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A 46 year (Mick Cronin) tried to fight a 22 year old (JP Macura) because he got called a bad word #ZipEmUp

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@ZipEmUp12 Games will be so much easier to watch. It’s glorious.
@XavierGrit @impracticalXfan Good one. I only go Reynolds for the entertainment value @impracticalXfan Jalen ReynoldsClicking this story not via twitter link and then seeing @CapX15 in there was pretty wild. @CapIndustriesUS is thri…
Source: The Big East is now set to begin its conference season on Friday, December 11th.
Retweeted by Retire FiftyTu @JaredMPhillips @XavierMBB Did they really lol. I turned it off. Need video of this.
@muskiefan3 @RichLernerGC @XavierMBB Nice shouts for David West and Jim Bunning but calling X a mid-major in 2020 👎 @downtheparkway @jaykokrak Bombed that. 321 carry.If you aren’t already tune in to Golf Channel. Xavier alum @jaykokrak is tied for the lead on the 15th green lookin… @ajbutter3 I could definitely see that @andypic17 Oh I agree. Scruggs probably best all around player. But sharing the wealth on this team for sure. @Local12Skinny @kscar4 @PetiePetiePetie Congrats Skinny! @bleibforth Bummer. Succession might be the best show on television right now @bleibforth Elite show. Please tell me it’s coming back soon?Big time for Zach Freemantle to be named a captain as a sophomore. Calling it right now. Freemantle is going to lea…
@TheBrokenAnchor Definitely both @CoachJonas @CapX15 Happy Birthday @CapX15 !! Cheers!
@PMThorX @Fireball44 Yes.Xavier already has barely any flexibility in their non-conference schedule.And the two games in one season offer ta… of UC’s proposals would actually see Xavier hosting only 4 times to UC’s 5 over the current agreement. Another… I know is X and UC agreed to play 10 times over 10 years from 2014-2015 season through 2023-2024 season with ea…’m not an attorney so I’m not here to get into semantics over the difference in a contract, agreement, or memorandum of understanding. @PMThorX Boldly Bearcat was actually a great flavor. Would definitely be in my top 10. Maybe even top 5.It doesn’t really matter whether there is a binding contract or just a loose agreement. UC could have backed out wi… little shoutout tonight for @Danagardens from @SportsCenter
Retweeted by Retire FiftyTuAlso playing 25 of your 27 games against high major caliber programs/teams would be insane.One positive test means a 14 day quarantine for the entire team. This is the real reason Xavier pulled out of Orlan… @DrScottWoods They haven’t said. I’m going to guess not very many if they even allow any3 of these proposals make zero sense for Xavier. Option 3 is the only one that you could even talk yourself into. A…
REPOSTING: Also asked @CoachSteeleXU if we could expect a rebuttal tweet to @coachbrannen: "we'll let our play do o…
Retweeted by Retire FiftyTu @XavierMBB This content right here🎥 | Think you forgot a few clips... #LetsGoX
Retweeted by Retire FiftyTuMan, @CoachMickCronin would have never went out like this...
Retweeted by Retire FiftyTuMorehead and Marshall were originally on the schedule and could maybe be added back? (no info there just speculati… likely buy games (probably against local/regional teams). The BigEast wants to start games Dec 11 or 12 with 4… weeks out from the start of the season (Nov 25) Xavier’s schedule (27 games - 20 BE, 7 non-con)is just about fina… @tim_sweeney7 That’s the only one that would make any sense for Xavier besides continuing as scheduled. Could you i… @gkoosh55 @andypic17 Same lol. Now twitter definitely spoke @XavierTbt into existenceForgive Xavier for doing what is best for them which also hurts their most hated rival at the same time. Sounds like a win to me. @gkoosh55 @andypic17 Eh idk about that. If either side pulled out of the game they would be known as the guy that e… @bleibforth @ClintFromOhio if everything was reversed Xavier would try and change things and UC would try and keep it the same. Just unfor… why would they? @ClintFromOhio @muskiefan3 I’m not really sure what the point was for him to include those tweets in there. Of cour… @ClintFromOhio @muskiefan3 First tweet shown lol.Both sides have valid arguments. Xavier wants the game to continue as scheduled because it would benefit them. UC w… Shootout is Sunday December 6th at Fifth Third Arena! @ZipEmUp12 Xavier isn’t guaranteed to win this year. It’s easier playing ok the road with no fans but X and UC shou… to get things going 💪🏽 #team99
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Does John Brannen (a greater Cincinnati native) really want to be remembered as the guy that made the Crosstown Sho… @KoepferCk @CapX15 @XavierMBB @XavierGrit I’m gonna say no. They completed the conference season. No asterisks on that part @XavierMBB Anytime. Anywhere. LolGood for @BrianThornton2 !
I’ve really enjoyed this Xavier Basketball 100 year content so far. @XavierMBB100 @Brad_Redford12 @EiserXUSports Joe Morgan @SeanSherbs07 Yes but horry and Salley weren’t the best player on their teams.I appreciate greatness. LeBron’s career has been unbelievable. Surpassed super unreasonable expectations. Still pla…’ve always really enjoyed watching Rondo. Pretty unique player. Glad he’s found success again.
@XavierGrit Nick O has some WILD posts @CapX15 I will admit that I watched the bengals game. But I bailed when it became obvious that they had zero chance… @CapX15 😠
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James Posey: "I'm making that shot!" David West: "The one Danny Green missed?" Posey: "Yeah! That's what he do! A…
Retweeted by Retire FiftyTu @SCooper9 Which would make him an idiot @SCooper9 Trump runs the country like it’s a reality tv show. He’s an “entertainer.” I think he’s a “smart” guy. Bu…
@MitchXU Who’s more of a psycho him or his wife?
@AdamJacob87 That would be very cool @AdamJacob87 Who knows where things will be with the virus next year. I can’t say I’m certain there will be a packe…“Cause here’s the thing we aren’t guaranteed. We ain’t guaranteed fans next year either when they return to Cintas.” 2/2. @Local12Skinny on this year’s Crosstown Shootout “I don’t care if they play it on blacktop in Lincoln Heights. P… it started vs how it’s going
@SeanSherbs07 @DFluckesFans High expectations. Here’s to hoping that’s the caseKyKy was mostly a jump shooter last year coming off injury and being a secondary player. People forget he can do th… out some @James_Posey41 @coachdwill @LennybrownXU04 highlights! @7larryd @BSnow247 I’d imagine there’s a way out. A pandemic might be a pretty easy reason to get out
2020 Travis Steele knows what the Crosstown Shootout means to both the city of Cincinnati and all of college bask…
Retweeted by Retire FiftyTu👀 @XavierTbt @WandererSpartan Yep definitely a bummer. Playing Sparty would’ve been awesomeXavier and Cincinnati need to figure out a way to play the Shootout. Both schools have valid arguments. Just figure… @ClintFromOhio @muskiefan3 Might even have to be a stream on or something. @toledodan1 Yep 3-0 start ideally. Don’t have to leave the area and don’t baptize the freshmen/newcomers by fire in Orlando.Xavier is out of Orlando. Instead hosting their own MTE. Will play Oakland, Bradley, and Toledo to open the season…
@alectricslide @toledodan1 Yeah I saw season 3 is supposed to come out in January I think. And they confirmed season 4
Finished watching Cobra Kai on Netflix the other night. Was a delightful and easy watch. If you like the Karate Kid… @ClintFromOhio God that was so patheticThe Reds scored 0 runs in 22 innings. That’s embarrassing.
We’re on to basketball. #LetsGoX
Reds back in the playoffs. @TheRealBMac7 I agree. Life’s not fair. Either play the game at UC as scheduled with it returning to X the followin… @downtheparkway Non players and staff I’ll say under. I think having a certain percentage of capacity would be fine…
I don’t really have a dog in this fight but all I have to say is this is great content and I would like to see more of this type of stuff. 👍 @CapX15 I’ll take the under. Mack is a performerHow many takes?