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I'm Tim. I'm a dad. They gave me keys to the record plant. I do a label called Suite 309. I'm Tiger Village & CDX. he/him “Tact” out 11/2 on Orange Milk Records

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gonna start putting NO MODULAR in my liners like lou reed did NO ARP on metal machine musica @KorgUSA CDX signature volca bass. only new features are a sturdy 1/4” out and the ability to be powered by a 1 spot a/c adaptorblack on black w/ black lights @korgusa electribe sampler with a 128 step sequencer, new mod fx, increased memory &… wanna be the face of the electronic gear equivalent of artist signature squier guitarssnowstorm 2019 status
i ordered ten stickers of the art from my @orangemilkrecs tape for $1 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯...the males will castrate the other males... chew their balls right offwhat perfect teeth with no cavities champions are made of
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXkirk hammet’s 1979-1989 ten year challenge is the same picture of a 15 year old boy twicethis is great news @bakedtapes @MatthewRegula “life in a northern town” playing while luanne & buckley’s ghost jump on the trampoline… @bakedtapes @MatthewRegula 2nd to last episode ever is when kahn goes off his bipolar meds. it’s a top five episode @bakedtapes @MatthewRegula yeah, i watched the whole series when it was on, then again when it was on netflix, then… are only two genders
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @tabsout 💚Casey Grabowski was an extremely talented guy, more involved and excited with weirdo jams than I'll ever be. He did…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXcleveland is making a huge deal about a weekend snowstorm which usually means there will be no snowstorm year challenge - minimum wage edition.
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXalways always tap the tempo instead of dialing it where you think you want itlaid down a short little (8:40) cdx song to my tascam 414mkii last night. its like a pete namlook demo with three m… cite each other several times
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @jameskeithford @HausuMountain @Chicago_Reader @imLeor @caviarbrian182 @GoodWillsmith @erica_mei_ that’s what i tho…
@HausuMountain @Chicago_Reader @imLeor @caviarbrian182 @GoodWillsmith @erica_mei_ @caviarbrian182 i didn’t pronounc… @WordsOnSounds cancer is such bullshitthoughts are with the delaware crew. RIP casey @DoomTripRecords the “R.” is for “Reissue”i’m bill dauterive in the timeshare episode but instead of “americans cannot own land in mexico!” i just go around… @HausuMountain @Chicago_Reader @imLeor @caviarbrian182 @GoodWillsmith @erica_mei_ pronunciation check... like a sha… school grail’d like to take this time to thank everyone for coming out on a tuesday. i’m rick, joe’s on bass & chad is on drum… @angelbbgrrl420 @HausuMountain @fire_toolz @tabsout same
@cranksatori @DDDrewDaniel, the final prop for my next album promo pics will be delivered tomorrow. you’re not ready @DDDrewDaniel it is, but i didn’t know anyone else who owned it. my social circle at the time were all very hip to… @mrbenparrish i forgot i have a follower or two that knows this sort of info. i think lesser was more than 300 copies popularif i had to guess the worst selling album on matador i’d guess lesser’s “gearhound.” what an awesome strange record… @WeWuzBoomers this is it, the most cursed boomer image. none is more cursedmy newest hire just quit by text @bakedtapes i swore there was a fb event page already but i can’t find one now. i remembered ppl saying last year t… to get on stage w/ a drummer at vov @cranksatori yeah no big crowds for me either, esp after quitting boozeokokok you’re all going to see aphex i get itfamily portrait there’s that little bit of cheese left in the cup after the @tacobell nachos are all gone
@WordsOnSounds i’ve got a bad case of slow, small hand @WordsOnSounds i cannot do those pointy guitars, i only like to play the four chords i know on short scale fenders @Penta_Graham drinking like six coffees a day in place of booze is also not helping but i have this tendency to lean in @Penta_Graham i quit drinking and it just flipped everything to hypomanic at least half the time. i have to worry a… @Penta_Graham bipolar ii. managing it like a champ atm but it’s fucking hard @Penta_Graham 🙋🏼‍♂️this week: endurance on @TymbalTapes. such zones, many runtime of songs: check out how sad i am up the junction: hold my beerwhen i walk they talk of suicide long before i stop having these anxiety inducing dreams where i fall off the wagonthe stereolab connection piqued my interest but this 12” is what reeled me in’ve had a couple lps by this band for at least a decade but only recently started to obsessively listen to them“When the story broke Placards read ‘Now should the bible be banned?’ The Home Secretary is looking closely into i… don’t listen to Marie Kondo. It is very important that you keep all the tapes. Don’t let Marie Kondo ruin the music industry.
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXPatient Sounds 2019 --->
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @cranksatori give me a 1/4” out and put it on the ~*~back~*~ where it goes, along with the a/c and midi jacks. i st… volca series is just like the boss sp/dr-202’s... really cool features for the money completely ruined by shoddy builds and no 1/4” outwe have so many open jobs from 2014-16 that it actively upsets me. how do you order a record to be made five years… @lordofoverstock i just fold a piece of foil in half and ditch the sheet whenever possible. no oven mitts required @JimMagas the gravy train is over bc they moved, but there was a mobile sound place upstairs that just gave away a… @JimMagas but was yours free? times melodie
@lorenacupcake @GoodWillsmith so glad he made the song for the original (real, only true) avril“Avril 14th,” famous for being illegally sampled/reperformed on Kanye West’s “Blame Game,” was written for Avril La…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXaphex is playing at my house my houseyou in 2002 (a pleb): the postal service me in 2002 (music genious): this song that sounds a lot like the postal s… phrase “hillary drumpf” just popped in my head and if i have to experience that eyeroll moment you do too general idea of this print was one inspiration for the name/feel of this track of mine. there’s a long way betw…“ms wakefield” s09e02 - currently watching this one. so dark. this lady just keeps on breaking into hank’s house to…“livin’ on reds, vitamin c & propane” s08e07 - the tamest one but there is the grateful dead reference ¯\_(ツ)_/¯“the father, the son & j.c.” s06e04 - ok, this one’s kinda tame but cotton does trash a habitat for humanity house…“twas the nut before christmas” s05e08 - another “bill is depressed” specials. bill opens his yard as an xmas playg…“hillenium” s04e10 - hank falls for y2k panic and buys a clock for peggy instead of a computer. he hallucinates abo…“pretty pretty dresses” s03e09 - bill, on suicide watch, crashes hank’s xmas party. he’s in the middle of a psychot… of the hill xmas episodes are always so depressing. a rundown:“hearts of darknesses” was way better when he was “la plage” and included a remix of this in his set staple. so glad i found it in the dollar bin at half priced books years ago. played a show or two with a… doesn’t deserve slyman’slogged into two different email accounts from an incognito window, now i think google hq is on lockdown bc of itI put my lust on your music collection
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXi haven’t been logging in to the company instagram enough, inzane johnny posts aren’t first on the tl anymoregot everyone cheap digi microscopes that work infinitely better than the old industrial one i used to use. now i ca…’m not a fan of the first/last facebook profile pic thing going at the same time as the 2009/2019 one this is some…
Stunt Rock - REGRET Instruction Manual Issue 3 (2007) this if you watch Netflix with subtitles on I’m tryna prove a point
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXwhen you’re far into a discogs hole and find out your copy of digital moonscapes has a weird sticker of corrected t…’re not a true cleveland record head if you never had charles’ dad show you how he likes you to set records down while you browses08e11 star studded af
everything loud at once to test out the current CDX performance/recording setup #live #nooverdubs your own mixer on stage is blue collar modulari need a MIDI internanyone else count out the rests in their fav songs “if i was your ex (4....1....2...) girflfiend”