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Lightening your Covid-19 isolation with a cheery mail order service. Fresh sounds direct to your door! New releases/reissues/recommendations/Dinked Editions

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We don't all share the same political views. We don't all share the same approach to life. We don't all agree on…!! We've slashed the price of 200 more LPs!! It's our biggest new batch of reductions to date - over 200 c… Presales!! Get the low down on all the biggest preorder hitters from... Black Midi (new 12"!!) Laura Marli… COLLINS Heart's Ease Ltd LP / LP / CD Collins' 'Lodestar' (and subsequent Festival performance at Brighton… you liked 'Sad About The Times' last year, get in to this. Makes us miss our Benji, we think he'd like it too. I… @TheShyRetirer1 @RSDUK It'll depend how we decide to make the titles available for each date. We will send a mailou… @Allieemgee @drewmcclean @RSDUK Have just been told that this release is officially "TBC"! 🤷🏼🙂 More info when we're… @rickwarran1 Hi Can you drop us a line at please @rickwarran1 Hi Richard, Have forwarded your message to the website email. They will get back to you from there asa… is back. Now on 3 separate dates: ✏️Sat 29th AUGUST ✏️Sat 26th SEPTEMBER ✏️Sat 24th OCTOBER We will be rele…
Retweeted by resident @ADZMBV2_0 @RSDUK Follow the link. The dates are on the list. 🙂The #RSD20 list has now been split across the 3 designated drops - Aug 29th / Sep 26th / Oct 24th View the @RSDUK MIDI Sweater / 7-Eleven Limited 12" @RoughTradeRecs 2 tracks never before on wax, recorded with… EGGS Long Stem Carnations Ltd (500 only) orange 7" Get yer protein fix with this cracking new number taken… levels low? Like the sound of a girl gang let loose & pinging catchy melodies and neon synths off every wall…🙌🏼💪🏼😇 @robd132 @NicoleAtkins A very fine choice indeed. Happy lunch break!You can #Preorder @levvis's album for access here: 💻🖊️ Burrows Pink LP / CD New signing to Yala! alert! Caro "write songs of isolation, introversion, mental instab… more love for @ErlandCooper's 'Hether Blether', our #AlbumOfTheWeek. Don't forget… / LP / Limited indies only clear transparent 2LP➡️➡️🐧 😀 of Lucinda Williams all the way across to PJ Harvey would have this @NicoleAtkins LP handed over in the shop.…
More news, as we figure things out and the situation evolves. Thanks for all the incredible love and support you’ve… can then figure out how & when we will reopen our doors to you again. We have a lot of stuff to work through but…’s most likely we will start with reinstating our “pick up instore” option for online sales, so that you can swin… the 15th June has been named as the date when “non-essential” retailers can reopen, our current thinking i… Orienteering! We decided to take a trip to Orkney using the @dinkededition @ErlandCooper map. Sadly we got l… @SamuEllmer This is a fair point @HowlandHum @AWAL Be great to have you! Hope all is well. Happy release weekend!! ✌🏻This is a nice idea!! Anyone who fancies it @ us and we’ll retweet the best efforts!! the jangle of Palace? The fun of Circa Waves? The energy of The Magic Gang? Well we have your next favourite r… Shoegaze! Part wafting and undulating acid trip, part Killing Eve car chase this @PsychicMarkers LP wil… nabbing Album Of The Week with her 2018 debut, @brydeofficial is back with her lush Indie-Folk. If we were al…
When we first heard @thecoolgreen record it's fair to say we instantly knew it was special. The wit, the delivery &… Well Well..... Just look at what the ridiculously kind people of @subpop have given us! It's only a flippin'…"Think you'd be into a UK band that should be on Castle Face / In The Red? FFO Ty Segall, Meatbodies, Oh Sees etc?"… loved working with @MelodicRecords on @whlungmusic so when they brought us @thecoolgreen, we knew we were onto a… of these could have been our #AOTW but @ErlandCooper stole our hearts a while ago & had a head start. So much… was born from a desire to collectively shout about records we wanted to show extra special love to.… @garyfranklin 🙌🏻 @JakeCallaghan @thectsbrighton @RSDUK @NorthLaineNews @LoveRecsStores 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 @StickInTheWheel Thanks!! @JakeCallaghan Thank you :)PAYDAY WEEKEND! What better way to celebrate than shaking your penny jars and seeing if you can help out a great l…
The Resident Sound Check is back!!!! As 'normal' normal becomes more 'normal'.... we thought it would be nice to d… @InfoSkara1 @Independent Thank you :)OH HELLO! We’ve just found a small pocket of the (what we thought was) sold out Cool Greenhouse Dinked edition!!!… Euro Pop at its absolute finest, the EP floored us when it hit the stereo. @QueensChristine have hit all the ri… @paulgriffini @lauramarlinghq We do but currently they’re top secret. We will announce on the internet shouting box… @Mouse_y A good choice!!!GENE The Albums 9CD A pool of Gene to dive into here - 9 discs covering the career of one of the quietly influenti… AYLER New Grass LP Ayler's much maligned misunderstood masterpiece returns to wax this June for the first t… (Mark Pritchard & Tom Middleton) A Collection Of Short Stories Ltd yellow 2LP The duo also known as Global… AM KLOOT Gods And Monsters Ltd orange marble LP Repress alert for album #3 from I Am Kloot - our Seb's practical…🙌🏼😍 to our Jamie's wonderful ability to crop the important info off the image above, you may have missed that initi…'ve heard it already. Those rave reviews weren't lying. You've fallen in love with it too. The physical release… @iram_amezcua99 @Futterschlepper @the1975 @DirtyHit Hi, comp runs until Thurs June 4th :)Oh alright then you can have 2 more #isolationvinyl #newreleases #cd #lp #buylocal #loverecordstores your horses, these too.... Release Day! There has been some serious head nodding already in the shop today to the sounds of some of the… SOMETHING Cannibal House Rules 2LP / CD Jonathan's taken something of a synth pop turn for his 3rd album… HAMASYAN The Call Within LP / CD Hamasyan looks inwards for his inspiration on this, his fourth for Nonesuc… SUSANNA Sleepy Little Sailor (Deluxe Edition) 2LP / CD Oh Susanna's spellbinding 2001 album is seeing a deluxe… IN THE WHEEL Hold Fast Ltd neon yellow LP / CD Album number 3 incoming from one of the finest current folk b… record to start the day? This may well be it! We're big fans of @tenderlonious22 here and these beautiful a…
As if it wasn't hard enough to work out what day it is already, Bank Holiday has thrown us and somehow it's already… / CAT STEVENS Tea For The Tillerman 2 LP / CD More tea vicar? For the 50th anniversary of the Stevens classi… AMOR All In The Same Breath LP Our Jon's a bit excited for this new one from @croatianamor - expect a new… HARVEY Dry Demos LP / CD As if a straight up repress of 'Dry' wasn't exciting enough, the exceptionally rare de… HARVEY Dry LP Victory! The first PJ Harvey album is finally getting the long overdue reissue it deserves - you…** TICKET PRESALE ** Wow, our second of the day! Great to see. On Monday at 10am we'll be selling tickets by phon… That's right. 'Hether Blether' by @ErlandCooper has taken this week's top spot. Just ask any membe… PERFECT CIRCLE The Hands Of Time Ltd 7" Dynamite Cuts are spoiling us rotten here, with another unmissable sla… PATE Shaft In Africa Ltd 2 x 7" If you were eyeing up this gem on the #RSD20 list then you'll be glad to kn… MAN Prole Art Threat LP One of the most inventive grime producers returns with the long awaited follow up to…’S BACK IN STOCK!!! If you didn’t do what you should have done the first time, make sure you’re damn well doing… formats of 'Notes On A Conditional Form' by @the1975 are in stock and shipping now! If you haven't got yours,… OR ALIVE Fragile (20th Anniversary Edition) Ltd red 2LP First full release outside of Japan for 2000's 7th DO… @stevereynolds68 Did you hear the Sex Swing record? Could be one for you. It’s a lot of fun @stevereynolds68 Nope. Nothing at all! 😉 We jest obviously.... what sort of thing are you after?KRAFTWERK Soest Live Limited yellow LP / CD First time on wax for this very early 1970 live set! An electrifying &… @stevejcotterill @thectsbrighton thanks very much!** TICKET PRESALE ** A band we championed. A band who have an incredible new record coming. A band we cannot wai…
Fresh on the site! It's a good day if you like tight grooves, wearing clothes and coming to instores... Read all… MASS - 'Calm With Horses' Seb was the first to point out how good this OST is by one of our loudest (and fi… What We Drew 우리가 그려왔던 Limited yellow LP @XLRECORDINGS @kraeji's expanded on her earlier club orientated sou… —
Retweeted by resident1st on the stereo from our new @southernrec1987 promos jiffy: @nightports w/ Betamax (aka the beating rhythmic hea… SYNTHI 100 (Soulwax) Deewee Sessions Vol 01 Limited deluxe LP This is a bit cool - a rather elaborate package… local record shop @residentmusic are going to give us £5 off every one of their t-shirt competition merch s…
Retweeted by residentI sent some of my favourite indie stores these art cards to send out with my album Banana Skin Shoes. Would love to…
Retweeted by residentRIVAL CONSOLES Articulation Very limited clear LP with **signed** postcard! Unless you've been hiding under a rock… Friday! Debut album from THE COOL GREENHOUSE (@thecoolgreen) is deservedly picking up some great press, inc. t… Automatic LP with locked groove / CD Mildlife's inter-dimensional psych jazz grooves will be coming to th… Home 2LP / CD What a lovely way to start Wednesday! We're big fans of Romare so we're delighted to hear alb…👑 🇩🇰 💗 #LRS
@billyfbeckett @Pigsx7 @RoughTrade Thanks for your support! @MikeP_cgl @BReevesOK 🙌🏻