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@jondeno2 him and donald trump are the greatest posters of all time. that’s just how it, plain and simple @boredzwa both @redroomrantings posting @annaswnsn this is the best thing that will happen to me all weekIM SCREAMING AT THE END @trappedinazorb ur tweets @MrGlinis young mr lincoln babydudes rock
Retweeted by robert franco @roxanna_banana ❤️happy birthday king
Retweeted by robert francomalcolm x (lee, 1992) now streaming on netflix @cgduckworth grandma kit :’-) @cgduckworth no!drake: sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on, thats when u the prettiest i hope you dont take it wron… missed it again :-/ snapped this morning
Retweeted by robert francosame energy.
Retweeted by robert francoma made an appearance in my nightmare last night lol @ipod_video @ipod_video eddie, why did u not tell me u saw carlito jrffn4rfnu4rfn#NotAllRoberts one wants to be around Tantrum @timheidecker
Retweeted by robert franco 1st vs march 31st funny how much better the social network version of zuckerberg is than the real zuckerberg*whispers to fellow battle droid* that’s general grievous activating his lightsabers @briannazigs may never work in this town again
Retweeted by robert franco @feuilladist @babydook_ @muybergie im dying at “oui’d”
now watching @ebcartwright144 @jmslaymaker @greggturkington murk is fine.timheads are so stupid they cant tell the difference between a virtual on cinema on location and a real one. meanwh… @greggturkington thank you gregg! i really needed this expertise while practicing social distancing. now i’m going… everyone here is what you have been waiting from. Everyone enjoy this informative brand new episode On Cinema O…
Retweeted by robert francodamn @RNBWBTTLKD @Srirachachau i enjoy it but i’ll give u that, that bit is weak @Srirachachau i hate it when people dont get comedy(no, i will never let u forget)watching tropic thunder on tv, thinking about when @Srirachachau said that cruise was bad in this aka the worst take ive ever seen 😈🤪😈 @peeanofreek one of my favorite songs of all time (the chet version specifically)SHELLEY IS RIGHT AND SHE SHOULD FUCKING SAY IT @fivepoisonskid @CJRoy89 you laugh now but you wont be laughing when cj and i are sipping dom p on the beach like kingsyoung carole baskin? kinda hot imo 🤷🏻‍♀️👀day 17 of quarantine: i realize that ive been gay this whole timeboyfriend, penis, marriage. hell yeah, dudes rock
Retweeted by robert francobest first watches of march: mo better blues meek’s cutoff blade 2 batman v superman ultimate cut (sry brianna!) ba… we get a documentary about a man feeding his WIFE to tigers. you know, for the fellas!Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Sciamma, 2019)
Retweeted by robert francomedia agenda for the day: tiger king ep 3 rewatch malcolm x resident evil: the final chapterBIG KNIFE! SMALL WIFE!
Retweeted by robert franco @ShelleyBFarmer the what and the WHAT?!?tfw the hive mind is too powerful @SlayerofCis @pogform @Chandos_II JAIL FOR ALL OF THEMWRONG @fivepoisonskid @CJRoy89 booo!!!! @CJRoy89 you guys have your eyes on the prize unlike eli who just gave me terrible investing advice @fivepoisonskid ur thinkin small eli! @fivepoisonskid i just sold and i already regret it @iqasem yeah baby @fivepoisonskid i can sell for 149 rn but i wanna see if i can get moreyo who has fire turnip prices rnHere’s your daily Lulu update - she’s not the best chess partner but she’s getting there. If you’ve been putting of…
Retweeted by robert franco @nightraincity r u ok fam @idiots_delight incrediblereal ones know @RealMarionBloom yes it is! @FilmBart @nightraincity absolutely. he’s gonna top the meatball @CarmanTse i wouldnt know fam“robert... who’s julia fox?” - my mother @johnsemley3000 @nickusen @brofromanother its pynchon
Retweeted by robert franco @responsiblerob
Retweeted by robert francosopranos cast members being pimps @CarmanTse throw wingstop up into the pantheon and we have the same top tier @cgduckworth v excited for u. summer of 2017 was the worst summer of my life and twin peaks every week was the only thing that kept me going @sbodrojan SAMlook, maybe ive seen scarface too many times, but so far the tiger king personality i feel like is the least shitty… @TheRealMattC i feel like some forget so i felt the need to reiteratejerry is one of the great cigarette actors of all time
now watching @emocanadian lmao ur faceday 16 of quarantine: my vintage corduroy promo jacket for howard stern’s private parts arrived in the mail 🤪 @therealaaronk some all timers in that last category. work on that. @TSMaddocks be dalma @nicksgoodtweets “a solid effort” jfc, jail for you.cant wait till quarantine is over so i can try out my new look @YourDadsFather hell yeahthe man is simply our greatest telephone actor drinkin with the boys!!
Retweeted by robert franco @ipod_video my college roommate had it. played it some. good stuff
Retweeted by robert francogregg spends all of season 10 simply looking cool as fuck
Retweeted by robert francoReally hoping this COVID thing is over by September so Clint still has time to crank out a movie this year.
Retweeted by robert franco @ohlaika_ so goodavengers: endgame UNCUT GEMS SHIRT ALERT
Retweeted by robert franco