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.@aya_yco + @xairmax97x = A2A @SwingTing & @Only_HMD - Just A Feeling festival @innercityelect has announced its conference programme—featuring a live RA Exchange with @orbitalband's Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy is hosting a month-long residency in London next month was responsible for 80 percent of the global supply of blank lacquer discs, and most vinyl records d…
Retweeted by Resident AdvisorThis week's podcast sees @andygarvey303—one of Australia's best electro and techno DJs—show her range… Smagghe & Cross - 1819 tell the story of vaporwave's most iconic album in our latest Rewind review.
In 2016 Space Ibiza closed its doors forever, we told the story of clubbing icon @Carl_Cox coming to terms with the…"I love those moments when you look at a record and realize it's running out—sometimes those are my most creative m… DJs appearing across our festivals this summer are in @residentadvisor's Best Mixes of the 2010s: @BenUFO,…
Retweeted by Resident AdvisorRevisit @FatboySlim in conversation about what it's like playing to 360,000 people, apologising to Burial and keepi… might be @bergsonist's main form of expression, but building network is what animates her… fledgling labels and smaller plants without the existing relationships or operating capacity to snatch up avail…
The promoter's dilemma... wonderful @Lena_Willikens unpacks her craft and many years of experience gathering curveballs in this Art of DJ…
Retweeted by Resident AdvisorAfter hearing about the Apollo/Transco fire, @Darkentriesrecs founder Josh Cheon immediately halved his vinyl relea… its 25th anniversary, we examined the roots and philosophy behind Basic Channel—one of techno's most beloved lab… our latest Rewind, we tell the story of the album that defined vaporwave. up to date with our just-refreshed Best Electronic Music playlist"The idea behind this mix was to step outside of my comfort zone, I wanted to show a different side of myself" - Ho… was responsible for 80 percent of the global supply of blank lacquer discs, and most vinyl records d…"There's a certain energy or attention that comes from hearing someone work to save a mix" - @Lena_Willikens  … the six-track EP, out now, Edge Slayer "[channels] her experiences as a black trans woman in America"
Ninja Tune has announced an updated version of its music production and performance app on Wax will release an expanded version of his 1995 breakthrough LP, Smokers Delight, via Warp Records i… @darkentriesrecs But surely, one obscure factory going up in flames isn't the nail in the coffin for an industry ge… next volume in Unknown To The Unknown's Dance Trax series comes from Nite Fleit of me running my fat mouth about the Apollo Masters fire for @residentadvisor . thanks @pizzalane for picking…
Retweeted by Resident AdvisorTwo @eclairfifi residencies for 2020 @Time_Warp 2020 lineup is here, featuring DJ Koze, Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear, @KiNK303 and many more last week's lacquer factory fire, we spoke with @darkentriesrecs, Chicago Mastering Service's Bob Weston, Die… music festival Oto Nove Swiss is moving to Paris up on @Planetmurecords: @FARWARMTH's debut LP for the label Edge Slayer is here promoter Parable is toasting to two years this week's Exchange David Muallem (@dmuallem) the creative force behind Munich's @BLITZ_club_muc tells his stor…éance Centre is kicking off a new imprint called Mixed Signals on March 27th marks exactly 50 years since the first legendary Loft Party in New York. David Mancuo's seminal club night he… Music Summit has invited Brian Eno to discuss climate change in a keynote interview with @petetong is launching a new radio channel will be a protest—"Rache am Patriarchat! My body is not your porn"—tonight in Berlin in response to the sexua… queer party Love Child is launching a label with @ninjatune than 75 acts have been confirmed for Loveland Festival's 25th anniversary edition in August who's playing @phonox_london through April @SVelco @paulclement Hey Sara! Please reach out to our Ticket Support team here:… PLEASUREMIX05 - ALEX T clubs are fighting to be classified as cultural institutions Naoki E-Jima Rrose & Silent Servant - Air Texture VII Solar's RA Podcast shows the rising artist in her prime, floating past '80s-tinged acid, electro and trance. List… Festival Formerly Known as Taicoclub (@ffkt_fest) is back for another year Delight is getting the Warp reissue treatment, including two brand new tracks inspired by the original sess… Fleit, D. Tiffany and @JensenIntercept feature on Dance Trax Vol. 26 Naoki E-Jima, a crucial link between Tokyo and the Bristol dubstep scene
Berlin clubs have banded together, attempting to gain protection as cultural institutions gets one more @CC_DISCO dose for the summer Paolo Mosca - Now I Know Their Name Dances is the result of the Manchester duo's 11 years running parties and producing under the @SwingTing moniker will discuss the music industry's responsibility in tackling the climate crisis at @IMSibiza 2020 house and techno that tells the story of a recent US tour City Festival 2020 has added AceMoMa (@AceM0 & @MoMa_Ready), @tom_konxompax, @MRGOLDIE and more Plane Recordings is launching a new label called Contagion Discs electro artist @Trypheme_ shows her tender side out the Return To The Source 2020 line up Maurice Fulton & Peggy Gou - Jigoo's @maidenvoyageldn is back for 2020éance Centre is starting up a new imprint called Mixed Signals Karmil is releasing a new album called STS371 @bergsonist .@bergsonist's heady, ever-changing productions are just one part of her larger mission to unite artist… Robbenspierre - THREADS003 is launching a new station in Helsinki are the lifeblood of everything @bergsonist does. Music might be her main form of expression, but bu… years of Glitch Festival you ever wondered what a booking agent actually does? We've launched a new series, The Glossary, where we spot…
Retweeted by Resident AdvisorNew Sleeparchive incoming's solitary bedroom songs with a subtle pop spirit is turning five with a 36-track compilation will host its first-ever festival stage, taking over Distrikt 5 across all three days African artist @AngelHo_Studio has announced her next album has announced his debut LP, Shadows In Blue, out April 17th via @HoundstoothLBL Fulton is releasing an EP through Peggy Gou's label Gudu Records queer party Love Child kicks off its new label with an EP by cofounder @JoshCaffe featuring remixes by…'s @LovelandNL Festival has revealed the lineup for its 25th anniversary edition's 2020 calendar features @undergroundres, @pearsonsound & @reni_ldn, @HunchMusic, @midlandsound and… clubs are fighting to be classified as cultural institutions van der Geld said the decision to leave was "an important choice that I had to make with a lot of pain and… will take place across two weekends in 2020 next Acting Press release is a double 12-inch from INTe*ra called Aqueduct @MHYSA301 - NEVAEH and @Naina_LDN's @hooversoundrecs is debuting with a split EP from @hyroglifics and @sinistarr_313 Lisa Frank new Australian record label has emerged Naoki E-Jima has a new album on the way via Tresor last chance for Aussies to catch Roza Terenzi on home turf
Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section International is turning five with a 36-track compilation says his album is inspired by "a newfound love of plants and gardening, reading science fiction, old prog-roc…