varneyco news --> Trump: Secretary of State Pompeo heading back from North Korea with 3 released prisoners in to @FoxBusiness at 8:15AM CENTRAL! Talking to @cvpayne on @Varneyco about Pelosi’s comments on taxes.
U.S. Job Openings at Record, Almost Matching Unemployed Workers via @markets.@realDonaldTrump's action today means that #Iran can & should be stopped before they can usher in a new holocaust.… Trump withdraws from Iran deal, reimposes sanctions
Retweeted by Louie GohmertICYMI: Questioned the Acting Administrator of the @DEAHQ TODAY in a @HouseJudiciary hearing focusing on challenges… to John Hines at @OANN for covering my #MuellerReport. Watch the segment here: the educators who shaped us to be who we are today and continue to dedicate themselves to shaping the minds of t… LIVE, here.
'U.S. Embassy' road signs go up in Jerusalem ahead of next week's opening sure to thank your nurses this week! The care and compassion they provide is vital to any hospital visit and the…
ICYMI: Here’s my 40 questions for #Mueller published on @LifeZette today: NOW: @realDonaldTrump Gives Remarks at the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum. WATCH LIVE: judge accuses Mueller's team of 'lying,' trying to target Trump: 'C'mon man!' have got to give @realDonaldTrump the money he needs to actually get them [immigration laws] enforced. VIDEO: QUESTIONS SPECIAL COUNSEL ROBERT MUELLER NEEDS TO ANSWER NOW Here's my interview on @FoxNews TODAY re: the ongoing #Mueller investigation, my @LifeZette article & more: "Mueller has a history of not being a man of integrity, but of using and abusing the law to go a…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertTalking to @Varneyco on @FoxBusiness TODAY at 10:30AM CENTRAL re: illegal immigration, @realDonaldTrump's @NRA speech and more! Tune in!TODAY at 10AM CENTRAL will appear on @FoxNews @HappeningNow to discuss Giuliani's call for AG Sessions to 'step in'… #Mueller has wasted millions of tax dollars & endless hours of @realDonaldTrump's time, it’s time for the spe…
Texas, 6 other states call for the end of DACA program is such an important day in our country—the day proclaimed by our President as a #NationalDayOfPrayer. All Am…
Always like to update constituents of recent events in Washington, DC! Today I got to speak with a great group in L…
It’s always great to talk about this country’s vast amount of natural resources! It was truly enjoyable to speak at… enjoyed touring Norris Cylinder facility in Longview, #Texas yesterday! Keep up the great work! Thank you for… week is #SmallBusinessWeek all across the United States! Please be sure to support #TX01 small businesses by s… at 1:04PM CENTRAL will talk to @WilkowMajority re: the leaked list of #Mueller's written questions. Tune in t… to @SandyRiosTweet this morning at 7:20AM CENTRAL. We will discuss my article on #Mueller. Listen in to the…
If you'd like to read the FULL REPORT on #Mueller, please download it here: Here's my interview on @foxandfriends this morning. Talked about my 48-page report on #Mueller. VIDEO:… up…! @replouiegohmert @thehonorablecsc @dbongino @BPUnion @7thpresident @JonathanTurley @michellemalkin
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Discussing my report on #Mueller on @foxandfriends TOMORROW morning at 5:15AM CENTRAL. Be sure to tune in to…
Not enough of them [texts] is the problem. This is just more obfuscation on the part of people wanting to cover for… to @mboyle1 on @BreitbartXM at 11AM CENTRAL today! We'll discuss my #MuellerReport. Tune in to… up...! @replouiegohmert @AlanDersh @lh_carter @ultimateairdogs @GeraldoRivera @KarlRove @jockowillink
Retweeted by Louie GohmertTune in to @ffweekend at 7:15AM CENTRAL! Will be weighing in on the new texts between Strzok & Page:…
#ICYMI: @replouiegohmert analyzed & explained his #MuellerReport on The @LarryOConnor Show Click here to listen…
Retweeted by Louie GohmertRIGHT NOW: Talking to @LarryOConnor on @wmalnews for the FULL HOUR about my #MuellerReport. Listen in LIVE here: in to @wmalnews this afternoon at 2pm CENTRAL! Joining @LarryOConnor for the hour to discuss my #MuellerReport
On the phone NOW with @KenMatthews. Talking about my #MuellerReport. Listen in LIVE online here: was great to hear from @DiamondandSilk today in the @HouseJudiciary hearing re: filtering practices of social me… to @KenMatthews TODAY at 2:30PM CENTRAL about my #MuellerReport published on yester… Here are my comments in the @HouseJudiciary hearing today re: Filtering Practices of Social Media. Thank you… Pompeo picked as Trump's new secretary of state: What to know about him
Retweeted by Louie Gohmert.@replouiegohmert on @Comey: "It's just laughable to hear him talk about about character."
Retweeted by Louie GohmertRIGHT NOW: @HouseJudiciary Full Committee Hearing: Filtering Practices of Social Media Platforms Talked to @Varneyco on @FoxBusiness this morning re: James #Comey's comments on CNN. Watch the VIDEO here: to @Varneyco this morning at 8:15AM CENTRAL. Weighing in on the caravans arriving at U.S.-Mexico border & s…