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I'm Tim. I'm a dad. They gave me keys to the record plant. I do a label called Suite 309. I'm Tiger Village and I'm CDX. (he/him)

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16 year old me is freaking out
if i drop an @emergenc into a @lacroixwater and it explodes, does it call in its own noise complaint? @GoodWillsmith @Timesuck_ @DecoherenceRecs great tape
i’m ready now, you caught me in the middle of setupwhoever is trying to prank call me, give me 45 min to set up an audio contraption and try again around 8:00i realize barely anyone has access to both sides of their shelves but yr boy’s got aisles hack: cassette shelves that fit in the back of ikea shelves, doubling as a stop so the lps on the other sid… says “snare rush” in your head: “go on, give us a snare rush rush rushhhh”🗑️🤒 OUT THIS FRIDAY - Pepper Mill Rondo - E.D.M. 👬👨‍❤️‍👨 Your 2x HausMo Honchos delivering 100x minutes of the dri…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXfifth try is like first track on the greatest hits goodyou know you did good when you laugh listening to the playbacklistened to an old test pressing reference of the new @fire_toolz lp at work today before sending it (& a couple hu… me out of calling my next album “modern drummer”happy monday everyone
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXthat discogs thing where they grade everything way above what it is and completely FREAK when they get neutral feedbackwhen your fav black cardigan has no elasticity left DeLonge or Hoppus? No problem! Les Cousins Dangereux’s (@retreats) album-length cover of “Enema of the State” is…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXanxietythe universe keeps dropping bombs that help me to become a better person and tbh i’m quite sick of itspeaking of discogs users from delaware, some joker changed the order of artists on the mukqs/constellation botsu s… too common situation: look up a label or artist on discogs and the seller list is Hanson_Records wankerd Hanso… got me a garfield mug #Monday #YouDontHateMondaysYouHateCapitalisn
loving the zuckerberg samples @tabsout @fire_toolz working on #5 atm doing an overhaul of the melodic parts. kinda making them a little more shreddy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯well i see that @shokuhin_maturi got an mpc live. down with the tyranny of octatrack!!! #TeamMPClike.... REALLY bad oofrecorded four versions of the same song yesterday, complete with 4+ overdubs on each take. they’re all bad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯i bought the banksy #CassetteStoreDay tape but my deck immediately ate itsorry i party
garfield 3.3.1983
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXHank Hill: Oh, don't tell me that is covered by the First Amemdment. Ranger Bradley: Public defecation is protect… @powerlunchcorp @HausuMountain things first, order a bunch more v/vm vinyl on discogs ✔️
about to go buck wild on this fine friday evening dirty humidifiers attac @JoshhTerry i’m so glad the first reply was that silicon valley screen grabthe new one on @bakedtapes made me dig up this old gem cool, i follow a page on instagram called “if you high” that has “”””trippy visuals”””” that i watch when i’m hi…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXjust a warning that we are ~18 days away from white frat bros putting on a maga hat/blackface and calling it a kany…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXHappy Halloween from The Ghost of Doug Haskins and the rest of us here at Lake Nabugabo! @raisedbygypsies i dress on my outside because dressed is how i feel on the inside
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXJust signed a lease to move the museum - now with enough room for an Orgone Accumulator
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @raisedbygypsies i dress on my outside because dressed is how i feel on the inside @raisedbygypsies i dress on my outside @raisedbygypsies because they regulate my temperature. it lets me overdress a bit for maximum autumn cocoon
full on hobbit mode: shaggy dirty blonde hair, oversized cold weather garments, bare feet. no selfie, no one deserves to be put through thatOn #NationalComingOutDay I just want to point out that I secretly recorded myself coming out to my family and then…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXinstagram stories but with, get this, BASSmouse in the studio this is not a drill there is a mouse in the studio calling backup backup not responding rule melodic instruments drool*extremely willy wonka voice* 🎵 anything can be a kick 🎶 @tabsout much like spawn, (who i recently found out is NOT venom?!?!) i winspawn did it better did the”m-o-o-n, that spells...” bit from the stand to laura and she was v confused @nietzschesuplex john cena much? @radioshock but mines from seven years ago! @radioshock i know i have a recording, maybe i should upload it and trademark the move @radioshock used to do this during live sets in 2011 get with itGOOOO ON AHHHEEAADDD AND WRIIIIITE TO YOUUUURRR on social media when i have mccarthy playing @MintcakeTime jk i’ve never heard any of these 3 bands @mrbenparrish is it all black? @MintcakeTime HIM is also the same bandwe’re out of ideas @veryimportant @orangemilkrecs 100% joking i dunno why i feel i have to point it out. guess i don’t want some subpa… @veryimportant ummm duh this is how i got on @orangemilkrecs Hayden was born Oct. 11, 1971
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXpurple chelsea was picasso’s best period occupy myself with these things to avoid realitysome joker tried to reverse the order of artists on the mukqs/botsu split to reflect the track order so i had to ch… are always trying to convince me that somehow i can make money off of “interest” but if i understand correct…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @ohitsmax i had no idea you were on the supreme court
if this gets 10,000 notes my dad said he'll buy me a Guy Fieri
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @tabsout this is @SteelDangerous @Khakiblazer1 and @vanceforvpossibly militaryanyone who spells “missile” correct on the first try is a cop @CheckersRallys @steak_umm OHHHH YEAH #Solved
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @GoodWillsmith @lordofoverstock he’s like if you combined kramer & charlie from always sunny but made him a real live boy @GoodWillsmith @brettnaucke anyone else looking forward to Busy Boy Week™?no notifications no masters @bathsonly everything about that screenshot is frustratingi’m tired i’m chairman of the tiredhad like two pesky ones that wouldn’t go away but i’m at peace again Disc Energy
like, i'm almost positive that no amount of insecurity could ever lead to me having a midlife crisis where i become the joker
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXluxury problem i knowwelp, these composite lenses got completely ruined in a week. went to return and ask for a refund but they were lik… tag your mushroom posts
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXTurn off notifications for this post @BlueTapesUK @DinzuArtefacts @tabsout no, i meant that i think the label took it down then the artist put it back u… @melcorecontrol @BruddaJones @WeWuzBoomers cursed boomer tweetgotta post this gif bc man oh man this is me today proud of this fiery @rockhall take tbh do not support Kenny Rakentine aka Angel Dust or his views nor will I continue to sell/promote his work.
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @DinzuArtefacts @BlueTapesUK @tabsout looks like the tape is on spotify etc but i bet it’s not there bc the label kept it there @DinzuArtefacts @BlueTapesUK @tabsout when the guy who does the Julien project was outed as an abuser, orange milk… @tabsout 1) angel dust 2) i volunteer to do some overdubbingwanted to see if i could set up some sort of tape release show with someone else from the new @orangemilkrecs batch… i wonder if there’s any secrets left in district 9