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I'm Tim. I'm a dad. They gave me keys to the record plant. I do a label called Suite 309. I'm Tiger Village and I'm CDX.

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s309-336 - Boiling Oil c22 bubbling sounds for meditation, reflection & pranks. edition of 50. shells, labels & n… thing no one mentions about fallingwater is that it smells awful @MintcakeTime i’ve never damaged a jacket this way, just softens up the adhesive. the thermal stickers they use aro… @MintcakeTime i use a lighteriso spiritualized boots pre-1995. if they play shine a light it’s a plus, if they play it over ten minutes it’s a grailfor whatever inconceivable reason, this tape of twenty minutes of extremely satisfying bubbling/popping/hissing sou… @tabsout what about liquids?heading into monday like
still alive on soulseek @dwarfcraft @tabsout it’s no mortal kombat ost but it’s decent @tabsout mikePSA: back it up! Del Reich - Macarena Phase
@JoshhTerry i mean like 2015-present has been horrible in general so there you godo ittt! also a grim reminder to back up my files again else see this? @NICKIMINAJ @herbiehancock time i hacked up a lung on noxious homemade fireworks fumes i was like “c’mon dude you need to stick around,… @MineralDisk i barely have any domestic conflicts except when i tell the kids cops are not on our team @MineralDisk i have some bitter commie friends @MineralDisk love the ones that dgaf @hhhhhennies maybe not experimental in the same way as you but fringe musicians nonetheless @hhhhhennies i think i know a few ppl in oakland if that helpsi need to make a contact mic for my knife and sample some stuff
🐯🏘🐯🏚🐯🏠🐯🏡🐯 out af @angelbbgrrl420 @laquietesays @TBMassacre dealbreaker af i don’t blame youtrying to make a song that i can play live to calm myself down during my set. anxiety as muse?bodega made the best rock record this year from a short king ally
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXnew crosley turntable sounds great! Coma #MoogIndigoW00dy @ VOV10: via @YouTube
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDX @MossArchive @GoodWillsmith me at 10:38 PM vs me at 3:02 AM @HausuMountain @_groove_cafe is Sug on it?ate the whole serving of pho$2-4 suite 309 / tiger village tapes at @experimedia @JimChickenShaq Accidental Masturbation.@AllStarButIts making a soundcloud joke reply to your unexpectedly viral tweet wired: not replying to your viral tweet at… Village @ VOV10: via @YouTube
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@retreats it's too bad the answer can't just be make the record bigger.. what's that? you want the A side to be an…
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXs309-336 - Boiling Oil c22 out now @Timesuck_ more nuanced than that. a few factors worked together to make things sound badi too am familiar with this compositional method @tabsout great vov set. #gript @GoodWillsmith by the way my circle of friends loved this project i’d swear they were filling arenas in the heyday9/8 i play columbus with @keithrankin0_0 more details soon @MineralDisk @outtasiteoutta i know of it but not a ton about it
@MineralDisk @outtasiteoutta can’t do it... vinyl recipes are all drastically different, especially across decades :-/the only bad part about binge listening @badcakerecords tapes is that i hear the @tabsout soundboard in my head the… today’s “news to no one,” the test press with the 29:40 side failedkeep cool out there your skinny fists like enemas to heaven kids, do you like placebo? (i’m actually v curious if they do) @GoodWillsmith @neonsigh they used real synths too. a korn moog popped up on ebay a couple years agodmx_party_up_in_here.ogg @MintcakeTime DAT boots the prez has an oil tape we’re gonna have a vaporwave level beefAndrea Pensado @ VOV10: via @YouTube
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXPro Tip: if yr passing along a demo I will be more interested if they are Maine Coon trax vs. Main Room traxx
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXsome suite 309 download codes
i will concede that before kathleen brennan started co-writing, waits’ material was p boring"I Turned 30 Today And I Feel Like A Fart" <3<3<3hero #ligma’d these dudes get so fragile @wc_helmets @badcakerecords someone did a massive trade with @badcakerecords 😉jfc there’s like 15 more on the way too graft must not be working today bc i’m not getting any pix of my stromboli @darby3 i’m listening to the whole album thoughts & prayers plz @tabsout to ashes funk to funky we know papa john’s a junkiecotton eye joe is the only good country song#brag i have the original and paid like $5 your bazinga zone
Retweeted by Tiger Village / CDXwelp i guess i’m gonna sample tom waits and call the song “purple chelsea” @HausuMountain @GoodWillsmith my hat game was this one (noise cred) or nothing at all. this was after i tamed the h… @HausuMountain @GoodWillsmith chelsea haircut... shaved on the sides & back, short on top, weird long bangs either… @HausuMountain @GoodWillsmith the recent tom waits backlash is weird and bad :-/ i remember my friend haley (no re… @MineralDisk whoa you found him