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Bringing music industry training, business development and innovation to Scotland. #Collaboration #Creativity #Accessibility #Development

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A very worthy read - @MusicWeek @PRSforMusic CEO @andreacmartin2 on the impact of Covid 👇 to see our friends @DMC_Dumfries returning and going digital for 2020! Give them a follow!
20 hours of Scottish goodness 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Here's the @SAYaward @spotify playlist of 2020's Eligible Albums inc.… @HM_Scot @HelpMusiciansUK 24/7 helpline If you want someone to talk to, or even explore avenues for ongoing s…
🤩 REMINDER! 🤩 The @AIM_UK Awards are tonight! 7pm. You can tune in from @SBTVonline @youtube channel here
Recently had a wonderful chat with @FionaSoePaing after connecting through the @ScotWim database 🙇‍♀️ You can fin… YOU FOR ALL THE LOVELY WORDS ! The biggest of loves to @ResonateScot @tenementtv and @vintagesocietym for al…
Retweeted by ResonateWow! @ResonateScot have made me their artist of the week. Thank you for all your kind words and support. It’s so ni…
Retweeted by ResonateCheck out @zildjianpinky discography over on @Bandcamp A sublime selection of lo-fi beats and ambient beauties. ARTIST OF THE WEEK: @zildjianpinky 🌟
Reminiscing about live performances - how about this for an intimate session from Grayling 💫 One of our 2019… @ResonateScot Not necessarily my fav, but I’m hoping it could be yours! ❤️🎹
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We thoroughly enjoyed this recent workshop from @shark_pr with @TheSMIA 🤩 Real eye opening info here! You can join…'s your perfect #SundayListening ? Send us your faves 👇
Interested? You'll get access to; PRODUCTION LIVESTREAMS 🔶 INDUSTRY ADVICE 🔶 BIG EQUIPMENT & SOFTWARE DISCOUNTS 🔶…'s included in @SkapadeStudios membership? The monthly membership is a fully-featured artist development plat… to get into music production? @SkapadeStudios Look no further - join for £1 🌝
👀👀👀 Sign up here - @ResonateScot @Bandcamp Here's my stuff 🙌 I make experimental electronic ambient, dark ambient, drone, noise and ha…
Retweeted by Resonate @ResonateScot @Bandcamp 🙏🏽
Retweeted by Resonate @ResonateScot @Bandcamp This album is being released one song at a time, features over 50 Nashville musicians (don’…
Retweeted by Resonate @ResonateScot @Bandcamp
Retweeted by ResonateThe Music Creators Mentoring Programme by @IvorsAcademy and @HelpMusiciansUK will match 50 emerging music creators…
Retweeted by ResonateThe wonderful @Bandcamp are once again waiving thier fees for the first Friday of the month... which is TODAY! My d…
Retweeted by ResonateHAPPY @Bandcamp FRIDAY! New album 𝗪𝗘𝗜𝗥𝗗𝗢 now available on Ltd. Edition Signed CD. Pre-order now and check out the r…
Retweeted by ResonateBeautiful us your #NewMusicFriday top picks 👇👇👇
Undoubtedly one of the best emerging hip hop artists atm @CantSaveJoell 💫 wonderful piece of writing from @ClareEverson for @shesaid_so 👇 ! FILL YR EARS WITH OBSESSIONS !! PRE_SAVE NOW !!! Photo by @yenreit_
Retweeted by Resonate#ThrowbackThursday back to 2018 when we welcome Neil Patterson who pioneers the #LetMeOnStage campaign. Fighting fo… are delighted to reveal 🎉 362 🎉 albums are eligible for this year's #SAYaward. The 2020 Longlist + Shortlist w…
Retweeted by Resonate @ResonateScot @Bandcamp Latest release is a cover of Eric Johnson's classic 'Cliffs of Dover'. Also available: weir…
Retweeted by Resonate @ResonateScot @U_SEdin @Bandcamp We are releasing a new single soon, this is from our debut EP.
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The programme will take place as part of groups, applicants can choose which group works best for you: Group 1: 14…📣Guaranteed eight hours of 1-1 online mentoring 📣6 months free The Ivors Academy membership for all mentors 📣Online… out this new programme curated by @IvorsAcademy x @HelpMusiciansUK The Music Creators' Mentoring Programme… @ResonateScot @Bandcamp We're here! New stuff coming out of lockdown imminently, but check our old stuff too 😊
Retweeted by ResonateIf you've got music available on @Bandcamp drop link in the comments below and we'll 💜 & 🔃ICYMI - @Bandcamp are set to continue waiving their fees on the first Friday of every month for the remainder of th… check out this bumper hamper from @AIM_UK - the Aim Awards at fast approaching, save the date : Wednesday 12t…
Episode 5 @scottishmusic Podcast w/ our Keith @musicplusmentor talking to Grant Hutchison @FRabbits @tinychanges li…
Retweeted by Resonate🎥 We are delighted to share episode six of our 'I Work In Music' series featuring Julia Rodríguez of @EmuBands:…
Retweeted by ResonateResonate Artist of the Week: @GRAVELLEband 🖤 'Obessions' comes out this Friday. read more here ⤵ our Amplified Podcast by @scottishmusic with our membership officer Laura talking to @BBCSSO musician Alastai…
Retweeted by ResonateToday we back #LetTheMusicPlay
Retweeted by Resonate#LetTheMusicPlay
Retweeted by ResonatePart two of @UK_Music's #LetTheMusicPlay focuses on the people behind the scenes. The live music industry supports…
Retweeted by ResonateThe SMIA fully supports #LetTheMusicPlay and calls on government to provide more urgent and vital support for the l…
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New artists discovered recently; GO 👇
We're so pleased to see The Barras Market opening this weekend after the long closure due to Covid 🌟 We've been so…
Thoroughly enjoying tuning into @OfficialSAMA tonight! Wonderful performances so far ❤️We can't wait to tune into this tonight - Scottish Alternative Music Awards live streaming event with @CarlaJEaston're loving the new EP by @hiitskitti A former Resonate Artist Of The Week Download the full Ep 'Young, Careles…
To arrange a one to one call to discuss your application please contact @HM_Scot expanded the support offer to include a £3,000 grant towards creative output, 1:1 business advice sessio… @HM_Scot opened their fourth round of the MOBO Help Musicians Fund, a partnership between MOBO Trust and Help Musicians.
Resonate Artist Of The Week : Oyakhire New release 'Put U Down' is out now 👇 news is a positive step - we hope the funding will also reach musicians in need of support until the music sec…
Retweeted by ResonateHaving run three hugely successful rounds of the MOBO Help Musicians Fund since 2017, this year’s Fund grows to a £…
Nice to see @stlukesglasgow @TheSMIA being featured on @BBCScotNine talking about #saveourscottishvenues and the pr…
Retweeted by Resonate90% grassroots music venues are under threat of closure. We're supporting @musicvenuetrust's calls for £50 million…
Retweeted by ResonateTomorrow @Bandcamp are waving their fees once again - Musicians will continue to feel the effects of lost touring…
In love with the new @HAIMtheband album! 👇 are excited for our first Open Questions on...PR & Marketing on the 13th of July at 10am. Members will have the…
Retweeted by ResonateICYMI we have a resources page we are building on our site: - Toxic productivity & the pre…
Retweeted by ResonateThis is incredibly important - we’d encourage everyone to write to their local MP to request action that will inevi… @ResonateScot for making us their artist of the week!
Retweeted by Resonate-' @Outdustry has helped many independent music companies navigate the complexities of the Chinese music market ove… Brit Awards have moved to May 2021 @bpi_music
The fund is still open to new applications from musicians experiencing significant financial hardship. All informat…
Retweeted by ResonateUPDATE: We’ve received over 5,000 applications to date for Phase 2 of the Help Musicians Coronavirus Hardship Fund.…
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New release from @0800shygirl @arca1000000 available on @Bandcamp community-driven, crowd-sourced list of Black artists, labels, and producers to support on Bandcamp today and eve…
Retweeted by ResonateOne of our favourite albums from 2019 - @VagrantProducer 'SWEETHEARTGRIPS' available on @Bandcamp EP by @quichetheband Available on @Bandcamp were fortunate to catch @UNIIQU3 at @thegreatescape a few years back! Check out her recent release @Bandcamp who… @ResonateScot @Bandcamp @NAACP_LDF 🙏 Full discography is 80% off today! 12 experimental ele…
Retweeted by ResonateArtists funded: Amanda Boyd, @Lucian_Fletcher, @BenRowarth, Beth Aggett, @bdysonofficial, @BillyMarrows,…
Retweeted by ResonateOur training + development fund #TransmissionFund is supporting 43 professional musicians’ creative development and…
Retweeted by ResonateFind a crowd-sourced list of of Black artists, labels, and producers on Bandcamp (searchable by name, location, and…
Retweeted by ResonateStarting now, for the next 24 hours, Bandcamp will donate our share of sales to @NAACP_LDF. Here is a list of artis…
Retweeted by ResonateCheck out this beautiful track by @marianne_mcg 'Of Your Love' is available on @Bandcamp now! of top picks recently - this new album by @Aquariusmusiq is out now on @shallnot_fade Available on @Bandcamp, thanks so much for sharing Team Resonate!
Retweeted by ResonateWe're loving the sounds of @rprntc 'Seperation Is Natural' is available on @Bandcamp [ who are donating their sal…, @Bandcamp will donating their share of sales to @NAACP_LDF to support racial justice, equality and change. P…
We've updated our #ResonateFeaturedArtists playlist featuring new bops from @CarlaJEaston @LunaProfessor ++++
Send us your podcast recommendations!#ThrowbackThursday Making weird & wonderful sounds with Sensatronics Lab 📸 @kirstin_mcewan
Check out our updated @Spotify playlist 💫👑 New additions from @iam4thdaughter @foldaband @HessianRenegade this article
Check out the new tune from @CantSaveJoell 📸 @kirstin_mcewan | Resonate Live 2019 weeks @ResonateScot artist of the week is a screamer! @PRUSSIASSNAILS
Retweeted by ResonateResonate Artist of the Week: @PRUSSIASSNAILS Dark, enchanting and so visually inspiring Read more here ⤵⚡
We loved @scarlett_randle performance at #Resonate2019 Check out her latest tune below - gaining support from…'s a great list of resources, advice and help available via @TheSMIA website Please read and direct others wh…
Who would have been enjoying @Primavera_Sound this weekend? Have you bought your tickets for 2021?'s been your top artists you've enjoyed doing livestreams?Please tune into @clydebuiltradio