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U.S. Rep KY4, Chairman 2A Caucus, Political Science Denier, MIT '93 Bachelor of Science EE, '96 Master of Science MechE #sassywithmassie, 2nd rate at least

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@TX2005TX I tweeted it myself. We’re more selective about timing of posts on Facebook.Rationing of meat... Wasted animals... Farmers suffering... Sick employees... COVID is exposing a dangerous LON…
Americans have enough to worry about in this economic downturn. They shouldn’t be seeing unstocked shelves or high… @louisvilletroy DOD budget, $600 billion Bailouts, $3,000 billion @realCOVID19_ Just sent this to my Norwegian friend. 😭Whose money should we take... to pay for the bailouts that have passed Congress in the last 2 months?
The Constitution is a restraint on the Federal Government. It tells the government what it can and can’t do. It doe… EXPLODES, reveals Justice Department LIED to Congress about how they would use FISA court. “Go r…
Retweeted by Thomas Massie“The whole notion of using secret courts and false warrants to spy on citizens is an anathema to our Constitution a… @FenucciMiles Two new cosponsors this week, and the week is still not over!In March, I spoke against reauthorizing the Patriot Act because it enables warrantless spying on U.S. citizens. Ton… @ChrisWi68725793 @Chesschick01 🧐 @GoCapitalist @Chesschick01 Boehner. Then 6 weeks later I voted against him for Speaker.
I'll be on Last Call with Jason Nemes & Drew Deener tonight at 6:30pm ET on @939TheVille. Listen live here: thing Congress created a $17 BILLION carve out for @Boeing two short months ago!!! When will we learn?…
Retweeted by Thomas MassieI agree. Let’s bring them home! It’s not the job of our soldiers to be the world’s policemen. folks say I vote NO too frequently on spending bills. If there’s ANY evidence that my NO votes have resulted… to believe it was 1 year ago this past Sunday I objected to $19.5 billion being passed on the floor of the Hou…
Retweeted by Thomas MassieHard to believe this was 2 months ago. Most of the Republicans who vociferously opposed me on March 27th are now us… for joining the fight!"If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time and you would achieve… tip: If you move from a blue state to a red state and continue to vote blue, your problems will follow you.
Retweeted by Thomas MassieYou can bet I will.’ll be on Tipping Point tonight with @Liz_Wheeler at 9pm ET on @OANN. Tune in!
Thanks for having me! remembering this badass Massie moment in Congress.
Retweeted by Thomas MassieActual photograph of the meat shelves this week at Walmart in Wallingford CT. Pass the PRIME Act and cut out the C… @aparker70 I introduced it and have 40 cosponsors in the House and 6 in the Senate, but it hasn’t been allowed a hearing or a vote.Government creates a monopoly by over regulating small processors and then wonders why the monopoly they created ac…
ICYMI: I joined @AVoiceNews w/ @TudorDixon @RealMattLocke last week to talk about the PRIME Act, the "pork" in the… we recognize and honor those who gave their lives in service to our nation. I encourage you to take time to r…
@SusieQ7965 Thank you. Looks like I’m your first follower. It’s an honor! @bseers1984 I forced Congress to come to work on March 27th to pass that $2 trillion abomination and you would’ve t… Denver did sing about Kentucky... he called “West Virginia, almost heaven” because it borders Kentucky. 😉… @tman1112000 @nighttimesmith Neither! lol @nighttimesmith Lewis County, KentuckyGood morning from God’s country. not both? Rising star and dangerous... to socialists. @SavannahLMaddox
@RepThomasMassie Life is just easier if you have principles. You don’t have to look around for directions and cannot be herded like a sheep.
Retweeted by Thomas MassieTsk tsk @GovAndyBeshear. The Constitution doesn’t sleep through a pandemic. First your travel ban was struck down…’m amazed at how many Republicans went from “Massie is endangering lives by requiring a quorum of Congress to show… business working hard for big government. Very cozy. Perfected in China, ported to the US.
I’ll be joining @larrygloverlive on @WVLK at 1:35pm ET. Tune in here: @MarinaMedvin Your article is dripping with condescension. I couldn’t make it past the first few sentences.There is no authority in the Constitution that authorizes the government to stick a needle in you against your will… whole notion of using secret courts and false warrants to spy on citizens is an anathema to our Constitution as… do you call something LEGAL when it’s not CONSTITUTIONAL? “today the federal government has the legal authorit… Orwell Fiction Again. week another $225.4 billion of funny money added to supply, and another $103 billion added to the Fed's bal…
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@ccake_jt Hey, I just quoted the article. @Dana_TFSJ Ha! That was my wife picking up beef from the Marksbury processing plant in Lancaster.Massie and Pingree, along with Democrats from California, Republicans from the Deep South, and Congress’s lone Libe… for having me on! the “most hated man in Washington” suddenly gains 20 new co-sponsors for his bill, it must signal a pressing n… don't know who needs to hear this, but there is no "pandemic clause" in the Constitution allowing local, state, o…
Retweeted by Thomas Massie @PhillisKathy @Dsp3ncr He is an original cosponsor! That means he was a cosponsor the day the bill was introduced. Btw, thank yo…
#DefendFreedom "If we tolerate unconstitutional government orders during an emergency, whether out of expediency or…
Retweeted by Thomas Massie“80 percent of all the meat that is consumed in the United States goes through four companies, & these companies ha… Quadpartisan? What do you call a bill with cosponsors with four different party affiliations? I cal… for abortionists... who could have seen this coming? are about to learn the hard way why Thomas Jefferson warned that a central bank would pose a greater thre…
Retweeted by Thomas MassieAnd just like that, self-righteous treatises about the “evils of urban sprawl” (intended to shame residents of subu… needs to pass.
Retweeted by Thomas MassieJust landed in @RepThomasMassie’s congressional district. I can smell the freedom. #MakeLibertyWin
Retweeted by Thomas MassieContact Your Representatives & Let's Avoid Beef Shortages With Passage of The PRIME Act Watch the whole show with…
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Peak dystopia: The President who was spied on in the course of a soft coup against him reauthorizes the domestic sp…"Reps. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Chellie Pingree of Maine have a bipartisan bill, the PRIME Act, to liberate lo…'ll be joining @stuntbrain on @WMALDC today at 11:30am ET. Listen live here:“The pigs will eventually grow too big to be accepted at harvest facilities, & an estimated 10 million hogs will ha…
@Shawington @RonPaul Look up HR899 @TonyMeick @KevinSequoia @TravisAllen02 @RonPaul Muted him way back. He can only troll those who don’t ignore him. fact: Ron Paul and I served together in Congress for 6 weeks... long enough to pass the torch on bills such as… I joined @toddstarnes on Friday to talk about how Pelosi called me a dangerous nuisance when I required Cong…"Reining in those crony regulations would help give rise to revitalized & bustling local food networks in every sta… @realCOVID19_ @RealCalypsoJohn @idnotapplicable I have never voted for it, and don’t ever plan to vote for it.Ordered Outback in tonight but couldn’t get prime rib. This is not the world I want to live in. Pass…
Retweeted by Thomas MassieI use duck-duck-go, but occasionally I have to drop into Google just for the autocompletes. 😂
@robsaker Northeastern @jjwalk0313 I recommend to visit our hills and hollers. Try a state park like Carter Caves which is close to my hou… fog is rolling and night is falling. @chadpet12708605 Our farm.Just finished the drive back from Mordor to the Shire.
Actual picture of the meat shelves at a supermarket in Massachusetts. American grocery stores doesn’t have to loo…
The only thing bipartisan about this bill is the opposition to it. It’s got all the pork you would expect Nancy Pel… "Pelosi's making us come back to vote on a pretend bill that's dead on arrival in the Senate...I…
Retweeted by Thomas Massie“7 million animals may have to be destroyed this quarter alone. That’s about a billion pounds of meat lost to consu… @AlfredENewman5 Except for the PRIME Act. 😉 @mouthyM0M I thought your original comment was on point as well!Sorry, OMNIBUS and SOLUTION should never appear in the same sentence, much less in the same Bill Title. Today’s so…'ll be on the @TomRoten Morning Show today at 8:04am ET. Tune in:
I'll be joining @WilkowMajority on @SiriusXMPatriot today at 2:04pm ET. Tune in!Add grocery prices to this graph soon. @davecwarren This is twitter.’s it going to be, now that “flatten the curve” seems to be out the window?.@RMConservative asks, why hasn’t our government provided a chart like this?’m so old I remember when the strategy was to flatten the curve. It was a lie from the beginning. What free state should I move to?
Retweeted by Thomas Massie @GOPLeader I remember when my great congressman, @RepThomasMassie, wouldn’t stand for this last time and you all th…
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