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Narrative update 2016-19: Ordinary people aren't stupid, blame the elites 2020: Don't blame the elites, ordinary people are stupid
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@GabriellaSwerl @nettymartin @TomBoadle @pritipatel @Conservatives @UKLabour Pulled up the ladder, Priti? @ianbrealey @archiebland @sunny_hundal I know two people with no underlying health conditions who ended up on venti…
Fucking heading practice this week. For five hours a day. #lufcIf I was Jacky Harrison, I would be kicking the shit out of Pat right now. #lufc @mitchellvii Use one without a ball gagWhat is the fucking point of Reading FC? #lufc @LeonWobYP @Rovers How long was that?!Watching Millwall Swansea. Saw Grimes swearing. Awful to see - bad parenting if you ask me. #lufc @apopey "...plays for United with [NAME REDACTED] [NAME REDACTED] [NAME REDACTED] [NAME REDACTED] ...plays for United with Pablo Hernandez!" @curran_steve Same here - been trying Miracast, Fire TV, all sorts. Works greatPSA - LUTV works on PS4 browser #lufc @LOLGOP I remember around 2005 in York, UK meeting two Canadians who were so happy that I indentified them as such,… @EmmaKennedy Oh, and look at who is in the replies showing that she knows better than the guy who wrote the thread... @michaelgove Your education reforms were bullshit and kids are still suffering from your tenure.
@LasVegashawk33 @djsendai @bcsels @AoDespair Might be to do with police killing a black man by kneeling on his neck… @LasVegashawk33 @djsendai @bcsels @AoDespair Also, stop defending cowardly gun worshippers and their bizarre death cult @LasVegashawk33 @djsendai @bcsels @AoDespair There... Is... A... Global... Pandemic...This fucking government... No fucking idea how the day to day running of a secondary school works. Gavin Williamson… @LasVegashawk33 @bcsels @AoDespair Coward defending cowards @brokenbottleboy Didn't that happen at DC Comics - female writers and artists were kept off Batman because the editor had "boundary issues"?#lufc @clive71157360 @JanneyNick @talkSPORTDrive It's not a disadvantage if the rules are same for all, number account nonce. @clive71157360 @JanneyNick @talkSPORTDrive How is that the point? Man U had a better squad before the restart than… @MeghanMcCain It makes you a coward @clive71157360 @JanneyNick @talkSPORTDrive How does the standard of squad differ from before and after the restart?… @clive71157360 @talkSPORTDrive What? Fuck off, Clive. You have made a crap point. What have I been dishonest about. @clive71157360 @JanneyNick @talkSPORTDrive Ah, Norwich fan. Gotcha. @clive71157360 @JanneyNick @talkSPORTDrive The "lower clubs" can bring on five subs, Clive. @clive71157360 @talkSPORTDrive I think it is the same for all clubs. What has VAR got to do with the restart? @clive71157360 @talkSPORTDrive You opened an account just for this? @stellasplace1 @goldengateblond Trump supporter - don't know how that is consist with you being "pro life" when: A.…, @efl. Fulham have a gave tomorrow. Worth informing them that their star striker is banned for violent conduct? #lufcHot take, everyone "remembers" the Sony Walkman but nobody posts pictures of the Aiwa they *actually* owned
Retweeted by 尺乇ᐯ乇尺乇几ᗪ 卂. 爪ㄖㄥ乇几卂卂尺 丨丨丨 @marshyleeds @DaveLUFCWatkins @FA @EFL Any chance on Knockaert stamping on Roberts?Mitrovic ban to take into account previous actions and may result in him being banned until the playoffs? #lufc
@DaftLimmy I don't get itHa ha ha ha. Oh, to be on the sideline as Dwight Gayle has to walk over to Bruce right now. #NEWMCI #nufc #mcfcKind of glad we didn't get Gayle. #lufc @CharlyHTFC1908 @LUFC 3-0 and a red! defending from Stearman just then. #htafc @CharlyHTFC1908 @LUFC Ooof, 50 seconds after Cowley's team talk... @CharlyHTFC1908 @LUFC Half-time... @Redpeter99 @bloggerheads Literally PMQs this week @tommy_lufc I wondered if half the reason he was brought on was to try and wind up the notoriously short fused Knoc… the videos & photos of Ezgjan Alioski applauding the crowdies yesterday were great but his reasoning behi…
Retweeted by 尺乇ᐯ乇尺乇几ᗪ 卂. 爪ㄖㄥ乇几卂卂尺 丨丨丨 @CharlyHTFC1908 @LUFC Spent the last week telling Liverpool fans they were going to bottle it, I see. I think you p… @CharlyHTFC1908 @LUFC Fuck me, a Trump supporter and a Town fan. What a fucking year you are having. @TiernanDouieb "I won't be returning to austerity. However, the other 68 million of these chumps..." @theterracelife many times have you watched the Pablo pass so far today? #lufc @htafc Is that when the players still cared? @watsoncomedian Yeah, could be better against the team likely to be in the relegation zone around Wednesday @watsoncomedian How small is Johnson going to look in a empty ground? Or maybe the lack of comparison to figures around him will help. @lloyd_rm Resign @FreeStefano @FulhamishPod Allardyce had long balls onto the head of a big lump of a striker, bypassing midfield. W… @IanMartin Certain people will call this a "centrist purge", even though what I see with this and last week is "a much needed detwattening" @gralefrit @ellardent The biggest problem.example of this that I always had was the Final Fantasy games had O for s… @JamesBentley10 If you have a computer with Miracast on it, you can. Have a check in your settings. There are websites to guide you
@htafcgospel Just a shite day for you results wise, really. @Ankaman616 "Yeah, ball comes in and I just put my head on it. Simple, really"’s what Trump said 2 months after finding out Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops…
Retweeted by 尺乇ᐯ乇尺乇几ᗪ 卂. 爪ㄖㄥ乇几卂卂尺 丨丨丨 @MrPaulRobinson🛑 There’s a red card at Elland Road @chris_kammy, but who to?
Retweeted by 尺乇ᐯ乇尺乇几ᗪ 卂. 爪ㄖㄥ乇几卂卂尺 丨丨丨 @ms_tor Chris Jericho?#lufc @daraobriain Alioski for Leeds did the "hands to ears" after scoring, and applauded all sides of the cardboard crowd at full timeScotty Parker sounding like a proppa East End boy - "Violent assault? Didn't see it mate." #lufcCouldn't work out who it was marking Jack Harrison, second half, but I think I have found them. #lufc #ffc WANT THE MESSIAH?! YOU CAN'T
Retweeted by 尺乇ᐯ乇尺乇几ᗪ 卂. 爪ㄖㄥ乇几卂卂尺 丨丨丨 @Totallufc ball from Pablo Hernandez 😍 🍦 #LUFC
Retweeted by 尺乇ᐯ乇尺乇几ᗪ 卂. 爪ㄖㄥ乇几卂卂尺 丨丨丨#lufc #ffc @JuliaHB1 @KatyMontgomerie @Glinner It wasn't free speech, it was targeted harrassment @FulhamFC @WalkLondonShoes Ooof @danpowellffc Elbow, stamp. Enjoy them getting 3 match bans#lufc #ffc @lufctrust White, Our Lord and Saviour Pablo Hernandez, HarrisonBREAKING - Sensors in Sweden have detected a rise in nuclear particles from somewhere near on or near the Baltic Se…
Retweeted by 尺乇ᐯ乇尺乇几ᗪ 卂. 爪ㄖㄥ乇几卂卂尺 丨丨丨#ffc are bottling it. Mitrovic and Knockaert are quality but choose shortcuts to cheat. Parker is a fraud. #lufcWas that a smirk from Bielsa. #lufc @GrahamSmyth Knockaert's tearsFulham could have been down to 8. Dirty, dirty Fulham #lufcNice to see the silky football of #lufc overcome the horrible, dirty thuggery of #ffc. @robmulholland @BeardedGenius I hear we are offering Berardi a one year contract just for PogbaHi @skysports, can we have commentators who actually understand football after 2005? #lufcArrgh! Sky signal lost with the storm. #lufc @FulhamFC "Long ball" look tired now. Early intensity or spirit? #lufcCelta Vigo: Lets put TWO men on the line and Messi wont score a free kick Messi: Say no more! *Picks out Suarez to…
Retweeted by 尺乇ᐯ乇尺乇几ᗪ 卂. 爪ㄖㄥ乇几卂卂尺 丨丨丨WHAT A PASS! #lufcOh, fuck off, Hinchcliffe. Bamford checking his phone in the drinks break! #lufc"Shit, give an non-existent offside or we have to give Leeds a decision" #lufcNext goals wins, Steve? #lufcI AM OK APPLE THANK YOU FOR CHECKING, ALIOSKI SCORED THATS ALL
Retweeted by 尺乇ᐯ乇尺乇几ᗪ 卂. 爪ㄖㄥ乇几卂卂尺 丨丨丨Oh my word! #lufcHT: Leeds 1-0 Fulham
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