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Jawziya F. Zaman @reracinated Karachi, Pakistan

Writer, reluctant lawyer, kitty enthusiast. Words at @DissentMag @Himalistan @PsychoPompMag @ScribblelitMag and others.

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@zmlkn @RahmaMian Unrelatedly, I'm pretty sure all my life's failures are because of the absence of earth and air i…
@sabizak I listened to the first four seconds and was like uhh yeah, no. These South Asian diasporic comedian men in America are dreadful. @ashfistan too good. @RahmaMian No other option. @zmlknEvery subsequent word takes the reader to new heights @usmantm My sister is doing an archive with her students chronicling their experiences: (C… @ACFAnimalRescue @drmalhi @ImranKhanPTI @sindhpolicedmc @PoliceMediaCell Are we as usual deploying the law against… was an awful video circulating yesterday in which a dog was tied and dragged behind a car. The driver was arr…
Using the existence of whitening creams to say there's colourism in Pakistan feels like the equivalent of white fem… @aaolomi I just want all of twitter to be your account is that too much to askWhile modern astrology can at times be strikingly different from its ancient roots many of the correspondences of t…
Retweeted by Jawziya F. ZamanMystery, science, and longing. I found Vandana Singh several years ago and since then, I haven't been able to sto… @nidkirm now they're just messing with you. @curlyintentions they are sending you hugs! @curlyintentions @HNiaziii Full-blown masculinity crisis happening here.
@curlyintentions Yes, all the time. @caustichazmat It's easy to have solidarity for BLM sitting in Pakistan. No personal, historical investment in the… @HinaMesiya Ughghg I think I am done reading anything the government says re. covid. There's literally no point.Getting real tired of Americans posting pictures of protests with the caption "this isn't [brown 3rd world country… with connections make IK read this thread plsthx
Friends please tweet in solidarity with Bramsh who was shot, her mother killed, by Malik Naz, widely suspected of b…
Retweeted by Jawziya F. ZamanGreat thread on the sheedi community @AshBedar The struggle is real. @AneeqaMWattoo Yeah. Also virgos. @curlyintentions So sorry for your loss. Sending you prayers and strength. 💜 @GazdarAisha @farahziaa Ooh also the word relevant before everything. Relevant legislation, relevant training, rele… @sarah_humayun @farahziaa @GazdarAisha The acronyms are the best. I have heard entire conversations in which the BF… @sarah_humayun @farahziaa @GazdarAisha It's safe because it means nothing. @farahziaa @GazdarAisha Agreed. It turns the brain to rust. @HinaMesiya Fridge me daal do. Thinking of doing this to the toothpaste. Shoving my face in the deep freezer is now an hourly occurrence. @GazdarAisha @farahziaa The horrors of NGO-speak. Circle back, moving forward, urgent need, unique opportunity, soc… toothpaste has been liquid dribble the past week. I just realized it's because of the heat. It's so hot my tooth… @AmmarRashidT @akkhan81 Yeah the lawsuit should be pretty interesting given who she represents. Curious to see how… @AmmarRashidT @akkhan81 It's also worth asking whether constantly engaging with her drivel, so far, has made any me… @AmmarRashidT @akkhan81 We're clearly not the source of her power. But we amplify it when we make the choice to eng… @akkhan81 They shouldn't have taken the bait. (I wasn't talking about you specifically; I meant SM collectively and how reactive it is.) @akkhan81 I wonder what would happen if everyone decided collectively to ignore her instead of engaging, responding…'s government is employing invasive #surveillance technology that can seriously infringe people's right to…
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@ReemKhurshid That’s amazing, congratulations!! We need to amplify the shit out of all good news right now even if… whether & what resistance movements in Pakistan can learn from BLM strategy in our specific context—the p… of so many versions of this for Pakistan @justmorewine These pictures. So powerful.A man becomes obsessed with an axolotl in an aquarium and...extremely strange things happen. This bonkers beautiful… @garamchutney A stupidly floofed out fluff bundle and a tiny kitty for your viewing pleasure. the beautiful 'Closer,' by Jawziya F. Zaman, in our latest edition of Scribble.
Retweeted by Jawziya F. Zaman @usmantm And this is an important thread: @usmantm There's a lot of truth to this. But there are conflicting reports showing that arrest records don't match…
@antifatwa The Big Lebowski always. Forgetting Sarah MarshallI remember Mehrunnisa by Nosheen Ali I write on the murders of Arif Wazir Shahdad Baloch and others during covid1…
Retweeted by Jawziya F. Zaman @HinaMesiya Haha persevere! The best friend gang always comes through for each other. And the princesses with their powerrsss 🤩😍🤩😍 @HinaMesiya THEY DID!!I have no personal experience with this start-up but the idea is amazing and desperately needed in Karachi, where i… @SarahBelal_ This is perhaps very cynical, but maybe she’s thinking about the civil suit and splitting their assets… @agleig @RahmaMian I wish the concept of mindful white racists was even a little surprising. @usmantm Nah. It’s an incredibly light charge given what he did, the other three probably won’t be charged at all,… @surkhminahil Yes. You mellow out. And get some much-needed perspective on a lot of the shit that you spend your 20… @guldaar Yeah tough call. Rapists and pedos is where I personally draw the line (Tupac, jacko, neruda come to mind)… @Bluemagicboxes This is a v. helpful suggestion. Thank you.
Kelly Link, inscrutable and compulsively readable as ever. The Girl Who Did Not Know Fear via @Tin_House @usmantm @SarahPinsker It's been on my wishlist for a year but I'm bumping it right up!A writer, a remote mountain cabin, and the best assistant ever. What a wonderfully creepy story. The Blur in the… @guldaar ohmygod this is HORRIBLE. Fughghg. Eurghghghg. I'm so sorry! @basilnabi @ZahrahV @amber_lakhani1 @saramalkani @WomenInLawPk @MubarizSiddiqui @MalihaZiaLari Discretion isn’t exc… @amber_lakhani1 @basilnabi @ZahrahV @saramalkani @WomenInLawPk @MubarizSiddiqui @MalihaZiaLari Blended, perhaps? I… @ZahrahV @basilnabi @amber_lakhani1 @saramalkani @WomenInLawPk @MubarizSiddiqui @MalihaZiaLari Yeah, that is super annoying. @ZahrahV @basilnabi @amber_lakhani1 @saramalkani @WomenInLawPk @MubarizSiddiqui @MalihaZiaLari Absolutely. Many pro…
First person plural is ridiculously fun to try on. @ReemKhurshid Yep. The lines are drawn, the actors the same, the outrage scripted, the positions predictable, the f… @usmantm YASSS
@aaolomi Twitter’s been a shitstorm all week and this thread just made me so wooey and happy THANK YOU! And I can’t wait for Scorpio 👏👏👏 @thefader Radiohead @HinaMesiya It will be amazing. @monicabyrne13 @JulieByrneHUCS Sisters are 💜💕💜💕 happy birthday to yours!The man at the receiving end of the heinous racism is the only person making sense about it. Maybe the virtue signa… can't believe I'm just discovering this thread. It's amazing. @Bluemagicboxes Wouldn’t it be better if your heaven was orientalism-free thereby doing away with the need for Edward Said? 😜 @HinaMesiya 💜🌸🌻💕🌺 @HinaMesiya Your emotional health
@karachikhatmal A newsletter!! Near Patna also—rahimabad and daudnagar. @karachikhatmal @BanoBee @AliaChughtai (Omg totally inserting myself also half Bihari from fathers side wonder if t… @smahmadd @AtiyaAbbas_ Totally inserting myself, but I should follow you on goodreads! How to find? @ashfistan @ReemKhurshid No it’s all potatoes right now.
We're thrilled to share the FIFTH winner of the ALR Flash Flood, @julieloukim's "The Art of Losing." "He’ll want…
Retweeted by Jawziya F. Zaman @ReemKhurshid This might be fake nostalgia or some shit but I think the quality of sindhris has just gotten progres… this. Struggling. @ReemKhurshid Abhi bohot time hay. Sindhris and ratols first no?Today, my 2018 Modern Love Essay came outside on the podcast, with Jameela Jamil reading. I never imagined that thi…
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@marmaladejam14 Ooh I’ll look it up thank you for the rec.Finished the series last night. This is the best cartoon ever made. Right up there with Steven Universe. Visually g… @monicabyrne13 Maria’s a...Libra or a Sagittarius. Anne’s a Pisces or a cancer.
@SumairaJajja Sumaira if you need more in the coming days please DM me @hijakamran SRSLY @hamnazubair It’s available on libgen @garamchutney THEY DO THAT
02199242284 02199043766 02199043833 PIA Emergency Response Unit. If anyone wants to inquire about the plane crash i…
Retweeted by Jawziya F. Zaman @zulfimusic She’s a mentally unstable bully. Do not engage, ever, under any circumstances. Either block or be silent. Never engage.
@fIightlessbird_ I went to SJC. It was also a shitshow. @NayabGJan @Taimur_Laal @Gulalai_Ismail Er, yes? Is this a serious question? The fear of being raped? It’s a thing… @potaydur Dude this reads like really obvious trolling. A lot of the shit on this subreddit is.