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I went back to this. There is pretty much nothing I would agree with these guys On but it is impossible not be move… is a fascinating piece by @andymukherjee70 @prasannavishy Yes, disagreeing with you makes some one nasty! Your ego is monumental; didn’t you guys make a caree… @somnath1978 Right because Modi government forcing PSUs to buy each other to disgorge their cash served minority in… that plant has been existence since 2013.... @somnath1978 Nonsense. UPA1 CMP had exclusively ruled out privatization of PSU as they were all strategic assets. T…, generation of policy makers which makes total sense because his government was immediately followed by UPA 1 s… a brilliant guy. And only charged when it gets resolved! If he could scale it up, he would become a unicorn...… @karachikhatmal You know Shah will take five wickets so internet can mock you for the rest of your existence? ;)
@PoppiPanda Read that tweet again, pleaseTo be fair, that is true for most resident Indians as well. Just that swimming to Europe is not a very practical op… would these moronic BHU students figure out that someone with a Hindu name is actually a believer?Lulz max. Shourie privatized multiple PSUs as part of a minority government whereas Modi has been running a majorit… in this story....JNU hostel fees were last revised four decades back....if this is unaffordable, how were st… @Bodhisatvaa Kitna? One refinery is out.....Translation: government to move money from its left pocket to the right....Why not sell everything to LIC at one go… people stop labeling medieval kings as liberal and secular; these concepts were virtually unknown then. Some of… can disagree with JNU students on a lot of things—-and I do but at least they are fighting for the right to edu… there any particular reason why YSR Jr. in engaging in such utterly destructive behavior? It is almost like a sco…
How about putting a camera in every house and linking it with a central server so government can watch it and immed… should be able to afford to a 10 k phone as a doctor without overcharging anyone ; and if you can’t afford one,… opinion: what Delhi and north India needs to rescue from pollution is executive action led principally by…
This is the funniest stuff I have read in some time. Our nationalist army is truly international! am honestly not being facetious but the disadvantage the Right has that it can never match up the idealism and be… idiot students in BHU protesting a Muslim appointed to teach Sanskrit deserve a giant kick up their backside. A… @KanchanGupta He had already joined BJP in 2013.... @turtlemayank Land is a valuable commodity in India. My larger point was these are extremely elite institutions whi… are 23 IITs occupying over 12000 acres of land and admit 10000 undergraduates a year; a single institution MI… is an urban campus of 160 acres and has over 11000 students; JNU has an urban campus size of 1000 acres and has… scathing piece from a paper which is decidedly not a liberal amplifier: how is that every decision governmen… years this tamasha is going on; Modi government announces it is selling PSUs; people start outraging that natio… agree with the 2nd part but people criticized you not for wanting peace but for being delusional....and…, Ishita v Mahima fight is what I am on Twitter for! Ab don’t tag them like idiots...just thank me and enjoy!God, this is awful. They look like Dalip Tahil and Anupam Kher from the 1990s movies like Shola aur Shabnam.... pace bowling attack is one of the best in history, & Kohli is a once in a generation batsman. Even if we ign… @swarajk224 Then new Boss is too smart for that I think.Who will buy Air India? Gulf airlines are struggling...who else? #seriousQ personal opinion: but kabhi haan kabhi na, and Johnny Gaddar are my two favorite Hindi movies since the ti… from purely a point of self-interest: Hindus are the only religious community in the world who think they gain… @swarajk224 In any government...have you seen how US leaks?Guys, this is fantastic. India’s best director of thriller movies recommends 30 movies you must watch. Only problem… you honestly think any survey conducted by institutions run by your own government is flawed, then release the d… @Bodhisatvaa I half suspect you were his advisor....Someone will one day write a story on how under Modi government’s patronage, Hasmukh Adhia chased away virtually al… am sorry but you think ATC of any country has the choice of not guiding a plane under distress? That is their dam… would anyone go to the finance minister and claim there is no longer any slow down in their part of the economy… bonds are such a travesty. You are concerned about privacy of corporate entities in a country where peopl… the good times when liberals were genuinely concerned that government out of pique may deny Gogoi CJI-ship....? LulzThe stubble burning season will end soon and we will again have the same debate in winter of 2020 sans any solution…
@Scepticindian Look at Tata teleservices which is basically rebranded VSNL. Please see the latest quarter. Thanks just do chindi chori...VSNL could have been sold 500 crore more! Maane you sank 30000 crore in a bloody air… if we accept this argument at face value, Tatas have lost over 3 billion dollars and counting in their telecom… @dhume @KanchanGupta Hello! I don’t care about this argument but all good people drink beer directly from the bottle!
@sidin Have noticed that you are increasingly turning anti nationalNYT has just dropped an absolutely damning report on China’s treatment of #Uighurs, and yet you won’t hear a word f… @rohini_sgh Yes, online crush! ( I have been so told!) @rohini_sgh I hate to give anyone compliments because no one is as smart as me but that was an impressive tweet. too many arrests recently for social media posts by @Uppolice you may think this is okay because *hate mongers… are these people who go to five star hotels for food and ask for boiled eggs and bananas? That is the first question I have!How will test cricket thrive with these one sided matches and basically 3-4 teams being world class? Worrying for fans of test cricket...
Would disagree with this. Pakistani diaspora is neither numerically strong nor huge fundraisers. Two points. A) Dem… is impossible to believe any data coming out of Indian government ; that lasting damage to data integrity is Mod… you have no surveys, no will figure out the economy is struggling! Genius.
Her purpose is to drag you down to her gutter level. Her kids should be left alone despite this despicable person u… @khamaniyo I am arguing principles here. Hindu nationalism rests on same principles as White nationalism: a certain… @khamaniyo And what is wrong with that? Hindu nationalists don’t want to be the first citizens of their country? Or… @khamaniyo Why is Hindu nationalist Modi not a fan of White nationalist Trump? What is the difference? @mohandasks @_YogendraYadav Yes yes. That is precisely the point. Or how they managed to structure such a liberal c… disagreeing with @_YogendraYadav many fair criticisms of liberal hypocrisy, my alternate take on this would… is there no stubble burning issue in any other part of the country? Anyone knows?Odd even is a traffic management scheme and not an anti-pollution one.... Bhai has done an awesome job providing mobile internet at dirt cheap prices but if his competitors disappear,… it is true that government shouldn’t ordinary rescue private businesses, here they are huring primarily becau… will spin this OCI suspension thingy into more pieces and speech martyr and all. should worry m… it is egregiously problematic or emblematic of a larger societal malaise, the Courts should steer clear of i…
With 5 trillion mein how many zeros and discussions about Ramayan chaupais, Vallabh is the perfect antidote to like… Indian mainstream self flagellation about this is exceedingly hilarious: my main criticism is how unsophisticat… is the single most stupid and detrimental economic decision in a generation. Anyone who still denies it is an idiot.Just before the elections, you were writing articles blaming everyone worried about India’s economy as politically… Western academics of Indian origin adopt the language of White liberals: how India spending money on space or… are limited; money is fungible. What you are spending to subsidize those who don’t need help is the money… @FollwrOfDeen 1.5 billion dollars...7300 crores is one billion dollars give it tak.In a poor country, higher education should be affordable or even free for the poor; those who can afford it should… of the big advantages South had its leaders were less petty when it came to continuity in business decisions; t… first you misbehave with a poor victim, and then browbeat him into making a surrender video. What other options…
You can disagree with Owaisi’s politics or seek subliminal meanings in his messaging but you can’t disagree with hi… the issue with #jnuprotest is that many of its students may not be able to afford 300 Rs per month as hostel fee… an uncouth and horrible person this woman is! How can anyone be this hateful about people who have done you no…
Actually blaming DYC is most stupid. He was always going to be on the losing side and he was smart enough to compro… a powerful and deeply anguishing story. #malerapeIf Congress didn’t want to support SS either because of ideological reasons or political expediency, it is understa… ten rupees was fixed three decades back. And never revised. How can anyone blame the administration for asking… has aligned with beef eaters to acquire power in small states with literally one lok sabha seat despite its hug…
@Shyam24man Why would I get suspended?Under Modi/Shah, BJP has been ruthless in acquiring power under all circumstances and using all tools at its dispos… seems to be a nice place to be if you want to talk with yourself.....The peace of submission and surrender is always pregnant with explosion....
Could Babri Masjid had been reconstructed? No one sane believes that. However the Court not ruling on the title sui… biggest issue with the SC #AyodhyaJudgment is that it legitimizes wanton destruction—-an act it itself called i… @maneesht I am way smarter