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I'm Tim. I'm a dad. They gave me keys to the record plant. I do a label called Suite 309. I'm Tiger Village and I'm CDX.

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tfw you get really cozy in front of the laptop then remember you make ~*~hardware based electronic~*~ @radioshock @angelbbgrrl420 @mew_t8 i’ve played a lot of mono spaces, luckily i think i’ve always known so i can ad… can i watch @netflix all day long with no hiccups but @hulu buffers CONSTANTLY @MintcakeTime never owned one :-x @raisedbygypsies why does it say linkin park wrote it?
@brentrockafella i thought cyclists didn’t stop at lights
kombucha is just organic four loko
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @shaIIowrewards @duplicationca @BruceLevenstein @Bandcamp i sold my last matthew akers tape on a stranger things co… Damo Suzuki was going to be deported, Stockhausen wrote to the Cologne authorities... without which no Tago Ma…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXit was slow this afternoon and the boss came in with a camera crew when i was absolutely BLASTING @DJTAYE and he ha… @angelbbgrrl420𝖘𝖚𝖗𝖕𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖊 4/20 𝕣𝕖𝕝𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕖!!! INTERBEING REMIX VOL 2 feat. @Curry_Fiend @HausuMountain @GoodWillsmith @dsaylorcomposer
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX#wow #whoa yeah the @HausuMountain mixtape is out today. revisit this oldie, me at my beepiest do the doobie brothers want to dance with my daddy all night long? #420thoughts @ohitsmax mike lovey valentine4/20 tweet
go buy the newest @bakedtapes batch, including tiger village - in stereo ii, before the deal is up... bonus tape!… @MintcakeTime let’s trade giuliani & lars to get cliff back @MossArchive @DoomTripRecords mega man 2 is the realest one huh hot take: so is link @bakedtapes @MossArchive @DoomTripRecords base wars is the only sport, baseball stars is just a game about naming characters @raisedbygypsies @Iheartnoise if you want your record to smell kinda-sorta-but-not-really like weed, get it pressed… @raisedbygypsies @Iheartnoise we’ve had a few customers request weed scented records. the response is always “that’s not a good idea” @nmeshofficial swing by we’ll jamfunny to think that weed growers and vinyl plants were up against the same deadline this spring @nmeshofficial i restocked on 4/18 @MossArchive @DoomTripRecords have a wii but it was a fleeting thing. i’m stuck forever playing these, games i’ve h… @DoomTripRecords @MossArchive im nerdy about lots of things, just not games. sometimes i like to hop on my 4/20 horse @MossArchive @DoomTripRecords NERDSnever did a lsdi discovered bass and now everything sounds like dubstop retweeting kanye
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @hjkl_8901 i thought that might be the case. i have like 300 bad albums i like bc of thispicked up this @keithrankin0_0 GRAIL because i have an @orangemilkrecs problem. happy cassette store day! @hjkl_8901 lambs anger?!?!? i like all oizo but that is my least favorite :-X @radioshock i think we discussed this in 2016, i feel the song could never live up to the name so i can’t ever listen to iti still think about this tweet a lot tomorrow....
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXabout tomorrow.... @cj_prin not a self help book by the brothers hanson? XDsorry about having too many releases this year: Feb: CDX - All Night c54 Apr: Tiger Villag…
Tiger Village - The Argument out soon via patient sounds. one 35 minute track split across two sides. the second t…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @tabsout @mrbenparrish i’m familiar but can’t remember. paging @edslavin(this is not a fugazi tape)More than anything i hope ppl can be inspired to really go out and do their own crazy shit on a shoestring budget l…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXTiger Village - The Argument out soon via patient sounds. one 35 minute track split across two sides. the second t…
polly scattergood - s/t holds up @neotenomie twitter video is the worst. clicks into full res just as the video ends. also plz don’t let the r+n t… bought back a copy of @larrwish’s plunderphonic odyssey as used condo from a distro so there’s one of thes… 309 recording artist @larrwish received a EUREKA! from @tinymixtapes for his new joint on @fieldhymns! check… CONTENT. i think this still needs longer sounds behind it. there’s also no way you’re hearing my panel rat… track is like “ping” another one does some beta wubs for 20 secgood new song is good good new song is 31 tracks and counting . add placement on point
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @glorbis JAKE IS THE BESToh this one again
@eventcloak @orangemilkrecs i don’t even know what that gif means, i was just excited for a lars result when i searched “napster” @eventcloak @orangemilkrecs, Harry Anderson. :( Night Court was a fun show to watch as a kid.
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @Aoiferocksitout it holds up, too. recently watched a bunch, including an unfortunately timely sexual harassment episode @GoodWillsmith @MineralDisk squeezes so much out of that electribe, inspiring“which synth patch to replace the airhorn sample?” is some last episode of mash shit @totalvibration if it’s a common enough problem, the label can negotiate replacements from the plant. (don’t get an… @totalvibration to the label, because they can report it back to the plant (i’m the guy at the plant who tries to prevent this stuff)ok ive been snapping up all the affordable @orangemilkrecs stuff on discogs but specifically ordered this one so i… TACS FIVE DOLLARS GET YOUR TIC TACSWhich Jesus should you fight?
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXyeah i love this thing @Starbucks holiday cups will have the word “christmas” on them this yearan old coworker of mine used to regularly give this guy $20 to move away from her window bc she couldn’t proofread… produced a sean hannity/fox news diss track in 2003, how is this shit still going on. di… cohen looks a little too much like stephin merritt d’s noticing me liking all the anti-@Starbucks tweets @sug_online i need to get the vinyl versions of the mixtapes. been a fan since before the first albumbig announcement tomorrow yaymonday got me like issues are the worst @glorbis @neotenomie @polyalbion @PhilipSherburne